Finding you in my bedFinding you in my bed


Finding you in my bedI am wandering through the house and I’m feeling a inner need… deep down inside me I’m feeling a desire.I stop walking for a moment, look around – I’m currently in the living room – and I start to think about it.I notice how my dick starts hardening and my body is telling me I want to be deep inside a soaking wet pussy.I’m getting hornier and hornier every second and my HARD dick is pointing to the ceiling!I love this feeling… I can’t wait to make a big cum shot! I have to get to my room as fast as possible and release this great tension building in my hard cock.I feel my hard dick’s desire to be jerked off rise. I jump into my room, shut the door behind me and lock it so I can’t be interrupted.I want to jump into my bed and finally shoot all this cum that’s been waiting so long to be finally freed out in the world. But when I turn around I am shocked!Why are you lying in my bed? You give me this lustful look. You’re probably thinking about what my problem is and why I locked the door.I can’t think about any of that. I’m just damn horny and don’t care about any of this. And you don’t even know how fucking naughty you look just lying there in my bed with that look in your eyes.I can’t hold it back anymore! I can’t stop thinking about the way I’d fuck you in and out.And now… What? Is this a smirk on your face? No way! No fucking way! This all… . Fuck! I don’t care what you’re doing here. I HAVE to fuck you right now!I go to the side of my bed. Your smirk is getting bigger kaçak iddaa and my urge is too.You know what’s going to happen. I grab your face and press your lips against mine. No resistance- you don’t even try to bring any.I feel your tongue entering my mouth! You force your tongue deep down my throat. I let myself fall onto you.I insert my tongue deeper in your mouth and I can tell you like it. I imagine how wet you are right now. I know you feel my hard cock pressing against your thigh.I start to rub my rock hard dick between your thighs.Your kissing gets more intense and I can’t take it anymore. I take your breasts in my hands and start to squeeze them gently.Did I just hear a quiet moan from you? Oh yes! Yes I did! I squeeze again but harder. And there it is again! I then squeeze again and again and I know you like it.You can’t imagine what you do to me. I pull your shirt off your body. I’ve got to see your breasts! You weren’t even wearing a bra this whole time.There’s no time to think about unnecessary stuff like that. I instantly go down and suck your nipples- as hard I can.I see that smirk disappear and instead see an expression I love even more.I keep on sucking and I hear it again , but louder. You’re moaning… You’re actually trying to hide it, but you can’t keep it inside you.You push me back and start looking directly in my eyes and I see your smirk reappear. I can’t help but wonder…You keep this intense look in my eyes and I hear the zip of my pants and feel your hand on my cock which kaçak bahis has been in this rock hard state for what feels like eternity, and now has finally found its way into your hands.You turn your eyes away and I now feel something wet and soft touching my cock- YOUR MOUTH!Your mouth is so gentle. You start slowly but now you’re getting faster and more intense.I’m moaning as never a man has moaned before, and my dick is about to explode. I feel it approaching and getting myself ready to shoot loads and loads inside your mouth for you to swallow.I start panting and gasping, but you show no mercy.I scream and I don’t care whether my neighbors can hear it!”I’M CUMMING! I’M CUMMING! SO CLOSE! … .”But you stop.You stopped me from shooting my huge load down your throat. I can’t believe you did that. I am exhausted.I can barely ask why you stopped, but you already answer in a relaxed voice. “You have to work for that my naughty boy.”That is the first time I hear your voice. It is the voice of a woman who really wants to give it to me, and show no mercy in the progress.I’m still panting and gasping from before but you’re wasting no time to let your sweats slide down slowly- to make sure I get to see it all and don’t miss a single moment.Now I don’t care that I’m still exhausted I’ve got to fuck you. And fuck you hard. NOW!I’m getting closer to you with my dick and I am ready to do the work you told me, but suddenly you put your feet against my chest and push me back and say “No, with your tongue first”.I illegal bahis follow orders and go down on you with my tongue touching your sweet wet pussy- already soaking wet from everything that has happened.I approach you with my face heading to your pussy and slide my tongue up and down, and I see that you like it. No, you LOVE it!My tongue is inside your pussy and my lips touch your clit. I suck up your juices like a sponge and your moaning starts to come back now- even louder than before.I can hear it clearly, and my neighbors can probably hear it too.I don’t care about anything else other than giving you an orgasm you won’t forget.I explore your pussy with my tongue even deeper. I do circles and add two fingers – there is no need to start slowly with you.I kiss your pussy and now I insert 4 fingers into you. I hear an even louder moan from you.I stop with my fingers still in your pussy and wait for a moment.Then I pull my fingers out and insert them again, but slowly.Again I hear a loud moan as I insert my fingers… I wait… and I repeat.. I wait… I repeat. And again. And again. Now I start increasing my speed and so do you.We’re both getting faster and you are getting louder. I lick and suck your clit while still inserting fingers.Now I hear it. The loudest screaming going through the whole house, but I don’t care about anything but fucking you- followed by “I’M CUUMMMMMIIIIIIINNNNNNNNG” from both of us!Finally I get up to see my results. What I see is a gorgeous woman lying in my bed with her astonishing breasts- her nipples pointing straight up to the ceiling and her dripping wet pussy!!!You are now too exhausted to move, but you know I’m far from being done, and you are looking forward to more…

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