Sweet Sister Ch. 12Sweet Sister Ch. 12


Chapter 12 – The Twin Meets Daddy

We were in the kitchen finishing off the dinner when Daddy arrived home from work. As predicted his eyes nearly popped out of his head when he saw the twin. I ran over and put my arms around his neck and gave him a less than daughterly kiss on the lips pressing my crotch against the burgeoning bulge in his trousers.

I did the intros and the girls both politely kissed Daddy on the cheek positioning themselves so that he had a glimpse down their dresses at their pert little nipples atop their even perter breasts. I also noticed that they bent down just a little too much when picking up the plates and serving dishes to take them across to the table.

Dinner passed uneventfully and after we had cleaned up we went through to watch a film on the tele. The girls were sitting near enough opposite Daddy and Alan who both sat on the couch. Again I noticed how the girls let their legs fall slightly open so that the boys could see up their skirts to their tight little panties.

The film was a horror one and the girls feigned being scared so that they could move onto the couch with the boys and as they did they became bolder.

” Mr Grant,” asked April (or was it May?), “Daddy always lets us sit on his lap if there’s a scary film on. Can we sit on your lap please?”

I was stunned. The bulge in Daddy’s trousers was prominent. How was this going to work out, I wonder!

“Well I’m not so sure that would be right, young lady.” Daddy half protested. “In any case I couldn’t fit you both on my lap.”

“Me first then, ” said April taking the response as a yes. She didn’t wait either and clambered onto Daddy’s lap before anything else was said. Her legs were slightly apart so I could see her panties and she wiggled into a “more comfortable” position.

“What have you got in your trousers, Mr Grant, it’s all hard and its sticking into my bum.” April complained.

I could hardly contain myself. The girls were making all the running here and I could tell it wasn’t going to be long before Daddy had his cock buried deep into one of these girls’ hot little pussies.

“I’m sorry, April, isn’t it?” Daddy soothed. “All that wriggling has made me kinda boney down there I’m afraid.”

“Boney?” said April. “You don’t have to be coy with us Mr Grant. We’ve done sex stuff at school and our Daddy has shown us how it all works. You mean that me wriggling my bottom, like this, on your lap has given you and erection.” Then she added the bombshell as if it were asking for a lemonade: “May I see it please. I mean I’ve seen Daddy’s and I want to see if they’re all the same”.

“Oh yes, please, may we?” Added May excitedly.

Daddy relented, how could he refuse such a sweet request. Especially as my Daddy was as horny as a box of rabbits right now. “Alright, girls, but only in the interests of education and comparison, you understand.

The girls got to work right away. April slipped her legs either side of Daddy’s and moved up to give access for May to Daddy’s crotch. As she did so April’s short skirt rode up and her panties stretched across her dampening slit. May struggled momentarily with Daddy’s belt and fly zip before fishing out his rock hard cock. She cooed with pleasure as she ran her fingers lightly up and down the shaft.

“Oooh, its lovely and big Mr Grant. Just a bit thicker than our Daddy’s.” She marvelled.

“Please girls,” groaned my father, “Enough of this Mr Grant stuff, just call me .. er ..Daddy.”

Alan and I moved across to the other sofa to get a better view and my brother’s arms settled around me and started fondling my aching tits through my thin dress. April slid forward until her slit was against Daddy’s shaft and slowly started to rub herself up and down its length. May leant forward and rained kisses down on the tip of his prick before taking the head in her mouth and using her tongue to wash over it.

“Oooh fuck,” groaned Daddy as he felt Levazım Escort the velvet lips encircle his knob end and the soft, warm dampness of April’s panty clad pussy against the shaft. “I though you were just going to look, girls.”

“We need to make a proper study, Mr .. er. Daddy.” April spoke through gasps for her pre-occupied twin sister. “Do you like our studying, Daddy?”

“Who am I to restrict a young girl’s education.” Moaned Daddy as he thrust his hips up forcing another inch of his cock into May’s sucking mouth and rasping his shaft against April’s sensitive clit. His hands slid up April’s lithe body and released her perfect little breasts from out of her dress and started to play with her nipples.

“Oooh, Daddy, that’s goood.” April sighed, “Please touch my breasts and squeeze my stiff nipples for me. Oooh … aaaaah that’s right.”

Alan had now released my firm breasts from my dress and was slowly pinching my nipples too and sending shivers down to my soaking cunt. I reached round and started to stroke his cock through his trousers and he moaned softly in my ear. I turned and kissed him, my tongue slipping into his mouth for him to suck on. “Get undressed Alan,” I whispered, “I want you in my cunt while Daddy fucks the twin.”

He quickly eased himself out of his clothes and I lay down with him behind me so that we could continue to watch Daddy and the girls. His cock slipped between my legs and started lubricating itself along my now dripping slit. “Put it in me and fuck me real slow.” I urged.

Alan positioned his slippery cock at my entrance and slowly inched his way up my tight eager hole, setting up a slow rhythmic fuck.

Across from us Daddy was pumping his cock, fucking Mary’s cute little face while April bucked against the remaining length of his cock. Mary eased her mouth away from his prick leaving it slick with her saliva. She slipped her hand against her sister’s mound and slit and gently pushed aside the panty material covering her cunt. “”Lift up April,” she instructed, “I think you need this thick Daddy cock inside that boiling cunt of yours.”

“Uhuh,” grunted April, “Please Mary, feed Daddy’s cock into me

Forcing April back slightly she positioned Daddy’s cock head at the entrance to her sisters waiting and very wet pussy hole. April then slowly sank down taking the thick meat into her love tunnel. “Nnnnngh, that’s fantastic,” she groaned, “Oooh fuck, deeper Daddy, push it right up me.”

Daddy obliged.

Mary stood up and slowly stripped showing off her young lush body to Daddy’s lecherous eyes. She rubbed and squeezed her breasts and gyrated her hips before slipping a finger into her ready pussy and masturbating in front of him. “Ooh Daddy, its soooo lovely seeing your cock deep in my sister’s cunt I just have to rub myself. Fuck her Daddy. Fuck her and make her cum all over that lovely fat cock.” She teased rubbing a finger from her other hand across her clit.

Daddy’s cock started to piston up into April’s young pussy. We could all hear the sucking noise as April’s juices were fucked in and out of her cunt with every stroke. “Do as your sister says, now there’s a good girl.” He told April. “Do you like Daddy’s cock up in your cunt? Do you like Daddy fucking his little girl? Come on April cum for Daddy, soak my cock with your love juice. I want to feel it running all over my balls. Yeah, fuck me, fuck me harder.”

“Ooooh Daddy, you’re making me so hot and wet.” April panted. “Daddy I’m fucking your hard cock, its so deep in me. God, I’m so close to cumming .. ah .. ah .. I’m going to drown your cock in my cream ..ah ..ah. Oooh. May come hu .. here sis and rub my clit for me pleeease.”

May came forward and placed her knees either side of April’s, spreading her legs wide open over Daddy and April’s laps. Reaching down she started to slide her fingers around either side of April’s engorged clit, slightly squeezing Escort Levazım it as she did so. April slid two of her fingers into May’s soaking pussy and started to frig her wildly as she pounded on Daddy’s shaft. Then she suddenly exploded.

“Oooooh fuuuuuck,” she yelled, “oooh fuck, I’m fucking cummmmming. Oooh Daddy I’ cumming all over your beautiful cock. I’m soaking your balls, Oh Daddy, Dadddddeeeeee!”

I could see Daddy gritting his teeth as April’s pussy muscles clamped down on his prick. He said afterwards the pressure was the only thing that stopped him shooting his load at that moment she came so hard.

Alan was having a hard time too, trying to keep a measured pace fucking my pussy. His thrusts had become harder as he watched April’s mammoth cum. I could hear him groaning in my ear and his fingers were practically tearing my nipples off. “Steady bro,” I warned, “I want to see May get hers before you loose off in me.”

As if on cue May pulled Daddy’s cock from April’s pulsing love hole and in one movement raised up and lowered herself onto the slick rod. Daddy groaned as she thrust herself forward fully impaling herself on his complete length. “Oooh Daddy, I hope you’ve saved enough for me. Oooh your cock is so big in my tight little pussy Daddy.” She crooned.

April had collapsed back against Daddy’s chest but her body was being moved along with the thrusting and bouncing rhythm that he and May were setting up between them. This soon brought her round enough to help her sister out. She started fondling her sibling’s tits then leant forward so she could take each nipple in her mouth in turn and suck them while Daddy continued to gently play with her own.

May didn’t last as long as April as she was already wound up like an over-wound spring. Her mounted assault on Daddy’s cock had her cumming in very short order. “Ooooh Daddy, I’m not going to hold out, you’re cock is sooo wonderful. “Fuck Daddy, you’re gonna make me cum …. Uh .. uh .. uh … Urrrgh fuck, yes … yes … yessssss . .fuc I’m cumming Daddy, cumming on your beautiful cock … yesssssssss, yeeessssss now .. nnnnnrgh!”

Her young body stiffened and jerked as her orgasm burst through her body. April held her tight as she pounded out her cum. Daddy couldn’t hold on any longer. With two beautiful bodies working on top of him and a tight cunt gripping his cock. “Fuck May, stay with me honey. You’re going to make Daddy cum in you sweetheart. Daddy’s going to cum in your sweet tight cunny. Fuck yes, ” .. thrust … thrust .. thruuuuuuust. “Oh fuck yesss, here it cummmmmms.

May moved another foot in the air as Daddy thrust upwards with force, his curly pubic hair mashed against her smooth pussy. “Ooohh, Daddy, I’m cumming again … oooooh fuuuuuuck, yeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssss!!” May screamed.

Alan was now pumping me vigorously his tummy slapping into my bum cheeks every time, faster and faster. “Alan, you’re going to make me … cummmmmmnnnnrrrrrrrgh.” It arrived so fast it took me unawares as my orgasm ripped through my body but Alan kept going.

“I’m not finished with you yet, petal.” he teased. “You’re going to have to have another of those or two before you get my seed.

“Alan my cunt’s …aaah ..too … ummmm …sensitive. Fuck my bumhole bro, stick that lovely meat of yours up my tight arsehole.” I pleaded.

Not being one to refuse a young girl’s request Alan pulled out of my well fucked cunt and placed his slippery cockhead at my little puckered anus then pressed. “Nrrrrgh, fuck yes, push it deep in, Alan, fill my bumhole, mmmmmm, Oh yes.” I whimpered as his long cock filled me up. For good measure I slipped a hand between my legs and started to stoke my stiff clit. I looked over again at the scene before me. The group had slowed and had started to recover themselves. May gently raised herself up letting Daddy’s melting cock slip from her cum filled slit. “Do you want it?” She smiled Levazım Escort Bayan at April.

“Give it to me, I want to taste you both.” April responded.

May stood on the sofa and manoeuvred herself over her sister’s face, reached between her legs and opened her cunt lips. April tipped her head back and opened her mouth to receive my Daddy’s nectar as it dibbled from her sister’s pussy down the back of her throat. May then lowered herself onto her sister’s mouth and we all watched as April ate her sister’s pussy to yet another orgasm.

“Christ that’s so fucking sexy,” my brother groaned in my ear. His strokes got a little more pronounced in my arsehole.

“Wish that was your cum April was drinking, Bro?” I taunted only to receive a hard fuck thrust in response. “Ugh, ugh, … uuuurgh. Fuck yes, fuck my arse, give it me hard bro. Cum up my bumhole. Come on bro spurt in me.” I chanted as another orgasm started to well up inside me.

We had an audience now as April had drained May’s pussy and the three had relaxed enough to watch our action.

“Wow,” exclaimed April looking at Alan’s cock as it pounded my behind. “I think I’d like to try that, it looks soooo coool.”

Daddy reach over gently fondling both girls’ bums and reaching a finger to massage their anal openings. “We might be able to arrange something I daresay.” He mused dipping his fingers into their drenched pussies for more lubrication.

“Oh, look Sam’s going to come again,” exclaimed April as she pressed herself down on Daddy’s teasing finger.

“Alan’s going to spurt too,” cried an excited May as she too helped Daddy’s finger deeper into her anus. “Ooooh, yes Daddy, all the way in. Come on Alan spurt your cum into Sam’s arsehole, fill her tight little hole for her.”

Alan lifted my leg up to give the girls a better view of his cock buried deep in my rectum and my busy hand. “Fuck Alan, I’m going to cum again. Cum with me bro … aaah .. aah ..I want to feel you spurting in my aaah … ahhh ..arse as I cum. Come on bro, empty aaaaah … aahhhh. your balls up meeeeeeeee … god I’m cummmmmming.”

“God sis you’re taking me with you, here comes my load sis, I’m going to spurt up your arsehole … uuurgh ,,, urrrgh …. Nnnnnnrgh.” Alan yelled as his lovely long prick exploded deep inside my bowels spraying my insides with his incestuous sperm. I felt every pulse and jerk of his cock as I orgasmed along with him.

April and May were having mini orgasms on Daddy’s fingers as they watched. “Oooh April look at Alan’s cock spurting up Sam’s arse hole. God that’s soooo hot …. Nnnnnrgh.” May gurgled.

“Its making me so horny sis, I’m going to cum again. Ooooh Daddy finger my tight button hole … ooooh … ooooh ….. mmmmmmmmng!” April growled as she orgasmed.

Alan’s cock softened and slipped from my anus with a little pop that made me gasp. I was spent but the horny little twin had one more job to perform. They came over to me sprawled on the sofa their soft hands caressing my worn out body. May slipped her hand between my legs and ran a finger across my anus collecting a small amount of Alan’s cum that had leaked out. She looked at it mesmerised and lifted up to her sister’s mouth. “Taste, April?” she asked.

April didn’t say anything but simply opened her mouth and sucked Alan’s cum off her sister’s finger. They looked at each other in wordless agreement and both slinked behind me to use their hot little tongues and mouths on my dripping arsehole. I moaned contentedly as their tongues probed and twisted cleaning me out completely.

Looking like two cats that had had the cream they addressed the tangled heap of bodies.

“Mummy and Daddy said that if we got on well here this evening they would like to invite you all around to their party next weekend. Would you like to come?” said May licking an errant drop of cum from the corner of her mouth. “Aunt June will be there and her kids and Grandma and Grandpa are coming too as well as some other friends.”

We all looked at each other imagining what sort of party that could possibly be.

Trust Alan to spoil a moment: “Aunt June?” he mocked “What’s you mother’s name, July?”

“No, its Polly.” Said April flatly, missing the point entirely.

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