The Preacher’s Son Ch.09The Preacher’s Son Ch.09


*Oghma here. Well here it is, Chapter 9. This little story’s quickly becoming a novel, I can hardly believe it. I want to thank you all for sticking with the story all this time, and I genuinely hope to see you all return for the next chapter when it comes out. *

**Disclaimer; Excessive sizes, unrealistic anatomy and fantastical elements ahead. All characters depicted in sexual situations within are of 18 years of age or older.**


“You’re… you’re what?!” His voice was low, yet the shock contained within it was as clear as day. The pastor’s mouth hung open wide, while his eyes grew to the size of saucers.

“I’m leaving you.” June repeated. Her expression was one of firm determination, her fists clenched. It was funny, the beating of her heart, tightness in her chest and lurching in her stomach would normally be a sign of something going wrong. Yet, everything within her was telling her that this was the right thing to do. It was almost like fire was flowing through her veins, driving her forward to accomplish this task. “I don’t want to be your wife anymore.” It was a long while before the pastor gathered up his wits and was able to respond.

“June…what’s this about? What’s making you do this?” his voice was seething with barely contained rage. June had no doubt that it was only the presence of their kids upstairs that prevented him from exploding. Interestingly, he had no problem shouting when it was to shame Matthew. It seemed like he only cared about their daughters hearing his rage when it wasn’t his own dignity on the line. “Who talked you into it?”

“Nobody talked me into it.” She replied. A bit of a lie, though Akari and her friends had helped her come to this realization, the decision was hers and nobody else’s. But such semantics didn’t really matter, all that did was that she part with him before he made her second-guess.

“June you’re…you’re not thinking clearly.” Greg said, burying his fury as best as he could. He then reached forward to touch her on the shoulder. It was unclear to June if that was meant as a gesture of reassurance or control, but it didn’t matter either way. “You’re just distressed because you’re worried about Matthew, and I admit I haven’t been there to comfort you as much as I should have.” He continued in a soft and remorseful tone. Something about the way he said it though didn’t feel genuine, as if he wasn’t really apologizing for his behavior but rather trying to excuse and gaslight himself. But more than anything, it was the borderline infantilizing undertones, that June “Just wasn’t thinking clearly” and needed him to set her straight. “Look, why don’t I order us some Chinese for dinner? Give you a night off from cooking and we can talk this over. In fact, you know what? I can take the week off, leave Jeff in charge and we can take a trip to Catalina-“

“No.” she responded flatly. “I don’t want to try and work this out.” Her jaw trembled slightly and her fists clenched, reinforcing her will in a visual way. “Greg, for the first time in a long while I AM thinking clearly, and I realized how unhappy I’ve been.” It was time to let it all out. “All this time you’ve been telling me what you want me to do, how to act and how to think… I never wanted to send Matthew away, nor did I want to have my body mutilated to fit that image of a pastor’s wife.”

“But-but I did that for Matthew’s own sake!” he exclaimed defensively. “And you know your… your b-breasts were heavy and cumbersome!” How small and insignificant the once imposing figure suddenly felt. The man who controlled her life for about 2 decades had trouble saying the name of a simple piece of anatomy. It would be amusing if June wasn’t experiencing a torrent of other emotions. “It was for your own good-“

“No!” June exclaimed, her voice loud and forceful enough to force Greg to recoil. “It was what YOU wanted! You didn’t want a woman, you wanted a doll! You wanted a project you could mold to your shape and parade around to say that you had converted a Breeder. But you carved a piece of me out many times. No more Greg… no more.” She shook her head. “I am a Breeder, our son is a Breeder, and like it or not our daughters will grow up to be Breeders too. “


“I’ll go get my things and take the girls with me. Don’t bother trying to find me Greg. You can have the house, but I will not allow you to raise my daughters.” June said simply, spinning around to ascend up the stairs, leaving Greg behind to take it all in.


“Man, they’ve been goin’ at it non-stop all week!” Marcus exclaimed, pointing up to the ceiling. The house was fairly soundproof, it seemed that Yukiko had set it up that way to prevent her ever growing brood from walking in. But the sounds of the bed shifting up above were hard to ignore. “Never thought he had that kinda stamina in him!” he gushed, clearly impressed.

“Guess they’re making up for lost time!” Said Yukiko with a slight chuckle. Though she hadn’t expected to take one more guest on, she was happy to have Afyon Escort Marcus. He was polite, good around the kids, and seemed eager to pay off his stay by helping her out around the house. “I don’t think I had ever seen Himawari that upset before. So it’s good to see her happy again.”

“Yeah, and Matthew wasn’t feelin’ so happy when we were locked up either.” Marcus continued, taking his plate over to the sink to have it rinsed. “Still, can’t help but feel a little jealous.” He said with a laugh.

“Why’s that? I mean, you and Akari haven’t exactly been subtle about your activities either!” Yukiko replied with a laugh.

“How’d you find out about that?” Marcus wasn’t really embarrassed, as his upbringing was quite a bit different from Matthew’s. Still, it was a bit surprising to hear it from her mother, especially when he hadn’t been open about it.

“I’ve been raising Breeders for 22 years.” She replied with a smile “Trust me, I know when that’s happening.” It took Marcus a moment to formulate an answer that properly explained his envy.

“Well, it aint the same.” Marcus finally answered. “I mean, don’t get me wrong. Akari’s great, and we’re having a great time. But…” He paused, unable to fully say the words.

“You miss her, don’t you?” Yukiko asked. Marcus had already bared his soul when it came to why he had entered the program. Now that he was free there wasn’t really much point in trying to keep it a secret anymore. Or rather, with his newfound freedom he suddenly found his thoughts returning to Darla.

“Yeah… you’d think it would be easier now y’know?” He said with a sigh. “It’s been over a year, and I still think ’bout her. Dunno what I’d say to her if I ever saw her again…but I gotta find out.” Yukiko paused and thought about it for a while. It seemed getting him out of that cage was only the first step, and there was still much to be done in order to properly help his still scarred psyche.

“Marcus… do you remember her last name?” She queried.

“Yeah, why?”

“We might be able to track her down.” Marcus ceased cleaning the plate, frozen stiff for a full minute. He then turned his head to face hers, with a look of desperately hopeful disbelief.

“R-really?” he whispered, somehow unable to muster a louder tone.

“Yes.” Reassured Yukiko as she placed her hand comfortingly on Marcus’ shoulder. Perhaps it was because he knew what she was trying to ease his mind, or perhaps it was her maternal aura. Regardless, Marcus did not flinch away. “We can find people all across the country pretty easily, it’s one of the IBE’s perks. Now we probably won’t find her right away, so please be ready to wait a while.”

“Wait?” Marcus said with a soft, morose laugh. “Trust me, I know how to be patient. A year in a prison like that will do that for ya.” A prison, such an ugly term. Yet, it was not inaccurate; A collection of individuals who committed some “terrible crime”, locked up and kept under watch by intimidating guards who monitored everything they did.

“Um…Marcus?” All of the sudden, another voice came from the doorway. Turning around, Marcus found himself looking at Yukiko’s 15-year-old son Daigo. His father was a Caucasian man, and the lineage was apparent at first glance; Chestnut brown hair, green eyes and a darker skin tone than his mother. The only hint to his Japanese heritage was his eye shape, a fair bit narrower than Marcus or Matthew’s. At the moment, he was dressed in a plain grey shirt and a pair of athletic shorts, clearly ready for exercise. “It’s almost 9:30 and you said you’d help me practice my wrestling?” He had recently signed on to his school’s wrestling team, a sport Yukiko had absolutely no knowledge or expertise in. Just as she was looking into getting a tutor, Marcus happened to show up. Right away he had taken the boy under his wing and was teaching him everything he knew.

“Oh yeah. Almost forgot.” He said with a laugh, this time boisterous and amused. “Lemme just finish helping your mom with-“

“It’s fine.” She interrupted. “You go ahead. But please don’t forget the mats.” She shook her finger in an exaggerated motion. “I don’t want you getting hurt Daigo.”

“Yes mom…” he said with a slight groan as he and Marcus started to make their way towards the backyard. They put them down every time, and yet she still felt the need to nag them about it. “So… you said you were gonna teach me the flying mare today?”

“Hoo yeah.” Marcus said with a chuckle. “Hope you’re ready for that.” A flying mare? Yukiko felt a brief wave of confusion wash over her. What an odd name. Hopefully it wasn’t too dangerous.


“YES YES YES YEEEEESSSSS!!” Hollered Himawari as Matthew railed her from behind. His hands were reaching down to cup and support her now noticeable baby bump. But he was not the only one doing the work, as Himawari was using every muscle below the waist to twerk, squeeze and gyrate, sending her tremendous ass into a jiggling frenzy while she expertly milked his cock. Pre was Afyon Escort Bayan flowing like a fountain through Matthew’s cock, smearing all around the inside of her pussy to provide it with additional lubricant (Even if it was a drop in the ocean by now). “FUCK ME HARD!!” she yelled.

“Yeah! Take it!” he growled, pistoning his hips back and forth aggressively. He couldn’t go all the way inside, as her cervix had sealed off to protect their growing offspring. But somehow it didn’t matter, it seemed the hormones surging through her body were ramping up Himawari’s pleasure as if he could sink into her womb. For whatever reason, her orgasmic screams spurred him onward. It was like a reassurance he was doing his job right. Again and again he gave her cervix a deep “kiss”, sending shockwaves of delight through them both. “So tight and wet!” he grunted, the pleasure overloading his neural processes had dulled his ability to speak a bit. Not that it wasn’t true mind you, Himawari’s pussy was the perfect hole for pleasing his monster cock. Smooth and soft like fine cashmere, yet slick and just the right degree of constricting. How an orifice could be so tight and yet so stretchy was a true wonder of Breeder biology. When his thought processes’ weren’t so overwhelmed, Matthew often wondered how she’d be able to safely deliver their kid. But a quick glance at those ginormous hips always alleviated his worries.

“OOOOOHH IT’S TIGHT FOR YOU BABY!” Wailed Himawari, her pussy fluttering and squeezing in an attempt to milk his cock for all it was worth. They hadn’t been apart all that long, and yet she had missed the wonderful feeling of fullness only that behemoth could provide her. Indeed, she practically felt empty whenever he wasn’t between her legs. It wasn’t like she only cared about his size mind you. Matthew was kind, fun to talk to and be around, handsome and had even shown a bit of a paternal side in recent days towards her youngest siblings. Didn’t mean she didn’t enjoy the good stretching he gave her. “NICE AND TIGHT FOR YOUR BIG MONSTER CAAAAAAAWWWWWK!” her speech was messed with as another orgasm struck her hard and fast.

Sparing a gaze downward, Matthew found himself hypnotically drawn to the callipygian spectacle going on beneath her waist. Not 2 months ago, he wouldn’t have considered himself much of an ass man. But Himawari had made a convert out of him. A rather naughty idea popped into his head all of the sudden. Maybe it was the bull in him breaking through to the surface, but whatever the reason was he felt the sudden need to do this. He then let his hand go slack, and with one swift movement smacked Himawari’s ass on the right cheek.

“Matthew!” Himawari yelped in surprise, her pitch sinking downward. For a split second, Matthew felt a pang of worry that nearly caused him to cease his pace. “Where did THAT come from?” she cooed in delight, alleviated his concerns.

“Just felt-uuuhhh-like the right thing to-ah-do!” Matthew grunted.

“It waAAS!” Himawari squawked, her voice returning to the same level it had been before. “Do it AGAIN!!” she pleaded. Matthew was all too happy to oblige, and this time smacked the other side hard. Again and again he spanked her, alternating cheeks every time. “KEEP DOING THAT BABY!!” she bellowed. The couple just kept at it for a long while afterward; Fucking, spanking, moaning and yelling in pleasure like they were being filmed.

“HNNNGH!!” Grunted Matthew as he felt his balls begin to churn again, building up a fresh load of cum for Himawari. It wouldn’t be too long before he unleashed it. “I’m gonna cum!” he snarled through clenched teeth. As much as he would have loved to simply deposit it in her pussy, with her womb sealed off the resulting backlash would splatter the sheets around them, and Yukiko was very clear on the issue of cleaning up the mess. There was always the other option, but like gentleman Matthew would always ask. “Where do you want it?!”


“You GOT IT!” Matthew roared, pulling out in one swift motion. With what could only be described as well-practiced coordination, Himawari spun around to a seated position (carefully making sure not to put any pressure on the baby) and opened her mouth wide. Matthew barely managed to aim his cock at the orifice before erupting like a fountain. The first shot went wild, splattering her face and almost completely covering it. Himawari was quick to act, leaning forward she engulfed the tremendous tip in her mouth just in time for the second shot to fill her mouth, bulging her cheeks out. Himawari was forced to gulp it down, but luckily for her she didn’t have much time to lament the loss of the tasty treat before another was deposited into her throat. Again and again she gulped at the apex of every shot, making sure that she always had a mouthful of jizz. After a few minutes, Matthew’s load subsided. Carefully, Himawari pulled off, making sure that not a single drop escaped. For a minute or so she swirled Escort Afyon the cum around in her mouth, then tilted her head back and gulped it all down.

“Ooof…” she said after the last drop had disappeared. “That was a pretty big load! Can’t believe you still have that much in you!”

“Me neither…” Mathew grunted in-between breaths. His cock had softened a tiny bit, and was now sagging slightly under its own weight. “I guess you just bring out the best of me.” He said with a weary smile. Himawari laughed a little at the bad joke, before she glanced at the clock on her nightstand.

“Oh snap!” she exclaimed, scrambling to her feet as best as she could given the extra mass. “It’s 9:30 already! We missed breakfast!”

“Aw dang it!” Matthew said, standing up himself. Even after his escape he still had trouble cursing. Old habits really did die hard. “Where are my new clothes again?”

“In the basket by the closet.” Himawari replied, sashaying over to the dresser. None of her clothes fit her now, but luckily Akari and her mom had leant her some maternity wear. First things first though, some underwear.

“Thanks…” Matthew continued, digging through the basket for the right set of garments. “Remind me to thank your Mom for buying all this for me. I think I left behind just about everything I owned at my old house and the-” *RRRIIP* the sound echoed through the room.

“Uh oh.” Came Himawari’s voice. Matthew’s blood froze and his stomach lurched.

“What’s wrong!” he exclaimed, spinning around, ready to sprint over to her in full papa bear mode.

“My panties ripped.” Himawari said sheepishly, holding up the ruined garment. Matthew stared blankly for a minute or so as his adrenaline receded.

“…Don’t scare me like that!” he said with a slight tone of annoyance.

“Sorry. It’s just… I really liked these.” She replied, tossing them into the nearby trash bin. “I guess I should be glad my booty’s getting bigger. But still…” she sighed, helping herself into a large pair of grey maternity sweatpants. She was going to have to go commando today. Luckily, they were loose-fitting enough to hide any cameltoe.

You… you want it to get bigger? ” Matthew asked in confusion.

“Yeah of course!” Himawari answered as she helped herself into one of her new bras. It still had a little room to fill, but she knew that would soon be resolved. “Why? Don’t you like it big?”

“Well, yes I do…” Matthew replied, struggling to figure out how to phrase it best to his pregnant lover. “But it’s pretty massive already. Aren’t you happy with it?” Okay that was probably not the best way to say it. Luckily for him it didn’t seem to offend Himawari.

“I mean… yes? But I like having the biggest ass in my family. It helps me stand out and well…I like how it looks. I just thought you’d like it if it were bigger.” Well though she wasn’t offended by his remark, she clearly was confused by it.

“I…” Matthew paused, before walking over to drape his arms around Himawari. “I didn’t fall in love with your butt Himawari. You know that. Although…” He then took a big fistful of ass flesh in his left hand. “It is nothing short of spectacular. I think I wouldn’t mind it if it got bigger.” It was obvious he was trying to cover all his bases with that comment. Fortunately, Himawari took the statement with amusement.

“Oh Matthew!” She laughed. “You’re so cute when you’re trying to be romantic.” Himawari then tilted her head upward to plant a tender kiss on his lips. “But thank you. I appreciate it.” With that, the two of them got dressed as quickly as they could, with any luck there might be some left.


“Where are we going mommy?” Ruth asked in confusion as June carefully placed her clothes into the suitcase. Even when she was in a hurry, June was still a neat and tidy mom til the very end. “Are we going to Catalina again?” she asked excitedly. She always did love that island.

“No honey.” Replied June solemnly, placing the last of her shirts inside and closing the suitcase to zip it up. “We can’t stay at the time share. We’re going to stay at a nice hotel, in another town a few miles from here. It’s where mommy used to live before…” she paused. That was a subject she had never brought up with the kids. Even her husband had only a vague idea of what had went on in her life prior to middle school. Before her father’s… No, best not to think about that right now. She had already dealt with one demon today, and the others would have to wait. “Before I met your father.” This was technically accurate, if off by a few years. “I think you’ll like it. It’s a lovely seaside town called Santa Barbara.”

“Oh…okay.” Ruth said softly. “Um… Mommy?”


“Why isn’t Daddy coming with us?” she asked. There it was, the question June had been dreading. With a sigh, she finished zipping it up, turned around and held her daughter close in a matronly comforting hug.

“Ruth honey…” She struggled to find the right way to say this. Lying to her daughter would be a bad thing, as sooner or later she was going to have to learn the truth. But she knew how devastating something like this could be. “Mommy and Daddy are… going through a rough spot right now, and we’re going to need some space while we figure this out.”

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