The OneThe One


Brian slowly closed the door, shutting out the red glow from the tail lights of Megan’s rapidly retreating car. It had been a wonderful night of “watching movies” as they liked to put it. In reality it was an excuse to rent a movie that neither really wanted to see and make out for 2 hours in a dark room. And that’s all it had been…Making out.

As the door clicked shut, Brian reflected that just making out was OK. The two of them had been together for only about 3 weeks, and he was not about to push her into doing anything that she was not ready for. Megan was still a virgin, and from a very conservative Christian family. Brian was quite content to wait until she was ready to go any farther.

Brian sighed as he looked down. Apparently his body was not as content to wait as his heart was, as was evident from the bulge protruding from his pants. Brian leaned against the doorframe. He could still imagine the scent of her blonde hair falling around his face, the feel of her soft lips on his. He could still taste her skin, remembering how smooth her neck had been, how much fun it had been to nibble on her ears and feel her whole body quiver with pleasure…

Brian opened his eyes…this line of thought was bursa escort bayan certainly not helping the ache in his groin. He turned away from the door, quickly walking back to his room and shutting his bedroom door. Time to take care of this problem…

He quickly removed his clothes, getting his secret bottle of hand lotion out of the bottom dresser drawer. Lying back on his bed, Brain once again brought to mind images of Megan…

She was smiling seductively down at him, her hair falling around her face and tickling his chest, a mischievous glint in her eyes. She was kneeling next to him on the bed, slowly dragging her fingers down his chest, softly caressing his stomach, and inching her hand toward his waiting cock…

Brian gasped and snapped back to reality as the cold lotion came into contact with his hot member. He slowly rubbed it all over his cock, dragging his fingernails over the tender skin and sighing with pleasure. He wrapped his hand around his shaft and, smiling, once again closed his eyes…

Megan’s right hand moved methodically up and down Brian’s erect cock. She leaned down to kiss him, her lips slightly parting as their tongues met. She playfully flicked his tongue bursa anal yapan escort with her own, while at the same time running her fingernails down the length of his cock, enjoying the moan of pleasure that escaped his hungrily kissing lips. She loved watching the expressions that he made, how they changed with every different way she stroked and touched him. She enjoyed being the source of his pleasure, hearing his soft moans as her hand slowly slid up and down his lubricated length. Her left hand moved in to replace her right in the stroking motion, as her right hand sought out the soft skin of his balls, gently caressing and kneading them in time to the rhythm of her stroking.

The rest of Brian’s body started to respond with urgency, his hips thrusting upward toward the gently stroking hand, his head slightly leaving the pillows with each thrust. Megan loved the pleading look in his eyes.

“Oh yeah baby…jerk me hard!” he moaned in a slightly out of breath voice.

Megan looked down at his face. It was a perfect picture of sensual pleasure, just the way she liked to see it. His eyes were wide, pupils dilated. Sweat was starting to form on bursa rus escort his brow, and his moans had escalated into full voice “ahhhhs” and “ohhhhhs” She knew it wouldn’t be long now.

“Come on baby…I want you to cum for me…Do it for me baby…” she panted into his ear.

She stroked faster, her hand tightening around his cock. He moaned at the new tightness of her grip, his thrusts getting frantic, his body bouncing a bit on the bed as his body sought release.

“Cum for me baby! I want to see you cum!”

Brian’s whole body tightened “I’m gonna cum for you baby…Here it COMES!”

The building tension in his cock released, and spurts of thick white cum landed on his chest and stomach. His cock continued to pulse, the creamy warmth running over his hand as he slowly continued to stroke his suddenly very sensitive cock.

Brian lay his head back on the pillows, his eyes drifting shut. He knew he should clean himself up, but he was imagining Megan leaning down and licking his chest and stomach clean, all the while wearing that seductive little smile that has “I want you” written all over it

He slowly sat up and grabbed the Kleenex he kept on the nightstand for just such an occasion, wiping himself clean.

He lay back down on the bed, and with a contented smile drifted off to sleep and his dreams about the day when Megan would be there and he could stop imagining. But for now, this was enough.

He’d wait forever for her. She was the one. He couldn’t believe it, but he was in love.

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