Subject: THE CAMPING TRIP WITH COOPER CHAP 7 adult/young friends THE CAMPING TRIP WITH COOPER CHAPTER 7 The morning sunlight woke Bobby up, even though his head was under the sleeping blanket he was sharing with Cooper. He yawned a couple of times and mumbled to Cooper to see if he was still sleeping. There was no answer and Bobby lifted the top of the sleeping bag to see what was happening outside. He could tell that Cooper was no longer in the bag with him He began to panic, wondering where Cooper was. Did Cooper get scared of his sexual advances during the night and run away? Bobby looked out, covering a 360 circle around the area they had decided to camp in. Much to his relief and delight, he saw Cooper standing about 100 feet from the sleeping bag. Cooper had his penis in his hand and he saw him spraying the air with his pee. A long line of yellow urine was being shot several feet into the air and forming an ark as gravity brought it back to earth. Bobby moved his head and rested it on his hand, watching the cute boy with blonde hair pissing into the wind. If he knew that he had time, he would have loved to go hold the boy’s penis as he released his urine. Cooper turned and noticed that Bobby was watching him. “That is a great stream you have Cooper” “It certainly goes higher than mine” Cooper giggled and squeezed the last remaining drops of urine from his penis. He shook his penis from side to side the remove the final few drops. Bobby could not take his eyes off the the naked beauty of his student. So many months in the classroom, he had wondered what Cooper looked like naked. Now he had his beautiful boy student right in front of him, completely naked and not afraid to show his boy parts to him. Cooper’s ass was the perfect bubble butt. His cheeks were firm and there was just the right amount to grab onto. His cheeks were much whiter than the rest of his tan body. Bobby thought it was like a wonderful spotlight shinning on his boy ass. Bobby reached down to his penis and played with it as Cooper made his way back to the sleeping bag. He climbed in and shivered from the cold. Bobby immediately held the shivering boy and drew him to his naked body. “Let me help you warm up sweetheart” Bobby suggested Cooper closed his eyes and wrapped his right arm around Bobby’s back, enjoying the warmth of the adult male. Bobby’s penis stiffened and he moved it closer to Cooper so that it could touch Cooper’s body. Cooper sensing Bobby’s penis pressed against his body, reached down and touched it. The feel of the hard penis of his teacher excited Cooper. He explored the hard penis with his fingers, trying to compare it to Hector’s penis. Bobby’s penis was much larger and wider and filled Coopers hand. Cooper touched the pubic hairs all around the penis, feeling the hairs on the shaft as well as around the base of the penis He could tell that the hairs were more coarse than Hector’s hairs. Cooper moved under the covers so that he could see his teacher’s penis and how much hair he had. He also wanted to see what a man’s balls looked like. As Cooper was moving his head under the sleeping bag, Bobby placed his hand on top of Cooper’s head and kept it there, gently guiding the boy’s head to his penis. Cooper placed his face right in front of Bobby’s penis and there was enough light coming into the blanket that he could see every feature of the man’s penis. Cooper noticed the several blue and red thin veins that were on the sides of the penis. He looked down and saw how big Bobby’s testicles were. He touched them and felt their warmness. He gently squeezed them and felt the soft delicate eggs that they held. Cooper moved his face close to Bobby’s pubic area to see what the testicles smelled like. Hector’s testicles had a different aroma than Bobby’s testicles did. Cooper moved close to the two eggs and lifted his tongue and licked the two eggs in the testicles. He moved his tongue up and down several times, applying a layer of boy saliva onto the balls. While he was doing that, Bobby was flexing his penis up and down because of the sensations he was feeling. His penis started to brush alongside the cheeks of Cooper. Cooper put his lips on the underside of Bobby’s penis and began to run his tongue up and down along the seam behind the penis. Cooper moved his nose to the top of Bobby’s penis and smelled the wrinkled skin that covered the tip of Bobby’s penis head. Cooper wondered if he pulled the skin down, would it look like Hector’s penis. He knew that it had to be at least twice the size of Hector’s. penis. Cooper slowly slid the foreskin down on Bobby’s penis Cooper knew that he enjoyed the smell of Hector’s boy penis, he wondered if he would enjoy the smell of a man’s penis. He leaned over and smelled the red mushroom shaped penis head and inhaled. It did not smell as good as Hector’s penis but it still made him want konyaaltı üniversiteli escort to put it into his mouth. Cooper remembered what Hector had done to him with sperm going into his mouth and he wondered if Bobby would do that as well. Cooper did not care, he wanted to put his teacher’s penis into his mouth and let him know that he loved him. Cooper leaned over and inserted the hard penis into his mouth and began to move up and down the penis, saliva seeping out of his mouth onto the man’s penis. Bobby closed his eyes and kept his hand on top of Cooper’s head. He never dreamed that his favorite student would one day be giving him such a beautiful act of love. Bobby ran his fingers through Cooper’s blonde hair as the boy kept making slurping noises as he sucked on his teacher’s penis. ” Hey Cooper….wait a minute…let me show you something that is much better” Bobby said as he pulled the blanket down to speak to Cooper “You turn your body so that YOUR penis can be sucked by me and we suck each other at the same time? Cooper had never thought of that, he did not even know that it would be possible for two guys to suck each other at the same time. Bobby maneuvered so that their bodies were in perfect 69 position. Cooper returned to sucking Bobby as Bobby pulled Cooper’s body closer to him. There was enough sunlight coming into the blankets that Bobby could see the boy’s hard penis very easily. Bobby could also see the boy’s testicles and a hint of Cooper’s boy anus. Bobby grasped Cooper’s penis in his right hand and held it, just inches away from his mouth. He turned the boy’s penis in several directions, looking at it from different angles. He turned the penis backwards so that he could take a close look at the front of Cooper’s penis. He examined the circumcision scar and how beautiful the boy’s penis looked . He loved looking at Bobby’s mushroom shape penis head. Bobby put his lips on the wide mushroom head and began to tickle the mushroom shape head with his tongue. As he tickled the head of Cooper’s penis, he noticed how the penis was moving up and down in response to being touched by Bobby’s tongue. Cooper’s boy penis was throbbing inside of Bobby’s mouth Bobby took the boy penis out of his mouth and began licking Cooper’s hard penis, running his tongue along the circumcised head of the boy. His circumcised boy head was only an inch or so wide but it fit nicely onto Bobby’s tongue. Bobby swirled his tongue over and over the top of the pee hole, he knew how good that felt and he wanted Cooper to experience an orgasm while getting sucked. Bobby moved his head down, taking the entire length of the boy’s penis into his mouth. He let it stay inside his mouth as he sucked it like it was a candy sucker. Holding the penis in his mouth by friction and sucking his cheeks in tightly. It was almost like he was trying to swallow the boy’s penis. Bobby opened his mouth wider and allowed Cooper’s boy testicles to enter his mouth. He washed the boy’s penis and testicles with his saliva, swallowing his own saliva knowing that it contained the boy juice of Cooper’s most private body parts. Every so often, Bobby would stop sucking the penis and he would begin to lick the boy’s balls, moving his tongue up to the anus of the small boy, trying to stick his tongue inside the small hole. He moved his mouth back to the boy’s balls and continued licking them, one by one. Bobby would take turns, playing with Cooper’s balls and then his penis.. When the testicles were inside his mouth, he would let the testicles slide out, one by one, allowing him to use his mouth to suck harder on Cooper’s penis. He would suck for a couple of minutes and then take in his testicles again. After a few more minutes of penis and ball sucking, Bobby let the testicles slide out and he put his hands on Cooper’s boy ass cheeks and pushed the cheeks towards his mouth. Cooper understood what Bobby was trying to do and Cooper began to shove his penis in and out of Bobby’s mouth, using a quicker pace. Bobby closed his eyes and enjoyed the feeling of Cooper fucking his mouth. He wanted the experience of being mouth fucked by Cooper for the rest of his life. Bobby could tell that the boy’s penis was almost able to reach the back of his throat. He wished that Cooper’s penis was twice as big so that he could feel the boy’s penis going into his throat. He knew that Cooper could barely reach 4 inches, if that much… In just a few minutes, Bobby could feel his orgasm start to build up. He knew that as long as Cooper kept fucking his mouth with his little boy 4 inch penis, his orgasm would not take much longer. “FUCK MY MOUTH…FUCK MY MOUTH….GIVE ME YOUR BOY SPERM” Bobby was thinking to himself as Cooper kept ramming his boy penis into his teacher’s throat. Bobby’s hand was still touching Cooper’s ass cheeks kurtköy escort and as he felt his orgasm getting closer, Bobby took his index finger and slowly entered Cooper’s hole. When his finger reached as far as it could go, Bobby began to finger fuck the boy’s hole as he sucked harder on Cooper’s hard penis. It did not take long of getting sucked and fingered in that manner that Cooper began to feel the beginnings of his boy orgasm. The sucking became so intense that Cooper exploded with his boy orgasm inside of Bobby’s mouth. The penis quivering inside the mough as if it was trying to deposit its boy honey onto the man’s tonsils. Bobby tasted a salty taste in his mouth and he KNEW that Cooper was having his boy orgasm. He was not sure if sperm was being deposited , all he knew was that whatever Cooper was ejecting from his penis, he wanted as much of it as he could get. Bobby quickly felt his orgasm beginning and removed his penis from the boy’s sucking mouth. He did not want to scare Cooper with his sperm flooding the boy’s mouch. He knew that in the future, the boy might be receptive to the taste of a man’s sperm but for now, he was happy to have reached orgasm in Cooper’s mouth. Bobby let his sperm land on the blanket, avoiding Cooper’s mouth. After several seconds, Bobby pulled Cooper’s penis out of his mouth and looked at the tip of the penis, trying to detect any signs of sperm being released. Finally, he saw a few drops appear at the penis pea hole. They were milky white drops that were more like a fluid than a heavy sperm load. Bobby knew that Cooper was at the age where he might have a dry orgasm one time and then a few drops the next time. He knew that Cooper was getting very close to producing sperm and that would make Bobby so happy if Cooper could just shoot a load of his thick boy cream into Bobby’s mouth Cooper finally popped his head up from under the blanket “Did you like what I did ?” Cooper stated Bobby reached over to the boy and put his lips on the boy’s lips. Bobby used his tongue to gently open Cooper’s lips and they locked lips. Cooper felt something entering his mouth that tasted salty, just like Bobby’s penis pre cum fluid tasted. Cooper took it in and swallowed it. Cooper moved away and looked at his teacher in puzzlement. “What was that?” Cooper asked Bobby smiled and told him that he had saved some of Coopers boy drops in his mouth and wanted to give it back to Cooper. “When you jack off or play with Hector, did you ever notice a few drops come out of your penis?” asked Bobby ” Yeah, sometimes it does but most of the time it does not happen. Hector always has some sperm come out ” Cooper replied ” I just want you to know Cooper, whenever you start getting those drops coming out, I don’t care if they go into my mouth. In fact, I WANT THEM in my mouth. That way, I will have a part of you inside of me” Bobby said , smiling at the boy. “I love you so much Cooper, I want us to be lovers for the rest of our lives” Bobby said as he leaned over and kissed Cooper on the lips several times ” I love you too Bobby, you are the best daddy I could ever want to have. I want you to be my full time daddy forever” Bobby continued to hug his little blonde boy and remembered the many nights he had dreamed about Cooper as he masturbated. He dreamed about sucking Cooper always wondering what his boy penis looked, felt and tasted like. Now he knew. They embraced for several minutes and they decided to get an early start on the day. “Let’s go get something to eat and if you have Hector’s phone number we will call him NOW and see if he want’s to join us. I was thinking that if Hector can join us, we can just get a motel room and be more comfortable while we are here” Bobby stated. “Sounds cool to me” Let’s go Bobby…. I mean DADDY” It took 30 minutes before they found a restaurant where they could have breakfast. Bobby parked his car in the parking lot . He looked at the name of the restaurant’s sign that was blinking on and off.. “TINY TIM” was the name of the restaurant and it brought back memories to Bobby how when he was a little boy, he had a crush on the Dicken’s character. Bobby and Cooper walked into the restaurant and grabbed menus that were on the table as you entered. ” You just order whatever you want to eat son, Daddy is getting this for you” Bobby explained The waitress came over with her order pad and a pencil. ” What will it be for you boys today” She asked ” I’ll have the ham and eggs combo” Bobby stated ” Sweetie, your dad made a good choice, that is our special today” The waitress said, looking at Cooper. She smiled at Cooper as he looked at his menu ” You really have a very good looking son there” The waitress said, looking at Bobby. ” Thank you, he is my pride and joy” Bobby said, going along with ankara kurtuluş escort the idea of being Coopers father. “I’ll have the same” Cooper said as he looked at the waitress , giving her a big smile. ” Back in a jiffy” She said as she gathered the menus and walked away. “Hey Cooper, why don’t you give me Hector’s number and I’ll give him a call. It’s a little early but we need to leave soon and get back here so we can enjoy some of the daylight.” Cooper knew the number by heart and wrote it down for Bobby “Be right back” Bobby smiled at the boy and noticed how beautiful he looked this morning. Cooper was wearing a red and white checkered color heavy shirt. He had his favorite blue jeans on as well as tan boots that were meant for hiking or walking in the snow. Since it was so chilly in the evenings in the mountains, Cooper also was wearing his baseball cap that the the logo of the Atlanta Braves, his favorite team. He looked so boyish and Bobby loved that so much. Cooper looked around the restaurant at the other families that had stopped and were waiting for their food. One table had a mother and father and two little boys about 6 years old. The boys were identical twins and Cooper had always had a desire to see naked twin boys. He wondered if they were identical in every way. In a few seconds, one of the twins stood up and indicated that he needed to go pee. At that time the other twin stood up and said that he needed to pee as well. Interesting, Cooper thought to himself, how they both needed to pee at the same time Cooper watched as the boys left their table and entered the men’s room that was off to the side of the restaurant. Cooper waited a minute and he got up and headed for the men’s room He opened the door and noticed there were three urinals in the restroom. The twins were BOTH peeing in the one on the far left. Cooper could tell that the boys were trying to hit each others stream, laughing as they tried. Cooper went to the middle urinal l, the two twins not looking at Cooper. Cooper pretended to be peeing as he looked right at the boys to his left. He had an unobstructed view of the boy’s penis as they continued to play their game. Cooper thought that it was odd that one boy was circumcised and the other boy was not. Even with different penis heads, he could tell that the size of their penis’s were virtually the same. The twins had their pants pulled down to their ankles and Cooper had a nice view of their boy ass as he entered the restroom. Cooper had a strong urge to touch the boy’s ass but he knew he had to control his urges. He watched for a few seconds as the boy’s played their game. Eventually the boys finished and pulled their pants up and flushed the urinal. As the twins were about to leave the urinal, one of the twins turned to the right and looked at Cooper with his penis pointing into the urinal. The twin did not say anything but Cooper could see that he was looking right at his penis. The twin that turned was the one that was also circumcised. As that twin turned towards the door to leave, the second twin finished pulling his pants up and like his brother, he also turned to take a look at Cooper’s penis. The 2nd twin did a double take. When he noticed that Cooper’s penis was circumcised like his brother’s penis, he stood for a longer period of time and kept looking at Cooper’s penis. Cooper did not mind the boy looking at him and he kept it out for a much longer time to allow the boy the opportunity to see it longer. Cooper pretended that he was finished peeing and he shook his penis and moved his fingers back and forth on his penis as if he was trying to shake pee off of the tip. The twin watched as Cooper kept rubbing his head and moving his fingers up and down the penis. Cooper know that the boy was enjoying the free show and Cooper was enjoying letting the boy look at his penis. Cooper looked over at the twin and whispered ” It is like your brother’s dick” The twin nodded and took one last long look and joined his brother at the door Cooper waited a minute and walked out of the restroom, taking a look at the two boys sitting back at their table. He noticed Bobby walking by them and he also noticed that Bobby had his eyes on the twin boys as he walked past them. Cooper returned to their table and watched as Bobby made his way back to their table. While Bobby was walking back to join Cooper, Cooper took one last look at the twins and noticed that the twin that was not circumcised was looking at him. Cooper waved to him and the twin waved back and smiled. ” One is circumcised and the other is not” Cooper whispered to Bobby, as he pointed to the twin boys. “The boy on the right is not circumcised, the one on the left is.” Cooper said ” REALLY…wow that is unusual” Bobby whispered back. This is so awesome, having a little boy spy that will tell me stuff like that Bobby thought to himself. ” So did you talk to Hector?” Cooper asked Bobby had a frown on his face and Cooper knew what that meant. Suddenly Bobby’s face went from a frown to a smile ” YEAAAAA” He will be ready when we get there. Cooper smiled and gave Bobby a high five. ” Now tell me more about those twins” Bobby whispered, leaning closer to Cooper.

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