A Nude Spring Break Away From Home Pt. 1A Nude Spring Break Away From Home Pt. 1


Spring break was finally here! It’d been a long college year thus far, and I was more than happy to load off some stress and take it easy for a week. Not much of a party girl, but two of my friends told me they were going to host a party at the beginning of spring break and asked me if I wanted to go. If not to distract myself from other things in my life, then to just spend some time with them after having barely having had a chance to talk to them the last couple of months. And so, I accepted.I wasn’t planning on drinking, and if I was – it’d only be a very minor gulp of something just to taste. Not enough to get me tipsy or anything, so I didn’t think I needed a designated driver. But I wasn’t going to show up at this party with just regular clothing – I figured I’d dress up for the occasion. Who knows? I might meet a guy there, which could spark something interesting…So I picked up a nice dress, showing some modest cleavage and tiny handles, some nice heels, got all ready, and pampered up so I could head to the party. Drove the thirty or so minutes to get there, saw a ton of cars parked on the side of the road in a relatively rural area, walked up and knocked on the front door, and one of the hosts – one of my two friends – Jonathan, opened the door.”Hey!” he said. “Wow, you look great. Thanks for coming.” I smiled as I stepped into the house. There was already some nice music, more on the hard rock side playing. About another fifteen or so people were there before me, a mix of guys and girls, but none of them that I knew. I had quite a few eyes look at me, which made me a little flustered but nothing I couldn’t handle. I noticed that I was definitely a little over-dressed for the occasion.I followed Jonathan for a bit – he showed me where the snacks were – a foldable table with an assortment of chips, nachos with dip, alongside a couple of boxes of pizza with various different toppings on each one (and thankfully there were two that were pepperoni and cheese only, my preferred!). There were three portable coolers filled with ice and a variety of sodas, water and juice bottles. And then obviously there were quite a few options for alcoholic beverages, something I thought I wouldn’t dabble into that night. I had gotten there decently early – was around 8:45pm or so. About another twenty minutes later was when quite a few more people started to show up. In the end, we were nearing thirty people at the party and there was a lot of stuff that was going on. There was the main sofa area with a TV and some guys, including my other friend and Jonathan’s roommate, Alexi, playing some video games and talking loudly as they got “angry” at the other for being cheap. Some other guys were watching, probably waiting to have their turn. The girls mostly stuck to themselves or close to what I assumed were their boyfriends, with usually one of them drinking and the other one not. I had a few guys come up to me and spark some conversations, which was nice, but none of them really led to anything, which was a little disappointing but not a dealbreaker. I decided to make myself maybe a little bit more interesting and not as sheltered or reserved as I normally am when trying to meet other people, I’d have only one drink to help me out…I poured myself a rum and Coke in one of the many disposable glasses available and made my first mistake – and it wouldn’t be my last. I wasn’t putting all that much rum in my beverage, and so I wasn’t tasting all that much of isvecbahis it. It was still present for sure, but not as strong as others might prefer. And so I kept taking a new glass, adding the same amount of rum with each glass… And at one point it started to hit me, and my memory of what happens next isn’t the best. But I remember going up to Alexi and talking to him for a bit. I smiled a lot, giggled a lot. He definitely noticed I was drunk.”I hope you have someone to drive you home,” he said. “Hmm… well, if they bail on me, guess I’ll just have to spend the night here,” I said. “Well, I guess that’s not the end of the world. You’ll be on the couch though.””Sure, it’s the least I could do.”Few minutes went by, and the alcohol was really getting to me. I’ve never been much of a drinker, much less someone who gets drunk often. But I remember going around to a corner and feeling like it was so hot in the house. So, smart as I was – instead of asking one of my friends who are hosting the party to turn up the AC or something – I decided that the best way to fix this was to shed some clothing. I swiftly slid my dress handles down my shoulders and slid my arms out, allowing me to slide my dress down to around my ankles with little effort. I wasn’t wearing a bra, so already I was only in my heels and panties – which I quickly proceeded to take off as well, though it took me a while to figure out how to get my panties off my legs as I wasn’t exactly in the best condition. In any case – there I was, completely naked with only my heels as I made my way over to where more people were. I got so many stares and glances, lots of people whispering to each other, some cheering. The girls there with their boyfriends did their best to stop their boys from looking at me showing everything off, letting my tits bounce, my ass shake. Jonathan and Alexi both saw me completely naked and made their way over to me. I remember they looked concerned while trying their best not to laugh out loud. “Yo Viv, you need to put your clothes back on,” Jonathan said.”Oh, come on… it’s so hot in here,” I mumbled. “Don’t you think I look good like this?”Alexi was covering his mouth, trying not to laugh, knowing all too well this wasn’t an ideal situation.”You look awesome, but I agree with Jonathan,” Alexi said. “You shouldn’t just be walking around naked.” I giggled as I pressed myself against Alexi and looked up at him.”You afraid something will happen? Just stay close to me then. Both of you.”Alexi gently distanced himself from me pressing myself against him. So I looked at Jonathan and took his arm and held it tight, right up against my naked chest. He looked both uncomfortable and excited. My two friends looked at each other, all the while others at the party were looking at this unfold. They shrugged their shoulders.”We’ll let you have your fun for a few minutes,” Jonathan said. “But you’ll have to get dressed soon, okay?”I made a pouty face and just said, “Fine…”I don’t remember a lot of what happened after, apart from almost always having either Jonathan, Alexi, or both looking over me and sticking with me. Definitely remember getting my ass slapped, my tits grabbed briefly, amongst other things that I let some other guys do. At one point I do remember Alexi shouting something at the party, asking if anybody had seen something. I only learned after that he was asking others if they had seen my dress and underwear. But at the time, it didn’t concern me; I was too drunk isveçbahis giriş to care.That’s about all I remember from that night. I woke up the next day, not sure exactly what time it was. Not before noon, though. My head was numb, I felt dizzy and awful despite lying down. I was on a sofa, covered in a blanket. Opening my eyes was a chore because it was so bright. I tried sitting up – had a hard time. And then I noticed that under my blanket… I was wearing nothing. I pulled my blanket out all the way very fast, almost like I was afraid I had lost my legs or something. I was right – I was completely naked.I tried to sit up – again, with a bit of difficultly. I put my head back down on the couch cushion and just looked around me. I was definitely in a familiar living room, but my memory was a bit spotty. Didn’t quite remember what had happened or why I was here, or why I was naked.I looked behind the sofa, and I saw the leftover bags of chips, the coolers, unused plastic cups. “Oh right,” I said, rubbing my eyes and holding my head. “The party…”And then I remembered I had stripped myself naked. A huge wave of embarrassment went right through me just remembering that. I took a deep breath and got up from the sofa, still my head feeling like it had just gotten rammed into by a boulder. I walked slowly to the corner where I remembered stripping naked, but my dress and underwear weren’t there. I looked in the surrounding area, though not too hard because I was just so hungover. Couldn’t find it.”Where the fuck are my clothes?” I mumbled to myself.I heard footsteps coming up the stairs to my right, my heart feeling like it skipped a beat. I took a few steps back and used my hands to modestly cover my tits and between my thighs as Alexi had come up, his hair a little frizzy and in what looked like his pajamas. We locked eyes. He eyed me from head to toe… as I just stood there naked. “I hope you remember how this happened,” he said.I nodded. “Yeah, I think so. And I know it’s my fault.”He exhaled. “Sort of. But also mine and Jon’s. We should have made you put your clothes back on ASAP.””Where are my clothes? Do you know?””Beats me. Someone fucked off with them and nobody saw who it was.””Oh, fuck.”Alexi looked like he felt bad for me. He made his way over to the kitchen and started to brew some coffee. As quick as I could muster with my sore head, I went over to the admittedly small blanket that I had slept with and tossed aside and wrapped it around me to at least cover myself somewhat. But it couldn’t even make it all the way around me, and didn’t go all that low. It barely made it down to my hips and I had to really pull both sides inwards to cover most of my front. I couldn’t believe it – someone just took my clothes and I was stuck naked at my friend’s place. And they had to worry about me and my safety all this time.”I’m sorry,” I said aloud.”No, no, don’t worry about it,” Alexi said. “What do you like in your coffee?””Uhm, two cream, one sugar, please.”Alexi poured two cups of coffee – one for me, and one for him. He sat down with me at the sofa as we both drank our morning nectar. “I’m just glad nothing else happened,” he said. “You got lots of attention, that’s for sure.””Thanks for looking out for me. You and Jon. I bet you both were pretty embarrassed to have to look out for a naked drunk girl at the party you hosted.””A little, but that can’t compare to how you must feel.””I guess… Why did I even drink at all? I didn’t have anybody isveçbahis yeni giriş to drive me home.”He shrugged his shoulder. “Shit happens. You’re lucky you didn’t do that at someone else’s party where we weren’t there to look out for you. Just be careful next time, ‘kay?””Yeah… How am I gonna get home without anyone noticing? Not like I can just drive around naked or whatever.””Jon and I were saying you’d be best to wait until it gets dark out – at least then if you’re driving, people won’t see that you’re naked. Just gotta make sure you don’t get pulled over.”I nodded. “Guess that is the best idea. But then I have to stay here the whole day and impose on you guys still. Fuck.””Don’t worry about it, Viv. Last thing we want is for you to get pulled over for indecent exposure while trying to rush back home because you feel bad about last night.”I looked at Alexi and smiled. “Thanks.””Not like it’s not nice having a hot, naked girl around.””Oh, shut up…” I took a sip of my coffee.At some point, Jonathan made his way down from his bedroom upstairs, also in what looked like his pajama clothes. He walked past the living room and noticed I was awake, drinking a coffee with Alexi.”I’m guessing he told you how this happened?” Jonathan asked.”Yup,” I said. “Really sorry…”He snickered and got himself a bottle of apple juice from one of the coolers. “We should be sorry for you,” he said, taking a sip. “You’re the one who’s stuck here naked. Did you have your phone or something important in your dress?””Huh? No. I don’t think so. My purse is in the trunk of my car. The doors are locked but not the trunk – so it should be safe.””Good. At least there’s that. You got a change of clothes in there?”I sighed. “Nope. I’m completely naked.””At least you’re fucking hot,” he said while winking at me.I scoffed. “Oh my god… Honestly, though, I’m sorry. I probably had you guys really worried or concerned last night. Feels like I ruined your party by doing that crazy shit.””Meh,” Alexi said. “Again – you’re safe and okay, that’s what matters most. We weren’t going to let you out of our sight or let you leave in that state.””I appreciate it. Thank you. Any way I can repay you?””We’re friends. It’s not overly necessary,” Jonathan said. “Your gratitude and getting to see your naked body was enough.”I smiled. It was embarrassing that I was naked like this, but it also felt… good. It felt a little exciting that I was stuck there naked, with only this small blanket to cover me. Both guys looking at me, having openly told me they found me attractive. And they’d seen it all anyway.”Naked body, huh…?” I said as I took my blanket and gently set it beside me, completely exposing myself in front of them. Alexi was right next to me on the couch, just looking at me, specifically at my tits. Already I was feeling a rush of nervousness and excitement.”I guess if I’m imposing on you by staying here, I could at least let you stare as much as you want… right?”Jonathan smiled with a laugh. “Well, uh, yeah. If that’s what you want. I won’t complain.”I looked at Alexi. “I won’t either,” he said, jokingly coughing into his fist while still looking right at me.”You know – just make sure to keep this between the three of us… okay?” I said. They both nodded as I finished my cup of coffee and struggled to get back up on my feet. I felt the need to use my hands to cover myself, but I had to really tell myself not to – not because I didn’t feel embarrassed or ashamed, but because I found it somewhat exhilarating. Forcing myself to not cover myself in front of these two guys who I was really good friends with – and it was obvious that they couldn’t get enough of looking at me willingly fully exposed. 

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