The Cabin Ch. 03The Cabin Ch. 03


A new day of adventure for the vacationing Gina.

The ride back to the cabin was quiet and content. Snuggled up against Russ, I rested my head against his shoulder as the sun slipped silently lower in the sky. Sighing softly I murmured into his shoulder, “Russ, the day was wonderful, you are amazing and I am content.”

I felt more than heard his soft chuckle as he answered, “Indeed you are, Gina, I can almost hear you purring like a cat! I’ll get you back to the cabin for a long hot bath.”

“Oh, what wonderful images I visualize in my mind. You and I submerged in bubbles and hot steamy water. I can think of some fun water games to play!” I laughed.

Russ laughed long and loud as those same images filtered through his mind. “You are a naughty girl, Gina,” he said as he turned off the dusty road onto the long drive to the cabin.

Pulling the truck up to the front of the cabin, he flicked off the key, turned in the seat, reaching his arm around my shoulders and pulling me across into his lap. “You are amazing, Gina. I’ve never met anyone quite like you.” Kissing my lips gently, he pulled my lower lip into his mouth and sucked it.

“Mmmmm,” I hummed as I pulled back slightly and my lips caressed his. Our hands roamed gently as we kissed. Lips pressed together, our tongues danced in and out of our mouths. Breathlessly breaking the kiss, I could only whisper, “Will you come in?”

“I can’t now, baby. I have to meet my partner and discuss some business arrangements. I may be a couple of hours. I’d like to come by later if it’s all right with you?”

“Hmmm, business. Well, I guess we can’t all be on vacation! I’d love for you to come back later. Maybe you could bring some wine for us?” I asked as I looked into his beautiful grey eyes.

“I’ll bring the wine and perhaps another surprise for you,” Russ laughingly responded as he pushed me off his lap and turned to open the door.

“What kind of surprise?” I wanted to know as I slid across the seat behind him. He lifted me to the ground holding me tightly before releasing me.

“You’ll see when I get back.” Russ smiled while he grabbed the basket and my pack from the bed of the truck. Taking my hand we walked to the front door. “I’ll be back as soon as I can.” Russ kissed me hard and turned back to the truck. I opened the door and watched while he jumped into the truck, started it and pulled down the drive.

After I slipped into the quiet house and dropped my pack beside the table, I crossed the open space to the kitchen. Placing the basket on the table, I moved across to the sink. I filled the coffee pot and basket and then flicked the switch on to begin the brew.

As the coffee brewed, I wandered into the bedroom, dropping my clothes as I went. Within minutes I was wrapped only in a lightweight robe and I had hot water filling the tub. While thinking of the pleasures of the afternoon, I added some bubble bath and the scent filled the warmed air. I inhaled the soothing scent of lilac and couldn’t help the smile that kissed my lips. Padding barefoot to the kitchen I filled my cup and with the steaming coffee in hand, returned to the bath. Setting the cup down on the bathtub ledge, I turned and pulled a towel from the shelf.

Glancing into the mirror, I was surprised by the look of contentment that was reflected there. Knowing the reason for that “Cheshire cat” look made my smile grow into a grin. I giggled at my obvious pleasure and opened my robe to reveal rock hard nipples. Dropping the robe to the floor, my hands caressed my breasts, kneading them and then gently squeezing the nipples. Sighing, I slid those soft hands down along my tummy and out over my hips. I could feel the tightening start low in my pussy. Slipping one hand between my legs, I found that my memories of our afternoon hike had supplemented the deposit left by Russ. “I can’t believe how turned on I get thinking about Russ,” I thought.

Stepping into the tub, I immersed myself in hot, bubble-filled water. With a huge sigh, I slid down until only my head bobbed above the froth. The warmth of the water soothed and relaxed me, my mind wandering back to the erotic afternoon with Russ. As I replayed the events, my pussy began a constant throbbing and my fingers found their way, slipping in and out rhythmically.

Before long my hips were moving in that oh-so-wonderful dance, following the lead of my fingers. My breathing became erratic and quick as I neared my solo climax. With fingers plunging in and out and hips matching each thrust, waves of pleasure begin to roll over my super-heated body. Thoughts of Russ’s rock hard cock sliding in and out of my slick pussy triggered a climax sending shudders from head to curled toes.

“Oh, my god, that was intense!” my words echoed in the steamy bathroom. Caressing my body with soapy hands, I washed my contented body. When I stood up, the water and suds cascaded back into the tub. I leaned over and started to pull the stopper. Suddenly a wicked little thought Bornova Escort filtered through my mind; I realized that there was something that I could do to surprise Russ later. Opening the mirrored cabinet door, I reached for my razor and trimming sissors.

Sitting and straddling the side of the tub, I took my washcloth and soaped it up. I propped one leg up on the side and then rubbed my tingling pussy until it was frothed with suds. With the razor in hand I swiped at that special place, shaving smooth and close. Taking most of it off, I left only a thin strip in the center, pointing straight to the soft lips. I ran my free hand over the area looking for any clue of hair not removed. Satisfied with the butter-smooth skin, I smiled as I slipped a finger in to feel the wet slick juices. I had become excited again.

Swinging both legs back into the tub, I rinsed the bubbles and pulled the stopper. When I stepped out of the tub onto warmed tiles and grabbed the towel to pat myself dry, the mirror once again reflected my contented state. Turning and leaning my ass against the sink vanity, I spent more minutes trimming the thin little strip into an arrow that truly pointed to my heavenly spot. I left no doubt as to where it would lead. Lastly I reached into the cabinet and picked up a bottle of baby oil. I dribbled just a few drops on my palm, rubbed my hands together and then I slicked them over my smooth and mostly bare mound.

Wrapped loosely in a big fluffy towel, I headed for the bedroom to look for something to wear for the evening. Once again looking at the clothes I brought for a week of singular vacationing, I realized that not much was intended for seduction. Searching through my choices, I chose peach colored satin lounge pants with such wide legs that it looked like a skirt. Picking a white tiny strap tee I slipped into it. No bra – no panties, I just giggled. I’ll have my own surprise for Russ!

Wandering into the living room I paused to lay some wood in the fireplace. Memories of that first night on the floor, in front of a raging fire, flooded my mind and sent waves of excitement straight south. Hmmmm, I wondered if Russ will be in the mood to replay some of those exquisite moments, I thought, as the match caught, igniting the kindling. Smiling, I moved across the open floor to the front door, opened it and stepped out to get an armload of wood. The crisp night air sent shivers through my lightweight clothes and my nipples hardened instantly.

Just as I turned to step back inside, lights flashed on the drive as a familiar truck made its way towards the house. Waiting for him to stop, I realized that Russ was not alone in the truck. “What’s going on?” I commented to the night sky. Stopping and switching off the lights, Russ opened the door and smiled as he stepped out wearing tight jeans and a light sweater that fit him like his skin.

“Damn, you look good, Russ,” I called out.

Russ stepped away from the truck and as he walked up to the front porch, I could clearly see that indeed there was another person getting out of the truck. A man, tall and lean like Russ, came around and stepped into the light from the door. His shoulder length dark hair rippled like waves of gleaming darkness. Black jeans and gray shirt fit like they were poured over his fit and muscular body. He stood outlined in the moonlight.

Meeting me at the door, Russ took the firewood from me and kissed me gently, saying, “Gina, this is Eric, my business partner. I hope you don’t mind that I brought him along. We just finished working on a big deal and now we want to celebrate our success.”

I turned as Eric approached and extended a hand, saying, “It is a pleasure to meet you, Eric. Please come in and make yourself comfortable.”

Eric took my hand and, grasping it and pulling it to his lips, placed a kiss on the back. “It is a pleasure to meet you, Gina. Russ has spoken of nothing but you this entire evening. It was hard to get any work done listening to his descriptions of this incredible woman that he had met. I can now see for myself that he did not exaggerate at all.”

Blushing, I smiled and I turned to bend over to pick up more firewood. “Please allow me,” Eric said and extended his arms for me to pile on a load of wood.

Gathering enough wood for several fires, we all entered the great room and the men took their loads of wood to the hearth. As I closed the front door, I heard Eric say to Russ, “My friend, she is everything you described and more!”

Grinning to myself, I passed the stereo and flicked on a piece of music from Bob Seeger. To the strains of “Night Moves,” I slowly made my way across the room and into close proximity with two very hot men.

“Gentlemen,” I asked, “May I offer you some coffee? Or did you remember to bring some wine, Russ?”

“Oh, I left it in the truck. I’ll run out and get it. Don’t get too involved, you two, while I’m gone.” Russ chuckled. Eric just Bostanlı Escort smiled.

As I turned to go to the kitchen, I said, “Eric, please be comfortable while I get the wine glasses. Maybe you would like to look at the music selection?”

In the kitchen, I gathered three glasses from the cabinet, some sliced cheese from the refrigerator and crackers from the pantry. Placing it all on a tray, I returned to the great room just as Russ entered through the front door. When I set the glasses and tray on the coffee table, Russ pulled me into an embrace and kissed me hard. A soft moan escaped my throat and we heard a quick intake of breath from Eric. I could only turn to Eric and smile. “I hope you will pardon Russ, he is so, ahhh, impulsive.”

Stepping up to stand in front of Russ and me, Eric looked boldly into our faces and said in a quiet but steady voice, “Watching you two excites me. Please do not feel inhibited by my presence. I would love to be part of something, if you would allow me.”

Russ blushed and turned, “Gina, I have a confession to make. I brought Eric tonight because I thought that perhaps you would enjoy the pleasure of two men. I hope that I wasn’t wrong. If you will let us, we both want to make love to you and give you an incredible night.”

Surprised, I looked to Russ and then to Eric and then stepped back, taking one each of their hands in mine. Pulling them up to my face, I licked Russ’ palm and gently kissed Eric’s knuckles. Stepping in close once again, toe to toe, my breasts grazing the strong arms of both men, I dropped their hands. I let my hands slip down along the front of their jeans. In seconds they were both hard and pressing tight against their zippers.

While I caressed them both, I watched as both began to breathe shallow and quick. Eyes closed and mouths slightly open, the sounds of twin moans echoed through the room, followed by the very loud sound of two zippers descending. Flicking open first one button then the other, it took only seconds for two pairs of jeans to open and reveal incredibly hard cocks. Stepping back slightly, I gently caressed them both through briefs with growing wet spots. I touched their arms to get their attention and their eyes opened. Both men smiled as they realized that I had them practically undressed.

“Finish getting out of those clothes, will you please, guys? I’ll pour us some wine while you settle a bit. Don’t want you to get too excited. Not yet anyway.”

Smiling, I stepped back, leaned against the sofa arm and watched as they both dropped jeans to their ankles and stepped out of them. While I poured each a glass of wine I saw hard cocks stretch their briefs to the point of tearing. They pulled shirts off over their heads and the shirts joined the jeans in a pile on the floor.

Being familiar with Russ’s cock, I focused my attention on Eric’s. Although he was not as long as Russ, Eric was much thicker. Both were pulsing and pushing hard against the confines of tight briefs. Both men stood, hands down at their sides, awaiting my instruction. I took one glass of wine and handed it to Russ. As he took the glass from me, I grasped his briefs and pulled them out and down fast, causing his big hard cock to pop out. Eric moaned as he saw his friend’s cock jump in reaction. While Russ stepped out of his briefs, I approached Eric.

Holding his glass, I licked my lips and said, “Eric, pull them down slow; expose that big cock a little at a time. I want to see it come out fat and thick. Show me what you have.”

Smiling, Eric slowly slid his fingertips into the waistband of his briefs. Inching them out and along his waist, they slid out to his hips and down. As the backs of his hands caught the material, it stretched out pulling tighter as he moved his hands down slowly. In the front, the tip of his cock peeked over the top of the band. Red and pulsing, it pushed its way up as the briefs slid down, revealing more and more. The sounds heard then were the quickening of my breath and a soft growl from Russ.

“Eric, your cock is huge.” I whispered.

Russ stepped up behind me and gently caressed my hardening nipples pushing out through my tight shirt. As I leaned back against his muscular chest, he began to nibble at my right ear. Eric reached out with his hand, gliding it smoothly over the front of my satin pants, slipping inside and down to stroke my tummy. I responded by caressing his hard cock. Eric leaned toward me, placing his lips at my left ear. With my head back against Russ’ chest, both men caressed and nibbled. Their hands continued to roam over my flushed body. I stretched to press my lips to Eric’s lips forcing me to lean hard against his chest. His cock got satin rubbed as Russ pressed into my back. Three simultaneous moans sounded loud in the quiet as we were surrounded with the energy that only lust can create.

“Gina,” Eric whispers, “does this excite you for two men to touch and lick and kiss you?”

“Yesssss,” Buca Escort was my response. “You have me very excited.”

Eric reached down and lifted the hem of my shirt, pushing it up slowly while his hands caressed my soft skin. His fingers circled the hard nipples as Russ took over the shirt removal, pulling it over my head and tossing it to the floor. Eric leaned down and took the right nipple into his mouth as Russ traced his lips along my neck and down my back.

Russ slipped his fingertips into the waist of my satin pants and began a slow descent. He kissed down my back as he slid my pants to my knees. His lips paused to cover every inch of my tight ass cheeks and his hands pushed the slick material to my ankles. He inhaled my warm scent and ran his hands up and under me. I moved, slightly opening my legs as Russ slipped his finger into my hot, wet pussy. Eric shifted to my left breast and began to lavish it with his hot mouth. Sucking in as much as he could, he suckled me like a baby while kneading the other.

I began to tremble as waves of pleasure flooded my body. The sensations were overwhelming as they built. Russ continued to slip his finger in and out as Eric fondled and sucked my tits. Russ suddenly straightened up and pulled me tight to his chest. He folded himself to the floor laying back, pulling me down on top. I lay spread wide with my back to his chest. Eric knelt in front of us, took Russ’ cock in his hand, pumped him once, twice and then centered him on my dripping pussy and pushed me on to him hard. Russ penetrated me in one fast thrust.

“Oh, god,” I screamed.

Russ held me fast to him, as Eric leaned in and licked my exposed clit. Eric’s tongue flicked back and forth over my engorged clit and along Russ’ hard cock as he plunged in and out. Russ was fucking me faster as he began to loose control. I was beyond any control as I was fucked and sucked at the same time. Eric was holding me down with his hands on my thighs, lashing my pussy and Russ’ cock with his tongue and lips.

“Oh, my god, I’m going to cum. I can’t hold back…..take me now,” I growled as I tried to thrust my pussy harder into Eric’s face. “Ahhhhhh, yessssssssssssss, cumminggggggggg,” I cried out as my body began to buck and convulse.

“Fuck, I’m cumming, Gina,” yelled Russ as he shot deep inside; my contracting muscles milking his cock. His cum was churned by his continued pumping and began to push out and back over his slick cock. Eric lapped at all the flowing juices, drinking my sweet nectar and Russ’ salty cum.

“Oh, god, you two taste so good. The combination of your cum is delicious. I could drink this all night,” Eric said as he rolled off the top of me and curled up beside us. The flickering firelight bounced off three glistening bodies. The room was filled with the smell of raw sex, and three naked bodies lay entwined on a rug, catching our collective breath.

Side by side, our breath gradually returning to normal, we lay basking in the flickering light. Russ rolled over and, getting to his knees, reached for a log and placed it in the embers. I rose up and propped on my elbows, feeling very disheveled. Eric remained flat on his back…his fat cock standing straight and very hard. Russ handed both Eric and me a glass of wine and reached for another for himself. With my free hand I gently caressed Eric, keeping him hard as we all relaxed, recuperating.

“Russ, you didn’t tell me that Gina’s pussy was bald and beautiful.” Eric commented as he rolled to his side, leaned in and began to gently clean my pussy lapping up the cum deposited by Russ.

I smiled as Russ turned and leaned down, brushing lips across my smooth mound. His tongue traced along the thin red arrow.

“It’s a surprise!” I giggled as Russ and Eric both lick and tickle. Their hands roamed over my warm bare skin and their lips tasted and nibbled. Wiggling, I turned between two very hard male bodies. My back was pressed to Eric and breasts pressed against Russ. Tangled in body parts, Eric’s hands dipped down into the warm depths of my wet pussy while Russ tugged at my hardening nipples. Three very naked bodies rolled over onto the rug in front of the fire. The flames flickered, casting soft light and shadows, highlighting the light sheen of sex that covered us. Rolling me over onto my back, Russ and Eric lay on each side, rubbing their rock hard cocks along my hips and my legs.

I began to writhe, rotating between them rubbing my mound against Eric’s cock as Russ slipped up behind me and fondled the cheeks of my ass. Trapped between them, I tensed as Eric centered his stiff pole at the wet opening of my pussy. Russ’ fingers were stroking and soothing along my ass, slipping under and into my pussy.

Russ found that center point in my fleshy valley with one hand; then he ran three fingers into my pussy, slipping in and out with ease. He pulled them out covered with my slick juice and slipped one finger into my ass. I moaned. Pushing in all the way, he pulled out and slid in a second finger. I shuddered as he quickly pulled it out and then I couldn’t help but cry out as he pushed all three wet fingers in as far as they would go. With his palm cupping my cheeks he easily slipped them in and out, again and again, stretching and lubricating.

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