Sherrie’s Birthday Party Ch. 2Sherrie’s Birthday Party Ch. 2


Sherrie finished her shower, taking her time to fix her hair and makeup just right. Over her first year at college Sherrie had grown up a lot and wasn’t the little girl everyone would remember. Slipping the tiny checkered mini-skirt up her round hips zipping it up as she looked in the mirror. Adjusting it so it hung low revealing plenty of her rounded teenage hips. Sherry slipped on a white sleeveless halter-top shirt with a plunging neckline revealing just the right amount of deep tanned cleavage. Between the distance from the bottom of her tiny shirt and the waist of her mini skirt, a broad section of her midriff was revealed. Sherrie looked in the mirror admiring her bare midriff showing lots of her smooth flat, tanned, muscular stomach and rounded hips. Looking in the mirror Sherrie realized the skirt was so low it came up just above the crack of her ass cheeks exposing her rounded firm hips.

Perhaps the most daring item of her little birthday outfit, Sherrie slid on a pair of white thigh-high stockings with a band of smooth lace at the top coming to each mid-upper thigh and a tiny bow in the back. Applying a deep red lip stick to her pouting lips, Sherrie turned her ass to the full length mirror and giggled when she realized that if she bent over even slightly, her skirt rode up above the tops of the thigh-highs revealing just enough of the bottom of her ass cheeks for her to get the attention she wanted.

Wondering if maybe she’d gone too far in wearing this to her own birthday party Sherrie smoothed her hands down her silky soft skin and thought, “After all, I need to make a good impression on all of daddy’s business partners coming tonight!”

Looking out the upstairs window Sherrie could see guest arriving. Several men whom worked with Daddy came with their “well-dressed” wives. The kind of women Daddy would call a “trophy wife”, nice firm bodies, long hair and a hot sexual appetite. Sherries nipples got hard and she could feel her pussy tingle in anticipation of the reaction to her outfit from the men at the party. Her thoughts drifted to her pussy as she watched Daddy’s boss, Mr. Jones get out of his car with his beautiful young new wife. Sherrie closed her eyes and her hand slipped up to cup a ripe tit as she fantasized about fucking Mr. Jones in the back yard pool. Her mind pictured her bent over the steps in the dark backyard pool with his massive cock buried deep inside her, his hips pounding her ass cheeks loudly as she screamed in pleasure. Her mind raced as she imagined his wife peeking over the fence watching her very own husband fuck the birthday party girl.

After one final look in the mirror Sherrie headed downstairs to a house full of partygoers. No one would ever tease her again about being a little girl anymore! She took a deep breath as she walked into the Taşdelen Escort crowd who had already consumed a lot of alcohol and were dancing to lots of loud music. People hugged her and wished her a happy birthday. Eyes widened as they took glances at her body in the outfit she had picked out. Sherrie was pleased with the looks she was getting because now “No One” imagined her as the little girl of the house anymore. Several men even said so as they hugged her letting their hands linger on her smooth stomach and round hips.

Sherrie made sure to laugh hard at their silly jokes making her tits jiggle and shake giving them a show as she leaned on their arms as they hugged her. As she walked through the crowd she was surprised to have several pats on her ass and even one squeeze from of all people, Mr. Jones! Sherrie smelled alcohol on his breath as he leaned in close to her commenting on how she’d grown up so fast.

Not everyone was so pleased. Mom gave Sherrie a naughty look when she laid eyes on Sherrie for the first time thinking she was dressed like a whore! Sherrie didn’t give a dam as she was going to show them all she was grown up. If it hadn’t been for the crowd, Sherrie’s Mom would have killed her for dressing like such a cock hungry slut!

What was more important was the looks the men gave her! Especially the attention she got from her own Daddy, Mirc! and her brother, Paul! Sherrie loved the way they tried to not stare at her legs and smooth flat stomach and especially the way they glanced down at her deep cleavage as it shown between the mounds of her ripe full breasts from the tan. Sherrie was so glad shed been so much into cheerleading because it made her body so toned and firm.

Sherrie was the center of attention at the party. Just what she wanted! Flirting with the men, teasing them in front of their wives, and most of all showing her family that she was all grown up. Sherrie made sure to serve the men drinks bending over at the waist to reveal the tight deep swells of her breasts.

Sherrie had several strong drinks herself and as her head spun with the effects of the alcohol she grew bolder in her teasing and flirting. Dancing with several older men the alcohol went straight to her head. Serving her brother Paul a drink sitting on his lap talking to him she noticed her daddy watching from the corner of the room. Sherrie could feel a stirring in Paul’s pants as he got nervous and excused himself for the bathroom. As she got up from his lap she made sure to grind her tight ass down into his lap before she got up and walked over to her daddy sitting in another room.

As his sister turned to walk down the hall, Paul’s eyes greedily followed her cute wiggly ass. His sister was the cutest piece of tail he’d ever seen Taşdelen Escort Bayan and right then Paul knew he had every intention of fucking her at the first opportunity.

Bending over to talk to her father, Sherrie pretended to be so innocent and inexperienced. Sherrie knew full well that her brother could see her ass when she bent over and she hoped he could see the little wisp of a thong between her ripe ass cheeks as she bent toward her father.

Sherrie could see the look on her father’s face as she knelt over smiling at him watching his eyes to see them linger on her ripe breasts. Sherrie’s father asked, “Baby, are you having a good birthday party?” “Oh yes Daddy!” she replied, “The best!” And before her father could object Sherrie she sat on the arm of the chair, nuzzled her breast on the side of his face, and took her daddy’s arm wrapping it around her waist and placed his hand on her ass as she sat on the arm of the chair. Sherrie was very aware of what she was doing, teasing her poor father so bad. Sherrie watched her mom flirting and wondered if she was as horney as she is when she was her age.

Sherrie noticed her brother was staring at her and she smiled a seductive smile back at him when a drop of cool water from her cool glass dropped down from the glass into her cleavage. Slightly startled at the cold she looked down to see it roll down between the two ripe globes. When she looked up she caught her brother staring wide-eyed at her cleavage and she blushed red as she smiled back at him.

“Daddy it is so hot in here!” Sherrie whispered into her father’s ear as she leaned into him. Mirc, feeling his daughter’s breast on his cheek looked up at his baby as she spoke. Mirc swallowed hard when he looked up as his eyes passed the hard nipple of his daughter’s full tit poking out from her blouse just inches from his mouth.

“Daddy it’s so hot in here! I need to go swim and cool off!” Mirc smiled at this ripe bundle of womanhood sitting so close to him and nervously felt his huge cock stirring in his pants as he felt her ass under her skirt where she had placed his hand. Visions of Sherrie naked earlier when he spied on her in her room filled Mirc’s mind as he smiled at his daughter trying to look at her face and not her cleavage and the sharp poking nipples of her ripe tits. Mirc imaged cupping each breast as he had seen Sherrie do in her room. Mirc felt his cock hardening in his pants and desperately need to adjust the length of his shaft. “Ok baby why don’t you go for a swim” Everyone is so busy here that you can just sneak out. But not for long ok?” “Great daddy! Ummmm, well…” Sherrie thought…”I don’t want to go by myself daddy?” Mirc was so tempted but he knew better than to go swimming with his own daughter. The thought Escort Taşdelen of Sherrie in a tiny string bikini revealing that luscious body would be too much and he might not be able to control himself. Plus Mirc knew that she had a habit of skinny-dipping and there was NO Way he could take that without shooting his wad right there. Mirc felt so ashamed for his lust for his very own daughter.

As his head pounded and his cock throbbed he tried to appear calm while his daughter sat so close and tempted him oh so badly. Taking a deep breath and glancing between Sherrie’s ripe breasts Mirc smiled, looked up and told Sherrie, “Why don’t you ask your brother Paul if he wants to take a swim baby?” With a sneaky giggle Sherrie set her breast to jiggling as she smiled at her father and then looked at her brother Paul. “Oh good idea daddy! I’ll ask him.”

Sherrie hugged her father pressing her tits to his face then whispered for her daddy to not come looking for her because she would be safe with her own brother Paul. Mirc smiled when she said those words and Sherrie walked over through the crowded party to her brother Paul and leaned into him whispering in his ear.

Mirc got out of his chair and casually spoke to guests as he positioned himself so he could still see Sherrie and Paul. Mirc looked across the room and watched his son’s face as his sister, wearing that hot dress covering those smooth ripe ass cheeks and those thigh high stockings on her long silky firm legs, leaned into him and whispered something into his ear. Paul listened and Mirc noticed his son’s eyes grow wide and a smile came over his face as he shook his head yes to his sister’s suggestion. Paul smiled at his sister’s invitation as he looked down at her face letting his eyes drop to her cleavage thinking how hot she would look in her bikini. Paul could feel his head spin with the effects of the alcohol as he took a deep breath in anticipation of slipping away to be alone with his own “cock teasing” sister. Mirc watched as his daughter and son both looked around to see if anyone was looking and then quietly slipped back into the darkened hallway as they slipped off unnoticed by the crowd to enjoy the large secluded pool in the back yard of the house.

Mirc’s mind was filled with images of his daughter in a tiny bikini in the dim light of the backyard pool. His head pounded and cock throbbed with images of water glistening off her smooth tanned skin as she swam. Mirc’s cock grew even harder as he wondered if his own daughter would dare to swim naked in the pool tonight. Especially since the only other person there would be her own brother Paul. Mirc took a deep breath and when no one was looking slipped down the hallway into the darkness after the two teenagers. Mirc’s head pounded with the throbbing of his cock as his mind filled with images of his daughter’s luscious body. Mirc knew he had crossed the point of no return and that he should turn back and stay at the party but the stiffness of his cock kept pulling him toward the secluded back yard pool after the two teenagers……………………


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