A Rebound PickupA Rebound Pickup


I work for a relatively small manufacturer’s rep firm in Southern California. There are the two guys who started the business plus another guy and me in outside sales, and two in the office handling the phone and clerical stuff. I’m making noticeably more money than I would working for a salary in an office somewhere. Not bad for a twenty-five year old who barely managed to earn his bachelor’s degree. Another good part is that I’m pretty much in charge of my own time so I can take a day off every once in a while if my sales have been good.

That’s why I’m up at Mammoth for some skiing. I called a reservation service and got a room in a place that I knew existed but I’ve never been to before. It’s a bunch of condos that the place rents out for the owners. It costs a little more than a motel room but it’s right next to the gondola that takes me up the mountain, so I can park my car and not worry about driving around in the snow and ice. I got here very late Thursday night and skied all day today, Friday. I did o.k., good enough to almost kid myself into thinking I’m better at it than I really am.

There’s a bar downstairs that I’m told is the best pick-up spot up here, so that’s where I head after a shower and a late dinner. It’s jammed with people, loud with noise, a live band playing. I manage to get to the bar and buy a beer and then move off a little to more carefully look the place over. It takes me a moment to realize that I’m standing next to a very attractive girl. She’s short, maybe five foot three or so, cute face and a noticeable set of knockers. I realize she’s looking at me and grinning and has caught me eyeing her boobs.

“Noisy,” she almost yells at me.

“Yeah,” I reply, a little embarrassed being caught checking her out.

“Why are you here?” she asks.

“Skiing,” I reply.

“No,” she says, “I mean here, in this bar right now specifically.”

How do I answer that? Well, might as well be blunt and truthful. “Looking to pick up a girl,” I finally reply.

Her grin becomes a big smile. “Oh, an honest man. Why do you think so many girls are here?”

“The obvious answer is, to pick up a guy, I guess. And since the chances of finding Mister Right in a bar like this isn’t high, I imagine they’re thinking of instant gratification only. Maybe some are really just hoping for some free drinks from a guy.”

She grins some more. “Well you won’t have to buy me a drink. Why do you think they can’t find a Mister Right in a bar? Do you think you can’t find a Missus Right in a pick-up bar?”

This is getting deeper than I expected. “Maybe I was too quick to say that. My Missus Right would have to enjoy sex just like I do. That would almost have to mean she’d experienced it and liked it. I’m not a virgin, why should she be? In fact, a virgin in her mid twenties would probably be someone that wasn’t horny enough to want badly to find out what sex is all about much earlier. So I guess there’s no reason she couldn’t be in a bar like this one.”

She grins again. “You’re covering yourself o.k. So, you’re looking to pick up a girl? What would you do with her if you succeeded?”

“Take her to my room.”

Another grin. “No, specifically, what would you do with her back in your room?”

How do I answer that? Honest and blunt I guess. “Well, we’d get naked. Since she’s obviously horny or wouldn’t be there, she’d probably start by sucking me and getting a mouthful. I’d then slowly work my way down her body and end up giving her an orgasm with my mouth and fingers. Then we’d fuck as often as we could. If we felt it was just a one-time thing, I’d later take her back to her place. If we both appreciated what happened, she’d spend the night and we’d do a repeat in the morning and then ski together and come back for some more the next night. Maybe get her to bring her suitcase over. Eventually either I drive her back home down in the LA area or take her back to her friends to get back home.”

“The perfect answer, exactly what I was hoping might happen tonight,” she says, really smiling now. “Let me get my coat, you’ve just managed to accomplish what you wanted.”

“Wait,” I say to her as I think about what we’re about to do. “You asked me to be specific on a couple things, now let me ask you to be specific. Condoms or not? Are you on the pill?”

She grins, “Yes, so that’s not a problem. As for disease, I was with the same guy for a long time and we broke up not long ago and I haven’t had any sex for several weeks, which is why I’m horny enough to do something stupid like this. So I’m sure I don’t have any diseases. You?”

“Almost the same story. I was with a girl for eight months and we had lots and lots of sex. I started to feel serious but when I suggested we should move in together she let me know the sex was terrific, which is why she kept dating me, but she had no interest in making a commitment to me. That led us both to realize it was basically a waste of time to keep going so, like you, I haven’t had sex for several weeks. So I’m Konya Escort sure I don’t have any disease and I’m also horny enough to do something stupid like this. In fact, I’m glad because I’m not used to using condoms and I like the spontaneity of just doing what you want when you want. So let’s go.”

She goes over to the wall and picks a heavy parka off a hook and starts slipping it on. I stop by another hook and grab my jacket. As we head out the door she says, “That jacket isn’t very warm for as cold as it is.”

“We aren’t going far,” I tell her, “Just across the open space here. I’m staying in this same complex.”

“Oh, I didn’t realize it was a hotel.”

“When I decided to come up here I called a reservation service at almost the last minute,” I tell her as we go into the building and head for the elevator. “Of what’s available, they mentioned that this was right next to the bottom of the gondola so I can just walk a hundred feet or so and buy my ticket and ride up to the slopes. It costs a little more but not a lot so I took it. I’ve never stayed here before either.”

We go up the elevator and walk down the hall a short way to my unit. As we go in, she says, as if she’s surprised, “Gee, a living room and kitchen, this is an apartment.”

“Yeah, these are all owned by people and management rents them out. I took a one bedroom instead of a bachelor unit because it’s about seven dollars a night more and just seemed better.” Our jackets come off and we head into the bedroom. She never says anything and just starts unbuttoning her blouse so I start undressing too.

Shortly, we’re both naked. She has a very good body. Feminine hips, not slim boy’s hips. A firm looking, round butt, really small waist with just a hint of a little roundness. And then her breasts. They’re not freaks but they’re about a size bigger than I’d expect on her fairly small body. I’m sure guys pay a lot of attention to them, they’re very full and attractive, large nipples. Her legs are very shapely, good muscle definition, with fairly slim thighs that seem to leave a gap or opening to her pussy. On top is that cute face and brown hair cut fairly short. “You have a gorgeous body,” I tell her.

She grins. “You’re the one with the gorgeous body,” she says, stepping to me and reaching down and grasping my very erect cock. I’m no body builder but I play soccer regularly, just recreation league games, and play at basketball with a couple friends on a playground, so I’m in decent shape. I’m about eight inches or more taller than her. My cock isn’t anything humongous but perhaps just a little more than average. At least I’ve never had any complaints about it.

We kiss, her keeping hold of my cock with one hand, the other arm around me. She then drops down onto her knees and starts on my cock. She looks at it and smiles, kisses it, licks up and down it, bending her head to either side. She looks up at me and grins, starts playing with my balls with one hand while she slides her other hand back and forth on my cock a little. She licks around the head, opens her mouth and takes the head in and licks and sucks on it a little. She pulls her head back and looks up at me, holding my cock and balls, “I think an erect cock is what sex is all about,” she says. “You have a really good looking cock.” She then opens her mouth wide and starts taking me into her mouth.

I’ve been with five girls, each lasting a little while, months at least, starting back in high school. Every one of them has sucked my cock just as I’ve licked every one of their pussies. So I’m not the world’s expert on cock sucking but she’s giving me the best blow job I’ve ever had. She likes what she’s doing. She’s not trying to get me to cum quickly and she’s not just doing it because she thinks she should. She likes my cock. She sucks a while, moves her lips back and forth on me and when I start getting close to cumming, she backs off, licks my balls, kisses my thighs, lets me relax a little before going back to seriously sucking me off. Then she does it again. Stopping in between to look up and give me a dirty grin, then run her tongue around the head and start sucking me again. Lots of slurps and satisfied sounds almost like humming.

I finally cum. Or, she finally decides she wants a taste of my semen. I must give her the biggest load I’ve shot off since high school. She swallows it all, licks her lips and has a very self-satisfied smile as she finally lets go and stands up again. I put my arms around her and we kiss. Interestingly, I realize that it’s our first kiss and it comes after she’s blown me. I don’t know her name; she doesn’t know mine. I walk over and pull back the bedspread and top sheet, tossing it to the foot of the bed. I then turn to her, bend some and get my arms behind her knees and shoulders and pick her up and carry her the few feet to the bed. I lay her on her back, placing myself on top of her but holding most of my weight off with my arms.

I kiss her again then start kissing my way down her Konya Escort Bayan body. I kiss her shoulders, the tops of her breasts. I spend some time on those breasts; they deserve attention. I keep quietly telling her what a great body she has, how lovely her breasts are, how delicious they taste. I kiss down over her stomach, wanting to get at her pussy. I’m finally down between her legs, looking at her, she has her legs spread wide for me.

Back in high school, the first girl I was ever with sexually and I learned about sex with each other, starting with oral sex. I discovered that I love eating pussy. Probably mostly because how it makes the girl react but partly because a pussy is to me what sex is all about just like she thinks a cock is. Some guys claim they’re tit men or leg men. Well, I’m definitely a pussy man. I know, you can’t choose a girl by her pussy when you don’t get to see it until after you’ve chosen. But I think I can almost tell by the rest of her body what her pussy will be like.

Some have sort of wrinkly brown lips, some big lips, some two sets of lips and others seem to have only one. Some the clit is big, some it’s small. They’re all different. This one is actually beautiful, sort of like a pink powder puff with a crease down the middle. I tell her what a beautiful pussy she has and then use my hands to pull her open more and get my tongue into her. She’s trimmed her pubic hair, that’s the only explanation. Not shaved but trimmed very short. And her hair has a distinct reddish tint to it. I’ll have to ask her about that, her head hair is brown. She’s delicious. As I lick up and down, back and forth, she gets a little juicier and juicier. Her whole pussy seems to get more engorged, redder, and open up more. I get a hand up under my chin and push a finger into her as I concentrate my tongue on her clit.

She’s moaning. One hand is on the back of my head. I glance up and see that her other hand is pulling on one of her nipples. Her moans get louder as I finger fuck her and lick and suck on her. I pull back a little and lick around her lips, lean to each side, kissing the insides of her upper thighs. I get my tongue back in her and go for her clit again,. I pull my finger out and push two fingers into her. I work my fingers in her as fast as I can while licking her clit then grabbing it with my lips and sucking on it, pulling on it a little. Her moans move into minor screams. Her hand presses me into her pussy, her other hand has moved to her other nipple.

Soon she’s actually screaming and starting to pump out juice, her hips jerking. I pull my fingers out and try and suck her whole pussy into my mouth, tasting all the liquid she’s emitting. Her hand starts pulling on my hair, letting me know she’s climaxed and I’m done. I have half a desire to keep eating her just to see if she can handle multiple orgasms but my desire to get my very erect cock into her is stronger. I slide up over her, trying to push my cock into her and missing the right spot. She reaches between us and grabs my cock and aims it for me and I start pushing into her.

She’s tight. Very tight. My foreskin is being pulled back like mad as I push into her more and more. I pull back a smidge than further in several times until our abdomens are together and I’m all the way in. She’s still making noises, although they’re more ‘ughs’ and ‘ahs’ than moans. She has her arms up around me, her feet now on the bed, giving her a base to push her hips up at me. As I pull back, she shoves up at me, as I push back in she still shoves up at me. The real pumping has to come from me but it’s obvious that she’s involved too, not just laying there and accepting me.

We really bang away, me pounding into her faster and harder. Having cum once already I last awhile, the fuck lasts awhile. I can feel her breasts, my chest squishing them a little. I can feel our stomachs or abdomens or whatever pulsing against one another. Her insides are grabbing me, trying to hold me in her. As I pull back it’s as if her pussy is trying to pull me back in, then I’m pushing back and she seems to open up to take me. We go on and on and then I can feel it coming. I push hard into her. She wraps her legs up around me and I pump my semen into her.

I’m done and collapse a little onto her. She keeps herself wrapped around me. We kiss. “That’s what sex is supposed to be like,” she says quietly, lifting her head a little to kiss me again. She finally unwraps her legs and I pull out and roll off to the side. She rolls to face me, her arms still around me. I get an arm over her to reach around onto her back and slide my hand down to feel that wonderful curve where her back flares out onto her butt. I then grab her ass with my hand and kiss her again.

“Yes, that was top level sex, wasn’t it?” I kiss her again. “I think this is working out great. Can we exchange names now or do you want to stay anonymous?”

“Can I lie?”

“You can do anything you like as long as we do this over and over again.”


“Your Escort Konya name is Deirdre.”

“Well, call me Deirdre. I’ve always thought that was a sexy name. How about you?”

“Well, what goes with Deirdre. How about Rory?”

She wiggles her bottom against me. “Celtic sex. Deirdre and Rory, That’s fine.”

“Deirdre, I noticed your pubic hair is red, your head hair is brown, your body coloring is light, almost pink, as if you’re really a red head.”

“Oh, I am. I dyed my hair brown so I would be a different person when I did this evil thing and fucked a stranger. That’s why I’m Deirdre. I’m not me, I’m this wanton sex fiend.”

“Well, you’re really good at it. This was probably the best sex ever for me.”

“Yeah it was really great wasn’t it? I want some more and I hate to interrupt this but since you won’t be able to get hard again for a little while, maybe this would be a good time to go where I’m staying with some friends and pick up my suitcase and skis and boots and bring them here so we can pretty much dedicate ourselves to sex from now on.”

So that’s what we do, get some clothes on, go down to the basement and into my car and drive to a town house complex. I go in with her and there are two people there, a couple. They let us know the others are still out somewhere. Deirdre explains she’s moving in with me for the weekend. One of them calls her Joan a couple times, so I’m sure that’s her real name. We get all her stuff, even get her skis and get back to the place I’m renting. Maybe a half hour all together and we’re naked again, holding each other and kissing and decide to take a shower and start over.

In the shower, she plays with my cock and balls and kneels down and gets me in her mouth for awhile. She turns me so she doesn’t get her hair wet. That doesn’t surprise me, I’ve had girls not wanting to soak their hair before. Later, I kneel down, she gets a leg up on my shoulder and I lick her pussy for awhile. Then she leans against the wall and I enter her from behind and we fuck and fuck and fuck. I’m sure she cums more than once before I finally cum. Then we wash each other a little more, me especially cleaning her pussy some, dry off and head back to bed.

“Deirdre,” I tell her,” I really, truly love your pussy. I think I love all pussies but yours particularly since it’s so beautiful. I’m not going to be ready to fuck you again for twenty minutes or so. Can I just lick you until I’m ready for more?”

“Rory, any time you want just let me know, you can lick me forever.”

So that’s what I do. I get her on the edge of the bed so I can kneel on the floor with her legs on my shoulders and her pussy almost hanging out in space so I can get at it from every angle and I do everything I’ve ever learned about eating pussy and discover that she definitely is multi-orgasmic. After a while I think she has another climax about every five minutes. When I realize I’m hard again, I pull back, push her back onto he bed and get in position to fuck her some more.

“Rory, when you get close to cumming, please let me suck you for awhile until you do. I think I like your cock at least as much as you like my pussy.”

“You want to suck it right now?”

“I’ll always want to but go ahead and fuck for awhile and just let me have the last ten minutes or so in my mouth.”

That’s what we do. Then we’re both pooped and fall asleep, our arms around each other. I’m dreaming of female flesh, thighs, breasts, a kissable mouth, the beautiful pussy I was eating earlier. I can feel my cock being worked on, stimulated and it seems so real. I vaguely wake a little and realize that it is real. I look down and she has my cock in her mouth. I just watch for a few moments as I wake up. I reach for her lovely butt that’s to my side. “Can you move around and sit on my face so I can do you, too?” She looks up at me and her mouth tries to smile even though it’s chock full of my cock but she does as I ask and that gorgeous, juicy pussy sits on my mouth and I push my tongue into it and use both hands to hold her ass as I start to lick. It’s fermented all night with my cum and her juices in it and it tastes gamy in comparison to earlier. Sort of like eating Venison instead of beef. I love it.

She must have been turned on because she cums well before I’m ready. She jumps off and moves around and squats over my cock and slowly lowers herself down on it, moaning and grinning at me the whole time. I’m looking at those truly great breasts and can see her pussy lips stretch out and contract as she moves up and down on my cock. This is one of those moments that make life worth living.

She finally gets me to cum. We actually shower, both too fucked out to add any tricks to it. She still doesn’t get her hair wet. We manage to get all dressed for skiing, parkas and boots and clump our way carrying skis and poles out into the hall and elevator and then downstairs across to the gondola. We both have three day ski tickets already. There’s a short line but in a few minutes we’re sitting inside this little cabin with a half dozen or so others and get whisked up a couple miles to the main ski area. We clump across an open area, slam our skis upright in a snow bank and head up into the lodge to get some breakfast.

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