Something SweetSomething Sweet


She stood in the kitchen baking. The room was filled with smells of vanilla and cinnamon. He slowly moved towards her gently leaning into her. He peeked over her shoulder to see what she was making. Her skin electrified as his hard chest rubbed against her back. She was startled by his presence but his warm breathe on her neck sent shivers through her. She held her breathe. He slowly slid his arms around her. She could feel the strength in his arms as he held her for a moment, “what you making?” he asked. She responded through shorten breathe, “something sweet for you”.

His lips lingered on her neck gently breathing warm moist air. Her senses tingled and her heart fluttered as he turned her slowly towards him. Their eyes met, he could smell the cinnamon on her breathe as he had been watching her earlier licking her fingers as a taste test. He was so aroused just watching her, her sliding her fingers in her mouth and sucking ever so slowly until there was nothing left. He couldn’t resist, he had to have a taste.

He licked her lips moistening them, tasting them. Her emotions were awaken, she melted in his arms, wanting so much more. He pulled her into him, swirling his tongue around her lips and probing her mouth. His hands moved from the small of her back up between her shoulders pulling her into him. She kissed him back, moving her tongue with his and slowly sucking on it as he retreated back. She opened her eyes to find him staring into hers, she continued to suck slowly moving from his tongue to his lip. She could feel his heart beating through his tight shirt, his chest heaving and his breathe rapid. She knew what he wanted and she knew what she would give him.

He moved his lips along her neck, licking, breathing, sucking down to her shoulders fethiye escort while moving his hands up her sides to her breasts. Her breathing became rapid, her insides were on fire and she could feel the moistness starting. She lifted her head back pushing him slightly away from her. He looked at her with surprise thinking he had made a mistake. She saw his concern, she tilted her head, her eyes glistening she stared at him and grinned. She gently leaned into him taking him by surprise, making him step back until he rested against the adjacent counter.

Not taking her eyes off of him she kissed him passionately feeling his cock harden beneath his jeans as she pressed her body into him. Her body tingled, her heart raced and she could feel her nipples harden beneath her t-shirt. She wanted his hands on her, around her, in her, but she wanted to taste him and couldn’t wait for him to make his move.

Her hands made their way down his chest to his waist, fumbling with the button of his jeans as she kissed his neck. Her breathe was hot, her lips were moist. She lingered on his neck line, moving to his ear her breathe was rapid as she whispered, “I want to taste you.” His eyes widened, his body tensed. He pulled her into him and kissed her deeply. She unbuttoned his pants letting his erection fall from their restraints. Moving her hands over the bulge of his pants squeezing gently on his balls, caressing his shaft as she began to suck gently on his tongue.

She pulled herself away from him slowly making her way down his body lifting his shirt as she went. He followed her lead and removed his shirt. Trailing her tongue down his chest, caressing her lips on his abs and following his treasure line to his hips. Sucking gently on his hips, his groin. Her cheek gently caressed his cock as she moved down sending sensations through him making him moan. She grinned, knowing she was pleasing him. Her hands moved over his ass grabbing him by the inner thigh and pushing him closer to her.

Lifting her head slightly, looking up at him as he looked down. His eyes so intense, his face to concentrated on the feelings she was creating in him. She grinned and slid his pants down to the floor. Slowly she moved her hands up his legs. The calf, the thigh, trailing her nails as she went. Taking time to kiss every inch of his hips, glancing at him to make sure he wanted more. Moving her hands up his inner thigh resting them on his bag, gently massaging them as she made her way from his hips. Tenderly running her tongue over his bag caressing and moving her hands over his hardened cock. He moans wanting so much more but not wanting to rush such a feeling.

She lifts her tongue off of him. Hovering above his skin she breathes gently moving over his cock, his balls slowly letting the hot air surround him. The cool kitchen air send chills through him yet making the sensation more intense. He sighs as his head spins with the electric feeling that she is causing. She widens her mouth hovering and sliding down his hard throbbing cock but not touching him. Teasing him with pleasure yet to come. She feels him throb in her mouth.

Withdrawing her mouth she moves to the base of his cock, still massaging his balls she trickles her tongue up the side of his hardness. She can feel him pulsing. Repeating this on all sides, slowly moistening his member as she goes. Landing at the tip, flicking it gently, tasting him, she moans.

The sweetness sends her taste buds wild. She looks up to him amused that he is watching her. She widens her mouth taking him deep in her mouth but not touching him until she reaches the base. Then clasping him with her lips slowly moving upwards sucking and licking gently as she goes. Milking him making him give her the taste she wants so bad. Her hands follow her mouth stroking him, squeezing him, he moans with pleasure. Repeatedly she continues taking him into her mouth, sucking gently, caressing, pleasing him. He moans as he grabs her head thrusting her head down on his cock tightening his fingers in her hair. Her insides are on fire her pussy is so wet she can feel the moistness in her pants. She moans sending vibrations through him. She takes him deeper than she ever has, holding him there, sucking and swirling her tongue feeling him pulse in her mouth. Moaning to his rhythm. She knows he is close she can feel his pulse on her tongue she pulls back looking into his eyes. His eyes are glazed with pleasure he cannot concentrate on anything more than the way she makes him feel.

She moves herself to begin kissing and sucking on his balls, stroking his cock while she does. Bobbing her head massaging him with her chin as she continues to stroke his cock. She stops to wet her hand with her spit, smiling at him her eyes saying “cum for me”. She returns to his balls licking, sucking, caressing as she strokes him faster, harder, tighter. He throws his head back moaning and moving with the motions. She moves her lips below his bag, sucking, pushing and licking while she heats his cock with her hand. He moans and cries out in ecstasy. He begins to flow and his juices fall on her face she moves up his cock to taste, moaning as she moves. he tastes so good. He begins to relax as she continues to lick him and taste him until there is nothing left. her mouth tingles with his juice as she looks up at him and smiles knowing he has felt pleasure.

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