The Sales Office Ch. 02The Sales Office Ch. 02


Mia wanted to get an update from Albert about Stephi. When reception saw those big tits coming they hit the intercom to warn Albert. “

Whore incoming, like a scale 10 blow.”

As soon as Mia entered the office she heard Emma and Sean scream. When she looked at them she could see Emma’s face was just plastered with cum. She could not see any more but her grin conveyed she really didn’t care.

Mia was stunned, when she reached Albert’s office she just lit into him. “Are you serious?” “Stephi’s missing and your workers are giving facials to each other?”

“Well, good morning to you too Mia.” Mia was fuming. “In answer to your questions, Vicki is working all her contacts to find her.” “We have only heard back from some of her contacts.” “We thought you would have wanted a full report.” “Vicki will call you when she gathers all the pertinent information.”

Mia was put off after Albert was so curt with her but she could not say anything against him as he covered all the points she wanted to cover and ‘Yes’, she did want a full report. She stormed out of his office taking her big, fake, saggy and braless tits with her.

Vicki kept the Stephi affair under her hat so this was the first time Elie heard of the Stephi affair.

Elie made a single phone call, she knew that one call equaled 1000 phone calls. She walked over to Vicki’s desk and pronounced “In 24-48 hours you will have a full and detailed report on your desk as to the location and well-being of Stephi.” Elie turned and walked away. Vicki was slacked-jawed. For some odd reason she did not doubt the assertion one bit.

The next morning Elie walked over to Di’s desk and Di signaled Grace over to join them. The meeting was fairly short. Elie said “Both of you will joining me after work tonight. See you then.” Elie walked away.

Grace said “I guess I will go rearrange my schedule.” “I want to get married and have kids some day and Elie reaching in and tying my tubes the hard way will put a crimp in that plan.”

Di got the mental picture and closed her eyes to get rid of it. Then she reached for the phone and canceled all appointments from 3:00 PM on. All the girls piled into Grace’s car, she was the rookie.

Elie said, “Girls plan on taking cabs home tonight.” “Grace may not be able to stand when we are done.” Di and Grace were shocked when they pulled up to the hottest BDSM club in the state. As soon as the bouncers saw Elie they ushered the group right in and up to the VIP area. Elie of course had a Platinum membership to the club.

It did not take long before the Champagne came. However, just before the waitress got to the table she dropped to all fours, raised the ice bucket and Champagne onto the table and just looked at Elie hopefully. She knew if she did not live up to Elie’s level of excellence she would be looking for a job before the club closed. Elie gave her a nod. “How may I be of service to you tonight Mistress?”

“I had a very trying day at work today.” “You will remove my shoes and give me a foot rub, then kiss and lick them until they are clean, including the soles.”

Of course, subs do not think, they comply too the wishes of their betters. Di and Grace were starting to think Elie was more than just a mere employee in Albert’s company.

“You two will be spending a lot of time at this club in the coming months.” “Di I saw your interaction with Rex, you have the talent to be a Domme but you are a raw talent. “

“Grace, I see a lot of promise in you. I want both of you to be Dommes for the company.” “Grace is going to be a special case. Because she has to have the experience of being a sub in order, to be a Domme she will also become a great sub. A switch will be a good asset.”

“Your membership cards will be here presently.” “

I have given the club 15 minutes to do a job that normally takes one hour.” Elie looked at the timer on her phone, it read 55 seconds and no sign of the cards.

The club did have a track star in attendance. Suddenly, the office door bust open, a man jumped on the bar and ran the length of it, spilling beer and spirits along the way, holding three cards, he ran up the ramp, hurdled the red velvet rope and dived before Elie presenting her with Graces, Di’s and her updated card. “Very good two seconds left.”

“I will authorize mental health days for you if you had to spend the night hanging from an electrified cage for example. You may also need to discipline some maggot all night.” “You two, at least for the start will be a team, with Di as the Mistress and Grace as the sub.” “From time to time you will be split up for private training.” “I will get weekly updates.” “There are also immediate flash reports for bad behavior.” “I will not get any of those for you two, is that clear?”

“Yes Mistress.” “You have our word Mistress.” “Thank you for bestowing this honor upon us, Mistress.”

“Hector present yourself.” Out from the shadows came a collared muscle-bound man. “Yes Mistress, Kaynarca Escort how may I be of service to you Mistress?”

“Show these two to their rooms.” “They will live together in a suite, so they can be together at home and work and all other times.” “I am told they are very opulent.” This was a great honor for Grace right off the bat. A sub living in luxury with her Mistress is almost unheard of.

“You cannot claim the title of Mistress until after you graduate—union rules, ha ha.” “You will learn to become super-aggressive to the point where if a new client walks into the doors we will have at least one contract signed before they leave, guaranteed.” “You two will get to know each other tonight.” “Di, think if you want to change your name to when you are in Domme mode.”

Di and Grace chatted away like little school girls. They are now joined at the hip. Both got full wardrobes but Grace did not bother looking at hers. As a sub she had her clothes laid out for her. If nothing was laid out for her she would have to go naked unless informed otherwise. She moved the futon mattress to the floor. She would have to earn luxuries such as sheets and blankets. Rewards that can be taken away at a moment’s notice.

Di was shown then her very opulent ensuite bathroom Di was shocked at what she saw. The entire bathroom appliance was voice activated and hands free. The bathroom was enormous. There was both a shower and a tub. They lined the entire side of the bathrooms.

The bath was huge, more than long enough to fit 2 people. It was made of white marble with solid gold fixtures on the side so you did not have to bend to the other side. It also had a hand spray to rinse. Di could just imagine Grace giving her a lovely long soak in her bubble bath. If she wanted, it could be outfitted with a wet bar.

The walk in rain shower was to die for. It also had all solid gold fittings and overhead rainfall spray. You could pre-program it to the exact temperature you want. Included in the rain fall and side jets. There were 12 jets in the shower, all could be programmed exactly what rhythm and sequence you wanted.

You could have multiple programs so each person can his or her desired settings. The calming rotating lights and soothing music cascading onto you made you feel so relaxed that you felt like a puddle. Everything sparkled which then reflected off the plate glass mirrors.

At the end of the bathroom was a bay window. There were also fluffy robes, towels and slippers in the cupboard. Di was sure it was cleaned several times a day even if it did not have to be. Beside the tub and the shower were chamber maid pull ropes of the finest quality. This was for a member who had need of anything, even if it was just someone to dry them off.

Grace was given a toothbrush, toothpaste, bar of soap and a thread-bare washcloth and towel and shown the shared sub bathroom that had no luxuries and no privacy. Not even stalls for the toilets and public showers.

She was told when her 17 minutes of bathroom times were and when her 25 minutes for meals were. She got two meals per day unless she needed more for a certain task or needed just one meal if she was being punished. If she missed a meal she would just have to wait 12 hours for the next one.

Stephi woke up in her cell when her meal was delivered to her. She had a hard time getting to sleep as her cell had no windows and no clock so she did not know if it was day or night. Just one bare bulb was hanging from with ceiling, it was on 24 hours a day.

She was told she had been scheduled for 3 inspections but generally more were added later on in the. She heard a long string of cursing coming from down the hall. It is not a wise move to get your guards pissed off at you, they can make your life a living hell. Stephi heard that voice before but was too wrapped up in her own situation to place it.

Soon a knock was at her door. “Time for your inspection whore.” “Spread your legs.” Stephi did as commanded.

“Oh very nice, a virgin.” “Well I will make my inspection shorter.” “You see virgin whores are worth far more than common whores.” “You will also be treated better since your owner will want to pluck your cherry on the first night.”

“Yes I was careful how I placed my egg.” “It is my sister who has screwed every guy in the tri-county region and many of the girls also.” Stephi did not like the term “owner”

Her clit was licked, nipples fondled, ass probed. Then she was treated just like a lover without sex just to see her responsiveness. The next two inspectors also respected her virginity as well. Some put clamps on her and tied her up to see how she reacts to pain. It turns out she has a low pain tolerance but that can be improved with training.

She suspected there was a heavy penalty if they screwed her. Perhaps demotion from master to slave, and the loss of all property including subs, dogs and ponies. After all why do subs Escort Kaynarca need houses, bank accounts, cars, or phones? Or they could just be banned from all auctions.

Sometime later on the guards collected Stephi, Stephi and several other girls and guys were thrust onto the stage with blinding lights shining on them. Behind the light were shadows. This is the part the guards loved. Each one got ruffed up, sometimes violently, according to how they behaved. The guards just had smiles on their faces. Stephi just tried to sleep as much as possible. Stephi was put at the end of the line because she was a virgin.

Let all the cheapskates spend all their money first so they drop out of the bidding for Stephi. As each captive steps up they had their clothes cut away from them. Stephi still did not know what was happening until she heard “SOLD to # 101.”

She was in a bloody slave auction block. It was a lot to process. By now 50% of the auction was completed. Everyone knew they had to be on their best behavior by now. Those who didn’t found themselves making their way to the first aide center to get treated for the several bull whip welts they just received on their back.

Stephi hoped she would not get whipped. She knew she would break down and get even more strokes. They probably would have to drag her away after she passed out.

There were just three more to auction off. Most of the bidders left some time ago. Most of the ones that were still there just wanted to watch. Stephi reasoned these last three are the best of the auction. Some of the remaining bidders asked the auctioneer to start the bidding at tripled the price to save time. The auctioneer agreed but thought the first bid would go far beyond that mark.

The last three was one guy, a Greek who was well oiled so the lights shone off him, a little elfin brunette with mid back straight shiny hair. She looked gorgeous. Then Stephi, the virgin bimbo blonde who by rights she not be here.

The guy was auctioned next, as the price kept going up, the guy started to smile at seeing his high price compared to all those loser subs that went for rock bottom prices. I guess, his 12 inch cock boosted his standings somewhat. The bidding war was between two rivals so it was also for bragging rights. Final price $12,000.

The little girl was next. She was awesome doing twirls and ballet. She showed how flexible and strong she was. She sold for $20,000.

Then Stephi, the prize of the auction, was center stage. The auctioneer hardly had to work. First bid $15,000, Second bid $20,000 Third bid $30,000. One bidder dropped out, two remained. Stephi was getting a little woozy at the bidding so she looked to the ground.

Oddly, the remaining bidders saw that as an act of submission. $35,000. Finally the other bidder decided to end it, $50,000 he said. As the final gavel went down, there was silence. It was twice the amount they wanted to spend but it was worth the extra. He and his wife were thrilled

Stephi informed the auctioneer she was not feel very well at all and if she could be permitted to get some water and sit down for just a short time while all the paperwork was being completed. She was permitted that and they rang the first aide station for medical assistance. Stephi was suffering from dehydration and heat stroke.

The wife of the new owner was down there like a shot making sure Stephi got proper medical treatment. She took very seriously the fact that the number one thing to be worried about with a sub is their well-being. This couple was well known for their kindness. They even have released subs from their contract if they reached a point in their life where it would be much better for them to be elsewhere.

Back at the club the lessons for Xena (Di’s Domme’s name) and Grace were going great. Grace was having a hard time though, she had to take the punishment from the teacher and then Xena had to punish her to learn properly. Tomorrow Grace will be feeling all pleasure instead of punishment. Grace had been doing so well she had earned several rewards. Sheets, blankets, a radio, she did not have to sleep on the floor and from time to time she had the privilege to sleep with Xena. That was almost as good as having Xena’s essence flowing down her chin.

The match was perfect for work. Even though Grace got a smaller student desk and Di (work name) got a larger desk on a 6″ platform. They seemed to work as well as any could. An onlooker would not know who was doing the contract as both of them thought in unison. One of them would just have to think of a job to do and the other would do it.

On the other side of the office, Rex was troubled. Ever since his loss to Kia his ego has taken a hit and seemed to have lost a lot of his confidence. One morning he asked Albert if he could speak formally to him at the end of the day. Albert granted the request and notified Vicki so she could make any alterations in his schedule.

That Kaynarca Escort Bayan evening, Albert just sat back as Rex paced back and forth in Albert’s office. Rex after completing his exhaustive oral report finally asked if Albert would accept his resignation letter. Albert pondered a bit then agreed seeing Rex had thought this out fully.

One of his building blocks was gone. Several of the team were still there when the news came down. They all called the people who went home before the meeting.

It was like a death in the family. The next day everyone was in a somber mood. Everyone in the company was wearing some form of black garment and Albert ordered the company flag to fly at half-staff for three days out of respect for Rex. Some members of the company outside the sales office gained a new-found respect for Albert.

Not knowing what happened at work Mia decided to make her presence known this morning. This would turn out to be a bad decision. Bad behavior was not tolerated in the sales office.

When Mia walked into Albert’s office, he was about to pop an artery, “THAT IS ENOUGH!” Albert stormed out of his office spinning Mia like a top. “GET ME THE OLDEST PUSSY IN THE COMPANY.” “Mia wants to worship her pussy.”

Sean chirped “Fannie Mae down in the coffee shop must be at least 100.”

“GET ME THE TWO BIGGEST SCHLONGS IN THE COMPANY.” “Mia is going to be double-stuffed.”

Vicki announced, “The Smith twins in accounting have the biggest.” “They are my yummy all day suckers.” Everyone looked at Vicki and realized she was a nymphomaniac, slut, whore, cunt, who should be attending Sexaholics Anonymous but was having too much fun having sex to attend any of the meetings.

Mia looked toward the door but four people were blocking the exit.

Elie said “Xena, don’t you need practice with your cropping and paddling techniques?” Di looked up, opened the bottom drawer of her desk and pulled out her crop, paddle and some interesting clamps for nipples and pussies.

Xena got right in Mia’s face. “Don’t you get it slut?” “We are going to break you tonight, no matter how long it takes.” With that Mia’s blouse, skirt and panties were shredded and burned. “What are you going to say to the cops when you are driving home naked with marks all over your body?”

“It is a shame I left my mousetraps and clothespins at the club. These big hooters are prime real estate for them.”

Xena bit Mia’s tits hard, Mia screamed.

“What are you complaining about you panty sniffer?”

Fanny Mae entered the office. She was 101. Her true love died in France in WWI. Elie grabbed Mia and forced her to her knees then back. Fanny Mae whipped off her skirt. Her pussy was full of grey hair and withered pussy to the bone. Fanny sat down on Mia’s face. “You better make her cum Mia, she is a very nice lady who we like to treat well.”

Xena was already working on Mia’s ass and started to lash her tits. “Look Elie, she is a regular old pain slut.” “Permission to increase punishment and be tested on my lessons.”

Elie said “Permission granted.”

Grace smiled brightly, her Domme is being testing for the next level. While she rather be her instead of Mia’s she was ecstatic for Xena. Everyone could see how commanding and determined Xena was being with Mia. Xena would not be denied.

The twins came coming running in, soon their pants are on the floor. Elie threw each a full bottle of lube. Each smiled, everyone in the company knew Albert’s

whore was an uptight bitch with a log up her ass. It appears she drew the long end of two straws tonight.

They twins were in a rhythm now. Each could feel the other sliding into Mia. Mia’s breath was getting raggedy.

Cheri said “She wants it harder and deeper boys. Really split her in two.”

Elie was watching Xena and saw what she was planning to do and ran to her office to get more clamps. Once Mia’s clit and both her labia had been clamped Xena yelled “its zipper time” and she pulled on all the clamps at once.

If Mia did not have a mouth full of pussy she would have wailed like a banshee. Mia’s tongue was working overtime on Fanny’s cunt. Everyone was wondering how big a flow Fanny was going to have.

Xena said “lick every drop up you strumpet.” Fanny could not hold it back any longer. The flow was like the Hoover Dam breaking. “You better thank Fanny for the honor of licking her pussy.” “You really do not deserve it you evolutionary retrograde.” All Mia could do was to swallow as fast as she could and then lick off the rest.

Then a double explosion happened, a load deep in Mia’s pussy and another in her ass. So forceful were the cream pies they shot out of and hit her knees. Then it slowly trickled down her thighs.

Xena said “Yummy, Mia you will not wash off your cum off, you will let it trickle down then dry on you.” Xena ran into the supply closet and came out with some twine, tied it around Mia’s neck and handed the rope to Grace. Elie approved. Grace got her sub/pet to practice on and Xena advanced two or three levels today.

Later that day, as expected, there was a large package sitting on Vicki’s desk. Elie was faxed a summery. Elie and Mia were invited into Albert’s office so Elie could explain the report.

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