Texas Uncle Gives More than AdviceTexas Uncle Gives More than Advice


When I was 18, my uncle came to visit us from East Texas. My uncle was a big bear of a man, a drunk, laughed too loud and told raunchy stories that involved strippers, hookers and bachelor parties. He was a trucker for a company that sold fire alarm systems so he was always traveling.

I loved hearing his stories, and when he showed up in Austin, I begged my mom to let her brother stay in my room – he had the choice of the couch or a sleeping bag in my messy bedroom.

Uncle Joe arrived, and we had a big BBQ dinner, then he and my mom stayed up late talking and drinking beer while I went to my room to play video games and chat with friends online.

It was 2am when Uncle Joe stumbled into my room. I was half asleep but watched him undress down to his boxers. He sat on the sleeping bag and asked me how I was doing.

I proudly told him I finally had a girlfriend. This was a big to-do because I was discouraged by my mom from dating in high school. She wanted me to get into college and figured girls would be a distraction.

Now uncle Joe looked concerned. “Have you started having sex yet, boy?” he asked.

“Um, no sir. She lets me feel her up. She plays with my dick.” I felt my face go red, but I was eager to tell uncle Joe everything since he always had his own raunchy stories.

“Really?” My uncle shook his head. “No sex yet?”

I had to explain to him that my girlfriend went to a Christian high school and really got off giving me a handjob with her hand that had the promise ring.

“You be careful with girls.” my uncle said. “You don’t want to get them pregnant. Are you old enough to cum?”

I laughed, “Yes sir.” Every visit, my uncle asked if I had hit puberty yet. I was a skinny, scrawny kid Tuzla Escort who did not look much different since I hit 14.

“Seriously boy? You old enough to have hair down there?” He said with a wink.

“Yessir.” I pulled up my t-shirt and pulled down my boxers to show off the top edge of my pubes.

He laughed and patted his hairy beer belly and then pulled his own shorts down to show the top of a thick dark bush. Then he motioned to me to sit on the edge of the bed.

“You use condoms?”

“No sir. No sex yet.”

My uncle shook his head. “That is amazing – I thought 18 is the peak of your sex drive. Since you don’t have a dad, who’s told you about the birds and the bees?”

I laughed, “Mostly you, uncle.” Our late night talks were always about what he called “sport fucking.”

“Well that’s good.” he said. “So your girlfriend plays with your dick? Is she the kind of girl who swallows?”

“Oh, no, she just plays with it. I don’t cum.” She wouldn’t allow that. The thought of cumming grossed her out, especially after she watched me a couple times. She told me a number of times that only an asshole would cum in a girl’s mouth. That was too nasty for her to even think about (and my hopes were dashed).

He made a face of disgust. “What kind of girl is that? And what’s the point of having a girlfriend if you’re not getting off?”

I debated about whether to tell my uncle that I jacked off almost every couple of hours or that I had a fleshlight under my bed which got a lot of use.

“Keeping yourself clean?” he asked. “Let me see.” He pointed to my shorts and then slide one of his big banana fingers along the waistband.

I could feel the goosebumps hit me. But I Escort Tuzla obediently got up and slid off my shorts.

My dick was tiny and shriveled in front of him. My face was flush, my heart was pounding, and I felt embarrassed that my big hairy uncle would laugh at his skinny nephew, but to my delight, with his big pudgy hands, he took hold of my limp dick between his finger and thumb and examined it the way a jeweler admired a gem.

“Good lord!” My uncle crowed, “My nephew is growing up. Looking good, young man!”

I almost jumped up with surprise when he roughly pushed my foreskin back and looked at the shiny head closely.

“Keep it clean, boy. Especially now you have a gf. Is she giving you head?”

“I shower every day. No head yet.” My heart was pounding, I had goosebumps while my uncle talked to my dick, rubbing my dickhead with his thumb. He sniffed me.

“Wearing cologne? That’s nice.” He sniffed my crotch again.

“No sir, that’s just Axe body wash,” I explained.

I could feel myself grow in his big dry hand. He held onto the base so that he had my dick and balls and kept talking about birth control methods. I kept agreeing while I felt his hot beer breathe on me as he used my dick like a microphone.

“My nephew is a grower!” he said proudly. I was cringing because I didn’t think I had much to show at all – especially in the grip of his giant hand. But my uncle happily inspected my erection from every angle, muttering, “Now look at that. Look at that.”

Suddenly, he leaned forward and gobbled my little dick in his hot wet mouth, and I’m freaking because I don’t want to cum in my uncle’s mouth but it felt so good. Instinctively, defensively, I reached down Tuzla Escort Bayan to pull him away, but his unshaven face bristled, and like any young male experiencing his first blowjob, I waved my arms around helplessly, not sure whether to hold my uncle by the ears or to lie back, hands behind my head.

Next thing, he’s got my balls in his mouth as well. He’s slurping and gnawing away like he’s eating chicken wings and I could feel my eyes roll and I started to pant.

He pushed me to lie back on the bed, all while staying clamped onto my groin. He was rolling my foreskin up and down, and his wet tongue kept sucking and licking the edge of the helmet.

I knew I was going to explode or piss myself – something was going to happen. I tried to will myself not to cum, not to pee. I tried to pull out of his mouth, but with his other hand now holding my butt like a catcher’s mitt, he was licking me taint to belly button, then back to swallowing my little dick whole.

I think it took me just 90 seconds to cum. In that split second of orgasm, I pulled my hips back momentarily, hoping not to cum in his mouth, but then the wave of pleasure rocked my groin forward. He swallowed everything, every drop, every pulse of my still hard dick and would not let me out of his warm wet mouth until I began to soften.

I was still lying on my back, looking at the ceiling of my darkened bedroom. My uncle sniffed me again, gently cupped my balls, and fell back to the floor on the sleeping bag.

He then ordered me to go to sleep. He quickly fell asleep himself, snoring. I stayed up all night hoping he’d do that again, but nothing happened when I finally fell asleep in the early morning.

When I finally woke up, my mom told me that my uncle had left, but would be back in a couple weeks.

“Your uncle,” my mom said, “Sure worries about you. He already thinks your girlfriend isn’t good enough for you.”

I smiled. I would ask my girlfriend for head. And if she thought it was nasty, I knew I had an option.

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