The Awakening of Alicia Ch. 04The Awakening of Alicia Ch. 04


Over the cumming year, my goal is to complete some of the stories I began a while back. I hope you enjoy the latest chapter of “The Awakening of Alicia” and thanks for reading. — BrettJ


Jim was glad to be home from his business trip, he looked forward to seeing his daughter and sexy new wife once again. He felt guilty about his fling with Kirsten and Angi — he knew he should confess his sins to Marina, but he couldn’t bring himself to do it. She might ask him to stop and he knew as much as he loved Marina, Kirsten and Angi would always be women he loved to fuck. He didn’t say much at dinner, but oddly enough, Marina was quiet as well. Only Alicia seemed to be upbeat, this was the chattiest and the most outgoing he’d ever seen her. There also seemed to be a noticeable warmth between her and Marina, which was certainly nice to see. He wanted his girls to get along. It was nice to see Alicia without the scowl she’d had affixed to her face after he’d married his young wife, she had the most beautiful smile. His gorgeous little girl was going to make someone very happy someday — she was easily as beautiful as Marina, Kirsten or Angi. For a second, he wondered if his daughter was the sexual wildcat his niece and sister-in-law were — kink seemed to run on that side of the family — but his daughter had never shown a predilection for anything sexual or kinky.

When they went upstairs for the night, Jim was horny as hell. He pulled Marina into his arms and kissed her, hard, then picked her up and placed her on the bed. Stripping her out of the sheer black negligee she’d been wearing, he decided to really pleasure her. “I’ve missed this hot little pussy of yours babe, time to prove it!” he said and removed her panties. Her pussy was naked, devoid of any hair. It was sexy, but new to him. “I thought I’d try it for a change!” Marina said, not telling him that Alicia had shaved it for her and then they’d sixty-nined for over an hour. Alicia was becoming as debauched a slut as she herself had once been and Marina found herself unable to stem the tide of the girl’s rising sexuality.

Jim ate his sexy wife to climax, then he gave her his cock to suck. Marina relished lots of attention on her husband’s big dick, she couldn’t wait to feel it in her cunt again. It wasn’t a long wait — Jim pulled her on top and she began riding him, hips gyrating wildly as she fucked the man she loved, she put her all into it. He deserved the hottest, wildest fucker she could be and she bounced and took as much cock as deep as she could. His hands were on her hips, guiding her down, Marina fucked him like he was her favorite John and she was an expensive whore.

“Yeah Jim, you wonderful hard-dicked bastard, give it to me, fuck my cunt, yeah, that’s it, you hot wifey wants you to fuck her, give it to her, give me that dick, oh I like it, do you like my hot, greasy cunt lover?” she moaned. Her body was quaking and shuddering, she wondered if Alicia could hear them and the thought of her stepdaughter / lover hearing her fuck her Daddy gave her a lewd thrill that added to the heat of the moment, she increased her volume intentionally. Marina kept his hard dick in her cunt and leaned down and wrapped herself around her husband, letting him fuck her as deep as he could go. Jim was a wonderful lover, she wondered what she could do to keep him home more and totally satisfied? This wonderful cock — she wanted it more often, as much as she loved the nasty things she and Alicia were up to, she wanted the man she loved fucking her with more frequency.

Alicia could, in fact, hear her Daddy fucking Marina. The old jealousy simmered to the surface, but she pushed it down. The bitch was growing on her and she was a wonderful lay. She knew what Marina looked like while they’d been fucking Roger, but she hadn’t sounded like that! She was turned on to think her Daddy might be that good a lover! Alicia realized she wanted to watch them fuck, but if she got caught, Daddy would freak. She ran her fingers in and out of her own cunt and pretended that Marina was sucking her cunt — she loved Marina’s long, snaky tongue. Then, in her mind, the tongue turned into Roger’s hard cock, screwing her from behind. Then her brain went to a freaky place and she thought of her own Daddy fucking her like a whore. That was her favorite thought of all. Alicia felt herself climax and shortly after, she drifted off into a deep, satisfied sleep.

Jim looked at his young wife and smiled. “Wow honey — you were really hot tonight. What got into you?” Marina didn’t think saying Well Jim, I’ve been having a lesbian affair with your daughter and I fucked my ex-boyfriend too would go over very well so she simply said “I’m very happy to have my handsome husband home and tonight, I wanted to be his whore. You were pretty good yourself there, lover.”

Jim looked at his beautiful young bride and felt a bit of guilt wash over him. He couldn’t tell her that each and Sarıgazi Escort every time he fucked Kirsten and Angi, he was sexually charged for days. “You’re the most beautiful woman in the world and I wanted to prove it” he said and cuddled her close before falling into a deep slumber.

Alicia was lounging by the pool when Marina came out and joined her. It was a beautiful summer day, so she asked if Marina could rub some Sunblock on her back. Marina poured some lotion into her hands and began rubbing it all over her stepdaughter’s back and legs. Her motions became a bit more daring and sensual, Alicia began getting aroused. “You’d better cut that out bitch, or I’m going to turn over and attack you.”

“Oh, we can’t have that!” Marina said, nuzzling the blonde’s neck. Alicia rolled over and pulled Marina close, their lips brushing together. It was becoming hard to keep up the facade of disliking Marina, her charms were winning Alicia over and her sexual appetites matched — maybe even surpassed — Alicia’s own. The young blonde was getting hot again — she wanted some fucking, but Roger had gone home and there wasn’t anyone else around.

Marina was still nuzzling her neck, so Alicia pushed her away, gently. “Hey — that feels good, but my pussy’s craving some cock again. Do you know anyone who might want to fuck me? We can have another day like we had with Roger?”

Marina shook her head. “I don’t know too many people in this area — and I don’t want to cheat on your father again, it’s not a good idea.”

“Listen bitch, you’ll do as I say or …”

“Or what?” Marina said in a steely tone. “You seem to forget I’m not an idiot and with the pictures, I hold all the cards. You will behave young lady, or else.”

Alicia sighed — she had forgotten and she had to admire Marina’s inventiveness and determination. But she was so horny. She gave Marina a gentle kiss and said apologetically “I’m sorry darling, old habits die hard. I know I’m a bitch at times and I’m too used to getting my own way, but lover, I’m really, really horny and I want to get fucked.”

“Well sexy girl, Mommy will help soothe your itchy pussy, but as to the fucking, it might have to wait. What a gorgeous little body you have Alicia — mmm, it’s such a turn-on.” Marina tugged the girl’s bikini bottom off and began stroking and petting her stepdaughter’s pouty, pink pussy. Alicia sighed — Marina had a wonderful touch and some of her cares began melting away as Marina’s tongue dipped into her cunt and began licking and tasting her pussy.

“You don’t — oh God, that’s good — you don’t consider this cheating on Daddy?” Marina moaned as she ran her fingers through Marina’s dark hair. Marina responded by slamming her tongue deeper into Alicia’s twat and fingering her until her younger playmate squealed out, “Oh fuck, enough baby!” and came.

The pair snuggled on the chaise lounge, Alicia now naked, her stepmother in a new silver bikini that didn’t leave much to the imagination. Marina was being very affectionate and the pretty blonde just basked in her stepmom’s attentions. Marina’s fingers lightly grazed the girl’s slender body and she just took it all in, her body felt lovely and she was very aware of herself as a sexual being.

“To answer your question baby … ” Marina kissed her stepdaughter’s lips ” … no, I don’t really consider what we’re doing cheating on your father. I shouldn’t have fucked Roger — that was wrong — but I was bi long before I married Jim and I think I likely will need to be with another woman on occasion, to keep myself happy. That the woman happens to be my own, blonde sexpot stepdaughter is a happy co-incidence. So, as long as we’re discreet, we can keep doing this. If your father finds out … ” Marina sighed ” … well, we’ll deal with that when and if it happens.”

Alicia smiled and began frenching Marina, really wanting to make her mommy happy. She suspected there were a lot of things they had in common — being pussy-crazed sluts for one and being bi for another. She had to respect Marina’s decision and the sexy blonde decided to make the best of it — as long as she got to feast on the brunette’s sweet cunt, she would be satisfied.

“Baby girl, you’re turning into one fine little cuntlapper” Marina moaned as Alicia began licking her pussy. “Take off my bikini too baby, I’m getting hot for your little tongue. Yes baby, I think you need some more practice though — so I guess I can let you practice on me, if I must!” she teased.

Alicia pushed her tongue into Marina’s cunt and probed around. The sexy brunette had an edible pussy, but Marina yearned to try some other girls. As she licked and sucked, her stepmother arched her body upwards for more tongue, which Alicia was more than happy to provide. Hmm … other girls. Would Marina be willing to try that? Alicia, despite her brave facade, wasn’t sure she should approach any of the girls Escort Sarıgazi she knew. Hmm — she would have to talk it over with Marina — later. Right now, hot lezzie sex was on the menu.

Clumsily at first, the pair moved into a sixty-nine and began to have at it. Marina’s hands caressed Alicia’s tanned thighs while she ate pussy, laving the girl with her tongue and trying not to feel guilty. She hoped that Jim would understand her need for other women was a primal one, should he ever find out — because after her times with the blonde sexkitten, she knew she couldn’t stop again. The way she felt while eating pussy or sucking nipples, the way Alicia was making her feel as their bodies rubbed together — it was all too wonderful to stop.

Alicia loved Marina’s ass and as she ate pussy, she licked up to Marina’s gorgeous tush. One of these days, she was going to ask Marina to let her fuck that ass — or perhaps she could convince Marina to ask Daddy to fuck her there and let her watch. She still wanted that, more than almost anything — to watch her father fuck this young brunette she was coming to adore. She slurped and sucked, pulling Marina’s clit into her sucking lips and hearing the other woman moan, although muffled by Alicia’s own jerking, spasming cunt.

The ladies climaxed a few minutes later and snuggled together. Then Marina’s eyes shot open and she went “Oh shit, baby, get dressed!”

Alicia looked over at her panicked stepmom and went “Marina, what the fuck’s wrong?”

“I called someone to clean the pool and it’s ten minutes before noon. I don’t want anyone seeing me naked — well, aside from you and your father.” she chuckled.

“I’ll cover up mommy, but I want to get a bit more sun — shit, I hate tan lines though!” Alicia griped as she put on the skimpy blue bikini she’d been wearing before her impromptu session with Marina.

“You can sunbathe nude later darling — I’ll even come and put on some more sunblock, but the pool man should be here any minute! Marina smiled as she went into the house. “I’ll go mix us a nice cool drink and prepare some lunch — I need to get some of my energy back, you wear me out!” she sighed.

Alicia was trying hard not to adore Marina, but her seductive stepparent was making it difficult. Everything about Marina reeked of sex — she oozed it from every pore. Her walk, her smile, the way she moved — she was alluring and it was hard to resist. Alicia thought about the feel of Marina’s body against her own, the slidy tongue gliding all over her wet pussy-lips, the way Marina’s body smelled when she was aroused and Alicia began to get horny again. She was just about to go inside and find a vibe and get herself off when she heard a voice from behind her.

“Hey — I’m Tim, I’m here to clean the pool. Are you Mrs. Phillips?”

“Do I look like a Mrs? I’m …. “

Oh, MYYYY!!!! Alicia had rarely seen a specimen so beautiful in all her life. She was going to say something rather snotty, she knew, but it had been knocked out of her. Tim was a gorgeous piece of maleness. Tall, with curly blonde hair that was styled, but on him, it worked. Buff — solid muscle, ripped biceps, a solid chest, legs that made up half of his — she would estimate 6’4″ torso — the only thing Alicia couldn’t see were his eyes, hidden behind sunglasses as they were.

Okay — Alicia calmed down — she was going to take some of Marina’s solid advice and lose the bitch-attitude, but fast. “I’m sorry — Tim, is it? No, I’m Miss Phillips, this is my father’s place, he lives here with my stepmom, she’s the one who called you. Our pool needs a good cleaning — but take your time, no rush. Can I get you anything, lemonade, beer …?” Alicia offered “… my pussy for you to lick until I cum?” she added in her head.

Tim grinned and took off his sunglasses — green eyes, nice. “Thanks, yeah, a beer’d be cool, but I want to get started first. Thanks for the offer, uh … “

“Oh, sorry … Alicia” she said, extending her hand. His grip was strong, but in no way rough. She was going to have those hands on her body today, she had to — but she wanted to give her stepmom a chance to join in the fun and games, it was only fair. As soon as Tim’s back was turned, Alicia scampered into the house where Marina was preparing lunch.

“Did you see that magnificent god out there?” Alicia said, bubbling over with enthusiasm. “Dear Lord Marina, did you see him?”

Marina looked up from where she was preparing a nice lunch for the two of them. “Hmm — no dear, I wasn’t looking. The pool guy — he’s nice looking?”

Nearly speechless, Alicia nodded and dragged Marina over to the window. She just pointed and made sure Marina got a good, long look at the hunky stud. Marina kept her cool, which mystified Alicia.

“You’re not impressed?” Alicia asked, in near-shock.

Marina shook her head. “Dear, he’s a nice-looking Sarıgazi Escort Bayan young man, and maybe, maybe he’ll be a good lover. But looks and muscles don’t guarantee that. Your father is a wonderful lover, and you sure got off with Roger, who isn’t perfect — but he is a wonderful sexual partner. So even if the package is perfect, doesn’t mean the inside matches up.”

Alicia sighed, a small amount of frustration combined with irritation creeping into her voice. “You make sense — but I still want to fuck him.”

Marina smiled at her stepdaughter and gave her a quick hug. “Well, of course you do, that is only natural — he is good looking and you should experiment a little before you settle down. I know I did. Just don’t be disappointed if he doesn’t turn out to be great, okay?”

Alicia sighed. “Okay — hey, I came in to see if you wanted to join me?”

Marina shook her head. “No thanks darling, I am trying to behave and when your father gets home, I plan to fuck his brains out. I am trying very, very hard to be faithful, remember? You and I can continue our naughty little games, but whatever else you do, you have to do solo.”

Alicia pouted and was about to say something, but Marina swatted her on her bikini-clad ass. “Go and have fun baby, but just because I don’t participate, doesn’t mean I don’t want to hear all the details later on, okay?”

Alicia turned on her heels and went to go back outside, then she turned slightly, an inspired idea coming into her head. “Tell you what mommy – with us both being such sluts and all — why don’t you go to the upstairs bedroom and watch us? I’d get extra-turned on, knowing you were watching me fuck that handsome stud and I know you’d get off on it, you fuckable bitch!” She moved close and rubbed her tits and body against Marina’s. “I was right, we’re both such naughty cunts, your pussy is dripping — come on Marina, go for it!”

Marina knew she shouldn’t, but Alicia seemed to have the ability to convince her to do wild, perverted things. Why not? She wasn’t cheating on Jim and she was horny and it would likely give her something to do, she could play with herself and see her playmate getting fucked — ooh, she had a nasty afterthought.

“Let him cum in your pussy!” Marina said with enthusiasm.

“Couldn’t that make me pregnant?” Alicia asked.

“No, we got you on birth control, remember? Do it — I have a good reason baby!”

“Oh — and what is this supposed good reason?”

“I want to do something perverted and fun — I want to eat his cum out of your pussy!”

Alicia was thrilled at the idea, although she thought that came pretty darned close to cheating on her dad, she didn’t care — it meant more perverse sex for kinky little Alicia and the more she got, the more she wanted. She gave Marina a nod and a kiss and wiggled her way back outdoors.

The view had improved. Tim had taken off his shirt and was cleaning the pool just in shorts and a hat. His muscles were so — everywhere — Alicia just melted at the view of this brawny stud and couldn’t wait to feel, taste and fuck his cock.


“Hey — Alicia, isn’t it? That my beer?” Alicia nodded, handing him the beer. She had got a Pepsi for herself, wanting to be stone-cold sober for all of this.

“Oh man, that goes down nice. It’s a scorcher out here, isn’t it?”

“Sure is. You need some sun block, Tim?”

“No thanks gorgeous, put some on before I started, I carry it with me all the time. Thanks for the offer though.”

Gorgeous? Okay, Alicia was pleased he’d noticed she was pretty, she mustered up her courage and asked “How long until you’re done?”

“Maybe 5 minutes, but you won’t be able to go in the pool for a little bit, I just added chlorine, sorry,” Tim replied, discreetly checking her out.

“That’s okay — swimming wasn’t what I had in mind. You’re hot Tim — and I don’t mean from the sun, I mean you’re a real hunk. I’d like to fuck you — no one’s around and I think you’d be a damned good fuck, so how about it?”

Tim grinned — this wasn’t the first time he’d fucked a client’s daughter or wife, but it had been a while, so he just put down the pool skimmer and walked over to where Alicia was stretched out. The pretty blonde sat up and she ran her hands down his arms as he got his shorts off. This stud, closer to her own age, was going to be her second fuck and the thought that Marina was watching them screw got her so turned on!

Marina felt a perverse pride at he stepdaughter’s easy seduction of the young man and watched as Alicia slid her lips around his cock. She didn’t have a perfect view, but it looked as if he was nicely-endowed. Marina felt envious and her pussy was horny — she really wanted to fuck the young man, but she wasn’t going to betray her new marriage vows once again.

Alicia knew she was turning into a nasty little slut, and she sensed somehow, Marina would be proud of her. It made her wet and she let Tim squeeze her beautiful tits and then he slid her top and bottom off, baring her tanned, slender body. Tim grinned at her and went down on her pussy, licking and slurping as she howled — a little louder than needed, so that her stepmommy-teacher could hear their playing.

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