Knocking On Heaven’s DoorKnocking On Heaven’s Door

Asa Akira

I walked up the path to the front door of yet another rather dour 1930’s semi-detached house with an intense feeling of ‘why bother!’ By far the vast majority of these houses were occupied by the retired and the elderly, who were far too old for the insurance I was selling, and this one looked to be no exception! The windows looked drab and dismal, the lawn was patchy and moss infested, the shrubs were unkempt and over-grown, and the leggy rose bushes were obviously as prehistoric as I assumed the owner would be! So why did I put myself through it? Well just occasionally the door would open to reveal a young couple just starting out and, having recently bought the property, had not yet given it a bright modern face-lift! These were gems! Almost invariably they had yet to take out more than the minimal insurance required for their mortgage and they could be rich pickings indeed! So with this in mind I trudged up and down path after path, explaining my mission to suspicious, half-deaf old bats who were sure you were after either their antique furniture or their antique bodies! So you’ll understand that I couldn’t have looked the picture of enthusiasm as I stood and waited for the Westminster chimed door bell to be answered.

The door cracked open and out bounded the obligatory trio of white toy poodles who promptly circled my legs, yapping their war-cries like Indians around a wagon train! I had learned from painful experience not to take my eyes away from such warriors until their chief called them back to camp, so I stood motionless from the waist down, swivelling my top half in order to forestall any hit and run attacks on my ankles, and waited for an ancient voice to issue from the gloom and call the ‘darlings’ back to ‘mummy’!

“Kitchen!” The voice was female and firm, but sweet and easy on the ear and instantly obeyed by the three white bundles who bounded back up the steps still barking out dire warnings! My eyes pursued them as they disappeared into the house past a pair of denim clad legs as female and as firm as the voice. My eyes promptly forgot about the dogs and followed the legs northward past the jeans and crop top to a mane of golden brown hair. This woman was something! There are women who are beautiful, but in a china doll sense, lovely to look at but strictly ornamental! Then there are others whose beauty is a living thing. See a photo and see just pleasant features, but meet them in life and they ooze an animal magnetism that transcends all traditional concepts of beauty and stops a man in his tracks. This was such a woman. She was around 5’5″ tall and slim, not over endowed up front, but with a flat stomach, wide hips and blue eyes that saw into your soul! High cheek bones and a tomboyish smile on full lips completed a picture that had part of me suddenly standing a good ten inches closer to her than the rest! Oh, ok then, maybe seven inches at a push! But, God, she was sexy!

Eventually I managed to concentrate on why I was there I the first place and, somewhat hesitantly, make my sales pitch. To my surprise, ‘yes’ she said, they would be interested in more cover, especially sickness or accident cover, but ‘no’ she never did anything without her husband being present – so much for one idea I’d been toying with! Could I come back after eight one evening? You bet I could, how about tomorrow?

The next evening at almost exactly a minute after eight I was back knocking on the same door. This time it was answered by a tall, almost skinny man, with dark hair, a darkly tanned face and a hatchet nose. He somehow reminded me of an emaciated Red Indian, though maybe it was the poodles once more circling my legs that brought that thought to mind, but they were wagging their tails this time!

“Phil Bourne?” He asked, and when I nodded he broke into a grin and stuck out his hand! “Richard Farrell, come in won’t you, and ignore these creatures, they’re just introducing themselves!” He indicated the dogs, who followed us noisily into the hall before skittering off down the polished oak floor towards the kitchen while we humans executed a smart left wheel into the living room.

“You remember Liz from yesterday, don’t you?”

‘Do I ever’ I thought to myself, she looked even better in white slacks and a cheese cloth gypsy blouse! Cheese cloth for God’s sake! It was damn near transparent and her nipples were visible! “Yes, nice to see you again.” I said, and meant it!

I won’t bore you with the business details! Suffice it to say that it was conducted very amicably over a glass of Richard’s home made wine – very nice, but bloody strong!

There are a couple of things worth mentioning, apart from my difficulty in keeping my eyes from Liz’s breasts! For one thing, their ages. I’d got Richard to about thirty, and he came out at thirty-one, and Liz at about twenty-two or three, but she was actually twenty-nine! Wow!

The other thing happened as I was about to leave. Richard spotted me looking at a rack of unlabelled video Antep Escort Bayan tapes. Now, most people label their tapes, you know, ‘Holiday in Spain’ – ‘Auntie Jane’s Wedding’, and so on. The only ones that tend not to carry labels are those of, shall we say, an adult nature! But when he saw that I’d seen them, instead of steering me away, he asked if I’d like to take one with me, “Bring it back tomorrow evening when you bring the medical forms!” He said, pulling one out and handing it to me. “It’s quite a good one, you’ll enjoy it!”

He was right. It was good and I did enjoy it. Probably the fact that it was obviously an amateur tape of two people genuinely enjoying what they were doing (which was pretty much everything) helped! Especially as it was well lit, clear, and well edited! Shame that Liz wasn’t in it, but that was just too much to ask! Anyway, I watched it with a busy right hand, and had it with me to return when I went back the next night. Though I was still a little puzzled as to why he should lend it out so easily!

I was greeted at the door like a long lost cousin. Even the poodles did the hind leg walk and waved their front paws for attention and Richard pumped my hand so enthusiastically he almost pulled me into the lounge.

“Come in Phil, come in, and make yourself at home – wine?

“No, I’ll leave that to the dogs if you don’t mind”

I think that just for a moment he had a mental image of a poodle with a wine glass in its paws, ‘cos a very confused look flitted across his face before the penny dropped and he interpreted my feeble pun as a joke. At least he had the good grace to laugh a little as crossed to the cabinet to pour the wine!

“Sit yourself down.” He said and I plonked myself in one corner of their lovely leather sofa with a glass of pleasant but potent homemade wine.

“Liz will be down soon; she’s just finishing off upstairs. Can we do those forms while we wait? He sat at the other end of the sofa.

It struck me as a bit odd at the time, because ‘doing those forms’ was the reason for my visit anyway, so what was I to wait for? But the wine was good, the sofa was comfortable and the prospect of seeing Liz again was enticing, so I put my query to the back of my mind and fished out the medical paperwork.

Again I’ll leave out the business details, which didn’t take long anyway, and with them out of the way I accepted another glass of wine and relaxed for a little while. If I’m going to be honest it was the possibility of meeting Liz again that kept me there, normally it would be ‘sign here, thanks, goodnight!’, but the chance to meet those boobs again – well, you know!

“What did you think of the video? Good, yes?” Asked Richard.

“Very” I answered not quite sure how to tackle this subject.

“Bet you got your rocks off to it, didn’t you? It’s a couple of Liz’s friends and they’re pretty good together in bed.” He paused, listening. “Aren’t they, darling?”

He had obviously heard Liz coming downstairs, for at that moment the door opened and in she came, asking. “Aren’t who what?”

“Chris and Pat, good in bed? I lent Phil their home video overnight and I was saying who the people in it are.”

“Oh, yes, pretty much up for anything, and certainly not shy!”

Now, I was immediately struck by two things. Firstly the incredibly matter of fact way Liz greeted the news that a very personal video starring her friends had been lent out to a stranger, and secondly her outfit for the evening. No, it wasn’t another semi transparent blouse, but a front buttoning lightweight blue dress with the buttons undone from the hem just above the knee almost to her crotch, and from the neck far enough down to show she was not wearing a bra again! There was a comedian once whose catch phrase was ‘my ghast was flabbered’. Well, I know just what he meant, and I’ve got metaphorical bruises under my jaw to prove it! But even so, she looked stunning, an instant turn on!

Richard and I were still sitting in opposing corners of the sofa and, even though there were other chairs available, Liz came and sat between us, her dress falling open a little to reveal two beautiful thighs and a small vee of lilac panties. Liz seemed not to have noticed and I naturally pretended not to! That, her proximity, her feminine scent – her own, I mean, not her perfume – and that homemade wine, were conspiring to cause my trousers to bulge. I just hoped that Liz would be as diplomatic as I was!

“Let me top you up.” Richard was already refilling my glass when he spoke.

“Thanks, but not too much, hey? I’ve gotta drive home yet!”

Too late, the glass was full and Richard was away pulling another unlabelled video from his collection. I wondered if he was thinking of lending it to me, and if he realised I had no reason to call back until the policies were issued, but no – he was inserting it into his own player! Was it another one featuring his friends? Were we to all watch it together? What about Liz, would she mind?

Actually the answers were two yeses and one no, the ‘no’ being that Liz apparently didn’t mind! By now my head was spinning, and not from the wine. I had never come across a situation, or a couple, like this and I couldn’t figure out where things were heading. Richard turned the main room light off, leaving just the soft light of two table lamps and sat back down, and there we were, for all the world like a normal household settling down to watch the Simpsons instead of an insurance salesman and two clients sitting back to see a blue movie!

This video was also obviously home made and featured two new couples. Well, perhaps it would be better to say four people, two men and two women, because it soon became very difficult to figure out just who belonged with who! As the video opened the two men were lying naked side by side on a bed with the two women, also naked, kneeling over them and impaled on their cocks. Both women were sliding up and down with an abandon that had the bed rocking and their boobs (very large boobs in one case) dancing. That obviously couldn’t last long and very soon the man on the right went red faced, grunted loudly and tried to push himself still deeper into his partner’s cunt. She, for her part, bounced even harder on his cock, making slurping noises and leaking cum from the edges of her pussy.

Then, no sooner had he flopped back onto the his pillows than she climbed off of his rapidly dwindling tool and went to join her friend at the other penis, where she massaged the man’s balls and whatever cock was left sticking out of the other woman’s cunt. Now, watching this was fine by me, I’ll watch and enjoy porn all day, libido allowing, but I was a little concerned for the company I was keeping. So I risked a quick and surreptitious glance sideways at Liz. To all intends and purposes she could have been watching Cinderella, sitting demurely with her legs crossed – God, those thighs! – and very little expression on her face. At least, that’s what I thought at first glance, but on sneaking a second look I realised that her left hand was stretched out and was stroking her husband’s cock through his trousers! Bloody hell, which should I watch? There are times when a desire to become a chameleon with independently swivelling eyes is almost overwhelming!

In the end tact overcame curiosity and I returned my attention to the screen, just in time to see the first women reach her own left hand out to caress her friends butt, reaching right into her crack to play around the entrance to her arsehole! Ye Gods, were left hands conniving to burst my zip?

Pretty soon she was ignoring the man’s balls and was concentrating on dribbling lube down between the same friend’s buttocks. She then spread the lube around the arse entrance before pushing a shiny forefinger deep into the hole and massaging the cock in her pussy through the dividing membrane.

That was when two things happened pretty much simultaneously. Firstly, on screen the second man burst his banks and flooded the pussy fixed over his cock! Secondly, to my left I heard the quiet sound of a zipper slowly descending! Well, I had to investigate that, didn’t I? Looking left I saw Liz with her hand buried inside her husband’s fly, clearly trying to pull out his cock. She had uncrossed her legs and they had parted slightly as she fished around looking for Dick’s dick. The sight of a beautiful lilac covered crotch, clearly revealing the shape of her pussy through the material was nearly enough for my little fella to jump out of my trousers of his own accord! I couldn’t help but stare, my eyes flicking from her crotch to her hand, which had now succeeded in finding its prey and hauled it out into the daylight. I’m glad to be able to report that Richard’s cock was much like its owner. Long, but rather thin! At that point Liz looked around at me and, seeing me watching, gave me a tiny, almost shy, smile, as she began slowly wanking Richards cock.

That was a little bit too much for me and my eyes shot round to the screen in front of me and an embarrassed flush spread across my cheeks! The trouble with embarrassed flushes is that they simply serve to add to your embarrassment, and I felt very hot under the collar at that moment, and determined to keep my eyes firmly to the front. After all, I wasn’t used to this sort of thing! Salesmen have a much less exciting time than most people think!

Anyway, for the next few minutes I’m busy trying to concentrate on the two girls in the video, one of whom was now pushing a vibrator in and out of her friends anus – and not a small one either. At the same time I’m also busy trying to ignore the soft sounds of a cock being gently wanked and its owner’s increasingly heavy breathing. I might have succeeded if it hadn’t have been for the female hand that landed on my knee, stroked its way up my thigh and began playing with my old man through my trousers! As you can imagine, my eyes shot to my left to see if Richard had noticed what Liz was up to. He had, but instead of objecting he winked at me and nodded, giving me permission to be felt up by his wife, I suppose. As for Liz, she gave me another shy smile and began tugging at my zipper. I didn’t object either! I lost track of the video about then too!

Liz’s hand on my cock was cool, soft and gentle, and she stroked my shaft like she’d been familiar with it for years and knew just how I liked it done. It wasn’t long before my breathing got nearly as heavy as Richard’s.

Suddenly, without any warning, Liz stood, unbuttoned the front of her dress and dropped it to the floor. She then hooked her fingers into the waist band of those delightful lilac panties and slid them down her legs to join her dress. God, she looked beautiful. Liz is the most gorgeous woman I have ever met. Her body is toned without being muscular, her firm breasts the perfect handful capped by lovely deep pink nipples, and her skin has that aura of perfect health, slightly tanned and absolutely smooth. On a more intimate note, her pussy was shaved silky clean and looked so good it should almost have carried a little sign saying ‘Eat Me’.

She did a little pirouette to prove that the back was as nice as the front – my God, what a fantastic arse – and then beckoned Richard and I on to our feet, saying as she did so, “Your turn!”

Richard stood and began to undress, so I did the same. Liz, meanwhile sat back down and was watching us disrobe, which was just a little disconcerting. Looking back, I’m pretty sure that if it hadn’t have been for Richard’s wine, I would have bottled out at that point, no pun intended. Having undressed, we both took our seats again on either side of Liz and, in my case at least, waited to see what would happen next.

Once again Liz’s hands came out sideways and resumed playing with our respective weapons, and once more our breathing began to deepen. It was Richard who got to the end first. His breathing became more and more ragged until he groaned, called out that he was cumming, and shot great gouts of jizz over his own belly. For a skinny man he sure can shoot, it seemed that he was never going to stop, fountains of cream spurting from him and landing all over his front right up to his chin. But eventually his flow subsided and he slumped back in his seat, and I looked forward to my own orgasm.

Up till then I’d been thinking it was just my lucky day! But then Richard reached behind the sofa for a towel that must have been put there ready, and I began to come to the conclusion that this evening at least had been carefully choreographed. ‘Ok’ I thought. ‘If he wants me to have a threesome with his missus and him, I’m game, and at least now I know he’s cool with it’. But then I had no idea why it had all been arranged.

Having wiped the worst of the cum from his belly Richard rose and made for the door. “I shan’t be long, just gonna clean up”

Right up to then Liz had been playing with both me and Richard in an almost absent manner, just reaching out sideways, still watching the video and taking no real notice of either of us. But as soon as Richard had left the room she turned her full attention to me and leaned down to take the end of my cock just between her lips. I was just a little alarmed by this sudden escalation in Richard’s absence, but then she began licking it with the tip of her tongue, almost as if she was French kissing my penis, and I put all doubts out of my mind. In any case, this was probably part of the arrangement, I told myself.

Liz carried on licking the very tip for a several minutes before she fully enveloped my head in her mouth and began sucking and tonguing it in the more normal manner, and I enjoyed every tormenting second of it. When she did take the head right into her mouth it was like heaven, her tongue swirled and circled the end, licked my glans and even ventured a little way down the shaft, almost meeting her hand that was still gently milking me. Never in my wildest dreams had I foreseen Liz going down on me, I thought all my birthdays had come at once!

My cock was so hard and I was so turned on that I had problems stopping myself from pushing it right down the back of her throat, but I sensed that she wanted to take her time and so I let her. Anything, as long as she didn’t stop! The problem there was that I didn’t know how much longer it would be before my spunk was shooting right down the back of her throat, I was getting quite a head of steam up. But then, just as I was thinking I wasn’t going to be able to hold back much longer, she took my cock from her mouth and sat up. I could have killed from frustration, was Richard coming back? But then…

“Will you do it to me?” She asked.

Will I? Almost before the words were out of her mouth I was off the seat and kneeling in front of her, prising her legs apart with my bare hands. Seeing that I was only too willing to do as she asked, she let out a kind of sigh, as if of contentment – which I thought a bit odd at the time – and shuffled her bottom closer to edge of the seat.

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