The Perfect SeductionThe Perfect Seduction


It was dark when she left the bar; the air was warm and dry.

She was hoping to have better luck tonight seducing someone to take home. There was this one lovely couple that had socialized with her for a while. The husband kept his eye connected to hers. She could see what he was thinking, what was playing on his mind. The whole time he was trying to convince his wife to take her home. His wife was uncomfortable, as if she wasn’t really willing to dabble in this venture. As the couple continued to discuss the offer, she excused herself and moved on. She gazed around the room, looking and searching. She saw a sexy blond female, about 20, seductively teasing an older man at the bar. She assumed by the blonds’ clothing and make-up that she was probably being paid for some services. She smiled to herself, knowing that she could have that older man and he would have gotten it for free. She continues to scope the room, looking for someone that she could use to fulfill her need. There were a few but for the most part the bar had slim pickings. She all of a sudden felt a warm tingle down her spine; she turned around and noticed him. His eye where a warm blue that looked as if he had been watching her the whole time. His features where rugged and untamed, causing her to bit her lower lip. He slowly started to smirk as if saying, come and get me. She was unsure if he would work or be too much. She contemplated going over to him, flirting and Afyon Escort teasing until he was hooked. He was looking at her as if he was reading her mind, the whole time smirking. She decided he might be too much for her. So, she decided to call it a night and take thing into her own hands when she got home.

She was walking down the empty street. It seemed a little too empty to be only midnight, but then again it was a Thursday night. She felt another tingle down her spine and heard the footsteps. She didn’t look behind her, she could sense his presence. She could feel him getting closer to her, could almost hear his breaths. She turned to corner into an alley; she could hear that he was still behind her. She felt his hand on her shoulder as he turned her around and crushed his mouth against hers. She did not fight, meeting his hungry tongue with hers. She felt his hand press into her back and she pressed her body close into his. She could feel the rock hard bulge in his pants. She was getting wet just thing about how much she had turned him on.

He pulled her away and pushed her against the wall. She could see in his eye the burning desire to rip her clothes off and fuck her. She was giving him the same look. He looked at her dress as he slid his hand up her leg, lifting all the way up to her waist. She was so we even through her pantyhose, he also realized that she was not wearing underwear. She let out a small Afyon Escort Bayan moan of satisfaction, knowing the he was not going to stop until they were both satisfied. He lifted her leg up to his hip, pressing his hard bulge up against her. He wanted her right then and there. He pressed his mouth against hers and teased her with what his tongue of capable of. She responded back. He already had it in his mind that all he wanted to do is fuck her. He put her leg down and while continuing to kiss her moved his hand between her legs. It made him grow even harder the pressure of his cock pushing against his jeans was unreal.

She could sense what she was doing to him; she could feel it in the way he was touching her, tasting her. She needed him as much as he needed her. When she saw the fire burning deeper in his eyes after he discovered her wetness, she wanted him even more she started to run her hand down his chest to his pants. It was there she discovered what was waiting. She could feel him tight against his pants and begging to be released. She slowly undid his button as he was burying his finger into her. She could tell that he was showing exactly just what he was going to do once he was released. She felt her body starting to pulse at the reaction to his finger inside of her. She was moaning and Cumming against his fingers, the fluid dripping down his hands.

That was it, he had enough, and he wanted Escort Afyon to bury himself into her. She was so wet and ready and the moaning was driving him insane. He grabbed her by the waist and lifted her up. Using the wall to help hold her up he started to lift her on to him. She was looking at him with eyes that where begging for it. He slid himself into her feeling her tighten around him he wanted to go in all the way, but need that he would finish too fast. He could feel he nails pressing into his back and her head tip back as she was reacting to his throbbing hard cock inside of her. She was so wet, he wanted her wetter. He wanted to feel her pulse against him and cause him to cum. She was using her legs to pull him is deeper each time he pushed back in. They were both craving the same thing, no words being said. The only thing you could here was the moan of delight and the heaviness of the breaths. The more he would move in the deeper she pressed herself onto him.

She could tell what she was doing to him; he was so hard and so deep inside of her. She wanted all of him inside of her when he finished. She was pulling him in with her legs, digging her nails into his back. She was starting to feel herself be taken over by the effects of the pleasure. Her body was starting to pulse and tighten against his throbbing cock. He felt her as well and buried himself as deep as he could. She felt the fluid rushing out of her, drenching both of them. He released as she was flooding him. , together, they were over powered to the pure satisfaction and ecstasy of their release. He looked down at her and she looked at him both smiling. She said what did you think? He said “I am so glad you’re my wife”.

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