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Dr Veena Kapur was every bit as luscious as I had remembered her from my first visit. The board had advertised her as a physician specializing in “homeopathy, acupressure and Reiki.” I’d been feeling a little depressed because of problems on the job front and, yes, the sex front too, and I was never a person to take kindly to popping pills. Maybe Reiki was what I needed. So I had gone ahead and taken an appointment for the evening.

I had expected a matronly kind of middle aged lady. I had not been prepared for the stunning creature that sat behind the desk in the small clinic. She was about five four in height, in her mid thirties, shiny black hair worn long to her waist in a simple plait, and appeared to have a perfect figure inside the salwar kameez outfit she wore. Loose and voluminous though it was, it still couldn’t hide the swell of her buttocks, as I was lucky enough to find out on the first visit itself. But it was her face that held my attention. Large smoldering black eyes, high cheekbones, a flawless wheatish complexion, a low and very attractive voice, and most important of all, a wide and full mouth that smiled and laughed easily. It was the mouth I remembered more than anything else was.

She had taken a long time asking me very detailed probing questions. I had soon found myself relaxing and talking very easily to her. She clearly had the knack of putting people at ease, smiling and laughing in a perfectly natural way as she spoke.

She had prescribed for me a homeopathic mixture, prepared and packed by her assistant who sat in a corner of the clinic. I was supposed to take it for a week and then visit her again.

Today was the day. The assistant seemed to be missing, but maybe that was because it was early in the afternoon. I had requested for an early appointment, as I had to go out of town on work. She had agreed although it was well before her usual practice hours. I had taken the afternoon off from my office for the doctor’s visit.

She was dressed in a light gray salwar kameez with some light embroidery at the edges. The dupatta was worn from behind the neck in the style of the times, falling naturally over each breast. Today’s kameez was tighter, I noticed.

The swell of a breast was clear at the edge of the dupatta. Outlined against the thin fabric was the pattern of the bra underneath. The breast was fuller than I had expected and appeared firm and pointed.

“How have you been?” she asked, “Did the medicine help?”

“Initially it did. But on the whole, I feel much the same.”

I replied.

“I see.” She said. She toyed with the pen for a moment. Then she appeared to reach a decision.

“I would like to give you some Reiki treatment.” She said.” Have you ever tried it in the Ağrı Escort past?”

“No.” I replied

“The most important thing is that you have to be believe that it will work. That willingness is crucial.”

“I’m a very open person.” I replied.” I am always willing to try new approaches and take new positions, In life in general” I added, daring a little.

She smiled at that and eyed me speculatively.

“In that case, I am definitely encouraged’ she said. “Please lie down on your stomach on the examination table.”

I took off my shoes and socks and lay down as she had instructed. She explained to me briefly how it worked. She would move her hands slowly over my body at a height of about three inches above the surface. She, and her hands in particular, would be the channel through which the energy would flow.

“For me as individual” she said, “one of the wonderful things about Reiki is that I in turn am energized. It is thus a shared experience between me and my patient.”

She had started the treatment and now I could feel gentle warmth pass through my body. It was quite wonderful.

As she moved her hands over my lower back I realized I had acquired a rock hard erection as well. Fortunately I was on my stomach.

“I am encountering some resistance,” she suddenly said. “Please take off your shirt.”

I did as I was told with my back to her and lay down again on my stomach.

She resumed the treatment. The warmth was more pronounced this time and I remarked on that.

“My hands are moving closer to the body” she explained. “I can feel the effect also, remember.”

Was it my imagination or was there the tiniest hint of excitement in her voice.

Then, unexpectedly, her fingers lightly brushed my back. It felt like a very small shock.

“Ahh’ I exclaimed involuntarily.

“Was it bad?” she asked.

No, not at all.” I said. “Please don’t stop.”

After a moment she said again. “I think you will have to remove your pants as well, there is a lot of energy congestion in your lower body.”

Again I did as I was told with my back carefully to her. My

raging erection would have gotten me thrown out instantly. I hoped she did not mind my black tight VIP Frenchie underwear.

I lay down on my stomach once again. This time, when she resumed, there was no mistaking the light brush of fingers on the inside of my thigh. This was getting to be quite an experience.

“Turn around” she commanded.

I hesitated but only for a second. I flipped over onto my back.

Her lips parted in a slight gasp as she saw the tent on my underwear, but she did not say anything.

She moved her hands slowly over my chest, very close to the skin. Up and down, up and down. My cock was jumping uncontrollably. I could see that her breath was coming faster as well.

She stopped for a second, took off her dupatta, and flung it over a nearby chair. Now her breasts stood out firm and proud beneath the thin kameez. They were full and yet upstanding and straight. The nipples were clearly outlined under the bra pattern.

I looked Ağrı Escort Bayan at her and saw that she had noticed my staring at her breasts. She smiled at me through half-parted lips, her tongue briefly flicking out.

“The energy affects me powerfully also,” she said.

She resumed the movements of her hands and this time very deliberately brushed them over my nipples and then let them trail slowly towards my belly.

“Your underwear will need to be removed as well. There’s clearly a lot of congestion there.”

I reached down and pulled them off. My erection sprang out with a life and force of its own.

She regarded it for a second.

“You have very high energy,” she said quite steadily.” I think we should have a very intense session.”

With that she walked over to the door of the room and bolted it firmly. Then she took off first the kameez and then the salwar, laid them neatly on the back of a chair and turned to face me with parted lips.

I was thrilled to see that she had on the sexiest underwear I had come across. The bra was of white shiny material, like silk or satin, and was very transparent in the cup through a fine meshed floral pattern. The bra was cut very low in front and the cleavage was displayed generously. The panties were of the same material, but incredibly skimpy. I realized I was for the first time seeing thongs in real life. Her buttocks were firm and jutting, jiggling slightly as she moved. Her stomach was flat and without undulation and her skins all over as clear as her face. Her legs were long and without any excess flesh on the sides.

She walked slowly back to the table.

“We will now try contact Reiki,” she said. Her hand first stroked my stomach and thighs and then made its way to my cock. At the first touch I felt that small shock again. She started to stroke my cock up and down.

I moved my hand and cupped a buttock and pulled her to me. It felt wonderful and warm to the touch. I put my other hand behind her neck and pulled her face down. Her lips were inches from mine.

“All over contact Reiki is the most effective” she whispered.

I kissed those luscious lips, which had been in my dreams for the whole of the previous week. Her tongue darted immediately into her lips and mine opened completely.

Her hand was furiously pulling at my cock. The warmth was intense.

I reached behind her and unhooked her bra. Her breasts came free and swung in front of my face. Her nipples were long and almost black with dark aureoles. I cupped one breast in my hand, and then, not being to contain myself, leaned forward and let me mouth engulf one beautiful breast.

She gasped then as my tongue flicked over the erect nipple. She pushed her breast into my face. She was moaning softly now.

I turned my attention to the other breast. Her moans and gasps were louder now. Her had been a blur against my cock now.

The she stopped suddenly, turned around and the next second her mouth had engulfed my cock. Her breasts mashed against my stomach.

Her ass was right next to me now. I took hold of Escort Ağrı her panties and pulled them right off. My finger was inside her cunt in no time at all.

She didn’t stop surprising me. Without taking her mouth from my cock, she put one knee on the table on the other side of me and swung her body up. Her thighs were now straddling my face.

The invitation was clear. I lifted my head and inhaled the musky odor of her cunt. She was almost hairless. Again a surprise.

I leaned forward and started to lick her cunt. My tongue drove deep inside. She was shuddering gently now even as she tongued the head of my cock.

My lips found her clitoris and sucked it right in. Her head came off my cock then and a she screamed very softly.

I lashed her clitoris with my tongue. Her mouth was back on my cock and she was sucking greedily with those full lips, like she was eating a lolly. My cock had sustained an erection for a week now imagining just such a moment.

We continued for a while. It was amazing. Her mouth and tongue were exciting more than I had ever been before, but my orgasm was still far away. I felt incredibly powerful.

He body was shuddering more strongly now. Suddenly her thighs clamped right over my face and her body was shaking

uncontrollably as her orgasm blasted through.

She subsided slowly her mouth still on my cock. Then she raised herself and swung round and got off the table. She reached into a drawer and pulled out a condom.

“It is always wise to take precautions,” she said in a steady voice.

She rolled the condom onto my cock and then straddled my thighs with hers. She lowered herself slowly onto my raging member.

She was tight and smooth and very wet and very, very hot. She leaned forward till her breasts rested against me and then our lips met and clung together. Our tongues clashed as our juices mingled.

She started to move up and down, first slowly and then faster and faster. Her buttocks started to slam down on my thighs. She raised herself till her back was upright. She flung her head back as she pounded down on my cock.

She was moaning now and I could feel my own orgasm starting to rise from my very depths.

Her hair was flailing wildly now as she rode me at a stunning pace. I was not left behind either as I pumped my hips upward with all I had to meet her downward thrusts.

Suddenly I knew I was right at the edge. And so was she as she opened her mouth and went “ahhhhhh…uhhhh. ahhhhh….oohhhhhh myy….gooodddd….ahhhhhhaaahhhhh…” as we both exploded.

My vision and mind were blinded as my load blasted against her steaming cunt.

Slowly her movements became gentler as she came down from the heights of her orgasm. She rested against me for a while, kissing gently as our sweat mingled.

Then with a satisfied sigh, she moved herself off the table and walked over to the washbasin to splash some water onto her face and wipe it with a towel. I in turn got dressed as she tidied her hair and slipped into her clothes.

As I put on my shoes, she was writing in her patient’s diary.

“Please come again next week at the same time,”she said.”We will need to continue the treatment for some time.”

“Thank you Doctor” I said as I shook hands before leaving.

* * * * *

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