She WatchedShe Watched


She watched as his hand moved swiftly through the air and then came into contact with the pale skin of the round ass that was in front of him. She heard the whimper of pain come from the woman, and she saw her eyes close momentarily. The woman in front of her was on all fours, her hands tightly holding on to the metal headboard. She could see clearly her arousal, even from where she was standing her pussy looked slick and wet. Juicy, even.The man holding his hand up and doing the spanking was perhaps the largest man she had ever seen, well over six foot seven, his entire body chiseled and muscled. Had he been a bodybuilder at some stage? Was he still a bodybuilder? She hadn’t had time to ask that question. She hadn’t had time to ask any questions. His veins were visible already from underneath his shiny, dark skin, and he wasn’t much exerting himself. His natural state must just have been veiny all over. Veiny all over, she thought with a giggle. For some reason, that phrase rather tickled her. But this was not the time for laughing. Slap, she heard again, like a clap of thunder in a wild and stormy sky. The woman’s ass was no longer pale but was reddened from the repeated thrashing of his large hands. Not just large, larger than large. There was nothing small about this man at all. He was huge. His hands were not the only huge things she noticed either.His almanbahis şikayet cock. His cock was huge. Long and thick, with a large, bulbous head, a thick foreskin peeling itself back, away from the head, the harder and more erect he became. Nine inches? Ten inches? She speculated, trying to take a guess at the actual measurements of his tool. She had the sudden thought of his cock being on display, in an old-timey traveling circus, with the ringleader shouting “Step right up, step right up, and witness the world famous member. Hedge your bets on how big it really is.” Slap, his spanking, again, had bought her back to the present.What she was witnessing now, was the man stroking his world-famous member, seeing it get harder and bigger still. He had ceased to spank the woman holding onto the headboard, presenting herself to him, and to the other people in the room.He stroked his meaty cock and then lined it up with the little hole of the woman in front. He put a hand back up to her red ass cheek and massaged it vigorously, the patchy red and white skin almost swirling underneath his giant palm. From her vantage point, she watched as he started to feed his long, thick and dark cock inside the woman. Slowly, slowly he went. First, the head disappeared inside of her, then, inch by slow inch, her pussy took his shaft, which, like the rest of his almanbahis canlı casino body, was veiny.The slew of sounds coming out of the woman’s mouth was unreal. They were primal sounds, from within the deepest and darkest depths of the soul. Primitive and guttural moans and groans escaped her, along with every curse word under the sun. It was the woman’s swearing that made her blush, oddly enough, rather than the big black man pummeling this woman’s pussy right in front of her.She shifted her weight from one foot to the other and felt a dampness at her crotch. Her panties were wet and clinging to her sex, as she watched the fucking show unfold right before her eyes. To her credit, the woman, who had not let go of the headboard yet, was taking all the man had to give her. She watched as the woman’s pussy was stretched to its limits, taking the large cock attached to the veiny and muscular man. In, out, in, out, in, out, she watched it go. She saw the flash of dark meat, and then it would disappear inside her once more, then she would see it again, glistening with the woman’s pussy lubricant, then it would be gone again for a second, then it’d be back right before her eyes.Her own pussy was almost aching now with its own want and need to be fucked, just like the woman she was watching and hearing. Mr. Meaty grabbed her hips and slammed her harder, almanbahis casino beads of sweat glistening and rolling down his dark and lustrous skin. The smell in the room was pungent and so unmistakably sex. A mixture of the two sweaty bodies rolled up into her nostrils, but she could also smell the woman’s arousal and her own.Daringly, she went and stood closer to the man, who looked up from what he was doing and winked at her, before once more watching his own cock go in, out, in, out, in, out. His balls were massive, a similar sort of fleshy shade of dark as the head of his massive cock. They were drawing up tighter and tighter, the little hairs sticking out of the skin of his testicles. Even more daringly, she reached out a hand and felt them. Heavy in her grip, they reminded her of holding two baseballs in one hand. She started to rub and massage them. A drop of sweat ran off his temple and onto the back of her hand, where she was holding him.Any minute now, she thought, any minute. His monster balls became taut in her left hand, her thumb stroking back and forth. The woman gripping the headboard cried out in orgasmic release, and then suddenly slumped, her head crashing into the pillow.She felt each pulse of his balls as he came. She felt each pump of cum leave his balls and flow into the waiting pussy of the woman on the bed. She watched as the man closed his eyes and then relaxed, his cock slowly going limp and falling away from the woman’s pussy. The pussy was there right in front of her, gaping slightly, cum dribbling onto the bed sheets below. Did she dare? Did she dare to have a taste?

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