The Note…The Note…

Anal Fucking

Once or twice a week she packed a lunch for him always diligent to pack a sticky note under his sandwich. Usually a simple I heart U or See you at home Love. But she had woke up early that morning and feeling quite turned on from her wet dream. Very tempted to snake her hand over his side and wake him to a hand job. Instead knowing he had worked the late shift and had been visibly exhausted when he came home. She didn’t have the heart to disturb his slumber. So instead of a physical encounter and his normal sticky note, she took pen and paper and wrote him a little note that would get his blood pumping.


Last night I dreamt of us, I awoke wanting your hard cock deep inside of me. My breasts are pressed against your flesh, my nipples so hard you feel them drilling into your skin. Panting your name and moaning desperately in your ear. My hips meeting each and every thrust you penetrate me with. My fingers working vigorously on my clit, massaging the top of it to bring myself to a mind-blowing orgasm as you fuck my hot cunt.

Do you remember the last time? I wore the red and white teddy and you massaged my entire body with your cock. You left no skin untouched as your meticulously fondled my body with it. I remember the reward I gave you when you reached my face. Do you like my hot mouth and moist lips Ankara escort around your cock?

She ended the note with that thinking surely if she continued she would drive him nuts over his lunch break. Unfortunately to her own dissatisfaction she had only herself hornier. Glancing at the clock, it was still too early to wake him. So instead she settled herself on the long divan and slid her fingers under her black panties, lightly running two fingers over her short trimmed pussy hair, imagining it was his fingers. With each pass up and down her slit she pushed her fingers in deeper, finally stopping at her clit and moving my fingers in circular motions over the nub of her aroused clit. Masturbating, thank god for some pleasures we can give ourselves when the real thing is unavailable, or asleep..

Loosing herself in a fantasy of how she he would be tonight when he returned home, imagining him worked up from her note and ready to fuck her brains out. Jarring herself from the perfect fantasy, the phone rang in her ear.

Damn! She popped up off the couch and rushed to the phone hoping almost it had woken him. After a ten-minute conversation on the phone with mom, she felt far from the excited state she had been in before the phone rang. But wondering nonetheless if the phone had roused him, she quietly peeked into Ankara escort bayan the bedroom. He still slept soundly his right arm tossed across her side of the bed.

Returning to the kitchen she finished packing his lunch and placed the letter under his sandwich.


For hours after his lunch break he could think of little else but her tight hot pussy surrounding his cock. Playing one scenario after another through his mind as to just how he was going to fuck her when he got home that night. Goddamn, she had no idea how that sexy note had gotten to him. He had been so hard after reading the note he couldn’t get up for fifteen minutes. Luckily the office had been slow that day so no one noticed. He found his concentration was shot to shit the entire afternoon. Even tempted at one point to tell his boss he was sick and needed to go home. She wouldn’t be home herself for several hours, and he would just suffer further waiting on her.

Again, lost in thought that afternoon, he closed his eyes and imagined her body under his reacting to his intimate touches. His mouth on her neck, his tongue torturing her big full nipples, curling around them, teeth biting them playfully then harder, that always got her going. He knew just how sopping wet her pussy would be in anticipation of him ramming Escort Ankara his cock deep into her. Wondering to himself if anyone would notice a locked door for a few minutes. He needed to relieve himself, all the thoughts were just too much for him to bear much longer. He got up quickly and shut and locked the door. Grinning to himself he took the phone off its cradle and hit the mute button. Already he had an excuse in mind if anyone asked. Pulling that hot letter from his pocket where he was sure it was burning a hole, he reread her note. As he read through it again, he started stroking his hard cock, rubbing over the tip and imagining it as her mouth, sliding up and down over his shaft. She could take his full length in and lick the base of his cock with her tongue. God he loved when she did that. His hand squeezing hard around himself and jerking off, harder and faster he worked himself till he was ready to explode. He watching his cock spew its seed out onto his hand, grunting and teeth clenched trying cautiously to not groan too loud.

She would have loved to watch him jack off. He could see her grinning even now; she would have licked his hand clean. Looking now at his own hand, he raised his palm and licked off a finger, imagining it was her dong so. Unable to not laugh at himself, he chuckled and grinned at himself for what she had lead him to do. Thinking most certainly she would have to be punished for reducing him to jerking off in a closed office. Well, maybe not punish but definitely she was going to be fucked long and hard, several times!

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