She Was My Sister!She Was My Sister!

Big Dick

I fell in love with her the night I met her, and almost lost her the same night. I had gone looking for a piece of my past, and found so much more in the process. We knew no one would understand the truth if it got out, but we never cared. This is our story…

As it happened, I was adopted out when I was just days old, and never knew that I had a whole different family out there somewhere. I was a restless child, never quite fitting in anywhere, or with anyone. I loved my family, and had many friends, but in the back of my mind, there were always these doubts lingering. Somehow, instinctively, I knew I was different from everyone around me.

In high school, I was just enough of an outsider that when I asked one of the bigger girls to the prom, no one was surprised. I had always been attracted to the plus-sized girls, and decided my senior year that I was going to do what I wanted, regardless of anyone else’s opinion or attitude. Being a jock, and one of, if not the tallest guys in the school prevented anyone from ever really saying anything to my face. I had one incident, early on in my independence from peer pressure. A jealous girl, annoyed that I had asked out a ‘fat chick’, told her I was only going out with her to win a bet, and got her boyfriend, another player from the football team, to back up her story. I guess he thought I would just laugh it off, but after I beat his ass all over the field, he thought differently. The girl in question was so bitter and hurt she transferred to another school in town, and would not take my calls. I did eventually hear from her, after she found out that about the fight, and the fact that I’d asked out another girl, this one a little bigger than she was.

Prom was great, and the fact that I turned eighteen the day before made it even better. I was able to secure a room at the hotel the prom was at, and instead of having a huge party, I took my date upstairs, and we spent a long, satisfying night exploring each other’s bodies. Having her meaty thighs wrapped around my head while I sucked on her fat clit was an incredible feeling, and one I wanted more of. We dated for the summer, then she left to go to school somewhere else. Neither of us wanted to do the long-distance relationship thing, so after one last fuck, we broke up, as friends. I did go visit her once, and we spent a great weekend together, but after a while, we drifted apart. I heard she got married two days after she graduated, and is happy now, for which I am quite grateful.

The day I graduated college, my parents sat me down, and told me the truth about my birth, and the fact that I was adopted. Suddenly, all those feelings of disconnection I’d experienced made sense. The people in front of me, as much as I loved and respected them, were not my biological family. My adopted mother was unable to have children of her own, and as a result, they adopted me later in life. They were in their late sixties by the time I graduated college, and neither was in the greatest of health. As much as I wanted to go looking for my birth family right away, I decided to respect my adoptive parents, and postpone my destiny until they were gone.

I was close to thirty by the time my mother passed, and at the funeral, as sad and distraught as I was, there was also a sense of relief, as I could finally pursue my real family. At the reading of the will, I was given several shocks. First, my father had been socking money into different stock accounts, with the proceeds put into a special trust that matured when both of my parents passed. Suddenly, I was a very wealthy man. Secondly, my mother had maintained contact with my birth mother, and all of the letters they had exchanged were turned over to me.

I took the letters home, and sat down to learn about my mother. She had given me up to save me from my biological father, who was apparently a dangerous man, and had threatened to throw me off a bridge if she didn’t cooperate with him. I don’t the truth of that statement, but according to newspaper clippings I found with the letters, the man named as my father on my birth certificate was killed evading arrest after killing a cop in a botched drug sale. The estimated value of the drugs he’d tried to sale was less than a thousand dollars. I guess I got my intelligence from my mother, thankfully.

Over the years, my birth mother would send occasional letters, asking how I was doing, and dropping a few clues about her own life. The letters never had a return address, but I was able to finally piece together her name from public records about my father’s death. I went to the trusty internet, and soon learned where she was living, and I was on the road the next day. The only thing I had done with the money I’d inherited was buy a new car, so I was at least traveling in style. I drove almost non-stop, desperate to make that connection to a past I never knew I had.

I got into town late in the evening, and checked into a hotel. The girl behind the desk on the late shift caught my eye immediately. She was built just as I liked, top heavy and well rounded. She had long, curly black hair, and was taller than most women. She was definitely a plus-sized woman, and in my eyes, more Vefa Escort than sexy. When I got to the desk, I made sure to turn on the charm.

“Hi, Lori. I’m new in town, and I need a room for a few days. Anything you can do for me?”

I used my sexiest voice, and put a come-hither look on my face that had worked for me well in the past, and it succeeded again. As she set up my reservation, she kept stealing glances at me from under her bangs, and I smiled.

“Well, you’re all set, Mr. Wilson. I put you in one of our best rooms, with a view of the entire city. I’ve been told that it’s a spectacular sight to see.”

“Have you never seen it from up there?”

“No, sir. I haven’t ever been up in that room.”

I grinned. This was a tailor-made opportunity to see what would develop.

“What time do you go off shift?”

“I’m sorry?”

“What time do you go off shift? Perhaps, if you’d be interested, you could come up and tell me a little about your city. Of course, you’re more than welcome to look out the window, as well…”

She smiled, and the look in her eyes gave her excitement away.

“I’m off in about fifteen minutes, actually, and I shouldn’t, but I will. If it’s okay with you, I’ll join you when I get done down here?”

“Absolutely, and call me Eric. Mr. Wilson was my father.”

She smiled, and I grabbed my bag and headed for the elevator. I’d have just enough time to grab a fast shower to clean the road off of me. I jumped in the shower, and changed into loose shorts and a t-shirt, the better to show off the body I busted my ass for playing sports in school, and worked hard to maintain. As much as I wanted to find my mother right away, I knew a few days to develop my information, and put a plan of approach together was important. It was also important to try to get my ashes hauled, as it had been a while, and I needed to relax.

No sooner had I pulled a shirt over my head than I heard a soft knock on the door. Opening it, I saw Lori standing there with a shy smile. I smiled, and stepped back to allow her to enter the room. When she passed me, I took the opportunity to get a glimpse of her ass. It was as round and plush as I’d suspected, and my hopes for the evening climbed a little higher. She went straight to the window, and slid open the drapes.

“Wow, this really is an incredible view. I can even see the harbor and the pier from here.”

I walked over and stood next to her, careful not to be too close, as I didn’t want to push myself on her. She pointed out different places to me, and we chatted easily about life in general, and then she started to open up a little about her life.

“It’s always just been Mom and Me. My father died while she was pregnant with me, and Mom devoted her life to making sure I was happy. We never had a lot, but what we had was always enough, you know?”

“I know exactly what you mean. I was an only child myself, and although we never struggled for anything, there was always something missing in the back of my mind.”

She looked at me like I was reading her mind, and I couldn’t help but smile at her. She must have realized what I was smiling about, and she started to laugh.

“I guess both of us being an only child means we probably felt the same about a lot of things.”

She moved over and sat down in one of the chairs in the sitting area, and I moved to one across from her. She was wearing a skirt that stopped just above the knees, and her long legs were encased in sheer nylons that made her even sexier. I did my best not to stare, but I think she did realize I was checking her out, as she appeared a little bit flushed for a few minutes, and developed a bit of a nervous gesture, playing with one of the buttons of her blouse.

“Would you like a drink? I was thinking of having something to help me relax.”

She nodded, and I opened a couple of the little bottles of wine that always come in the mini bar. We quietly toasted each other, then the conversation drifted away, until we say looking at each other.

“I’m just going to come out and say it, Eric. As much as I did want to see the view from up here, the major reason I came up here was because I had the feeling you found me attractive. That happens so rarely that I wasn’t about to pass up the opportunity when it came along. If I am wrong, I’ll leave, and we can pretend that this evening never happened…”

I shook my head, and smiled at her.

“You were absolutely right, Lori. I think you are an attractive, sexy, desirable woman, and you definitely were right to come up here. I’d be a fool to let a beauty like you get away so quickly.”

I could see the relief in her eyes, and I smiled again.

“Lori, do something for me?”

“What do you mean?”

“Would you do something for me?”

She nodded slowly, and I smiled.

“Stand up, and undress for me. I’d like to see your body.”

She flushed, but set down her glass. She pulled herself out of the chair, and untied that stupid little thing most hotels put around the neck of their female employees. She was very self-conscious at first, but after seeing the approval in my eyes, Escort Vefa she relaxed. As her hands moved to the buttons of her blouse, I realized I could see her nipples protruding from her chest, and I smiled. Lori was obviously quite turned on, which boded well for the night’s activities. She undid each button slowly, revealing a bit of skin each time, until it was open to the waist.

She pulled first one side, then the other free from her waistband, still being careful not to show too much skin. She turned to her side, and let her blouse slip off her shoulders. I could see the straps of her bra, and it was exactly what I thought it would be, a simple white one. She surprised me with her next move, as most women tend to undress by taking off the outer garments first, then removing their under things. She reached behind her and unhooked her bra, and let the straps slide off. She turned to face me, and her bra hung off of her breasts for just a moment, then fell to the floor. I got another shock, as she had barbell piercings in both nipples. She didn’t quite strike me as the type to do something like that, but I knew from previous experience that her nipples would be so much more sensitive to sensation because of them.

She reached back and unzipped her skirt, and swung her hips gently to help it slide down her body. Here came my next surprise. She was wearing a white garter belt and thong panty set. She smiled a the look on my face.

“I’ve never liked pantyhose. I much prefer stockings and the feel of a garter belt. It really makes me feel a little sexy when nothing else will work.”

I nodded, finding it necessary to adjust myself discreetly, as my cock was making its opinion of this creature in front of me known. She saw my adjustment, and smiled. She danced briefly in front of me, then turned to face away from me and bent over, exposing her wide, plush ass to me. She slipped her thong down and off, and I could see the wet spot on her panties. Lori was just as turned on as I was.

She sat back down, and sat with her legs spread slightly, not exposing herself completely, but giving me a brief view of her pubic region. I couldn’t see a single hair, and guessed that she was completely shaven. I smiled at her, and she smiled right back.

“I really think you need to bring yourself over here, Eric. You’ve seen me, now I want to see you.”

I grinned, and stood up. I pulled my shirt over my head, and pushed my pants down, not really putting any sort of theatrics into the act. Lori’s eyes darted right to my cock, which was standing proudly at attention. I was blessed by the gods with a large cock, measuring close to nine inches, and thick. She licked her lips, and I really think it was an unconscious act on her part. I reached out for her hand, and she gave it to me willingly. I pulled her to her feet, and took her into my arms for the first time. Our lips met, and as our tongues danced, her right hand went right to my cock, as if to reassure herself that it was real. I grasped one incredible ass cheek in one hand, and slipped the other one up and around her massive breast, making sure to rub the nipple just so. I could feel her breath shortening slightly, as the sensations filled her body.

I led my new lover to the bed, and lay her down in front of me. I pushed her legs apart, and kissed the soft skin of her inner thighs lovingly. I could feel the heat of her arousal on my face as I moved towards her wetness, and she moaned loudly as I extended my tongue to make contact with her engorged clit. I tasted her arousal, sweet and sticky like pancake syrup, and suddenly was overcome with a desire to have as much of it as I could get. I drove my tongue deep into her waiting and willing pussy, and was rewarded with more of that sweet nectar. I worked that clit like a starving man with a chicken bone, and Lori enjoyed every second of it. I felt her body shudder and moan with pleasure as waves of orgasmic bliss pounded through her, and all the while, I kept up my efforts on her behalf. I ran my tongue up and down either side of her clit, then slipped it back inside for another taste. My fingers teased and rubbed her hard nub, and she cried out in pleasure for me again and again. After what had to be the fifth or sixth orgasm that passed through her body, she pushed me away from her pussy, with obvious reluctance.

“I’ve never come like that in my life, Eric. I need to rest for a minute or two. I can’t feel my legs right now! That was incredible…”

I pulled myself up and onto the bed, and lay down beside her, and we kissed again. I let her direct where things would go from there, and she didn’t disappoint me at all. She kissed my lips, and worked her way down my body to my cock, which was still standing proudly at attention, waiting for some love of its own.

“Wow, this is the biggest cock I’ve ever touched.”

I smiled, then gasped as she wrapped her full lips around it, and did her best impression of a vacuum cleaner. She wasn’t the greatest cock sucker, but what she lacked in skill, she more than made up for in enthusiasm. I quickly found myself fighting to hold back on my release, as much as I wanted to let go Vefa Escort Bayan and give her a mouthful of her own. She sensed my efforts, and stopped her work with reluctance.

“I can taste you anytime. I want this thing inside me now, and I’m going to have it.”

She moved up my body, and straddled my waist. She reached underneath her and grasped my erection, guiding it to the entrance of her love canal. With a throaty moan, she lowered herself on my stiff cock, and I groaned at the tightness of her pussy. She slowly dropped down until she had as much of my cock in her as she could handle, then, taking a deep breath, she forced herself down a little more, and I felt her ass hitting my balls. She rested for just a moment, and then lifted herself off, building up to a rhythm that would lead to us both having an incredible orgasm.

I reached up and cupped her pendulous breasts, letting her nipples brush against my palms. She cried out, the sensations from my cock and her nipples overwhelming her, forcing her into the throes of yet another orgasm. The shudders and shivers pulsating through her pussy muscles translated to my cock, and I couldn’t hold back anymore.

“Lori, I’m going to come for you, baby.”

She smiled, and lowered herself until I was fully engulfed, and then worked her interior muscles until I exploded into my own release. She moaned at the feeling of my large cock twitching and pulsing inside of her, and collapsed on top of me kissing me deeply, with a lot of pent-up passion and lust. Eventually, my cock shrank to the point that it slipped out, and she moved herself to my side to rest with me.

“So, what brings you to our humble little town?”

We laughed, and I told her my story. She listened intently, but before I ever mentioned a name, our lust took over, and we ended up back in the saddle, so to speak. I put her on her knees, and moved behind her. The sight of that incredible wide ass pointing up at me was too much to pass up, and I buried my face in her crack, licking and rubbing her ass and clit. She moaned and cried out, coming for me again and again. Finally, I moved up and impaled her again on my cock, and pounded her from behind until another load was deposited in her moist snatch.

By the time we finished our second effort, it was well after three in the morning, and she had to be getting home.

“My mother is very ill, and I’m the primary care giver. I was able to make arrangements for a few hours, but I shouldn’t leave her alone for too long. You don’t mind my leaving, do you?”

Sweetheart, I don’t think I could survive if you spent the entire night with me. You’ve already worn me out pretty thoroughly. I need to rest before I go search tomorrow.”

“That’s right, you never told me your mother’s name. I might be able to help.”

“Her name is Amber. Amber Lewis.”

At the sound of the name, Lori went absolutely pale. I thought she was getting ill, so I started to move towards her, but she pushed me away.

“Dear god, no. Please say you didn’t just say Amber Lewis.”

She looked at me with eyes unfocused by shock, and I suddenly had a revelation that rocked me to the core. This incredible creature, the one I’d spent the last few hours fucking like crazy, the one I’d already fallen for, and had planned on pursuing relentlessly…was my sister. I sat down heavily, and spoke the unthinkable.

“She’s…your mother, isn’t she?”

Lori nodded slowly, unable to quite comprehend the sin we had just committed.

“We didn’t know, Lori. That’s all. We didn’t know.”

She nodded again, slowly, but the life came back to her eyes. She looked up at me, and I saw a faint glimpse of humor.

“Amazing, isn’t it? The best fuck I’ve ever had, from the nicest, most incredible man I’ve ever met, and he turns out to be the brother I never thought I’d ever meet.”

“You know about me?”

She nodded at me, still half naked, yet she made no move to finish getting dressed.

“She told me not too long ago. When the doctor told us the cancer had spread, and she only had so long to live, we went home and cried. She told me about you, and about the asshole that got her pregnant, and tried to kill her more than once. When he was killed, she cried with relief, but at the same time, she wanted to go find you and bring you home. The only reason she didn’t was because she knew you were better off where you were, and she refused to mess up your life the way she did hers.”

I nodded, and our eyes met again.

“So, where did you come from?”

“The stork brought me! Sorry, I couldn’t let that one go by. Mom had an affair with one of the police officers that helped her when she gave you up, and after a few years, she got pregnant again. He was married, and not about to leave his wife, but he did the best he could by her, and by me. He made sure I had what I needed, and that I knew he loved me, but that I could never live with him, or be a full part of his family. Somehow, Mom made it all sound so reasonable, and I never really minded being a bastard child. He died a few years ago, and left us the deed to the house he’d bought for Mom when she got pregnant. His wife had apparently known about me for years, and was more forgiving and understanding than I think I could ever be. She came to see us once, and made sure that things went well with the will, and everything else. She left town a year ago, and his other kids still don’t know about me.”

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