Cleaning Out Kelly Ch. 02Cleaning Out Kelly Ch. 02


Joan woke up the next morning, thinking what happened the night before was a dream. She rolled over on her bed a saw a note from Kelly. She opened the folded piece of paper and read the following. Mom, do not use the bathroom this morning. Put on white panties and tee shirt and come to my room.

Joan’s heart pounded. “What is she up to?” she thought. Joan got out of bed and went over to her dresser. She removed a tank top tee shirt and a pair of white cotton panties and put them on. Joan felt kind of dirty about all of this. She stood in front of the mirror and squeezed her breasts and pinched her nipples. Joan took in a deep breath and headed towards Kelly’s room. Her heart began to race again as she made her way down the hall. The door to Kelly’s room was open and Joan slowly entered the room. Kelly was sitting on her bed wearing panties and no shirt.

“Good morning mom.” Kelly said.

“Good morning baby.” Replied Joan

“Did mommy enjoy last night?” Kelly asked with a smile.

“Yes baby. Mommy liked it.”

“Does mommy want more?” Kelly said as she got off the bed heading towards mom.

“You mean being a dirty girl?” Joan softly replied as Kelly stood in front of her.

”Yes mommy, do you me to show you more?” Kelly asked as her hands began to slide over her mom’s hips. All Joan could do was nod yes.

Kelly stood close and whispered into her mom’s ear. “I hope you’re full right now.” Kelly licked her ear giving Joan chills down her backside.

“Come gaziosmanpaşa escort with me.” Kelly said as she took her mom by the hand and led her into the bathroom. Kelly wanted to make her mom feel at ease. After they both were inside the bathroom, Kelly closed the door, lit a few candles and turned off the lights. Kelly took a seat on the toilet. She motioned for Joan to come over.

“I want you to straddle me.” Kelly asked. Joan stood in front of Kelly with her legs spread. “Pull up your shirt and show me your big girl tits.” Kelly asked. Joan pulled up her shirt and exposed her firm tits to Kelly.

“Now show me how big girls play with their tits.’ Joan pulled off her shirt and began to rub her tits in front of Kelly. Kelly noticed her nipples swelling and she began to rubs her tits while watching mom. “Does playing with your tits make you hot? “ She asked Joan. “Yes baby. Mommy feels hot.”

“Does mommy need to use the toilet?”

“Yes baby, mommy need to use the toilet.” Kelly then asked

“Does mommy need to tinkle or poop? No, mommy is a big girl and we all know big girls piss and shit don’t they mommy?”

“Yes baby, big girls piss and shit.” Joan muttered.

“Does mommy want to show her baby how big girls piss and shit their pants?” By now Joan was caught up in the dirtiness of it all.

“Yes baby, mommy wants to show you.” Kelly put her arms around her mother and pulled her gölbaşı escort closer. With her hands now on Joan’s ass, Kelly asked,”Now show me how big girls mess their pants.” Joan tried to resist and moments later, a yellow stain appeared in the panties. “Don’t be shy mommy. I know you want to piss badly and show me” Kelly said. “Piss for me mommy, show me how big girls do it.” She chanted over and over again. Joan gave it and a large stream of hot piss poked through the cotton panties and began to run down her legs and over Kelly’s stomach and crotch.”

“Good girl mommy. Now turn around and bend over.” Joan turned around and bent over and placed her hands on her knees. Kelly saw the piss soaked panties staring at her mom ass.

“Does mommy want to show her baby how big girls shit their pants?”

“Yes baby, but mommy is not sure she can do this.” Replied Joan.

“Does mommy need help to do this.”

“Yes baby.” Kelly asked her mom to go to the tub and stand in it. Kelly got a few things from the cabinet. Kelly got in the tub with her mom and asked her mom to pull her panties down, and bend over. Joan did what was asked. Kelly put some KY on her middle finger and slowly pushed it in mom’s tight ass. Kelly slowly slid the finger and out and each time, pushed it deeper.

“Does mommy like her baby’s finger up her ass.”

“Yes baby, mommy likes it.”

“I want you to relax and enjoy this. The deeper I do, keçiören escort the more you’ll feel the need to go.” Joan closed her eyes and felt the finger slid in and out and deeper. Kelly then pushed in two fingers and Joan let out a slight sigh.

“Does mommy need to go now? Yes Baby, mommy needs to go now.” Kelly pulled up the panties and leaned over Joan. Kelly rubbed Joan’s nipples and whispered in her ear, “Show me mommy. Show me how big girls mess their pants. Does mommy have a big load to dump in her panties?

“Does mommy grunt like an animal when she shits? Joan began to lose touch with reality and relaxed her bowels. Joan let out a low grunt and began to shit her panties. Kelly stood up and saw the lump appearing in the panties.

“Very good mommy, keep going mommy, show me how.” Kelly prodded. Joan began to grunt harder and pushed harder. Kelly pulled her panties down a little to give her more room. Joan was almost done, we she pissed again.

“Very nice, you look so hot with a load in your panties. Now stand up and turn around.” Joan’s legs were weak as she turned around. Kelly stood close to her and reached around and began to rub her hands over her panties. Joan reached around and grabbed Kelly’s ass.

“Put your hands in my panties.” Kelly asked. Joan slid them in and a few moments later, Kelly emptied her bowels. Joan felt the warm shit as it came out. Kelly kissed her mom hard then asked “Does mommy like what she feels.”

“Yes baby, mommy does.”

“Does mommy feel like a dirty girl now? Does mommy like messing her pants? Would mommy like wear a diaper from now on? Does mommy want me to have the girls over, so we can toilet train you, have you be our personal urinal and perhaps mommy would like to be a full service toilet?”

Joan replied, “Yes baby. Mommy wants to do all of that and more.

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