The House of Many Bodies Part 4The House of Many Bodies Part 4


We went a week without getting back in the machine. There was something about it the change that was strange. The night after the reveal we laid in bed thinking about changing, but we realized that we could almost feel the bodies we had, although we had changed back for friends that were in town. We had talked about changing all day, but for some reason, laying in bed naked, looking at each other, we simply couldn’t do it.

Every night we found ourselves in the same spot, naked, expecting sex, and then too afraid to enter the machine. The other thing was that it seemed like all our sexual attraction had to do with the changed person, not each other, so none of the nights did we find ourselves engaging in sexual games.

A week after he came home, I came home with groceries and called out for him. No answer. I walked into the hall, and again no answer. His car was in the driveway, the bathrooms were empty. I looked everywhere and started to worry, then I noticed the closet door was open. I walked in and called out his name. About that time, he walked out from the shadows. He seemed taller, but looked the same.

“I was looking for you. So I see you couldn’t stand it anymore.”

“No I couldn’t. It was almost calling out to me all day, so as soon as you left I went in.”

“You’ve been in there that long?

“I went in few times. I designed someone for you, someone for me, and something a bit interesting.”

“Did you now.” I was obscenely curious. “And who are you going to be?”

“Your looking at him.”

“But your you.” I was a bit disappointed.

“I have something special for you. Get in there and change for me. Your name is Tiffany.”

I didn’t hesitate. I had to know what he had planned. I walked in and it was like an old comfortable blanket being wrapped around me. It was home. All I could say was “Tiffany.” The change came faster than I remember, but as it took place I was in heaven. Where first it scared me, now it felt right. The only problem were the changes that were taking place. My chest was expanding to a degree I had not anticipated. My hips seemed to explode outward. My ass felt like a weight pulling me down. When I finally escaped the machine and found myself in the closet, with the light falling on my new body, what I felt in the darkness came to life.

Even though I knew what had happened, looking down at myself was a shock. My boobs were humongous. They fell almost past my belly button, but there was not as much sag as it was sheer size. They stuck out what seemed like a foot off my chest, and the weight was startling. My hips and ass were also large, but not in proportion to my chest thank god. Before I rounded the corner to leave the closet I was calling out to him.

“So I see Sultanbeyli Escort you built a fuck machine. Well you need to walk around in this body for a…”

I was in the bedroom and what I saw was shocking. He was sitting on the edge of the bed, naked, as if everything was normal, but it was far from it. He was the same as he always was, except for his crotch. I still don’t have the words for what I felt that moment. Fear, excitement, fear… He had created a freak to fuck, and two dicks to fuck her with.

A dick hung where it normally did, a good size, with huge balls hanging loose. Above it though, was another dick, smaller it seemed, about two inches above the first, right at his waist line. They both stood semi erect. I sat on the bed next to him and he kissed me. My momentum caused me to lay on my back, and the amount of relief that came from my boobs resting on my sides was amazing. His hands were on them before his mouth found mine, and I was startled by the sensations that went through my body. My chest had never been this sensitive. In no time my nipples were so hard they almost hurt. My pussy was soaked before I knew it. I never got that turned on that fast, but here it seemed like he had hit an ignition button and in two seconds I was going 100 miles an hour.

I was dripping in minutes, and his cocks were hard. He didn’t bother about the preliminaries and I didn’t care. Having him fuck me with his new equipment was all I could think of. I expected him to just thrust in me. With my boobs as big as they were, I couldn’t see what he was doing at my crotch. I felt his thumb on my clit rubbing circles, but he was wrestling with something, and I knew it wasn’t a condom.

Then I felt him grab my hip and kind of push me on my side. I knew what he wanted, so I went along with it, and the massive weight shift that happened on my chest carried me right over on my stomach. My tits rested like pancakes on the bed, and even when I got up on my knees, my chest almost made my back parallel. I felt him push against my pussy first, and then in no time I felt the head of the second dick against my ass hole. As his head passed my sphincter, and his other dick pushing easily into me, I knew he must have been applying lube. He new to take his time, and with each pause I tried to relax, but the pulling on my chest and the dick in my pussy made it hard. Finally, both of his cocks were in me to the hilt. My chest was heaving with the excitement, I felt filled in ways I had never felt, and as he began moving in and out of me, the simultaneousness of his movements sent me over the edge in no time. He tried to reach over and feel my tits as he started pounding into my pussy and ass, but the logistics were too hard and he gave Escort Sultanbeyli up on it.

My ass was on fire, and the pressure inside me was the most intense feeling I have ever felt, and right about the time I thought I couldn’t take anymore, I felt the pace quicken and then he screamed. I felt the force of his cum inside me. In both my ass and pussy huge streams of cum erupted. I had never really been able to feel him cum in me before, but now it seemed like he had turned on a fire hose. When he finally pulled out of me, streams of cum ran from both my pussy and ass, dripping onto the sheets, soaking them and causing a pool of cum to form under my collapsed body.

I looked at him and smiled. His dicks were limp and wet.

“Ok, now for round two.”

“Honey, I can’t take anymore right now. I need a break, and I’m a mess.”

“No. Go to the bathroom and clean up. I’m going to change, and when you hear the bedroom door close, change again. This time say Chris.”


“No buts. Trust me.”

I didn’t say anything. I struggled to get up and went to the bathroom. I nearly fell when I first got on my feet and my huge boobs shifted. I reminded myself never to say Tiffany again. I sat on the toilet and felt him leak out more as I pushed. I sat there for a minute and got up to leave. I studied myself in the mirror and wondered what he was thinking. These things must weight fifteen pounds each. They hurt just sitting on my chest not moving. I reached up and supported them, but even that was as struggle. It was just too much weight to support. Then I heard the bedroom door close.

I couldn’t get out of this body too soon. I didn’t think, just walked in and said Chris. The change happened quickly, and it was a huge relief for the weight to be gone. My chest tingled, my crotch expanded. I grew taller. I knew instinctively that I wasn’t turning into another woman. I was turning into a man.

When I left and reached the closet, I knew that he had to have had circus freaks on his mind that morning. I was tall, maybe 6’2” or 6’3” and between my legs I had a pretty big damn dick. It swayed as I moved and my balls hung low. That would have been fine, but smack dap in the middle of my chest was a dick. It was at least as big as the one between my legs and like it, two balls hung below it. He or better, she, was waiting on the bed when I came around the corner.

His body was a knock out. She was a blond, skinny, but muscular. She had large boobs that sat high on her chest.

“So do you like?” She looked me right in the eyes.

“So you make me a circus freak again?”

“Shut up and get over here.”

I walked to her and she took the dick on my chest into her mouth, and Sultanbeyli Escort Bayan grabbed the dick between my legs with both hands. I played with her chest as she sucked, and before long, I was doubly hard. She stood from the bed and turned me around and pushed me on the bed. I was a full head taller than her, but none of that mattered. Before I knew it she was on top of me and guiding my cock into her pussy. I had to be 10 inches long, but she took it without batting an eye. Extremely impressive, but there was no time to sit back and watch the show. She used the cock on my chest for her own personal joystick. The feeling was amazing. She pounded herself up and down on my cock, and I didn’t think I could take much more. For the first time I understood the problem of cumming too soon. She must have felt it, because she stopped and collapsed on me. I hadn’t noticed, but she had cum. When she stopped moving, I could feel her juices flowing down my thighs. When she collapsed on me, my other dick found her mouth right away.

She attacked my dick like it was candy. She dove on it and then withdrew. She sucked hard and I could feel her lips squeeze around my head. When she got me most of the way down, she started moving her hips. The feeling of her sucking me while at the same time being grinded on was absolutely amazing. I wasn’t hard in her mouth for more than five minutes when I felt it building. All my attention and feeling was in the cock on my chest, and in no time, I erupted. I thought he might be grossed out, but he went crazy when I came. He moaned and started slamming up and down on my cock again. On what had to be my third or forth large shot of cum in her mouth, she came. She squirted onto my stomach. I stopped cumming but she didn’t want to release me from her mouth, but the pleasure seemed to be too much for her leaning down so she sat up on my dick and looked at me in the eyes. She paused in her movement and opened her mouth. I could see all my cum still in her mouth, some suddenly leaking out when she showed me. She caught her mouth with her hand only after some had fell on her chest, and with a deliberate swallow, she opened her mouth and showed me how she had drained the cum into her stomach.

I couldn’t last long after that. She stopped slamming herself down on me and just started grinding, and that’s when I lost it. I felt all the feeling in my body shoot through my dick, and finally when I was done she stopped and looked down at me.

“No I have cum in both ends. It was amazing.”

“That was amazing, but I want some too.”

I grabbed her thighs and pulled her onto my face. I put my mouth around her pussy, and pushed a finger inside her, then ran my tongue up and down her opening until I started to taste my cum. Then I pulled her lips apart and a huge stream of cum slowly made its way to my tongue. When we collapse, I wonder how much better or stranger it could get, what we could think of next, and finally, how to break it to him that tomorrow was my turn to design the fun.

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