The Chance to Change Ch. 01The Chance to Change Ch. 01


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I hope you all enjoy The Chance to Change

Chapter 1

Typically on Mondays it’s my job to start going through last weeks transactions, invoices, stock orders… the list goes on and on. A boring job for someone that previously wanted excitement and adventure growing up that’s for sure! The building I work in is twenty-one stories, and the higher the floor you’re on then the higher your status. Luckily for me I’m on the eighteenth. Working at Adverts Inc from the age of seventeen has helped because I wasn’t afraid to start at the bottom and work my way up. It took nine long and hard-working years to get to where I am now, and I don’t plan on leaving anytime soon.

Every floor has one experienced staff member that oversees everything on their floor, basically a supervisor but not paid as much. For my floor, that person is me. The majority of my week consists of helping my team with their work. If someone needs help, needs something signed or just needs something to do then I’m the guy they come to. It sounds good practically being the boss of my own team but you’re constantly watched from either them or the higher ups. For me this is mainly my boss Kevin or his boss, the owner of the business Mr. Goodwin. Now, he’s ok. He works hard and expects his employees to follow suit. If you put the effort in then you’ll be rewarded accordingly, usually things like small bonuses in between pay days or a gift card here and there.

The only rules Mr. Goodwin enforces are pretty standard: no smoking/drinking on the premises, no illegal drugs in or outside of work, no goofing around (“the workplace is for work” he’d say), no calling in sick without proof, and by no means should you have any sexual relationships within the workplace. Not even marriage is allowed. It isn’t actually legal: to stop someone getting married, but the boss will not allow it.

I remember my first day. “If you have any sexual relationships with anyone within the business or building then you will be terminated without a second thought”. At first I found it funny but as the years went on I kind of just followed it, without even so much as a fantasy about another colleague. The twenty or so people on my floor are more like robots than people to me, they get the job done, I don’t care for their personal lives and I certainly won’t fool around with one at the cost of potentially losing my job.

The way I see it, I can do without any drama in my life, at least until I’m comfortable where I belong in the world. This, for me, won’t be until I’m on floor twenty-one. In my personal time I have the odd one night stand, or if needed then I’ll pleasure myself to satisfy my desires, which for the time being suits me just fine.

I tend to have a boring routine that revolves around work. For the most part I either go for a run before of after work. Only on weekends do I take a rest from the usual. In my opinion weekends are to be taken easy, which is something I also remind my team to do.

After work or my run I usually shower, cook food, watch TV/play games and go to bed, then start it all over again. Saturdays and occasional Sundays are worked when required, but that’s more of a choice than a requirement. Sundays are the best day to catch up on any overflow of work, and I usually spoil myself by getting a Chinese takeaway while I’m working. No one comes in on Sundays so if you’re looking for peace and quiet then that’s what you’ll find.

Recently I find I’ve become something of a robot myself, unsure why I do the things I do. Work became the very foundation of my life. It was the most important thing to me whether I enjoyed it or not. It was like air to me. I need it but it’s not Gaziemir Escort something I really thought about: it just was.

A friend of mine called Adam once asked me if was lonely. To be honest I had never given it much thought. Adam’s question kept me up that night, and had played on my mind for a few days and nights after. Was I lonely? Was it weird to not have the things that most people do? Finding myself getting a little depressed at the thought of possibly being lonely, I did the only thing I could think of: work my ass off and avoid any more deep conversations with my friends. Solid plan in my opinion!

My alarm was set for 6 AM each morning. Never once did I use the snooze button; as soon as I heard that annoying little jingle I switched it off and rose up out of bed. I threw my joggers on followed by a vest and trainers and headed to the kitchen, grabbing a slice of toast and a small glass of apple juice. Once finished I headed for the front door, preparing my earphones and music in preparation for my workout. Picking one of the hundreds of albums I had downloaded to play, I took a deep breath in and then out, then I was out the door jogging down the street.

Halfway through my jog I had to stop for a breather. I placed my hands on my knees and hunched over while I caught my breath. Slowly bringing myself back up straight I caught my reflection in a shop window. I wondered for a moment why I even bothered to workout. I wasn’t to any degree fat, I never had been. Standing at around six foot two inches tall, I was slim. I also did the occasional sit ups, push ups and weights every now and then which didn’t keep me bulky but was enough to show some muscle through my clothes. I didn’t think I had a bad shape anyway. I have short brown hair, dark green eyes and a slightly bronze tan in the summer but pale in winter. A few tattoos marked on my skin, one on my chest stretching over my collar bone and down my right arm and one on my belly. I always wanted a couple and got them in my younger days but it’s never something I’ve regretted.

I made my way back to the house. Having a quick shower, throwing my work attire on and heading straight to work was the norm each morning. The building is only a fifteen minute walk from my place so there’s no point in driving. I see a few faces from my floor on my short walk but they tend to avoid me unless we’re inside the building. I never really questioned why but I don’t think I’m liked by my colleagues.

Approaching the entrance I walk in and up to the front desk. “Hey Bob, hey Mary,” I said to the receptionists, some of the only colleagues I can actually stand.

“Good morning Wyatt,” they said in unison like some creepy twins.

“Another day in paradise,” I said sarcastically.

“Something tells me today will be different,” replies Bob.

“You say that that every Monday,” Mary retorted.

Bob smiled as I neared the elevator.

“We’ll see about that. You two stay out of trouble now,” I said as the elevator door closed sending me to my floor.

As I walked to my desk I received the same smiles and nods as every day. There’s only about twenty of them and I’m not even sure of some of their names. I tend to remember them if they’ve done something wrong, something really good or something stupid. None of those things really happens. Same, shit different day kind of thing is the norm. I sat at my chair, which sits a little higher than the others just so I can keep an eye on them, and prepared the paperwork on my desk for signing and filling away.

I had a sense that I was being watched. Just as I go to look up there’s someone standing there holding a cup of coffee for me. As soon as I saw the cup I grabbed it and continued my work. I didn’t even look up at the person who had made it, assuming that it was just one of the Güzelbahçe Escort team. Taking a quick sip from my freshly made coffee I released a deep relaxing sigh and said thank you to whoever was still at my desk.

“You’re welcome boss” was the reply I got. It took a few minutes to register, but it hit me that it was a woman’s voice and not one that I recognised.

Her voice was very soft and smooth, like velvet. I immediately looked up to where she stood but there was no one in sight. “How long has it been since she gave me the coffee?” I asked myself. Not expecting an answer I carried on with my work just assuming it was a colleague and I had heard wrong.

The day was going pretty smoothly and I had pretty much caught up on my usual paperwork. I checked my email and found one from my boss, Mr. Goodwin. There’s something about getting an email from my boss that always gives me the chills. It read: “Good morning Mr. Bennett, hopefully by now you’ve finished your paperwork. Can you come upstairs for a moment? I need to have a word about a few changes to your floor. Kind regards, Mr. Goodwin,”

“The guy is bloody watching me or something,” I thought to myself while reading it even though there weren’t any cameras. Crap, if he’s changing something it usually means something bad. That or I’m getting a promotion, which was very unlikely as I’ve not been approached before hand. I didn’t want to keep him waiting so I quickly composed myself and started towards the elevator. It felt like a very slow upwards journey with the predictable music playing in the background.

Mr. Goodwin’s office is on the top floor, among some of the other “more important staff”. But his office was backed up against the furthest wall, so if you wanted to see the big man then you must walk past the others. All of them stare at you wondering what you’re doing on the top floor, probably thinking you’re being sacked.

I knocked on his door and wait for his approval to be let in. “Come in”. I hesitantly walked in and sat down opposite his desk.

Mr. Goodwin was a big man, taller than I was and probably twice my weight. Possibly an exaggeration, he looked a little like an ex wrestler. He had no hair, expensive suits and always had cigars on his desk that I’m pretty sure he never actually smokes. In all honesty he looked a little like Kingpin from Daredevil, but was actually a relatively nice guy.

It’s the asshole Kevin you want to watch out for. That man is second in charge around here and absolutely hates me. Jealousy is what I always assumed.

“So Wyatt, how are doing?” said Mr. Goodwin sounding genuinely interested.

“Umm yeah pretty good thanks boss. How’s everything on your end?” I replied.

“Well I cant complain. Same old same old.” There were a few moments of silence before he spoke again. “So down to business. How’s it all looking on your floor? Anything major I should be notified about?”

The boss always likes to be involved in all situations of his company, sometimes even the small stuff. “Everything is going well. The staff work hard, work fast and with the team we have we’re easily keeping ahead of the game.”

“Well that all sounds pretty good, standard but good. No news is good news I suppose.” He paused for a moment before continuing. “The main reason I asked you up here was to say I’m going to be passing more work your way. We recently agreed to a contract with another company. They’ve asked that we supply them with the best people for the job. They’re expecting massive turnaround with at the very least something new for them every fortnight.” He stared at me, expecting me to talk.

“That’s great sir! I’m very confident that me and my team are up to the challenge.”

“Good, good. This is a great opportunity for you and the business so I expect the best. I’ve İzmir Masaj Salonları been warned from senior staff that think you aren’t up to it, but I have faith in you and I’m hoping I don’t regret it. The pressure is on Mr. Bennett!” Goodwin leaned back in his chair and waited for my next words.

“I promise you Mr. Goodwin, we’re ready for whatever is thrown our way!”

The boss laughed, not at me but that was my first thought.

“Good because I have more to ask of you. From this point on, you and the other floor managers will be writing staff performance reviews for everyone on your floor. This will be a monthly review and must be carried out seriously. That means you will have to start paying more attention to your team Mr. Bennett. I know you try to avoid any interacting with people if you can but from this point on that will have to change,” There was a long pause before he continued.

“I’m not asking you to do more outside of work with them, but you will have to start paying more attention to what they’re doing within the business. Do they mess around when you’re not there? Do you have any stationary go missing? If so then find out what you can about it. Just look, listen and learn what is going on amongst your team and report on each individual. That is all I ask,” He looked at me, awaiting my response.

“I can do that sir. Anything I need to do to help the business and you I will do it.” I realised I sounded like a kiss ass.

“Good, good.”

I immediately thought of the Emperor from Star Wars as he spoke.

“As you’re aware by now I’ve decided to promote a couple of staff members up to your floor, just to help with the work load. Tell me Wyatt, how are they doing?”

New staff members? I haven’t had a change to my floor for months. “I’m sorry sir I don’t know what you mean. We haven’t had any new employees on the 18th for a good while now.”

Mr Goodwin looked at me a little confused. “I told them to come see you this morning and introduce themselves, have you not seen anyone?”

Confusion had now hit us both. “No sir I haven’t seen anyone. Who is it that you’re sending my way?”

“Maybe they forgot to come and say hi. Never mind, I’m sure you’ll see them when you go back down. I’ve promoted Olivia Greenford from floor twelve and a new employee called Karla Wilding. She originally applied for a job going on the 4th floor. But the way she conducted herself in the interview surprised me. So I sent her straight to your floor. Or so I thought I had. Either way I will be popping down to see how your work is getting on in a few days.”

With that I could tell he was finished with me, so I said my goodbyes and was out the door heading back down to my floor.

While in the elevator I had a think back to what Goodwin had told me. Firstly, we were going to be dealing with a very big contract which means money so I have to impress. Second, I have to make some kind of effort to get to know my colleagues, which I was not happy about. And thirdly, I have two new employees to deal with.

“This is going to be a long year!” I thought to myself. Finally reaching my floor, the first thing I did was scout out the new employees, just to make sure they were actually on my floor and not somewhere else.

Amongst the desks, chairs and cubicles I saw the familiar faces I saw everyday. Then I saw them: two brand new faces at the back of the room at Brian’s desk. At least I thought his name was Brian. He had worked here longer than me but was quite happy doing the same thing all hours of the day without change.

I decided to go over and make some kind of effort and introduce myself, rolling my eyes at the thought of actually “socialising”. As I got closer I took in their faces a little more, hoping to familiarise myself as quickly as possible. Olivia was someone I had seen a couple times from the ground floor but never spoke to. At a guess she was nearly forty years old with black hair and the kind of face that shows an attitude. “I’ll have to remember to ignore her when she gets annoying,” which I was sure she would.

As I moved closer still, I saw Karla and stopped dead in my tracks. She was absolutely beautiful…

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