A Schoolboy’s Secrets – Day Three: Secrets RevealedA Schoolboy’s Secrets – Day Three: Secrets Revealed


Dear Diary,
A few months into my school life here and it’s been brilliant. I’ve been laid by two of the steamiest guys High Hill has to offer, with none of the drawbacks. Lessons just seem pointless now I’m just chasing to see who’s best!

We’re still in the depths of a miserable November as I’m writing now, so it’s been tricky trying to find guys who just want to keep warm. Everyone’s after a boring relationship now, can’t people just have fun nowadays? My Chemistry lesson (or should I say “Hour Eyeing up the Hunk next To Me”) was interrupted when a notice came for me to see the House Leader at lunch. This certainly perked up my lesson. What could he want me for? I haven’t done anything wrong…much. OK, so maybe blowing off 2 other guys could class as something wrong but no-one else knew about that right? Right?!

12 o’clock came and went and I was forced to drag myself from hopeless flirting to the House Captain’s office. This guy basically runs the whole house thing. No-one had ever seen him before as he seems to spend his life in the office. The only time he ever came out was way after we’d all gone home. I wasn’t looking forward to a dreary consultation by some old guy lecturing me.

I found my way to the door, completely untouched by anyone else. I opened the door and was greeted by a pleasant surprise. He wasn’t old at all, quite the opposite. He was young, probably not that much older than me. He was london escort agency dressed in a shirt and tie, which could barely contain his physique. His face and blond wavy hair were lit beautifully by the window he was gazing out of. And he had a nice ass!

“Ah Gabriel, sit down please” he ordered in a powerful, yet immaculate voice. It made my knees shiver and I took the chair in front of his desk. He remained standing.
“I guess you’re wondering why I called you here” He went on
“Yes I am, sir” I sounded different to normal, more obedient. What’s wrong with me?
“Well basically I’ve heard rumours about what you’ve been up to in your spare time” he paced slowly round the room. “I’m not sure, it’s deemed…appropriate for a school of such high reputation”
“I’m sorry, I don’t know what you mean sir” I stammered. Even my lying was sounding awful. Pull yourself together! He stopped a suddenly snapped
“I’ll come clean then, you’ve been having sex with other boys in the school” The intensity firstly made me jump, and then made a bizarre sensation run through me… That’s new… “Now if you ask me, seeing as I run this school, I’d have to expel you in a shot. And I know that you wouldn’t like that seeing as you do seem rather…interested in the other boys here.”
Suddenly something hit me. “Who’s been telling you this?” I snapped.
He smirked “I’m not sure that’s fair on him”
“Well seeing as I’m about independent escort girls to get expelled, it’s hardly worth keeping”
“I didn’t say you were just yet.”
“What do you mean?”
“Well…how about we do each other a deal, I’ll tell you who’s been snitching and forget all about your little antics if you do something for me.”
“And what would that be?”
“Erm…prove your worth it…”
“By doing?”
“By getting on your knees and letting me ram my huge cock in your face” Well that was a sudden change of moods… That sensation which I couldn’t pinpoint came back, in a huge bucketful. The thought made me let out a small yet effective gasp. His cold eyes were still looking at me, and his legs were open, inviting me for more. I said nothing and fell obediently to my knees. He triumphantly whipped off his belt and threw it to the floor.

I had found the huge lump in his trousers instantly, and I starting biting teasingly at it. I hadn’t even got it out of its wrapping and it was already turning me on. The sheer size was daunting, but hugely pleasing. He could take the temptations no longer, he flew down his zipper and his huge organ flew out. It really was a big as it felt. 10 inches longer, maybe more. He’d been keeping this one well hidden! My mouth could barely fit round the head as I licked tentatively. He groaned instantly as my mouth struggled to overcome the size. I relished in this, I’d probably Escort in dubai never get a cock as big as this in my mouth again. My tongue was hyperactive, licking vigorously everywhere it could, up and down constantly. This evidently pleased him as his ran his hands down the back of my head and moaned:
“Oh yeah pretty boy, you love that don’t you? Go on, have some more. Let me blow your fucking pretty face off”

And he did, holding onto my head, he thrust his hips in and out. Faster, harder, my mouth was almost burst open, and it felt just as good for him as he screamed as his thrusts got faster. It got to a point where he reached orgasm and my mouth was full of a different kind of hot stuff. It shot out in massive rounds, over and over again. I almost choked as it rushed against the back of my throat. It tasted sweet and warm, possibly the best I’ve had. The sensation of it running down my throat and feeling it all other my face made me produce my own shriek of ecstasy. As I was swallowing his load, he had fallen back onto his elaborate lounge chair, his giant dick dripping in spunk. He was gasping for breath as I gathered myself up.

“You’re fucking good Gabriel. I’ve never had a guy blow me that well. I’ll be jerking off for days! You’re fucking well worth the let off!”
“Cheers sir, and that name?”
“Oh yeah, Dan Ryan. Don’t hurt him too much!”
“I won’t sir” I smirked as I went for the door. “Oh, and sir, there’s no chance that anyone will hear about this right?”
“Not unless you tell them; our little secret. Maybe we could do it again sometime…”
“Well your size is fucking worth it” I winked as I closed the door.

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