Sweet SeparationSweet Separation


Gwen had got a call from Kyle; the news was what she had expected, but not what she had wanted to hear.

She had got a large coffee and was sitting at a table in the eatery area of the mall.

“Hi girl” came a familiar voice from behind her.

“Hi Janet how are you?”

“I’m ok and you, where’s your boyfriend?” Janet asked as she sat down, next to Gwen.

“He had to go home. His dad had a heart attack. So he had to go to help his mom out.”

“I’m so sorry to hear that. That’s so sad.” She said as she stroked Gwen’s hand and held it.

“So what are you up to today?” Gwen asked her.

“Nothing much in fact I was thinking of going to the movies. It’s one of my days off.

Listen why don’t come to the movies with me. Going alone is the pits.”

“I don’t know. What time does it start?” Gwen asked.

“Eh, 6.15, I think. It’s that controversial movie 50 shades of grey.” Janet said as she continued to stroke Gwen’s hand.

“Yes why not!” Gwen said and added “I agree with you about going by yourself. It sucks for sure.”

Janet had got a soda and they sat and chatted about this and that, passing the time till it was time to go to the movie.

They strolled leisurely to the cinema with their fingers lightly entwined.

Getting to the cinema they got their tickets and headed in.

They found seats easily and sat at the back and in the middle, under the over hanging balcony.

The titles rolled by and the movie began.

After a few minutes Janet excused herself and left Gwen watching the movie.

“Sorry about that.” Janet said as she sat back down.

Gwen felt Janet’s hand on hers, in her lap.

She moved her hand to be on top of Janet’s, stroking and gently pressing it against her skirt, as she moved a foot close to Janet’s.

Their legs pressed together Janet eased Gwen’s skirt up over her knees and up her thigh. She then moved her hand onto Gwen’s bare thigh and caressed it softly. She slowly moved her hand, up the warm thigh, and across it toward the soft warm inner thigh.

Gwen was moving her hand into Janet’s lap at the same time. It moved slowly back and forth, as well. Each move going further than the last, till her fingers felt the hem of Janet’s skirt. Her fingers hooked around the material and started dragging it up her thighs.

Janet’s fingers touched the lacy material of Gwen’s panties, and in response her legs parted slightly. A probing finger pressed gently against the fine material, against the hot puffy love nest beneath.

Her level of excitement was accelerating rapidly. She moved her hand along Janet’s thigh.

Getting to Janet’s groin all she felt was warm and soft skin. Sliding her hand down in between the now parted thighs. Her finger touched hot moist bare love lips, that were puffy and protuding. “Mm that feels really lovely.” Janet murmured at the touch of Gwen’s finger. Her finger continued to caress the soft lace of Gwen’s panties.

Gwen slipped forward in her seat, pressing against Janet’s finger, which pressed in between the covered and aroused love lips.

Moving her hand Janet slipped her hand into the waistband of the lace panties. She slid it down into the hot and quite wet confines of Gwen’s love nest.

Her fingers parted the outer lips, to caress the very nub of Gwen’s sexuality, squeezing and stroking it. She teased her clit out of its shroud.

Gwen moved her hand back and fidgeted and anxiously got her offending panties down and off.

She returned her hand to delve some more into the hot wet and slippery pussy.

Both girls were alarmingly aroused.

Gwen saw a couple moving along the row in front of them and froze, clamping her legs together.

Trapping Janet’s hand in her, as she slowly removed her hand from the enticing lair it was in.

Janet eased her hand free from Gwen’s cunt. She lifted her hand and sucked her damp fingers, enjoying the smell and taste that was Gwen.

“I want to go home Janet, ok. Sorry, I have to go.” She bent down and picked up her panties and slipped them into her skirt pocket.

She had left Janet and was out of the cinema before Janet could catch up to her.

Getting into her apartment she leaned against the door. Her heart was pounding her chest like it would explode.

She slid down and sat on the floor, her bare butt on the hardwood flooring. The cold of the wood felt good. She just sat and let the cool feeling spread through her loins

It both cooled, and calmed her down, at the same time. Seeing the couple in the cinema had petrified her.

The thought of being caught was exciting in a way but far more scaring.

She undressed, dropping her cloths on the sofa, and walked to the bathroom and got into the shower.

Turning it on, she adjusted the temperature. She just stood under the shower just letting it wash over her.

After several minutes she lent against the wall of the stall, and soaked some more.

Getting out of the shower bursa escort Gwen dried herself off and padded into the living room and sat on the sofa.

She found her celphone and turned it on.

“Hi sweet one are you there?”

As Gwen waited she turned the boom box on, and turned to a station that plays the oldies music.

Her cell buzzed; there was a message for her.

“Hi sweet girl, how r u.”

“Its so gud to here from u. Miss u so much”

“Me u 2. What you been doing”

“Not much really. How’s ur dad doing?”

“He’s doing well. The doctor said that he could be home in a week, if he continues to improve.”

“That’s great news. How’s your mom doing, this is hard for her as well.”

“Mom, she is coping really well. At least, on the surface that is. O by the way mom said that you are welcome to come out any time. We have a spare room just waiting for u.”

“I’d love to come out, and meet ur mom and dad. That’s so sweet, tell her tnx”

“Will do. I miss u. At least I have something of u.”

“Something of me. What’s that?”

“Your powder blue panties.”

“Oh wow, fuck! I’d forgotten about that.”

“And the picture and video of u. But I miss U, all warm and soft.”

His text was getting her excited and hot.

She was only draped in the towel as she sat on the sofa. Reading Kyle’s txt she slid a hand down and between her legs. She was quite wet, and now aroused again.

“I can hardly wait, Saturday, is only 3 days away but it seems like 3 weeks.”

“The time will pass by pretty quick you’ll see Ok. Be good XXXX. “

“Ok, you be good as well. Say hi to your mom and dad. XXXX,”

Wednesday came and went then Thursday. They seemed never ending.

Gwen was sitting in the cafeteria when her celphone buzzed.

“What do have on tomorrow afternoon at class?”

“Tomorrow afternoon, just corporate law and English grammar, why”

“Why not come out after class.”

“Oh wow, that would be great. I don’t know if there is a train or not. I’ll go and check and get back to you, ok.”

“There is a train at 5.38 that gets here at 7.53. I’ll meet you as you get off the train.”

“It’ll be close but I’ll give it a try. I’ll let you know if I make it in time ok.”

“That sounds fine. Hopefully we’ll see each other tomorrow. You be good now, XXXX”

“You too, oh wow. XXXXX.”

Her last class finished Gwen hastened away and headed to the mall to do some shopping.

She checked the locations map at the entrance and found the store she needed.

She headed up the escalator to the second level. She almost ran the rest of the way to ‘La vie en rose’ lingerie store.

After looking around at the selection of things, Gwen selected what she wanted and paid for it and left.

Getting a coffee she found a table and sat down the mall was fairly quiet as she enjoyed the coffee.

Sitting in her English class she tried to concentrate on her class. It seemed to go on forever.

Her class over she headed home and took a shower, as much to calm down as anything.

Getting dressed and putting her things in her backpack. She headed out of her apartment and away to the station.

She got her ticket and went out onto the platform and sat on a bench. She had made it with 5 minutes to spare.

“Hi sweetheart. I’m here. The train is due in a few minutes. So I’ll see you shortly. Shit I’m so excited I could pee myself XxXxX”

“Fabulous. Ok I’ll see you at the station. Sorry I have to run mom wants me to take her to the store for a few things. So I’ll see you in a wee while. By xxxxx”

“Say hi to your mom, I’m looking forward to meeting her. Xxxxxx. By”

She put her phone in her pocket as the train arrived and she found a seat and sat down. She idly looked out the window as the train left her station

She checked the time and saw that it was 7.47. The next stop would be her stop. The train was going around a curve and some lighted buildings were up ahead. Her stop had arrived, at last.

The train stopped and she got off, along with several other passengers.

She looked around but didn’t see Kyle, maybe he was somehow delayed.

“Gwen over here” his voice came from behind her.

Turning she saw him along the platform, waving his arms.

She ran to him and thru her arms around his neck, kissing him.

“It’s so good to see you,” Gwen said as she hugged him.

They stood on the platform hugging each other as the train left.

“Let’s get you home,” Kyle said as he put an arm around her waist. “You’ve had a long day”

“How’s your mom and dad. It’s so nice of your parents to have invited me over.” Gwen said as they strolled out of the station,

The drive was about 20 minutes and as they turned into the driveway the car headlight lit up the front of the house.

The front door opened and Kyle’s mom stepped out and waved.

Kyle got Gwen’s back pack off of the back seat.

They bursa escort bayan walked over hand in hand. “Mom this is Gwen.”

“Hello dear it’s nice to meet you, come on in,”

“Hello Mrs. Glass, thank you for the invite. How is Mr. Glass doing, Kyle said that he may be coming out of hospital soon?”

“Yes that’s right, if he keeps improving that is. I think I’ll put the kettle on and make a pot of tea.”

Gwen sat on the settee and Kyle sat next to her and put an arm around her shoulders.

“Kyle show Gwen where her room is, while I make the tea. “Mrs. Glass said from the kitchen.

“Good idea, come upstairs and I’ll show you around.” Picking up her bag he started off up the stairs.

Getting to the top of the stairs he took her hand and led the way to her bedroom.

Opening the bedroom door, Gwen followed Kyle in. there was a double bed. Gwen went over and pushed down on it. It felt really soft and inviting. She imagined snuggling up in it, cradled in his arms,

“This is a lovely room and the bed is so soft.” She said as she sat on the edge of the bed.

Kyle went over and opened the window a bit, letting in a soft breeze. He came back and sat on the bed next to her, saying. “You think you’ll be comfortable.” Taking her hand, in his and squeezing it.

“Mm, that’s, for sure. Where’s your room?”

“I’ll give you a tour. Across the hall is the bathroom. “Kyle said as he got up and led the way. He opened the door to the bathroom and turned the light on.

“Moms room is down the hall on the right. Then he led the way to his room the other way and on the same side as her room.

“This is my room.” He said as he opened the door to his bedroom. Gwen looked in and saw a twin sized bed.

She stepped inside and looked around. “No nude pinups.” She chided him and hugged him, kissing him.

“I have a very special pinup on my laptop, that’s a lot better than center folds.” He said as he stepped out into the hall.

Going back down stairs and sitting on the settee. Her skirt was up around her knees and her feet slightly apart.

Kyle sat next to her with his arm around her shoulders. He had his hand draped loosely over her blouse

“What do you like in tea Gwen?” Mrs. Glass asked.

“Just a drop of milk is fine.” Gwen replied.

“Like me, no sugar.” Kyle’s mom said as she handed Gwen her cup of tea,

“Thank you,” Gwen replied and asked. “Mrs. Glass, would it be ok, if I went to see Mr. Glass with Kyle?”

“I think he would like it a lot. And while you are gone I’ll get things ready for supper, why don’t you call me mom. I’d like that. You are in charge of the BBQ fella, ok?”

“A BBQ, great, I’ll take care of it.” Kyle replied.

“Well dears I think I’ll turn in and I’ll see you in the morning.” Kyle’s mom said as she got up out of her chair and headed to the stairs.

“Night mom, see you in the morning.” Kyle said, followed by Gwen who echoed him.

She picked up the cups and put them on the tray, taking them out to the kitchen said softly. “You have a very nice mom.”

Coming back to the settee she laid down with her head on Kyle’s lap and a leg bent. The other draped off of the settee and its foot on the floor.

“This is so cozy” Gwen purred softly, her head slightly inclined toward him. Her hand was gently stroking his bare shin.

Kyle ran his fingers through her soft hair as she lay in his lap. His other hand rested on her tummy.

“Mm it’s really peaceful, and having you here makes it cozy.” He said quietly, his hand stroking her skirt, at her waist.

He glanced down at her. Her eyes were closed and she had a little smile on her face,

His stroking slowly wandered lightly over her body. Up and down and around, eventually his hand touched the blouse over her chest as it rhythmically rose and fell with each breath.

Slowly he traced a line from one breast to the other, and back down her body to her skirt.

He dragged the back of his hand up her leg to her knee and back down to her hips. As he did he dragged her skirt down her thighs, were it bunched up and uncovered her delicate white lace panties.

Kyle ran his hand softly up her leg to her knee. And back down, the inside of her thigh, as he did she moved it toward the back of the settee. His fingers came to rest on the front of her panties.

Gwen wriggled at the touch of his fingers.

Softly he ran his other hand over her chest. Her breasts were soft and warm. Her nipples becoming erect with excitement. He teased them with the tips of his fingers as his hand passed over them.

His hand resting on her panties slowly, softly rubbed the fine material. It was pliant under them, a finger gently pressed in on the material, down between her thighs. He pressed a finger, between her outer love lips.

The soft material of her panties, allowed his finger to only go just so far.

Kyle reached for the remote and turned the TV volume down escort bursa a bit saying quietly, “that’s better.”

Gwen had moved her hand from her side to lie on her tummy.

She looked so peaceful and happy, content in just being there. Her eyes were still closed and her nostrils slightly flared.

Putting the remote down, he ran his fingers through Gwen’s hair and down her neck, then to the top button of her blouse. Slowly he undid it and the next one. Finally he undid the next one. He slipped his hand inside of her blouse and onto her lacey bra. Her breast felt so soft, as it rose and fell with each breath.

He moved his hand back and undid the next button. His hand slid back and lay on her breasts.

As he did Gwen moved her hand and undid the last of the buttons.

The white cotton blouse fell open and she let her hand fall to her side with it.

He wriggled a bit to get comfortable. All the activity was having an effect on him, a tell tail bump was slowly developing in his shorts.

He gently rubbed the lacey material of her panties, over her love nest. And down to press a finger in between the tender love lips. As the material stopped his finger again, he slowly drew it up, to press down on the hooded clit. He ran his finger around it, then side to side. “Mmm.” Gwen murmured under her breath,

Her hips pushed up against his finger and her nostrils flared.

Gently rubbing her clit, Kyle fondled her breast. The fine material was so warm under his palm. The stiff nipple was pressing against it. He could feel her heart beating.

He moved his other hand up to the waist band of her panties and slipped it inside, moving it back down. Coming to the small tuft of fur he ran a finger around it and rubbed it softly. Continuing down he took hold of the hot folds of her covered love bud and squeezed it playfully “Mmm” she breathed with a wriggle, and push of her hips.

Slowly he slipped a finger between her outer puffy love lips, and in between the inner ones. To curl a finger and slip it into her hot dark cunt, slowly pushing it in as far as he could “Fff mm” she murmured as she pushed her hips up and squeezed her legs together. His hand was trapped in between them, his finger deep in her.

“I love the attention but I think we should stop while we are able, mm.” Gwen whispered as she looked up at him.

“Maybe we should, or should we.” Kyle mumbled. As he spoke he slipped his finger out of its honey haven. Lifting it to his lips he licked it and sucked on it.

“I want you so much, but I don’t want to get you in trouble and possibly upset mom.”

Gwen sat up and did her blouse up reluctantly. “I wonder would it be alright for me to have a shower.”

“Sure go right ahead sweet one. Mom would be mad if you wanted to and didn’t.” He said as he got up and pulled her up and hugged her. “Can I wash your back?” Kyle asked as he looked at her, a cheeky glint in his eyes.

“Kyle please, I’m having a job controlling myself already.” Gwen said quietly as they hugged, feeling him against her. “It will happen I promise.” She said as she kissed him tenderly.

She stood in the shower and let the cool water wash over her body. In an attempt to defuse the carnal feelings she was in the midst of.

Kyle checked the door and turned the light off and went upstairs. He could hear the shower running and envisioned Gwen naked, standing under the shower. He put his hand down and pressed it against his shorts.

Closing the door to his room he did all he could do. Dropping his shorts and under shorts. He masturbated energetically and came in three shuddering climaxes. His cum dropping onto a large towel spread out over his bed. After he had finished he got undressed and got in bed in the nude. Tired out he dropped off to sleep fairly quickly.

Her cool shower over Gwen padded to her room, wrapped in a towel. She pulled the door to, but not shut.

Getting her back pack she found her short nightie and panty set. She decided to just put on the nightie.

She slipped in between the sheets and curled up on her side and dozed off in short order.

Gwen partly roused when she felt an arm slip over her and rest over her tummy.

Partly straightening her legs, to feel him stretched out behind her. His naked body, stretched out behind her.

She reached back and urged him closer to her back.

As he slid closer to her his erection pressed against her nightie, and pressed it between her butt cheeks.

“Morning sweetheart” She murmured softly, as she wriggled, pressing against his hot prick.

“Morning” He whispered and kissed her hair softly.

He slid his hand up and fondled her soft heaving breasts. “Mmm” she breathed contentedly.

After several minutes Gwen turned onto her back. Turning her head and looked at him in the early dawn light.

He put a hand up and stroked the side of her face and kissed the tenderly. Their lips fused and their kiss quickly evolved into a carnal, and wanton wet kiss. It was full of pent-up sexual energy.

They thru the bed sheet back,

Gwen got up and straddled him and manually slid his prick into her. Her need was such that she needed him in her, even though she wasn’t really wet inside

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