My Daughter Part 1.My Daughter Part 1.


Hope you enjoy the story as it unfolds , all the characters are totally fictional , its just pure fantasy .When I was younger I used to spy on my older sister in the shower . I’d watch her washing her body and then drying herself with a soft fluffy towel while thinking about how I’d love to be sucking on her tits and licking her hot pussy , she had pert 36b tits with big long nipples and a nice trimmed pussy . I had so many wanks watching her and spying on her in the bathroom and countless times I shot my hot cum all over the door or onto the floor . When I was alone I used her dirty underwear to help fuel my dirty fantasies more and on one occasion I even put a drop of my fresh cum into her clean panties that were laid on her bed while she showered and it made me so horny to know that my cum was on her pussy lips . My sister had a long thick dildo hidden escort in her undies draw and I often sucked it to get a faint taste of her pussy , I even wanked listening to her use it on more than one occasion . I became hooked on incest porn n dreams.It started one Saturday evening when my wife was away for a week on business , it was when after I had showered and was then walking to our bedroom that I passed my daughters room and I could here her moaning n whimpering inside and the buzzing sound from her big dildo . I knew she had one as I had seen it before in her room when I had cleaned up and hoovered her room and she had forgot to hide it away . I have licked it and sniffed it and smelled her sweet dried up juices on it . I stood there listening to her moaning and groaning and my cock was rock solid in my boxers , I knew I shouldn’t listen bayan escort but it was so erotic and sexy , I should have moved away and left her to enjoy herself but I really wanted to sneak a peak at her using that dildo just once .My daughter is very sexy , she has got 36b pert breasts topped with big nipples that seem to always be hard and sticking out , she has long toned tanned legs and a pert bum to die for . I have got hard so many times when she walks around in her undies or skimpy outfits and I always end up having to go and relieve my swollen cock in private . She just oozes sex all the time .As I stood there listening to her I pulled my rock hard cock free of my boxers and stood listening to her cries and moans as I stroked my cock , I could picture her laying there naked on her bed with that big buzzing dildo thrusting deep into escort bayan her tight young pussy . I was leaking so much pre-cum all over my fingers and onto the carpet as I just leaned against the door frame and listened as she made such sweet noises and moaned . I could here the faint noise of her wet pussy squelching as she fucked herself , it sounded so wet she was getting louder and noisier and I stroked my hard cock faster . And then it happened , she squealed out in a big orgasm n groaned really loudly ‘ DADDY !!O YES FUCK ME DADDY !! FUCK MY PUSSY DADDY ‘ , that instantly pushed me over the edge and I sprayed my hot cum all over her door . I stood there panting as I was thinking about her saying that , she wanted her daddy – me – fucking her . I know they say girls do often fantasize about their fathers sexually but to hear it was so hot . My little princess wants me to fuck her ! I wiped her door clean quietly with my boxers and then left to got to my room , a short time later I heard her come out of her bedroom and go into the bathroom and the shower go on and her washing herself .

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