The MeetThe Meet


A Friday night, still light outside. You arrive at the hotel named in the text message that you received in the morning and had been anticipating what it would look like all day at the office. Work was difficult; you kept finding your mind and imagination drifting to what would be in store for you that evening with an old friend. It was all you could manage to stop yourself from sneaking off to the toilets and doing something about that urge, but you forced yourself to wait until the real thing.

You enter the hotel and find the room, feeling the butterflies flutter around in your stomach. This feels so naughty, so wrong, but yet, so very, very right. It has been on the cards for a very long time, and finally, you both decide to act on it. You find the room and bring up your hand to knock, but are surprised at yourself for hesitating. You finally shake yourself out of it and go to knock, but the door opens before you manage it. There I stand, waiting for you. You lock eyes with me for a brief moment and resist the temptation to push yourself at me and slam the door. Instead you say hello with a smile and walk in past me as I close the door behind you. For a brief moment, you don’t know what is happening. Both you and I are standing in a hotel room, facing each other. The curtains are drawn, the large, comfortable looking bed in the centre of the room, the light dimmed. Is this really going to happen, you wonder? Should you really be here? Is this a mis-

Before you realised what was happening, I pull you into me and kiss you on passionately on the lips, grabbing your hips and pulling you close to me. After a short second, your shock wears off and a warm, tingling sensation overtakes you. This is happening.

You claw at the buttons on my shirt as i pull at the straps on your dress and bra. As your blue dress falls to the floor, leaving you in your underwear, I spin you around, facing away from me and you feel me unfastening your bra strap. You knew I always loved your huge, juicy breasts, so expected that to be the first thing for me to go for. Then, something unexpected happens. You hear a jungle of metal and a clicking noise, something familiar to your naughtier past. Cold metal wraps around your left wrist, and then your right. “Handcuffs” you say with an erotic sigh. Without realising, you try to pull your arms to your front. You knew that they were handcuffs, but for some reason, your brain didn’t connect the dots that this would tie your hands behind your back. You were trapped, restrained, completely at the mercy of your friend. However you felt about what was going to happen next, whether you wanted to go along with it or not was the decision of me. A shiver creeps down your spine of guilty pleasure, brought on by the slight chill in the room and the feelings of passion and eroticism that is taking over your body.

I spin you back around to face me. Caught off balance, you stumble, but are caught and up righted by my strong hands. I look deep into your eyes, a look of barely restrained lust in my face. “Do you want this?” I ask, sternly…

“Yes” you reply, surprised at how timid you sounded.

“How much…”

“More than anything… I’m yours”.

Those final two words seem to activate something primal within me as I put my hands on your shoulders and force you down to your knees. You now find yourself, almost completely naked, on your knees with your hands firmly chained behind you, staring at my crotch. This is really happening.

I pull at my belt and unfasten my trousers as they collapse around my ankles, leaving a pair of smart blue boxers. “I’ll allow you the honours” I say in a commanding manner. That was all the encouragement that you needed as you eagerly lean forward and tug and them with your lips and teeth, desperately eager to unwrap the warm, bulging gift buried beneath. Finally, with enough effort, you pull enough for them to begin to lower. The bulge beneath starts to take a different shape and press with increasing pressure against the soft fabric encasing it. Then, with a sudden spring of force, something snaps up from the boxers, hitting you on the side of the face. You had been longing for that for what felt like forever, the warm, silky, solid porno hikayeleri feeling of my large, rock hard cock.

The boxers fall away from view, leaving my huge member to stand proudly in front of your face, supported by a shaven ball sack. The end is glistening slightly from the precum that formed, showing that I was as eager to go through with our plan as you. The smell triggers a carnal lust within you, and you want nothing more than to swallow the entire thing.

You feel my hand move behind your head and clench a clump of your hair. You think this is the sign to begin sucking on the big juicy rod in front of you, but to your surprise, you feel me hold your head back. “How much do you want this?” I ask, almost playfully.

“Bad, I want it down my throat now”

“Beg for it” I state, surprising you at how commanding and dominating I have become.

“Please, please let me have it”

You feel me move your head closer and closer to the tip of the huge cock, teasing you just centimetres from your mouth. You can smell the delicious cum just waiting to spray over your face and down your throat.

“Please, give me that fat cock of yours”.

And with that, I release my grip on your hair, releasing you to give in to your primal urge to suck my dick. You shoot your head forward to the base of my dick and tongue the shaft from the bottom, all the way to the top. You reach the top and pull away, leaving a long string of cum between the tip of your tongue and my cock. You savour the sweet taste and look up at me as you move in and wrap your lips around my cock and take as much of it down as you can. You close your eyes and strain against the handcuffs holding your trembling hands back down towards your knees. You lapse my shaft with your tongue and suck in on it, drawing more of the sweet fluid out of me and down your throat.

You think about what you are doing, in another man’s hotel room, bound and restrained on the floor, completely at his will. This is so wrong, you feel guilty and wonder if you should be doing the dirty, filthy taboo that is taking over your body, but then, as you open your eyes, you see that where you thought you had been taking the entire member down your throat, only two thirds of it is covered in your saliva. You look up at me and see the extreme pleasure possessing me and decide to show me what you really are made of. With a renewed effort, you relax your throat and deep throat my entire member, right down to the base. You hear me sigh out in pleasure at feeling the walls of your throat encase my cock.

Your body takes over as it starts bobbing up and down on this large wad of meat presented to you. Your saliva and my cum mix together to drip from your chin down onto your lovely, juicy tits, exposed for my pleasure. Your mascara begins to run from your tear glands reacting to a gag reflex that either no longer exists or that is being overruled by your desire to swallow as much of my throbbing cock as you can.

Finally, you come up for air. You see the mess on your chest and can taste me at the back of your throat. You see the extreme pleasure formed across my face and see my knees tremble. ‘He must be close’, you think to yourself. Time to get some of that sweet, salty cum that you desire so badly.

You bend in to finish me off, but I stop you by once again, grabbing your hair. The sharp pain only acts to fuel the kinky side of your soul and makes you look up at me with desire in your eyes. “Not yet…” I say, slyly, as I pull you up by your hair. You stand and feel your knees buckle beneath you, overtaken by pleasure and anticipation of what comes next. It is at this point that you feel how moist you have gotten below. A wet but warm sensation trickles down your thighs from your swollen and hot pussy.

I turn you around to the bed and push you onto it, ‘now this is more like it’, you think to yourself. Finally, after an eternity of waiting, you will finally feel your pussy being stretched open my by girth.

You feel me fumble with the cuffs on your back. Shame, you were beginning to like where this bondage was going. After loosening the cuff on one arm, you feel a brief sensation of freedom. You begin imagining yourself climbing sex hikaye on top of me, sliding my member inside of you, and bouncing up and down on me until he entire hotel wakes up. But before you have your chance, I grab you by the waist and move you up to the top of the bed. I yank your arms up and thread the chain between the metal, ornate headboard above you before fastening the loose handcuff back onto your wrist. Restrained again, but now on your back on the bed. Now this is more like it.

I quickly tear off my shirt and pull off the boxers and trousers around my ankles before climbing on top of you and sitting above your breasts. You open your mouth to speak, but it is stuffed with my cock which seems to have gotten even larger. It may have been an increased errection, or it may have just been the angle that you looked at it on your knees. Regardless, you relish the feeling of my huge dick sliding in and out of your mouth and throat. You relax your whole body and allow me to abuse your face, feeling me, pound your throat over and over again.

Soon, soon you will feel my cum down your throat. You crave it, desire it, need it.

Then, I stop. You hear me sigh and pant from the exertion of it, matching your own gasps for air. I turn my attention back to those large, round, silky beasts that could never take my eyes off of. I grab a bottle of lotion from one of the bedside tables and shoot a good measure of cool liquid into them before rubbing it into your soft skin, feeling, caressing, massaging, pinching and squeezing your erect nipples. I move slightly up the bed and position my throbbing hot member between them and push the outside of your plump puppies together to encase my cock. You feel it’s warmth again and see the head of my dick appear between your breasts before disappearing back down to be smothered by your silky tits, then popping up again. My huge cock is no match for your giant breasts as they wrap around my girth. You feel a rush as I tit fuck you with a strong and hard rhythm. You feel my smooth balls slapping against the bottom of your breasts as the oil eases my cock up and down your ample cleavage. My hands slide their way from your sides to the front and I pinch your nipples with my thumb and index fingers, slowing my pace and enjoying the look of ecstasy in your eyes. I play about with your nipples, pulling on them and twisting them as I would the dial on a radio.

A determined look takes over my face and I grab a handful of each tit, push them together, and pick up my pace of thrusting, fucking your gorgeous tits as hard as I can. More pre cum is squeezed from my cock and mixes with the oil, only serving to lubricate my hot muscle even more. A look of uncontrolled pleasure takes over my face as I start to squeeze your tits even harder. I moan out of sheer pleasure and release as I pump squirts of hot, gooey semen into your chest and face. You open your mouth and receive a shot right onto your tongue and down your throat, you savour the salty, sweet taste before gulping it down, proceeding to lick your lips and chin for more.

I slowly come to a stop, my cock still encased between your tits, my hands pushing down into your bosom, gaping for air to catch my breath. What you wouldn’t give to wrap your lips back around my cock and suck out every last drop from my member.

As I climb down from your chest, I kneel on the bed below you and force your knees apart.

“How much do you want me” I say, once again, staring into your eyes.

“I want it!” you reply, still gasping for air. “Fuck me, stuff me with your cock, make me your slut!”

I move ever so close to your hole, guiding my head into it, but not entering it. “Beg” I say again.

“Please, make me your whore, fuck the shit out of me, make me hurt”.

I move closer and rest the tip on your clit. The warm sensation sends shivers all over your body.

“Stick it in, give it to me!” Your cries for pleasure beginning to sound desperate.

I begin to run up and down on your clit, stimulating your whole body, applying ever so little an amount of pressure to you, threatening to break your seal and violate you.

“Beg” I say, with a growl.

“NOW, FUCK ME NOW” you shout out loud at me.

With seks hikaye that, I push into your warmth, entering you with my throbbing, steel cock and squeezing inside you inch by inch. The pleasure overtakes you and you throw your head back in ecstasy. A loud moan fills the room and I press in deeper and deeper still towards your womb.

I pull out and enter back in, always slowly and gently. The cold tingle spreads down your legs and up your spine once again as you feel this man’s dick enter your forbidden area. The fucking continues, slowly and forcefully, sliding in and out, becoming covered in the slick juices produced by how turned on you are. You yearn for me to pound you faster and fuck you harder, but it continues on and on, making you give in to my powerful, forceful cock. You pull on the handcuffs, suddenly frustrated that you are bound and restrained, stopping you from sucking on my neck and digging your nails into my back, you can only lay there and cry in pleasure as I make you my sex slave.

“I think you’ve earned the right now…” I say, almost amused. You look up at me, confused, and see me reach for the handcuffs. Slowly and carefully, with my dick still lodged inside you, I release you from your binds and you wait, impatiently, eagerly, to be released.

Finally, you feel freedom again, and you don’t wait a second to act upon it. You rise up and push me onto my back. Climbing onto me, you kiss my lips, my neck, my chest, you run your hands up and down my body and grind your crotch against mine, feeling my rock hard rod pressing against your belly button.

You still long for my sweet taste, and so push yourself down to my waist and begin hungrily sucking on my dick once more, drinking in the combined texture of my precum and the juices produced from yourself. You lather it up with spit and place my member between your breasts and begin titfucking me with your huge breasts, knowing that it is my biggest fetish. The sensation of the silky, hard shaft sliding between your beasts is incredible. You pull my member towards you, forcing it upright, and feel it strain away from you, but you hold it in place with your tits and massage it up and down, adding some of your spit to the already glistening mixture that is spread across your chest from the sloppy blow job that you enjoyed so much before.

Finally, you decide to take complete control. You climb up and position my cock just on the entrance to your warm pussy. You sit upright and link fingers with me as you slowly lower yourself down onto me. All 7 inches push deep into you, poking into your womb. You throw your head back in pleasure as you raise yourself back up to begin again. Before you know it, you are in full motion, thrusting up and down, pounding away at my crotch, taking me deeper and deeper until your pleasant moans turn into animalistic groans and growls. You hear me start to moan in unison with you as the bed complains against the force of the thrust.

Whilst I am distracted, you decide to take control yourself and grab at the handcuffs. Where are the keys? They aren’t in the locks… Ahh fuck it. On they go. My hands are now bound as yours were to the bottom of the bed, and I helplessly pull at them as you ride me over and over again, caressing your breasts and running your hands up and down my warm body. You lean back and rest your hands on my legs to get a better position to fuck me dry.

You hear me sigh the “Oh god! OH GOD”, signifying that I am close, but this is something too good to me wasted. You jump off me and move lower down my body and begin sucking and slurping my cock in your mouth, hungry for the sweet nectar that you can feel approaching. You can sense the pressure building up and up and up, just waiting to explode, until…


You feel the hot wash of cum shoot and spray down your throat. You greedily suck and suck at the tip of my cock, frantically pumping up and down my shaft to produce more for your hungry desire. I begin shaking and trembling, yanking on my restraints, as you suck me dry.

Finally, the last drop seeps out and you open up your mouth to show me your work. You let it drip and ooze off of your tongue and down onto your breasts before wiping your chin with the back of your hand. I lay there, panting and exhausted.

“Not so soon, I’m not done with you yet”, you purr. “The fun has only just begun…”

To be continued

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