Subject: Speedo: Part 5 (high school and interracial) Don’t read this story if you’re under 18 or have problems with gay-themed erotic stories. Do not forget to donate to Nifty, our host. They are super cool and worthy of our support. fty/donate.html I enjoy your comments and feedback: hoo Speedo: Part 5 By this time, my brother Malik had gotten home from work. He had walked over to Dante’s house to see what was going on and had heard the last part of my conversation with Dante. “Hey Malik,” I said trying to sound as normal as possible under the circumstances. “This is Speedo. We lifeguard together.” Malik offered his fist to Speedo, and they shared a fist bump. So far, so good. “Nice to meet you Speedo,” he said, making a quick look down at his swimsuit. “Well, I guess I know where the nickname and Jamal’s first Speedo came from.” “Yea, I am a swimmer, and it’s the only kind of swimsuit I ever wear anywhere,” he said. “By the way, Jamal has told me what an awesome brother you are.” “Thanks, man. Why don’t we go inside,” Malik suggested. “So we can talk.” All three of us went into our living room and found places to sit. Speedo and I were seated side by side on the sofa while Malik sat in a chair. “So, I guess you heard part of my conversation with Dante,” I said. “Yea, and I also saw this on Snap Chat,” he said showing us the picture the two of us had just taken together. “So, when I told you yesterday that running down the street in a Speedo made you look gay and you said, `Maybe I am,’ I thought you were kidding.” “I know,” I said. “I wasn’t ready to talk seriously about it yet. Now, I am. You know, I always tell you everything. This has happened really fast.” “Yea, we just met Monday,” Speedo said. “And we hit it off from the start.” “So are you guys already a couple?” he asked. “We are still trying to figure things out,” Speedo said. “Both of us have dated girls and are not really sure if we are ready to say that we will never date another girl.” “So, is this your first time to like another guy?” he asked us both. “You know it is for me,” I said. “I have had a boyfriend,” Speedo said. “We broke up a month ago.” “So, when did you and Erica break up?” Malik asked. “Monday. I wanted to take things to the next level, but she didn’t. Then, she saw the way I looked at Speedo when he walked up to us at the front desk, and she could sense that we had a vibe.” “Look, I’m just going to say this. Jamal, how do you know you like gay sex?” Malik asked. Looking at each other, Speedo and I both laughed. “Let me put it this way. We have messed around with each other before the pool opened yesterday and again today,” I said. “Yea, we got carried away yesterday in the men’s changing room when someone opened the door,” Speedo said. “Did you get caught in the act?” Malik asked. “No,” I said, “but it was close.” “Did you use condoms?” Malik asked. “No, bro,” I said. “We didn’t get that carried away, and I am not sure when I will be.” “That’s good news. I want both of you to be careful. Not everyone is going to be cool with your vibe,” Malik said. “Plus, you might want to rethink walking down the street in our neighborhood holding hands and wearing those little swimsuits. I don’t want to see some closed-minded homophobe trying to hurt you.” “I got you,” I said. “But it felt so good to do what felt natural to us.” “It may have felt good, but you were practically naked,” Malik said. “You’ve got a point there,” Speedo said. “I think that the inhibition gene is missing from my DNA.” “You can say that again,” I said laughing. “Within the first hour that we met, Speedo forgot to tie the drawstring on his swimsuit, and dove in, losing it immediately. Instead of swimming to get it, he got out of the pool, showing off his entire naked body for me to see.” “I was testing BluTV him to see if your brother might be gay,” Speedo said to Malik. “My guess is that he passed the test,” Malik said, laughing too. “He could not take his eyes off of me,” Speedo said. “There are going to be a lot of girls who are going to be disappointed that you too boys are off the market, even if it is temporarily,” Malik said. “You’re both not totally ugly, and you are hung like horses.” “How did you know?” Speedo asked, putting his hands on either side of his crotch to make it stand out even more. “So, Malik, are you ready to join the all boys club too?” I asked. “Don’t misjudge me; you both are not my type. But, those swimsuits are practically obscene. Please go change before mom and dad get home,” he said. “Thanks for being so cool,” I said, giving Malik a hug. Then, I grabbed Speedo’s hand and led him down the hall. “So, we made it to my bedroom,” I said pulling him close to me. “All this talk about you becoming gay, messing around before work, and our obscene Speedos has made me so incredibly horny. I can’t believe that I have to wait until tomorrow morning to touch myself,” he said. I pulled him so close to me that our very large cocks were pressed together, separated only my some very thinly stretched fabric. I kissed him so aggressively that I thought I might bruise our lips, and it felt amazing, better than any kiss I had ever experienced within anyone before. I loved it when he squeezed my gluts so I squeezed his too. By the time we finished kissing, both of our dicks were rock hard. When I looked down at them, I could see that both of us had wet spots on our swimsuits from leaking precum. “Let’s go take a shower together,” I said. There was a bathroom between my bedroom and Malik’s, so no one would know that we were showering together. I simply locked the door that led to Malik’s room. Once the water was warm, we got into the shower together still wearing our Speedos. I was behind Speedo with my hard cock pressed into his ass crack, when I reached around and started rubbing his cock through the thin fabric of his swimsuit. Next, I starting planting kisses on the side of his neck. Both sensations caused him to moan out loud. I loved the contrast in our skin color. He had this golden color from being out in the sun, and my skin was a buttery shade of brown. During the summer as I got more sun my skin would get darker and darker and I would get tan lines. At the moment I was the same color all over for the most part. He turned around, so the shower spray was hitting his back, and forced his tongue into my eager mouth. We kissed and ground our cocks together. “I do not want this to ever end,” I said. “Remember, since I lost the biggest cock contest, I am not supposed to touch myself for at least twelve more hours,” he said. “Who said anything about you touching yourself?” I said. “I’ll do all of the touching if that’s okay with you?” “That sounds amazing,” he said. I got down on my knees and pulled his tight wet Speedo all the way down until he could step out if it. Once released, his cock slapped his ripped abs. His tan lines showed how white this boy was. The contrast between his tanned legs and the white wear his Speedo covered his body was very sexy. I began to lick his hairless balls while I stroked his hard throbbing cock. I liked the texture of his ball skin. I gently took one ball into my mouth at a time and bathed them with my tongue while I continued to stroke him. “Jamal,” he asked, “Do you want to taste my juice?” “I want to taste every part of you,” I replied. “Then, suck on the head of my cock and keep stroking. I am almost ready to fire,” he said. I did just what Speedo asked. I put the head of his cock in my mouth and stimulated it with my tongue while I kept beating Netflix his meat. It was messy. My saliva and his precum, mixed together, made it easy to slide my hand up and down his beautiful white cock. I could not believe how into this I was. I had a cock in my mouth for the first time in my life, and I truly loved it. “Bro, I have to warn you; my load is always huge. Are you ready to swallow my snake gravy?” he asked. I looked up at him with at least half of his cock in my mouth and nodded yes just before he started shooting, filling my mouth with his warm salty manjam. I swallowed, sucked, swallowed, sucked, and kept stroking until he was satisfied. His moaning told me how good I was making him feel, and I liked that. Pleasing this sexy boy turned me on. Once he finished shooting volley after volley of hot cum down my throaty, I removed his cock and started licking the head clean. He pulled away saying, “Dude, I’m way too sensitive for that. Give me a second to recover.” So, I stood up, hugged, and kissed him, letting him taste himself in my mouth. “Welcome to the club,” he said smiling. “What club is that?” I asked, feeling curious. “Cocksuckers of the World” he said, kissing me again. “Once you join the club, you are in it for life. Feeling any regrets?” “No way. I loved having your big hard cock in my mouth,” I admitted. “I have no regrets. I never thought I’d ever suck a dick, only sissies do that.” “I know exactly what you mean. Straight-acting guys like us could never love dick sucking, but a lot of us do. How crazy is that?” he said. “What about swallowing a big load of cum? Did you like it or did you want to spit it out?” “I was hot. It came from you, so I liked it,” I said truthfully. “What about the taste?” he asked. “It was creamy like vanilla ice cream but salty,” I said. “I’d like to try some of yours. I hope it tastes like milk chocolate,” he said getting down on his knees in front of me. He tugged my tight red Speedo over my brown boner. I stepped out of it. He started licking up and down my sausage when we were both startled by a loud knock on the bathroom door from Malik’s room. “I need to get a shower before dinner and before we run out of hot water. Are you two pansies finished yet?” Malik asked. We had spent so much time kissing and sucking that neither one of us had touched a bar of soap. “Give us five minutes, okay?” I said. “Just hurry,” Malik said. Speedo quickly stood up and the two of us hastily started soaping each other’s bodies. I liked having the freedom to touch him everywhere from his nipples to his asshole to his soft balls and his cock. He felt amazing. “It seems like our fun is always being interrupted,” he said while I quickly shampooed his curly blonde hair. I was surprised that, when wet, it hung past his shoulders. Then, I used some conditioner to help him get the tangles out. “At least you got to blow your load,” I said, hugging him from behind. “Let’s meet early at the pool tomorrow morning,” he suggested. We stepped out of the shower and quickly toweled each other off. I hung our Speedos on the towel bar to dry. Then, I unlocked the door to Malik’s room and let him know the bathroom was all his. Once we were in my room, we hugged again and both of us grew hard in a nanosecond. It felt sensational, but I knew there was no time for any more sex. “I hate to say this, but we need to get ready for dinner. Plus, I want you to meet my mom and dad.” “Okay, bro, let’s go,” he said taking my hand and heading for the door. “I was thinking we might want to get dressed first,” I said. “Oh that. What a minor detail,” he said flashing me with that perfect smile. I threw him some of my 2xist bikini briefs to wear. “Put these on,” I said, putting a similar pair on me. “Wait a dick-sucking minute,” he said. “Don’t you wear Prime Video Ücretsiz İzle boxer briefs?” “No. I like these,” I said, wondering where this was going. “Jamal, these are so gay. Straight boys never wear bikini briefs. Are you sure you’ve never had a gay thought before Monday?” he asked. “Now you are starting to fuck with my head. My underwear preference has nothing to do with my sexuality, does it?” I threw him a pair of athletic shorts and a tank top to wear to dinner. We both continued getting dressed. “I think it does. Next, question. Have you ever seen Dante naked?” he asked. “Plenty of times. He has been one of my closest friends as long as I can remember,” I said. “We always change in front of each other. We probably took baths together when we were little.” “Have you jacked off together?” he asked. “Yea, a couple of times when we were in the ninth grade,” I admitted, “In this bed together?” he asked, referring to my double bed. “Yea, but the lights were off,” I said, somewhat embarrassed. “Did you watch him?” he asked. “Okay, I know where this conversation is going,” I said. “Maybe you are not the first guy I have been attracted to. Fuck, I guess I didn’t realize it. So, how old were you the first time you realized that you like boys?” “I was pretty young, like sixth grade,” he said. “I want to hear more about this after dinner,” I said. “Malik is out of the shower. That means it’s time to eat. Are you ready to meet my mom and dad?” “Are you going to say anything during dinner?” he asked. “No. I’ll tell them when it’s just the three of us,” I said. “That sounds like a good idea. What about Malik? Will he out you?” he asked. “I’ll ask him not to,” I said. I spoke to Malik, and he agreed not to say anything. Dinner went well. My parents liked Speedo instantly. He had everyone laughing when he told the story of the practical joke he had played on me by switching swimsuits when I was in the shower. He grabbed my thigh under the table a couple of times, and it felt good. Otherwise, I thought that we were not obvious about what was going on between us. After dinner, I loaned him a pair of running shoes, from when my foot was his size back when I was fourteen. Then, we ran to his house together. Since it was summer, the sun was still shining even though it was almost eight o’clock. He proved how fit he is, keeping up with me every step of the way for the entire three mile run. When we were a few blocks from his home, he suggested that we walk the rest of the way. It was getting dark, so, when he took my hand, I didn’t resist. “I need to apologize,” he said. “I’m really sorry I pushed you to realize that you did not just turn gay. It is none of my business. I guess I am worried that this is a temporary thing that will vanish when you come to your senses. Being gay is not easy. Most straight people do not understand.” “So, if I admit that there were red flags along the way that I was not willing to see, it is less risky to date me.” “Something like that,” he said, “Jamal, no one turns gay. It is who you have always been. It is hardwired into you, or you are not gay.” “Trust me, Speedo. I didn’t realize it until I met you, but this is not a phase I am going through. I am so into you,” I admitted squeezing his hand. “Tell me about what happened when you were in the sixth grade.” “I was visiting my grandmother during spring break. One day I was hanging out with her neighbor Paul, who was also in the sixth grade. He and I were sitting side by side in his treehouse. He was athletic and so cute. I misread things and thought he was feeling the same thing about me, so I put my hand on top of his. He pulled his hand away. Then, he told me that he had to go eat dinner, so we climbed down from the treehouse. When I saw him shooting baskets with another boy the next day, he ignored me. In the past he would have waved for me to join them. We never hung out again.” “Bro, I am so sorry that happened,” I said. “Now, I understand why hand-holding is so important to you.”

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