April Aniston

Subject: The leather cubs part one. gay,adult youth The leather cubs part one By [email protected] “Dad can I join the cubs please. I just need you to sign this form and have �500 for the joining fee and uniform.” I was so busy working that I didn’t really take in what my 12 year old son had said to me. I was building a website for a client, and was way behind on the deadline. I quickly signed the form and threw my wallet over to Tim. “Thanks Dad, your the best.” I went back to my work, not thinking about the exchange with my son. It had been my work that had lead me to be looking after Tim by myself, as my ex wife had got fed up with me building up my business, and had looked for fun elsewhere. She had eventually met, and gone off with a big black guy. That had been two years ago now and I hadn’t learnt my lesson. It was a week later as we sat at the kitchen table eating a meal that I noticed my son looking nervous. He asked me if I could drop him off at cubs. I asked him where his uniform was and he looked evasive and said it was in his backpack and that they had to change when they got there. Again my mind was more on work than my son and so I agreed to take him, annoyed that it would interrupt my schedule. I threw the dishes into the dishwasher and grabbed my keys. “Come on then” I said and went to my car. I dropped off Tim at a large house in the countryside. I was surprised that the cub hut it wasn’t the usual community centre. But I noticed a few other guys dropping off their sons. So I was unconcerned and arranged to pick Tim up in a couple of hours. Two weeks later I was about to do a wash when I realised I had never washed, or let alone seen Tim’s cub uniform. So I decided to find the elusive uniform and wash it. I looked in his wardrobe and then his chest of drawers, but found nothing. I was at a loss, Tim’s backpack with his uniform, was nowhere to be seen. I decided to try the garage and finally under some old dust sheets I found the backpack. I took it into the kitchen, and putting it onto the table I started to unzip it. To say I was shocked would be an understatement. Instead of the usual green cubs uniform I pulled out many items of black leather with a green trim to them. Leather that was in Tim’s size ! I sat shocked looking at all the erotic items in front of me, trying to understand what Tim had got himself into. I took a good hit of scotch as I sat and held the leather in my hands. I must admit the smell of leather had always been a turn on for me, but Tim was only 12, he shouldn’t be getting into anything like this, whatever this was.The hours went past in a blur until Tim was due home from school. I was determined to get to the bottom of this and put a stop to it. Tim came home and entered the kitchen, where I was still sat in front of the leather clothing. Tim spotted the Items and the look on my face. He went to leave the kitchen and escape my questioning, but I called him back. “What in the name of god is this Tim?” I asked. “It’s the things we wear at cubs Dad. It’s just that it is a bit different to normal cub group. We do more fun things with each other.” “Sexual things by the look of it. And I will not have you being perverted like this. You are far to young to be doing gay stuff. I will not have you becoming some faggot while you are under my roof.” I picked up the items of leather and dropped them into the kitchen bin. Tim started to cry and stormed out of the kitchen. I left him to cool down, and for my anger and disbelief to evaporate. About an hour later I got a phone call from Jeff, a mate of mine that I had played rugby with. He asked me to come over as he needed to talk to me. I was relieved to have somewhere to go to and to get away from the situation at home. I drove to Jeff’s large home in the countryside, looking in envy at what he had achieved. The door was answered by Paul one of Jeff’s ankara otele gelen escort sons. He pointed to the lounge “Dad’s in there” he told me. I pushed open the door and entered the room, for my second shock of the day. Jeff was stood by his drinks cabinet pouring out two large whiskies. But what was shocking was the way he was dressed, head to toe in tight black leather with a blue trim. “So Dave, you have found out the truth about Tim and our little group of cubs. Try not to get angry or alarmed. The truth is that Tim is very happy and protected by the whole troop, and feels free to be who he is. Just think how it would be for him if he were to come out as gay without that support and security. He would be unhappy, confused and more than likely bullied and beaten up.” Jeff handed me a large whiskey from his gloved hand. I was confused and despite his speech, still angry. I drank it and listened as he continued. “Look it is simple. Young boys play and experiment Tim just found that he really liked playing with boys and had nowhere to turn to. He could have hidden his feelings and been frustrated or gone to gay meeting places and met god knows who. All we do is to nurture the boys and teach them how to play safe. Have you not noticed how much happier Tim has been over the last few weeks?” His words did make a sort of sense, but I was still upset and not happy that Tim was being drawn into something I felt he was to young for. I did agree that Tim seemed happier and more alive, but having him exposed to perverts? “Look you might think this is ok for you and your boys, but how dare you presume to think I would be happy having my Tim involved with your deviant group. And dressing him up in leather gear for fucks sake.” Jeff chuckled, making me angrier as he leant against the drinks bar. “Really Dave you think that? if thats the case, why is it your eyes keep drifting down to my cock. I think you are more open to things than you realise.” He said, as he rested his hand on top of the cock that was straining in his tight leather trousers. I must admit that I had been looking at his cock, it was an impressive length and girth. I had become mesmerised by it, and the conflicting thoughts that had been growing in my mind. I had never had gay thoughts before, and strangely it did not repulse me as I thought it may of. “Come” he said, and I followed him as he took me to his large bedroom. he opened his wardrobe which had many more items of leather hanging up. From inside he reached in and threw a plastic bag towards me. “Here put these on, they should be the right size. Just trust me for the next hour or so.” From the weighty bag I pulled out a pair of leather jeans and a leather vest. As I pulled out the jeans I must admit the feel of the leather had an erotic appeal to me, as did the aroma coming from them. I did not have any misgivings about stripping off in front of Jeff as we had been in so many changing rooms together over the years. But Jeff insisted I pulled off my underpants too saying it felt better being commando under the leather. Once I was naked Jeff threw me a strip of leather and told me to attach it around my cock. I then slipped on the tight leather vest then pulled up the cold leather jeans and fastened them. “Wow” I thought it felt and smelled wonderful. I finally understood why people have a fetish for leather gear, as my cock tied in its cock strap began to stiffen. “Looking good buddy, how does it feel?” “Ok you got me it feels great, but I still think this gay stuff is gross. And definately with lads of Tim’s age.” “Just hang on with me abit more, here have some of this.” He said lighting up a long joint which he passed me. He then poured more whiskey and went to sit on a sofa. Jeff switched on a large wall mounted tv. I felt the joint mellowing me out, so I went and sat next öveçler escort to him unsure what I was letting myself get into, and whether I wanted anything to come of it. “I used to be like you once, but when Julie left me I began to explore the internet to get my kicks and got into it. God I wish I had found out about it years ago, it’s so much better than pussy any day. Thats why I wanted my boys to know better than I did at their ages.” He pressed play on a remote and a gay leather porn dvd began to play. It was an eye opener to me, as I had never looked at shit like this before. But with more hits of the joint my dick hardened which Jeff noticed. “Looks like your enjoying it. Lets take it up a notch.” He said unscrewing the top off a small brown bottle. He took a good sniff from it showing me how to seal my other nostril. He then passed it to me. “Wow” my head began to spin, and on top of the spliff I felt floaty. But instantly hornier. My hand slipped down to rub my cock. Jeff noticed and put down his phone and picked up the remote again. “lets see if this converts you fully.” He said with a chuckle. He pressed the remote and the picture changed to a typical boys bedroom. Two young lads came into view both wearing leather hoods. One had a leather harness that fitted around his chest, and apart from a bulging leather thong, nothing else. The other had a full body harness, his gorgeous cock pushed through one of the chrome rings of the harness. The two boys walked up to each other and kissed so tenderly. Their kissing became more eager and heated as they took hold of each others nipples and began to pinch and twist them. I could hear their excited moans as they continued to kiss. The one in the chest harness and thong moved a hand onto the others ass cheek and gave it a squeeze. He then moved so he could probe the exposed hole with one of his fingers. The boy gave a gasp of pleasure, and his cockhead glistened with precum. Chest harness boy then got down on his knees and licked the precum from the glistening tip. He then glided his mouth over the bright red cockhead and took the straining cock deep into his mouth, and began to blow the gorgeous cock. Jeff lit up another joint and took a deep hit then passed me the joint. As I was reaching for it he unzipped his leather trousers and pulled out his large erect cock. Which as I took a hit from the joint he, began to stroke. I couldn’t help myself, and cursed myself for licking my lips. Jeff smiled, and now I was so relaxed I pulled out my own straining dick and gave it a rub. I was suddenly gripped by the want, or need to take my buddies cock into my mouth. My barriers were down, and I knew I wanted in one this perverted, kinky, but so sexy life. My need for sex which I hadn’t had for two years, was suddenly unleashed in a torrent. I had decided to try to give Jeff a blowjob. However it wasn’t to be. Just as I was about to kneel infront of Jeff he drew my attention back to the screen where the two boys were now blowing each other. “What you think. Would you like to walk in there right now and fuck those two.” “God yes Jeff you have got me convinced. Please arrange something and give me a call.” Jeff smiled at me. “no need, follow me.” It suddenly hit me those two hot boys we had been watching were Jeff’s boys. Boys I had known for years. Boys that had been turning me on for an hour. Numbly I followed Jeff to a large bedroom. There indeed were Jeff’s boys. Still sucking each other off, but now with three lubed fingers knuckle deep in each others asses. I was amazed and turned on by what I was seeing. I followed Jeffs lead as he sat in one of the armchairs in the room, and draped his legs over the arms. As I was doing the same, the two boys disengaged from what they were doing, and came over to us. Paul who was the one in the chest harness knelt between his father’s pendik escort legs and began to lick up and down Jeff’s cock. Soon I felt Alex’s small mouth on my cock. He began to do the same to me. “Wow” it felt amazing and so perverted. The difference between my exwife’s tongue and Alex’s small one darting over my cockhead was so different. Alex was so much more eager, and and the smallness of the tip of his tongue, which was now licking the ridge behind my cockhead made it feel so much better. Alex used the tip of his small tongue to probe the slit of my cock and I thought I was going to blow my load there and then. The sensation was so stimulating. Alex had good instincts and just before I came he moved to licking my balls while he began to lube my cock with a tube of ky jelly. From somewhere a bottle of poppers was produced and we all took big hits. After this pause the two boys moved to sit on Jeff’s and my lap. They moved like it was a rehearsed routine, as they rotated their hips on our cocks. Then they raised up and took hold of our cocks and I felt Alex place my cock at the entrance of his asshole. Through his leather hood I saw him smile, as he sank down on my dick and began to ride my cock slowly. He bit his lip as he bottomed out on me. “Wow” this boy had taken the whole of my engorged cock! Alex then picked up speed riding me. And I grabbed his harness and began to pull on it slamming him down on my cock. I just knew that I wouldn’t last long. What we were doing was so perverted, and my cock was held so snuggly in Alex’s ass. The stimulaion of the aroma of leather, and sweaty bodies as well as the poppers were a heady mix. Pulling harder on the harness and raising my hips to meet Alex’s ass as he rode me. I felt my spunk boiling in my balls and was ready to fire my cum in this small boys cum tunnel. Alex gasped as the large load from my cock filled his ass. Alex gradually slowed down, and rested on my lap. I felt his ass pulse on my cock draining the last drops of my cum. Alex leant his head forward and placed his lips on mine. We began to kiss so sensually. It was so sexy kissing this boy, while he was wearing the leather hood. As our kissing grew into a full blown snog, I began to explore Alex’s body. Pinching his nipples, and stroking his smooth body. I was hooked. I knew my life had changed forever. I knew I would be embracing gay sex, leather and young boys like Jeff’s. But could I involve Tim? We all broke apart, the two boys ran off giggling to their shower to clean up, and Jeff turned to me. “So how was that? I guess we have converted you now. I hope you saw how the boys were eager, and didn’t need to be forced into anything. Maybe now you can see why Tim wanted to join the cubs.” I agreed with him and told him how it had been the most mind blowing sex I had ever had in my life. But I explained that I was still not sure about taking things forward with Tim. I told Jeff that I didn’t want to be the one to pervert him. “Look Dave Tim has had desires for quite a while, so you will not be the one to turn him into anything. All you would be doing is letting him know he is free to explore, and to find what he will need to be happy. Look I will show you his online diary. Every cub has to keep a diary which tells of what they enjoyed, and what things have turned them on, and what they hope to achieve. It is a way we have to tailor the meetings and make sure that no one is doing something they don’t want to do.” Jeff took me over to the boys laptop, and logged me in so I could read Tim’s diary. What I read was shocking, sexy and stimulating. I found out that he had stumbled on an old magazine in the woods, which had intrigued him enough to look online, where he found much more. He had mentioned a few things at school which had got him noticed by the cub group. It also mentioned his favourite websites, and the kinky things that excited him and wanted to try. It also said who turned him on. I recognised the names of some of his friends fathers, and in the middle of the list was my name! I stared at the page stunned, but now feeling more free to be the new me infront of Tim. And I guessed take out relationship to a new and different level.

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