The Milkman’s Retirement Bonus.The Milkman’s Retirement Bonus.


Jim had been delivering milk every weekday for more years than he wanted to remember. His round was in a suburb which had changed over the years from isolated houses to the present time when there are new houses everywhere. He loved his work but too many people were buying their milk from the supermarket these days and his customers were getting less and less.

Having decided to give the round away he took it upon himself to write a note to every customer which he left in their milk carriers on the Monday morning as he was delivering the milk telling them Saturday morning early would be the last delivery. He thanked them all for their patronage and wished them well.

When his last delivery on the Saturday morning was in progress he started to feel very sad because he loved his work and the people. Anyway as he was working his way through the customers he was surprised at the number of customers who left out a card to say thanks and to wish him well. They were sorry to lose their deliveries.

When he came to a cul-de-sac which had a number of new residences in it he started at the first house and was surprised to find not only a card but a $20 bill as well. He pocketed the money and moved to the next house where he found another card and $20 bill. This continued at each house until he came to the last. Here he found an envelope but instead of a card to wish him well and $20 he found just a note erotik hikaye which read – “Please knock at the door no matter what time it is!” He looked at his watch and it was just 4am and he thought twice about knocking on the door at that hour but he reread the note and decided he had better knock.

After knocking on the door he felt like running off but he waited and soon a light came on. He could see through the glass door a beautiful woman slowly descending the staircase clad in only a very, very short housecoat which was undone and flapping about as she descended the stairs. He could see she didn’t have anything on under this short housecoat and he could see her lovely breasts and her very dark triangle of pubic hair. The only way he could describe what he saw was that she was a vision of loveliness! She was the prettiest woman he had seen in a long while and she was practically naked. She opened the door and welcomed him inside. He could see everything. She had lovely breasts with firm nipples jutting out as well as a beautiful treasure trail of dark but fine hair between her navel and her bush. He could even see she had a few very light hairs around her nipples – she was truly the loveliest woman he had ever seen.

She simply asked him to follow her up the stairs and he just couldn’t believe what he was seeing – as she ascended the stairs he could see her hairy cunt between her legs as well as adult sikiş hikaye all of her beautiful legs which were absolutely the best legs he had ever seen. She didn’t say much as they walked up the stairs but he followed her looking at her bare cunt all the way to the top of the stairs. She walked into the bedroom and asked him to follow her. As soon as they were in the bedroom she took off the housecoat and threw it onto a chair then she laid on the bed, spread her legs as wide as she could and told him to climb onto the bed and fuck her! He glanced around nervously but she said, “Don’t worry about my husband – he is away on business tonight and won’t be home until the day after tomorrow! Will you now please fuck me!”

Well, Jim is a warm blooded fellow and couldn’t resist what was offered him so he slipped off all of his clothes. With his hard cock sticking out in front of him, he climbed onto the bed where this lovely lady grabbed his cock and pulled him into her warm and welcoming cunt! She said again, “Please fuck me!”

There was no way on earth Jim would have pulled his cock out of that lovely woman and gone home – so he began fucking her hard and long. Eventually he felt her cum and then he knew he was about to cum too. He hesitated and asked her if he should cum inside her and she said, “Of course, that is the only way to fuck properly!” and with that he shot his huge load right up into her erotik hikaye pulsing cunt!

When he had rested and his cock had plopped out of her she climbed off the bed and told him to get dressed and come down stairs when he was ready. She didn’t even bother to replace the housecoat but walked naked out of the bedroom and down the stairs! He just couldn’t believe his luck – this must have been the best fuck of his life! He finished dressing and then walked down the stairs to see her sitting in the lounge chair still naked and drinking a cup of coffee. As soon as he came into the room she jumped up and handed him a cup of coffee and a $1 bill. He just couldn’t take it all in – he knew he was the luckiest man in the world but didn’t know why. So he decided to ask this lovely woman who was sitting across from him still stark naked and showing him every part of her lovely body what this was all about. He said, “I have been to every house in the cul-de-sac and at each home there was a card with $20 inside but when I get to your home the note says, “Knock on the door no matter what time it is”. When I knock I see your lovely body coming down the stairs and afterwards you give me the fuck of a lifetime. What is this all about?”

She smiled at him and said, “Well, when I saw the note saying this would be your last delivery I asked the other women in the cul-de-sac what they were doing about your last visit and they all said they would give you $20 each! When I asked my husband, the stupid bastard, if it was alright to give you $20 too he said, “No, fuck him, give him a dollar” so that is what I did and the cup of coffee was my idea!”

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