The Grand PartyThe Grand Party


As you walk into my apartment, I notice that you are carrying something in your hands. I look to see what it is and realize it is a mask.

“Is this some sort of special event?” I ask, questioning the need for a mask.

”Well, in a sense,” you say as you continue to explain. “You see, all the women that are in attendance must wear a mask at all times. The men roam freely, without a mask, but the women are not allowed to remove theirs. It adds to the mysteriousness of it all.”

“What is this for again?” I ask.

“A charity event held once per year. People come from all over to participate and millions of dollars are contributed. It’s a great evening and I am very excited to be sharing it with you.” You lean and give me a kiss as you hand me the mask.

I go into the bathroom to put the mask on and adjust it so it fits right. It is a dark half face style that only covers the upper half of the face. There are long black feathers that come off it, with a mixture of smaller green and blue feathers around the eyeholes. It’s very beautiful and I come out of the bathroom wearing it to see what you think.

“Breathtaking” is all you say as I enter the living room. I walk over to you and kiss you as the feathers from my mask tickle your face.

We head out to the car and are soon on our way. It’s about half an hour until we get there and we talk a little on the way. We pull up to what I can only describe as a mansion. The building is huge and there is a large semi circle style driveway in front that could easily consist of five lanes of cars. You pull up as a man walks around to your side of the car. You open the door and step out, handing him your keys.

I get out as well, with the help of another young man. You come around and take my arm as we walk up towards the large front door. There are several lanterns along the walk and the smell of water and roses fills the air.

As we get to the door, it opens and a man welcomes us in. He takes our coats and then points for us to continue down a long hallway. As we progress, I take in the beautiful artwork, delicate carvings and impressive statues that line the hall. As the hall ends, a large room opens to our left. There are many people, some sitting and some standing. Almost all of them are drinking and appear to be having a good time in their conversations.

You lead me into the room, guiding me by my arm. There are mostly men in the room and only a few women. I look them over, attempting to determine if I am under or over dressed for the occasion. You told me to wear your favorite dress, a black silky piece that comes to about mid thigh. There are thin straps that weave across the shoulders and the back comes down excessively low so that wearing panties is not acceptable, as they would peek over the edge.

The women present all seem to be wearing cocktail style dresses, so I feel as though my own attire is ok. You bring me over to a full bar where you order us each a drink. The bartender pours you a glass of bourbon and mixes me a sweet concoction that smells of vanilla.

We take our drinks and mingle with some of the other attendees. I talk with a handsome gentleman about current events and he invites me to come sit with him near the fireplace across the room. I give a glance your way and you nod approval as the man takes my arm and leads me away.

We seat ourselves on a lush couch near the raging fire. The heat of it emanates out and warms my bare arms. This man sits close to me on the couch and I feel a small amount of discomfort as he rests a hand on my stocking-clad knee. We talk a while longer and then he says in a cool and calming voice, “Would you like to come with me to a different room?”

“Is there something that you wish to show me?” I ask.

“Well, there is more to this party than meets the eye, my dear,” he says as a mischievous grin forms on his lips. I contemplate his offer a moment and then excuse myself to speak with you.

I walk slowly over to where you are standing with three other men. I lean into your ear and say, “This man would like to take me to a different room. What’s going on?”

You look at me and then return your attention to the men you are talking with. “Excuse me, gentlemen, I have something to attend to at the moment.”

You pull me to an isolated corner and start to inform me of the goings on. “This is a party where people mingle with one another. You do not need to be afraid to wander freely, but you must be in the company of someone when you do. You are more than welcome to wander with this man, if that is of your choosing. You may also come with me, if that is your preference.”

I look at you a moment as my questioning mind starts to work. “I will leave you to your conversation, my sweet,” I say as I plant a soft kiss on your cheek. “I will go with this man to see what else this gathering has going on.”

I leave you and return to the man on the couch. He rises to greet my return and then takes my arm. We walk Heybeliada Escort through the room and as we pass where you are standing, you give me a little wink. I continue my progression with him to the end of the room where he presses a panel, revealing a small doorway. He pulls the door open, allowing me to enter ahead of him.

We are at the base of a small staircase and he leads me up them to another door. He opens it and a large, dimly lit room appears on the other side. He ushers me in and as my eyes adjust, I see several people, both male and female, in different states of undress. There are candles all throughout the room and there are many types of furniture, some of which I have never before seen. I scan the room, noticing that indeed, all the women are wearing masks, however some of them are wearing little or nothing else. I stand a moment in shock as the wave of what is going on hits me.

“What is this about?” I ask of this strange man.

“This, my dear, is the REAL party,” he responds. “This is where the fun begins and you are more than welcome to come along for the ride.”

I stand there a moment, almost in disbelief of my eyes and ears, deciding what it is I want to do. Surely you know what this party is about since you have been here many times before, but this is all new to me. These people are all involved in some sexual act, whether it be actual intercourse, oral gratification, bondage or just the initial intrigues of a man investigating a woman’s body.

“Very well, show me what it is that you brought me here to see,” I say to him with a certain amount of willfulness. He leads me through the room to a slightly enclosed area. There is a chair here that resembles something you might see when going to the dentist’s office. The seat is black leather and there are several restraints attached to the chair arms and legs. There is also a selection of ‘devices’ near the chair, some I recognize and some I don’t.

“Would you like to take a seat in the chair, my precious?” he asks me as his eyes, which were so intriguing and sweet before, seem to devour me as they drift along my entire body.

“I will sit, but I do not want to be restrained,” I say looking at him to read his mood and his eyes.

”Very well, please sit and I will not restrain you until you ask for it,” he says watching as I get onto the chair.

I ease into the chair, which is surprisingly comfy. I can feel the coolness of the leather as my dress rides up slightly and the bareness of my thighs above my stockings touches it. He leaves the area a moment, returning with a beautiful brunette. She is a little taller than I am and is wearing a tight black leather outfit that accentuates her assets well. He leads the woman towards me and then takes a seat in a large chair nearby. I can see his eyes as they hungrily watch the woman make her approach to me.

I look up at the woman as she stands above me, smiling down into my face. “Are you afraid?” she asks as she lays a warm hand on my arm.

”Only a little,” I respond as the heat of her hand starts to spread through my arm.

”There is no need, you know. I will not do anything you do not want and I will not allow anyone to do anything you do not want.”

I do not know why, but I trust this woman. It may be because she is a woman and there is a certain amount of kinship that comes from being in the presence of someone who is of your own sex. She runs her hand down along my arm and then brings it to my thigh. She lets her fingers slip under the hem and move upwards as they find the edge of my stockings. She continues up and reveals to herself that I am not wearing any panties. A smile forms as she says, “Very nice.”

She reaches up and further to run her fingers along my stomach. “May I?” she asks as she presses further upward towards my breasts.

I am unsure of how I should proceed. Will you be angry with me if I allow this to continue? Surely you know what was to become of me leaving with this man. These are the thoughts spilling through my mind as my mouth responds to the brunette. “Yes, you may,” I say as her fingers move further up. Soon she has one breast in her grasp and I again glance over at the man seated near us. He looks very excited at the display before him.

“I would like to take off your dress now,” she whispers as her hands slide down to the hem of my dress again and start to pull at the material. I oblige by raising my hands above my head and she slips it up and over. I am now laying on this chair in only my heels and stockings, my breasts and pussy fully exposed to anyone that might happen by, not to mention this man and woman that I have never met before this evening.

She runs her hands along my entire body and I can feel my natural reaction kick in. My lust starts to take over as this woman’s hands work my body unlike anyone has before. I begin to writhe under her hands as they caress, pinch and play with me. I close my eyes and Escort Heybeliada then feel as her tongue is added to the fray. She glides it along my body, lingering in spots to swirl circles and then continuing on an unknown path. Her hands are still roaming as well, finding all the right spots to tug and grope.

Soon she has me in a small frenzy and I moan lightly as she brings her tongue to my slit. It slips between and I can feel her tongue playing with my stiff button. She flicks at it and sends spasms through me. She stops and then moves to my ear, letting her hair fall across me as she leans in close. “Would you like to be bound, my dear?” she asks. “I would love to devour you while you were bound and helpless.”

I am in such a state that I do not know how to respond. The thought of being bound and unable to move scares me to death, but also brings a huge amount of excitement to me, most notably from the wetness that gushes between my legs. I nod agreement to her offer and she begins to adjust the armrests of the chair. She then takes my arms and fastens them above my head to the armrests. She then does the same with my legs, binding them at the ankles to the chair.

She spreads my legs widely, the parts of the chair my legs are attached to moving with them. She stands between my spread thighs and lowers herself to eat. She ravages me and soon I am moaning louder. My eyes are tightly closed and then I feel hands on me. I open them to see another woman fondling my breasts. I am at such an extreme point in my desires that I can do nothing to ask why she is here or what it is that’s going to happen next. I lean my head back again and continue to enjoy the ride I am being taken on. I can feel as hands are added to my body, fingers feeling me from the inside, groping at my breasts, some delicate, some forceful. I open my eyes at one point and glance to the man seated near us. He is stroking his cock as he watches the entertainment of me being handled. I look around me to see that there are now about five people playing with me.

I can feel my orgasm build and just when I think it is coming, a motion is changed, bringing me down a few notches. The intensity of a lick is slowed or stopped. Maybe someone fingering me changes the method. It could be any of these things or combinations of several, but I am starting to pull at my restraints as the pressures within me build and my need for satisfaction consumes me.

All of a sudden, all of the pressures and senses at my pussy stop and the presence of the brunette is removed. I open my eyes to see you coming forth. You are not wearing any pants and your hard cock is protruding in front of you. There are still numerous hands all over my body as you enter me. Your cock slides in easily from all the wetness provided by my insides as well as the brunette’s tongue. You slip in and out of me at a medium pace and soon the brunette leans into my ear again. “Would you like me to lick your clit while he fucks you?” she murmurs into my ear.

I cannot speak, but nod my head as she moves down and I feel her hair lay across my thighs. The sensation of her tongue slipping across my fully exposed clit as you ram into me brings me to the edge of climax. Numerous hands feel every available portion of my body. The man that led me here is still watching as these actions take place. I am crying out soon as a finger enters my asshole, you ram your cock into me, the brunette laps at my clit and hands pinch and lick my nipples. My orgasm comes and I scream out, “Oh don’t ever fucking stop this!”

You fuck harder and faster as my orgasm causes my walls to clutch your cock inside. Another woman climbs onto me and balances herself over my face. “Would you like to eat my pussy?” she asks. I stick out my tongue and taste her, my first taste of a woman in this way and groan loudly as you continue your thrusts into me. I suck, lick and nibble at this woman’s box as a new orgasm starts to take over immediately following the end of the first.

You keep pushing into me and soon I can feel your release as you continue to slide into me. I eat the woman as I come, feeling my tongue slip and slide over her clit again and again. Soon she is ready to come and I can feel someone slip fingers into her. My tongue flicks at them as it slips around her little lump. She explodes and shakes as her climax is reached. She dismounts me and all the hands that were touching me stop. You pull out of me and come to my face. You lick my lips, tasting the woman that was there not a moment before and then you kiss me deeply. “I am going to release you now and we are going to another place.”

You undo my restraints and I sit up. You have already assembled yourself and bring me a sheer robe to wear. “I have something wonderful to share with you,” you say as you take me out of the enclosure and lead me through the room to another door. You open it and there are a few people disrobing and another door at the end of the room. Heybeliada Escort Bayan There are small enclosures for clothes and you begin to undress, stacking your clothes neatly into one of the cubbyholes in the wall. I remove my robe, heels and stockings, leaving me completely nude. I put my things into another space and then you lead me by the arm to the other door. You open it and we enter to find many people forming circles of oral pleasure. There are rings upon rings of people, seemingly hundreds of them.

There is an unfinished circle on the outside edge that is set as alternating male to female and we go to one end of it. There is a woman there who is voraciously sucking at a mans cock. You lay down behind her on your side and pull her legs apart as you start to eat her. I lie down as well, on my opposite side, and begin to suck your cock, feeling it swell in my mouth. We are going for a moment, and then I feel a man come between my thighs, his hair tickling me as he begins to lick. And so the circle continues.

We stay in the circle, me bringing you to orgasm twice, the man behind me bringing me to it three times. The only sounds in the room are the muffled moans against others flesh and the continuous lapping and sucking noises. Soon we are done and are leaving the room. The circle adjusts to replace our absence and we return to the room with our clothes. My dress has been added to my belongings. I turn to you and ask, “Are we done now or is there more?”

“We can be done if you have had enough,” you say. “There are other places to show you, if you are interested in seeing them.”

I opt for the sheer robe rather than my dress, showing you my interest in more exploration. You redress yourself, as it seems it is found inappropriate for a man to be wandering around half naked, yet perfectly reasonable for a woman to be prancing in any state of undress. We head towards the door as more people come in.

You lead me along to a narrow stairway down. It seems to go on for quite a ways, but we eventually get to the bottom. This place is also very dimly lit, and there are only a few sparse candles to light the way. There are what appear to be several doors, each with markers that are illuminated. There are several colors, and different doors have different markers lit. We pause at a door and you look at me. “Are you ready?” you ask.

“Should I not be? I reply.

“Well, this is going to be a lot farther out of your realm than you have been, even tonight,” you say with all seriousness. “I don’t want you to be uncomfortable and if you don’t think you can handle it, say so now and we will leave.”

I think to ask what is beyond the door, but decide to just be surprised. I am adventurous and trust you enough to know that no harm will come to me. “I would like to go in with you,” I say with a naughty smirk.

You open the door and streams of light shine through the cracks into the darkness of the hall. We go in, closing the door behind us. A button on the inside of the room is pressed by a woman dressed from head to toe in black leather. She has heels so high on that I have no idea how she manages to walk in them. There is another person in the room, a man, also completely encase in leather, although he is not wearing a mask as the woman is. You and I come into the room and the woman takes your arm. The man comes over to me and soon all our clothes are removed and we are being strapped with our arms above our heads to chains and bindings attached to the ceiling.

The leather couple stands before us, watching, as we stand naked and defenseless. They then start to walk around us, as if inspecting our bodies. All of a sudden, I feel a sharp sting on my ass and I let out a little yipe as leather strikes my bare bottom. The blow comes a few more times and then I look over to you. The woman has a paddle in her hand and is on an upward swing as she prepares to strike you with it. I can see a glint in her eye as the paddle comes down and makes contact with your naked flesh.

Next, I can feel cold metal sliding down my spine. It traces around to the top of my ass as the man comes around towards my front. It comes over my hip and I look down to see that he has a knife. I say nothing, but a small amount of fear begins to build within me. He brings the knife up along my ribs and then over my breast. I can feel the coolness of the metal as the flat edge presses against my nipple. I glance over at you and see you watching intently as this man fondles me with the knife.

You seem to be intrigued by it, and I can see your cock begin to harden as you watch. My nipples are fully erect from a combination of the excitement, fear and the coldness of the blade. He moves it downward again and presses it against my shaved slit. My excitement increases even more as I feel the tip press to my skin. Not breaking through, but I can feel the pressure of it. He takes the knife away and steps behind me out of view.

The woman is now in front of you and has a hold of your cock in her hands. She is fastening a device around your balls and the base of your cock. She then runs her long, red fingernails up your chest, leaving light marks behind. She then bites at your nipples and then pinches them with her fingers. It’s then that I feel something slide between my thighs.

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