Subject: Bachelor Party Memories Pt2 In the FANTASY world I have created in this story anything goes. My FANTASY world involves sex between men and boys, incest and unsafe sex. I do not promote any of these things in the world we all live in. If you can not separate FANTASY from reality, are offended by the subjects of inter-generational sex, incest DO NOT READ this story. If you enjoy the writing and/or have comments or suggestions, please contact me at FitchBoy@att BACHELOR PARTY MEMORIES Part Two …After I turned around and sucked Junior’s cock clean, again without him saying a word, we both put our clothes in order and went back out to Jenny. After our goodbyes Jenny and I went through security, leaving Junior behind, and boarded the plane to Puerto Vallarta and our honeymoon. Jenny did not have a clue, but I was very aware that I was going off on my honeymoon with an ass-full of My Brother’s cum… Part 2 Not long after Jenny and I boarded the plane and settled into our seats Jenny dozed off and I began to be aware of a peculiar new habit. I found myself checking out all of the men I saw on the plane. I was looking them over and rating asses, builds & bulges, something I had never done with women, let alone men. Jenny had always told me she appreciated that when she was with me, I was only with her. She complimented me on being able to ignore waitresses who flirted with me, etc. Now I could not stop myself from checking out any man I saw as a potential hook up. I noticed one man in particular, one of the Flight Attendants. He was a good looking man, about my age and he looked to have a lot of junk packed into his pants behind a clearly straining zipper. He was very friendly, as Flight Attendants are expected to be. It seemed to me though, that he was particularly attentive to Jenny and me, or maybe it was just me. Soon after take-off, the Flight Attendant brought us a bottle of `complimentary champagne’ which he said was given to all newlyweds. The Flight Attendant was very attentive, coming by to refill our glasses so often that it wasn’t long before he had to bring another bottle. Jenny kept dozing off, so I was doing most of the drinking. I am not really sure, but I think I may have been sucking down the champagne as fast as I could to get the Flight Attendant to come back more often. When the second bottle was nearly gone, I decided I really needed to piss. I got up to make my way to the restroom and found I was a bit wobbly. In an instant the Flight Attendant was at my side to guide me to, and into the restroom. When I say he guided me into the restroom I mean when I was inside and the door was closed he was in there with me, facing me. In an instant he sat on the toilet and started working on my belt and fly. Once my shorts were down around my ankles he spun me around and bent me over the sink, telling me to go ahead and piss in the sink while he went to work on my ass. After he spread my ass open and drove his tongue into my hole he rooted around in there for a minute, then came up for air and said, “Damn, dude, you are on your honeymoon with your WIFE and you have a load of cum in your ass. That. Is. Hot!!!” When I told him that the cum was from my Older Brother, who had fucked me in the airport bathroom just before we boarded, he lost control. I wasn’t even through pissing in the sink before he had his cock buried in my hole pounding away. No lube needed. After he had pumped yet another load in my hole and we were pulling ourselves together I asked him how he knew I would be open to joining the `Mile High Club’. He chuckled and said, “you were an easy mark, honey. From the minute you boarded I noticed you were checking out anything male on this plane between 7&70. Most of all you couldn’t keep your eyes off of my crotch every time I passed by. I probably could have saved myself the cost of two bottles of Champagne and still gotten into your fantastic ass.” I made a mental note to myself that I really needed to get this under control. That was a resolution that did not last any longer than it took to catch our connecting flight at dfw airport. As soon as we were seated on the new plane, I saw two identical men, around my age or a few years younger board the plane. They were dressed in skimpy little shorts and sleeveless T’s. They looked as though they were dressed to play beach volleyball. They were also hot as hell. I watched them throughout the whole flight. They were obviously identical twin brothers, but they acted more like boyfriends. They were acting more like newlyweds on their honeymoon than Jenny and I. Jenny had, escort once again, fallen asleep as soon as we were airborne. We had landed in PV and were headed down the aisle when the twins jumped up from their seats and got between Jenny and I. One of the twins leaned into my ear and whispered, “Dude you won’t need that sweater here, you might want to take it off and tie it around your waist. It looks like someone dumped a huge load in your ass and some has leaked out. You’ll want to cover up that wet spot.” Embarrassed that a stranger had noticed, I quickly pulled my sweater off and tied it around my waist. After we retrieved our luggage, we boarded a shuttle to the resort. A few minutes later, the twins boarded the same shuttle. They saw me and their eyes lit up (Did they both know?). As they approached I made a point of loudly (too loudly) saying, “look dear, there are two men from our plane going to the same resort.” Then I made a point of saying hi to them and telling them my Wife and I were on our honeymoon. The twins introduced themselves as the Tyler twins and told us that they were meeting their family at the resort for a celebration of their Grandparents 50th Wedding Anniversary. They said they were the last to arrive out of their Grandparents, their Dad his two brothers & his sister with all of their families including the Grand-kids and a couple of Great Grandsons. We made some small talk and parted ways when we got to the resort. I was relieved to notice that the Twins were in a different building than we were in. Jenny and I went up to our suite, showered (together), dressed and went down to get some dinner. We ran into the Twins and were introduced to their Grandparents, Mr. & Mrs. Tyler. When she was told Jenny and I were on our honeymoon Mrs. Tyler asked if we had been married on Saturday and was tickled pink when we said we had been because we shared a Wedding Date, 50 years apart. That was the beginning of Jenny’s and My temporary pseudo adoption into the Tyler Family. The next morning when we went down to get some breakfast at the poolside restaurant we were introduced to the entire Tyler clan. They were all at the pool, the women and girls all gathered poolside in lounge chairs while all the men and boys were in the pool, “rough-housing”, as the eldest Mrs. Tyler described it. After being introduced to all of the female Tylers the men & boys were called out of the pool in small groups to be introduced. The twins, it turns out, were not the only twins in the family. The twins father also had an identical twin brother and his sister had identical twin boys who looked to be about ten years old. The twins oldest uncle had twins, a son and daughter, and his son had identical twin boys about six years old. As the men climbed out of the pool I could not help checking them out in their wet swim suits. They were all well built and showed decent bulges, nothing spectacular, but not bad. The one son-in-law, however, was packing. He had what I assumed was a huge cock and balls crammed into a Speedo. As we were introduced he stood with one arm draped over the shoulders of each of his twin boys. I swear I saw his bulge grow a bit as he smiled at me and said hello while rubbing his boys shoulders. After eating, Jenny and I went up to our room and changed into our bathing suits. Without discussing it we headed straight for the Tyler clan as soon as we were down to the pool. Jenny settled in with the women, poolside, while I jumped in the pool with the men. The twins from the plane quickly pulled me into the “rough-housing” which seemed to involve a lot more ass and crotch grabbing than I was used to. I noticed that even the two sets of twin boys were getting in grabs with each other and all of the men, from their Grandfather/Great Grandfather on down. I received several gropes from the boys myself. After the staff set up a net across the middle of the pool we decided to play volley ball. We divided into two teams, pretty much the older two generations against the younger two. During the coarse of the game, there were several “accidental” wardrobe malfunctions. On our side of the net, the younger sets of twins were very competitive and tried desperately to reach the ball when one of the twins or I were going for it. Coming down from the leaps for the ball they would inevitably catch our trunks with a hand and start to pull them down. I got several good views of the elder twins asses, and a few glimpses of bush, cock and balls. The twins got a similar show of my assets. On the other side of the net, it seemed that none of the men could keep izmit escort bayan the drawstrings of their trunks tied. Speedo man did not have a problem with his drawstring, he was just so big he could not keep it all inside. The younger Tyler men and I had a great show from the elder Tyler men. On both sides of the net I noticed that the bulges seemed to be getting bigger. I found myself chubbing up several times during the game and it appeared everyone else, including the younger twins, was having the same problem. When the game was over, the Tyler men all ganged up on the four boys. It did not take long before all four of the youngest Tylers were naked in the water. The older men played keep away with the boys suits while the boys tried to get them back with one hand each trying to hide a hard little cock. After a few minutes the boys got their suits back and we all relaxed in the water for a while. The twins from the plane quietly suggested that when when our cocks relaxed I should go up to their room with them where they had “some good weed”. Somewhat surprised that they acknowledged we were all hard under the water, I agreed to go up to their room. When my cock had calmed down, I got out of the pool and went over to Jenny. I told her I was going off with some of our new friends to chill for a while, it seemed she barely noticed what I had said. She was having such a good time with the Tyler women she did not seem to care much what I was up to. I turned around and saw the twins climb out of the pool and head for the building they were staying in. I followed them. As soon as we were in their room the twins suits were off because “wet suits are so uncomfortable”. I was encouraged to get out of my suit and then one of the twins walked out on the balcony, nude, to lay the suits in the sun. In the meantime the other twin got a bong ready and then the three of us sat down and passed it around. While we were getting high one of the twins asked me about the cum spot on my pants the day before. At first I was too embarrassed to tell them, but I finally got high enough to tell the twins the whole story. When I had finshed all three of us had hard cocks. I noticed that the twins both had impressive size when hard. We continued to pass the bong around until one of the twins leaned back, grabbed hold of his hard cock and pointed it towards me. It took me a quick minute to respond to his silent offer, but it wasn’t long before I leaned forward and went down on the offered cock. As I sucked cock, bobbing up and down I felt his hands take hold of my head and start guiding me, slowly, up and down on his cock. Then I felt the other twin behind me as he grabbed the cheeks of my ass, one in each hand, and pulled them apart. First I felt his breath on my hole, followed by his tongue. While one twin fucked my face and the other tongued my hole I thought I was in heaven. Then the tongue left my hole and I felt lube being liberally spread on and in my hole. At the same time the hands left my head and offered me a little brown bottle. I was asked if I wanted `poppers’ and when I figured out that was what was in the bottle I came up off his cock to say yes. The twin I was sucking helped me sniff the poppers while the twin behind me placed the head of his cock at my hole and pushed inside. I had been wrong earlier, THIS was heaven: twin cocks, one in my ass and one in my throat. While I was getting lost in the bliss of good weed, poppers and twin cock fucking me at both ends I was vaguely aware of hearing the door to the room open and close. Then I heard the twin fucking my ass, who was facing the door, say, “Hey Grand Dad, we got started without you. The Cialis is in the cupboard over the sink.” I heard the cupboard open and close, I heard the water turn on and off then I was aware of the eldest Tyler walking past us, naked, to take his suit out on the balcony. When the old man came back in the room he sat on a chair across the room leaned back, spread his legs wide and grabbed his soft cock saying, “Keep it up, boys. This show and the Cialis will have me hard and ready to go in no time.” As the old man talked the twin I was sucking got up on his knees and took over. I was no longer sucking his cock, he was fucking my face. He plowed in and out of my throat in rhythm with his twin fucking my ass. I was lost in time, so I couldn’t really tell how long it was before we all were joined in the room by one of the ten year old twins and his father, along with his father’s twin. The three of them shed their suits and put them on the balcony izmit sınırsız escort and in no time flat, the ten year old was on his hands and knees next to me with identical cocks, father’s and uncle’s, fucking him at both ends. This was all getting way beyond anything I had ever imagined. I did not know why, but the little boy next to me getting fucked by his father and his uncle was turning me on more than anything else going on, until the rest of the Tyler men and boys showed up in the room. All of them shed their suits as soon as they were inside and the door was closing, then marched across the room, naked out onto the balcony with their wet suits. The second ten year old twin was soon on the other side of me getting double uncle fucked. Speedo dude was ramming his huge cock in and out of the boys face and the kid seemed to be taking it like he was used to it. It looked traumatic, but I could see out of the corner of my eye that the little guy was hard while he was getting used by his uncles. His twin, on the other side of me, was also hard while his Father’s and his uncle’s cocks sawed in and out of his face and ass. Then I looked over at the old man and saw that the youngest twins were naked on the floor between their Great Grand Father’s legs kissing and licking his cock and balls. Watching those two little boys caused me to suddenly cum all over the floor underneath me. As I shot cum over and over, the twin in my ass let it be known that he was breeding me. That seemed to be the trigger for the twin fucking my face to feed me a healthy load of cum, some of it directly down into my throat, some of it in my mouth on my tongue. I relished the taste. After the twins had fully unloaded in me, they were about to trade places when the old man got up from his chair and said, “Hold on boys, you two can take turns in that ass, I want to feed this boy my cock.” When the old man stepped up in front of me I was amazed at how big he was because when soft he was pretty small. I heard myself say, “That turned into one big Daddy cock, feed it to me Daddy.” One of the twins behind me said, “All of us Tylers are growers, not showers, and Grand Dad is the biggest Grower out of all of us.” As he pushed that big cock into my face and down my throat, I heard him say, “that’s how I like my boys, eager to make Daddy happy.” I was so into the cock fucking my throat I did not notice when the youngest twins crawled under their ten year old cousins and started sucking their little cocks. When I did catch the boy on boy action on either side of me it caused me to cum again. As I shot more cum onto the floor the twin in my ass marveled at my ability to cum without anyone touching my dick. The old man fucking my face stayed hard and fucked away, for ever. All of the other Tylers had cum and were worn out, lounging on the furniture and the floor watching the old man fuck my face. When I was just getting to the point of feeling worn out the old man announced he was going to have to switch to my ass to get off. He pulled out of my face and I spun around to offer him my ass. While the old man was pushing at my hole, someone was helping me to get a good hit on the poppers. As soon as that big old cock was buried in my hole the old man started punching in and out with the speed of a rabbit. In a surprisingly short time the old man was bellowing to the audience that he was, “breeding the boys hole.” When the old man was done and had pulled out of my over fucked ass, I collapsed into the puddle of my cum on the floor. Everybody else got up and all of them, except the twins, filed out onto the balcony to retrieve their swim suits then slipped them on and left. One of the twins said I should shower before returning to my wife. Showered and back in my swim suit, I was about to leave when one of the twins offered me a Cialis. He said that as worn out as I appeared to be I might need some help getting it up for my wife saying, “It is your honeymoon, after all, and she will expect you to be hard and eager to fuck.” Later that night, after Dinner, back in our own room, Jenny did expect to get fucked. Thanks to the Cialis I managed to do my duty with images of cocks fucking me and those two little twins licking and kissing the old mans cock but I could not get off until I focused on the image of those two little boys sucking off their ten year old cousins. After all I’d been through in the past forty eight hours, that was the one thing that turned me on the most. I knew that I should be appalled at the idea of ten and six year old boys having incestuous sex with adults, and each other. But I was not appalled, I was fascinated and unbelievably turned on by it. It seemed right, but I did not know why. Did you like this? 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