Getting ItGetting It


[I wrote this originally for an /r/exxxchange request, but it ballooned into this big thing so I thought I’d go ahead and post here too]

It’s nice to be out with you. I know it’s just a /r/dirtyr4r hook up, but I make sure to be courteous and respectful. I take my time at dinner, don’t want you to feel pressured; want you to feel free to call it off if you’re not feeling it. I try to be a pretty good feminist. I learned a lot from my ex-wife about that. It wasn’t so bad when we first met, but by the end she bristled every time I came on to her; reacting to a lifetime of being pushed to satisfy men. I had a lot of sympathy for that. I’m sure it’d make sex triggering for me too.

I ask if you want desert, but you ask for the check instead. You do it with a smile, though, and I’m thrilled! You’re friendly, engaged, easy to talk to. And you look so damn good tonight. I kinda hate to admit it but I’ve had a semi for literally the whole evening. You invite me to your hotel room for a nightcap. I eagerly accept, but chide myself for getting overly eager. I don’t want to pressure you… or spook you… Nobody really accepts me and I rarely get even the connection we’ve already shared at dinner. It’s almost unfathomable that you (looking _so damn good_) would get with me physically, and I don’t want to shatter whatever magic that has held thus far.

I listen to you tell some pretty funny stories on the way up in the elevator… It’s so hard to avoid oggling you now that I can see you full length. But that smirk? God if I were somebody else I’d think you were encouraging my oggling.

I go to sit down in a chair in your hotel room. I’ll sit and try to be sensitive to any indications of what you want… Could it possibly include anything sexual with me? How do I signal my desire, without pressuring you, without disrespecting you?

All these thoughts race through my head before I even get to the chair, though, as you grab my shirt and yank me to you. Wow! My ex wife never did that…neither have any of my girlfriends. I let you take the lead, not doing anything more than a demure closed-lip kiss, until your tongue forces its way in past my lips.

Uhoh… you’re seeming tense. Jeez, you’re irritated… Fuck! How am I screwing this up?? How do I fix this and make it good for you? Should I take my leave before you get more pissed? WOAH, I was not expecting you to yank my zipper down! Oh god I’m positive you can feel the huge erection I’ve got going on. Yep you found me out; I’m just another elazığ escort pervert 🙁

Sure enough, you break off your kiss and I see a little furrow in your brow. Definitely irritated. Fuck, I was hoping this hook up would be an outlet for my ragingly frustrated libido, but instead I killed it by being a little fucking hornball.

You heave a sigh… then drop to you knees?? holy shit, now you’re pulling open my boxers and reaching down inside of them, fishing out my dick. Damn, your hands are chilly, but it feels so good. The very idea that it could feel better is preposterous. I lose myself for a moment in the sensation of you reaching down my pantleg and pulling out my penis. That fucking thing–I come back to earth suddenly. It’s supposed to be awesome to have a big dick, but most of the time it’s just a giant pain. No anal, gotta be careful not to hurt her cervix in doggy style, and OH shit I need to warn you and reassure you that it’s ok not to do what you seem to be about to get up to…

“It’s ok, please don’t feel like you need to suck me. It’s a real mouthful, and I haven’t met a girl who could even get it far enough in to hit my sensitive spot very well. They just end up kinda choking on it and I don’t wanna put you through that. Don’t worry about me, but I’d be happy to go down on you! You really shouldn’t put yourself through the hassle on my accou-” You’ve reached up and put two fingers in my mouth, holding down my tongue, pressing against it. There is something sublime about feeling them there on my tongue, something I’ll never understand.

You look even more frustrated–but now angry, too–and I have no idea how to reconcile the situation. “Bullshit” is all you say.

And with that you turn you attention to my cock, lowering your head to line up with my slight downward curvature. You lick your lips, part them ever so slightly, and start moving forward. You make contact with the very tip of my cut penis, which makes it twitch so hard you reach with your other hand to stead it. You make contact again, and slowly move your head forward, letting my cock slide into your mouth. Oi, your beautiful mouth is already almost full and you haven’t even gotten past the head of my stupid dick. No woman should have to put up with trying to suck me. I don’t want you to feel degraded anyway. I try to speak, but your fingers hold my tongue down. Now you remove them and push my mouth shut, putting a single finger over my lips for a moment, then slide that hand down my body, leaving elvankent escort a trail of tingling nerves.

During all this you never stop sliding your mouth onto my penis. Jesus christ I have never, _ever_ felt something like this. My god you’re still going deeper. You’ve got to be about ready to choke. Wow, nobody has even been down this far on my cock before. Damn, you’re hitting the sweet spot in a way I didn’t think was possible. This. Is. Ecstasy. There’s no way it’ll last. I’m pulling my hips back a little bit, trying to be so gentle on your delicate mouth.

Yep, there it is, you’re pulling off–JESUS it feels even better than going in!–here’s where it ends. You look up at me again, this time almost fierce… You definitely want something from me, but what??? Should I offer to pleasure you again? With a downright primal growl, you launch yourself down on my dick again, mouth enveloping it ten times as fast. My knees almost buckle. I’m never gonna forget this, the one time a girl ever managed to really get my cock into her throat, even if it was just two strokes.

…but it wasn’t just two strokes… You’ve got both hands gripping my belt and you’re yanking me in and out, slamming my dick into your throat even though it forces your jaws wide and utterly fills your mouth with my engorged flesh. Why would you put up with this?? I’m not worth this much bother!

And then my brain snaps… my subconscious can’t keep up the lie. I’m not a disgusting inconvenience, not to you, not right now. You’re doing this because you want to. And I’m doing… what am I doing? what do I _want_ to be doing? God, I have no idea… A rush of sensation on my cock as you engulf it again brings me back from that very lonely place.

It brings me back, and it brings me clarity. I reach out, brushing my fingertips through the hair above your ear, to the back of your head. We lock eyes. You’re looking up at me questioningly, with the head of my penis resting between your lips. Your eyes are beautiful, looking up at me… And your mouth, by turns sweet and devilish… something so filthy and so glorious about those lips with my cock between them. My fingers curl into a fist, intertwined with your hair. Yes, I know exactly what I fucking want now.

For the first time tonight, I move. I hold your head firmly and slide my penis into your mouth. I take my time; I know right where this is going now and there’s no rush to get there. I go until I reach your throat, as much eryaman escort as you can comfortably take. Then I go just a bit farther. I hold it there–just for a moment–then slide myself out, a little faster than I went in. And again, but faster. And again.

All the bullshit has gone out the window, as has my self control. I’m going faster and faster, banging hard into your throat. Your eyes are tearing up a bit, but from their fierce, demanding look I can tell it’s that autonomous reacting to getting something poking in the back of your throat. Your eyes are telling me you just might want this even more than I do… And you are moving your head to meet my thrusts with more vigor than I thought possible. What a delightful surprise!

I’m grunting and panting with each thrust. Oh yes I’m fucking enjoying myself and I’ll make no goddamn secret about it. We got at it for what feels like ages, but it couldn’t have been long… Not even enough time for us to get creative with other positions or even clothing removal. Thrust after thrust… I hear you suppressing your gag reflex as I repeatedly slam my girthy cock into your throat. I love the sound, and I don’t let up. I don’t think you’d have let me if I tried.

In an instant (or was it months?) I’m ready to blow. Seeing your beautiful face decorated with the sensual mess of my cum would be ecstasy… But that’s not what tonight calls for. I don’t even need to warn you it’s coming; my grunts and pants are getting more desperate and I’m making no secret that you’re bringing me to climax. Then it hits… I thrust deep one last time and hold. I pant and sweat and moan as I ejaculate straight into your throat. Goddamn, how can you hang on through this? I shudder, time and time again as you unflinchingly swallow.

I’m only about half done when my knees do finally give out and I collapse onto the floor, pulses of cum still squirting halfheartedly onto my balls… You dive down, back onto my cock and suck out the rest of my cum. My flow of cum ceases and my cock starts to soften–it takes a lot to keep such a big rod fully engorged–but you don’t let up. God, it feels so good! Or is it agony? There’s not much difference after getting thrown off the cliff of that orgasm. Whatever it is (both?), soon I can’t stand it and have to slide my dick out of your mouth.

You wipe up the cum from my scrotum onto your two fingers. With a devilish grin you say, “fair’s fair.” You reach to my mouth–it’s the same two fingers you’d put in my mouth before– and smear my own cum on my tongue. God, it’s so filthy. Perfect. Mmmh, I know what else would be perfect.

“Let’s take this to the shower,” I say.

“Time to clean up already?” you ask.

“Nope.” I reply, helping you up and leading you by the hand towards the bathroom.

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