Summer HeatSummer Heat

Alexis Fawx

I wake up with a start as the sheets are jerked off my body. I am drenched in sweat; the air conditioner having been turned off a while back when the power went off. I see you looking down at me with an amused look.

You just came back from work. It’s a burning 40 degrees Celsius outside. The perpetually loose strands of hair on the right side of your face are stuck to it. Your sleeveless top is damp and I can faintly see your nipples hardening under your bra as you cool off.

You call me a pervert seeing me still naked after the lengthy pounding I gave you last night. I start to get hard looking at your body, at your curves accentuated in your tight top and trousers that I am tempted to slowly peel off you. You turn away towards the bath but I grab your hand and pull you on top of me. You give me a naughty smile as you feel my hardness poking your belly.

Our lips meet in a fiery kiss. I push my hand inside your drenched panties towards the radiating heat between your legs. I can feel your pussy pulsing and I smear your creamy wetness all over your lips and push two fingers inside you. You let out a deep guttural moan and your back arches as I fuck you with my fingers. Your throaty üsküdar escort gasps are music to my ears and I move my fingers faster, smirking at the debased look on your face.

I pull my hand out and roll you over. You are panting with lust and your eyes are glazed as I cover your clothed body with my naked hulking form. We smell your pungent juices on my fingers as you grab my dick firmly and start pumping it furiously.

I start nibbling your neck and mauling your swollen breasts. I take my time moving down your neck, grazing your sensitive skin with my teeth. Your scent mixed with your perfume washes over me and my dick starts throbbing. You feel my breath get shallow as I inhale deeply. I have never felt so hot for you before. Sensing my desperation, you raise your arms above your head as I sniff you shaved armpits. It feels so wrong but I can’t help myself. The heady smell is making me light headed and horny beyond imagination.

I strip you naked and spread your legs as wide as I can. Your pussy is glistening as I plunge into you with all my strength. The smell of sex hangs heavy in the air as our sweaty bodies slap şerfali escort against each other. You wrap your legs around me as I grab your shoulders and pound into you mercilessly. My face is buried in your neck and I can hear your pussy squelching at every thrust. You beg me to go faster and my breathing starts becoming ragged. I feel your body tense under me and your back starts arching as you have a crashing orgasm. Feeling you cum, I blow my load deep inside your pussy.

You caress my hair as I catch my breath. I look at you and you give me a warm smile. I tell you how much I love you as you gently stroke my back.

It has been 6 months since we last met. You kiss me all over my face and tell me how much you have missed me; I have as well. I tell you how amazing it is to be with you, to feel you and touch you. I embrace you tightly and tell you that I never want to let go. You smile and tell me that I don’t have to.

Your warmth is so soothing against my body and I start getting hard again. You laugh and tease me how much my dick has missed you too. You sit up and push me down. I jump as you trace your fingernails on my inner thighs. You tell me to relax as I feel your hot breath on my balls.

You push my legs back and I sigh expectantly as you spread my cheeks and lick my asshole. My mind is flooded with pleasure as I feel you twirl your tongue in my ass while you fondle my balls. You feel my legs shaking as you get up. You scoop out your wetness with two fingers and smear it on my asshole. I look at you pleadingly as you plunge your fingers inside, spreading me and making my dick twitch. You suck my nipples and jack me off while fingering my prostrate. I am getting dizzy with all the sensations racing through me. I get up and grab your shoulders, squatting over your hand as I impale myself on your fingers again and again.

You bite my chest and neck and tell me what a kinky, depraved pervert I am fucking my asshole on your fingers, moaning like a wanton whore. Your dirty talking pushes me over the edge as I spurt ropes of thick cum all over your belly.

You don’t stop and push me back down. You add another finger to stretch my already spread asshole as you start slurping my dick. I wrap my legs around your neck gagging you on my dick as you fuck my ass with your fingers. You flip me around and push my head down as your fingers piston in and out of my butt. You spank me hard for being such a pervert. Your fingers are hitting my prostrate as you curl them inside me and I blow my seed. You pull your fingers out gently and kiss my forehead as I slip into a deep sleep.

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