Terry’s First TimeTerry’s First Time


Terry walked up the sidewalk toward the two story house. He double-checked the number he had scrawled on the scrap of notebook paper he now clutched in his hand, verifying that it matched the house number. He stood just in front of the bottom step leading up onto the porch. His heart beat rapidly. The door of the house swung open and a man who appeared to be in his late twenties and clad in black basketball shorts and a white t-shirt stepped out onto the porch. “Hey there, Terry. Did you have trouble finding the place?” the man called to the twenty three year old, who still fidgeted on the sidewalk.Terry smiled a bit, happy to at least see that Greg, the man he had been talking to for the last few weeks, really looked like the pictures in his profile. “No, not really. I just took my time. You know, verifying everything.”“Yes, you strike me as the cautious type. That’s a good thing, really.” Greg gestured toward the wicker chair that sat on the porch to the far left of the front door, then leaned back against the railing on the right side of the porch while facing the offered seat.Terry smiled and stepped up onto the porch and walked over to the chair. He paused and noted that his host made no attempt to close the distance between isvecbahis the two of them, then sat. He thought for a moment before speaking. “I’m a bit surprised you invited me to sit out here.”“You mean instead of ushering you right into my bedroom?”“Well, yeah. I mean, that’s what you invited me over for, right?”Greg shrugged. The gesture struck Terry as surprisingly nonchalant. “I invited you over to see how things developed. That’s the same reason I’ve been chatting with you online since I first sent you a message. Besides, you seem extremely nervous. That’s not surprising, since you’re totally inexperienced. I’d rather put you at ease first if we’re going to actually have sex. It’ll be far more enjoyable for both of us that way.”Terry grinned. “Thanks. Seems like a lot of work for you. I mean, why do you bother?”“Well, in your case, because you’re extremely good looking. But then, I just enjoy giving guys their first experience. There’s something sweet and arousing about watching a guy slowly realize how wonderful sex with another guy can feel. I enjoy watching that last bit of nervousness turn into a mix of bliss and desire.”Terry could feel his own curiosity and interest stirring as he listened to the older man. He isveçbahis giriş tried to imagine the delights that Greg was describing, and his manhood also began to stir. Greg chuckled and nodded toward Terry’s crotch. “I see you’re certainly curious, despite the nervousness.”Terry chuckled and shifted in the chair a bit, trying to make the sudden tightness in his khaki shorts more comfortable. “Yeah. I mean, I’ve watched videos online and stuff and it looks incredible. And you make it sound fantastic. So yeah, I guess I really want to find out for myself.” He stood and walked toward Greg. The older man waited for him to get close enough, then reached out a hand and gently guided him closer. The pair now stood together with Greg’s hand partway around Terry’s waist.Greg took his other hand and traced along the younger man’s jawline with his thumb. “You sure?” Before Terry could answer, Greg pressed his lips to the younger man’s and initiated a soft, sensual kiss. Terry tensed for just a moment, then relaxed into the experience, pulling at the older man’s lips with his own. Greg ran his hand up under the virgin’s shirt and caressed his abdomen and chest and Terry could feel his body respond with increasing desire. He practically isveçbahis yeni giriş moaned when the hand around his waist began to knead his butt cheek.Greg broke their kiss and smiled. “Yes, I think you’re ready. He turned the younger man around and led him into the house and small bedroom on the first floor. Terry stared at the bed, noting the lubricants and condoms carefully laid out on the table next to it. “I guess you have everything set, huh?”“I like to be prepared, just in case. But like I said, you’re free to stop whenever you want. No pressure.”“No, I’m liking this so far. I was just taken by surprise. Kinda like I can’t believe it’s gone so far.”Greg stood behind him and placed his arms around his waist while kissing the younger man’s neck. “Yeah, I know what you mean,” he practically purred. Tyler could feel the other man’s stiffening rub against his tailbone. It filled him with a moment’s nervousness, but was quickly replaced by the pleasure of Greg’s assault on his neck. He soon felt the other man’s hands fumbling with his belt buckle and closed his eyes. Soon, his shorts fell to the floor and he felt nothing but air caressing his privates.“No underwear?” Greg whispered in his ear.“No, I decided not to wear any.”“How naughty,” Greg said as he wrapped his hand around Terry’s member. Terry gasped as the first person besides himself began to slowly pump his shaft. He pushed back against Greg, practically trying to melt into his body.

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