Sharon Comes to Stay Ch. 02-03Sharon Comes to Stay Ch. 02-03


Chapter Two

Sharon stopped laughing and asked, “Are almost there, yet? I’ve really got to pee!”

“Almost, Just a couple more minutes,” I said. And we drove in silence for a few seconds.

Sharon giggled, “Do you remember that time I had to pee and you laid on the bathroom floor with my panties down around your face?”

“I remember you dared me to do it, heck you practically made me do it. You were always putting me in weird situations.”

“Well, maybe,” She said, “but remember, I was very young, and I was so afraid you would wind up hanging out down the street in the Sam’s parking lot with those other assholes that I had to do something!”

That line of thought confused me, Maybe she was more drunk than I thought, “How does that connect with you having me sniff your panties while you took a pee?”

“Well, remember it was obvious that you had no one but me to help you turn into a halfway decent human being. I didn’t have the experience or the knowledge to do it properly to get you to pay attention. All I had were the tools any girl my age had” Sharon smiled, “my smokin’ hot body, and a boy’s natural horniness.”

That was an amazing confession. I was sincerely amazed and touched, “I had no idea you felt that sort of pressure over me. I’m sorry I was such a jerk at times, and I’m sorry you had to go through that.”

“Well, I loved you, I still do. And it wasn’t total sacrifice, I did have a lot of fun teasing you, as well as learning how to keep a boy interested and happy, while under my thumb. That skill has always useful and it has rarely failed me!”

“Then what happened with Frank?” I asked as we turned into my, now our driveway.

“I never had any trouble with Frank, it was the booze and drugs that gave me trouble. I tell you this, You men need constant supervision, If I ever have another boyfriend, I intend to keep him on a VERY short leash.”

With that, Sharon said, “let’s do it again!”

“Do what?”

“You lay on the floor in the bathroom at my feet with my panties on your face. Let’s do it one last time!”

“I don’t think that’s a good idea, Sharon”

“What’s the matter, afraid?”


“I won’t tell your girlfriend if you don’t.”


“Afraid you’ll get all excited and lose control?”


“Afraid you’ll become my L O O V V E E slave?”

“Come on Sharon! Give me a break!”

“I always thought you liked doing what I told you.”

“No, I mean, Yes! I don’t want to take advantage of a drunk woman is all.”

“I’m not drunk and you know it! Come on! You know you want to do it!”

I sighed like it was a big chore, but in truth, the whole idea excited the hell out of me, “OK” I said and got out of the car.

“Come on! I REALLY got to go!” Sharon grabbed my arm and practically dragged me to the house. Once we got inside, she leg go of me and ran to the bathroom. I just kind of stood there in the living room like a jackass until I heard Sharon’s voice.

“Ben, get in here!”

I stood at the door of the bathroom from her room and marveled at just how beautiful Sharon was, standing there in her light summer dress and her . . . I don’t know what they’re called, but they sort of look like short heeled pumps. The green of her dress contrasted beautifully with her red hair. Her feet were spread to about shoulder width. Her skin had a hint of flush to it, from the beer, I guess.

Was it possible for her to look bad at any time? Sharon was absolutely stunning, I guess I didn’t notice in the darkened restaurant.

Apparently, She felt more urgency than I did.

“Get over here and lay down between my feet!” she commanded.

I did as she bid me though it wasn’t all that comfortable. The small bathroom had the bathtub on the wall opposite the toilet so while my head was on the floor between her feet, MY legs extended up and into the bathtub.

However my view of Sharon’s nether region more than made up for the slight discomfort I felt. Sharon was definitely NOT wearing the grannie panties that she wore the last time we did this. Instead she wore some beautiful black panties with a crotch panel that barely covered her pubic region.

Sharon put her hands under her dress and pulled down her panties. The skimpy lingerie did NOT prevent me from seeing everything she had, also unlike the last time.

She had a light bush that I assumed matched the hair on her head. While she didn’t appear to be trimmed “down there” (or was it ‘up there’ from my position?) she was not particularly hairy. However like last time, I immediately got an erection.

Once Sharon had pulled her panties down far enough for me to reach them, she said, “I shouldn’t have to do all this work! You pull down these panties and make sure the crotch covers your mouth and nose!”

I did as I was told. The part that covered her ass was on my nose, while the part the covered her pussy was over my mouth. But the skimpy material left my eyes uncovered still leaving me full view of her pussy. Üsküdar Escort The other thing was that the skimpy material twisted on their way sliding down her legs so that the inside of her crotch panels rested on my nose and lips instead of the outside. I took a deep breath and extended my tongue to smell and taste the damp material.

Overall the effect was heavenly. The odor had a light citrus scent, while my tongue could feel a thin layer of a thickly sweet dew. I instantly got even harder than I had been.

“OH!” said Sharon, “I see little Ben likes having my panties on his face! Maybe if he is a good boy, I’ll let him do this again! OOPs! If I don’t sit down and pee, Little Ben may get more than beer to drink tonight!

The wonderful view disappeared as she sat down and all I could see was her knees a little akimbo. Then I heard her start to pee, and I could smell that acrid urine smell. Then she gave a little fart.

“OOPS, Sorry!”

I was surprised to discover that I was as turned on as I had been 15 years, or so, ago.

As Sharon was finishing, she resumed noticing my erection, “Well your dick looks like it is desperately trying to get free of your pants! Do you want to loosen your pants? With that erection and all that pizza you ate earlier, I imagine you are a bit uncomfortable!”

“Are you done?” I asked and started to sit up.

Sharon put her right foot on my shoulder and pressed me back down to the ground, “I get to decide if we are done or not, I’m the one peeing, Frank!”

“OK!” and I lay back down. She seemed a little angry and I didn’t want to upset her further. I decided that bringing up the notion that I wasn’t Frank might not be a good idea at this point.

“Undo your pants and underwear and push them down around your knees.”

I did as she commanded and exposed my erect penis to her view.

Sharon stretched her foot out to nudge at my fully engorged prick, but her long legs just weren’t long enough, “Hmm it seems you’ve grown some since then, but as I recall, you never dropped your drawers for me that time, did you?”

“No” I said, “but I wanted to!”

“I know, I did everything in my power to keep you wound up and eager to please. And not letting you have everything you wanted worked pretty well for that.”

Sharon stopped trying to reach my dick with her foot, “turn your body lengthwise so I can reach you with my foot, and take those damn panties off your face! You look silly.”

“Yes Ma’am” I surprised myself, I wasn’t sure if I actually did say what I thought I said.

“Remove my shoes and don’t let go of them, but keep your hands extended away from my feet. I am going to give you a pleasant little foot job, with one foot on your dick, while you kiss and suck the toes on my other foot.”

“Yes Ma’am” I did as I was told.

“Yes Ma’am!” Sharon said as she positioned her feet on me, one on my chest and one on my dick, “I like that! If I ever get another boyfriend, I’m going to make him say that all the time. He won’t be allowed to say my name at all, he will only use the word Ma’am; or maybe I’ll make him use the word ‘Mistress’. I should have made you call me Mistress! But I was too dumb to know!”

I said nothing, not certain what I could say to that little confession. Plus, she started moving her left foot up and down my erect cock and her right foot teased my nipples, that sort of distracted me. It felt really good.

“Say it now” Sharon said.

My eyes were closed and I was concentrating more on how the sensations in my nipples seemed to enhance the sensation in my groin, “Say What?”

“Call me Mistress, and make me think it is a pleasure to say! Frank never would say anything like that, too damn proud! He would never do anything for me. That bastard! But you, you Ben, you were always grateful for the opportunity to do whatever I wanted! And from now on, I’m making a few changes in my life!”

I said, “Mistress” with what I thought was great dramatic flair.

Sharon put her right foot over my mouth and stopped rubbing my cock with the other, “No! You are playing this for a joke! I want to feel the way I did when we were younger! Now call me Mistress and beg me for the privilege of being my slave!”

I looked up at her, I could see she needed this, and to tell the truth, I needed it too.

She removed her foot from my lips, and I said, “Mistress, PLEASE let me be your slave! Grant me the pleasure of obeying you and of serving you!”

Sharon started rubbing my dick with her foot again, “You want to be my slave?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Prove it!”

“How, Mistress?”

Sharon started peeing again, not hard and not long since she had already gone once, but, slowly, a smile grew on her face.

“I have an idea!” was all she said as she stood up and placed one of her feet on either side of my head. The view of her trim legs, leading up to her firm but round ass was inspiring. I could see her bush with her legs spread a bit, and the gently Üsküdar Escort Bayan curly hair seemed heavy with her urine. I saw a drop form on one hair and grow heavy.

“You know” she continued, “Normally, when I pee, I take a square of toilet paper and dab myself dry down there. That’s so boring!”

I was staring at that drop of urine starting to stretch, clearly it was preparing to fall, and my face was directly under it. I was both horrified and excited at the same time.

“So, tonight. To PROVE you are worthy of being my slave, you will do two things. First, you will lick me clean every time I take a pee, and buddy, after the amount of beer I’ve had, I promise you, I’m not done peeing! Secondly, you will not be allowed to come until I say so! That is not something a slave should have any say in. And thirdly, you will do anything I want tonight, you don’t get to say no to any thing. Is that clear? Do you agree?” Sharon leaned forward a bit so she could look directly into my eyes.

That little movement must have been enough to shift the center of gravity on that little drop of urine, I could see it stretch out a wee bit more and then it fell, landing on my upper lip. It had a sharp pungent odor, and I thought I could feel it open my sinuses a bit. I licked my upper lip to taste it. It tasted pretty much how it smelled, and had slightly astringent effect on my tongue.

“Yes, Mistress, I want to prove that I am worthy of being your slave.” I croaked. My mouth was dry.

“Well, then, Boy! You are in for a long and frustrating night!” Sharon said as she lowered herself onto my face, “But we’ll know by the end, if you are worthy of becoming my property!

It was a long and frustrating night! I’m proud to say that I obeyed her every whim, I served as her personal pussy licker, her personal hygiene boy, I let her spank me, and I kissed her feet.

Sometimes she even called me Frank again, but she had several orgasms from my service. And that whole time, I didn’t come, well not until the very end. And for that, she called me a bad boy and unworthy to be her slave. I REALLY liked that part, then she sent me to bed, alone. That, I didn’t like so much.

Chapter Three

I must have been more exhausted that I thought. Usually on Saturday morning, I got up at 6:00 AM, and treated myself with a long visit to the Gym before I had breakfast. But THIS Saturday, I slept till almost 9:00 AM. Even then, I only woke up from the sound of Sharon moving stuff in her room.

I felt a bit guilty for what we had done the night before. It wasn’t that she was my cousin, for some reason I was OK with that issue. But I had a girlfriend and I had cheated on her. Plus, I still felt as if I might have taken advantage of Sharon when she was not only drunk, but in an emotionally weakened state. You just don’t DO that to people you love.

I dreaded facing her. But when we were kids, Sharon always mocked me whenever I showed any reluctance or fear. She would say, “Boys give into their fears, Men face them! Give me a man any day!” And naturally I would do whatever task that she assigned me regardless of the fear I felt. While phrased in a slightly juvenile manner, it wasn’t the worst statement in the world to live by, so I screwed up my courage, put on a pair of loose fitting pajama bottoms, and went to face the music.

Sharon was pushing a dresser-mirror combination into a new position when I entered her room. She was dressed in some very short cut off denim shorts and was leaning into her furniture moving efforts; so the muscular cheeks of the ass that had been unequivocally mounted on my face during the early morning, was displayed to me in a most attractive manner.

“Hi!” was all she said as she looked over her shoulder.

Awkwardly, I fumbled a “Hi” back at her and for the life of me, I could not get another word out.

Sharon stopped her efforts and turned to face me. Her hand on her hips, and feet spread a bit apart. She was wearing a Grateful Dead T-shirt and was clearly bra-less, “What kind of man fails to use his superior upper body strength to help a lady?”

“OH! Sorry!” I stepped forward towards the Dresser and asked, “Where do you want it?”

“Just push it another foot forward and place it against the wall.”

After I had done what she had asked, the tension I felt had dissipated a bit and I could turn towards her and venture a reasonably competent smile.

But when I had done so, Sharon patted my ass and said, “Good boy!”

Instantly, I felt my confidence fade and it must have shown on my face.

“What’s wrong?” Sharon asked.

“Oh Sharon!, Last night should never have happened!”

“I see” she said quietly, “Does our being cousins bother you?”

“No” I said, “Though it bothers me a bit that it doesn’t bother me. But Sharon, I feel I took advantage of you when you were a little drunk and emotionally vulnerable. Plus, I have a girlfriend!”

She gave me a little peck on the cheek, “Let’s sit on Escort Üsküdar the bed.”

We sat on the bed, then she said, “You always were a kind and gentle boy, and I see you still have those attributes.”

Sharon laughed a little, “Were you, or were you not, my slave last night and did anything I told you to do?”


“Then tell me this. How could you take advantage of me in that situation? I was your Mistress and you were MY slave. Did you not enjoy yourself?”

“Well Yes! How could I not? You had me doing things to you that I’ve dreamt of forever!”

“Then don’t worry about it!” Sharon smiled at me, “You were always very submissive towards me. If anything, I took advantage of your natural inclinations. But I feel no guilt at all, since bossing you about is MY natural inclination, and besides, I wasn’t nearly as drunk as you think.”

“I do feel better about that” I said, “But that doesn’t negate the fact that I still have a girlfriend and I cheated on her.”

Now Sharon looked a bit embarrassed, “YEAH” she said slowly, “About Karen, how much are you in love with her?”

“Well, in truth, I don’t think it’s going to last. I really like her, but we aren’t very compatible sexually and . . .”

Sharon interrupted me, “Meaning you want her to boss you around and slap your ass?”

“Y e a h” I said sheepishly.

She pinched her thumb and index finger a few millimeters from my face, “Karen is about that far from dumping you, anyway. You don’t owe her any loyalty.”

“How do you know?”

Sharon said, “Remember on the drive home last night that I told you I had propositioned her to make her comfortable with me living here?”


“What I told you was true. But what I didn’t tell you was, that she said yes. She is not the woman for you and it is extremely unlikely that she would ever be your wife. You will need to come to terms with that.”

I was strangely unaffected by Sharon’s statement. In truth, I had been daydreaming about breaking up with her for a few weeks, at least. I liked Karen, and enjoyed her company, but I already knew she could never give me what I wanted.

Sharon looked uncomfortable and awkward, “Uh Ben, you are the kind of sweet man who needs a woman to boss you around. We both know you are very submissive towards women and I suspect I had something to do with that when we were kids, and if that has caused you problems in your later years, I am truly sorry.”

“You’re right, Sharon, of course, I’ve known that about myself for quite some time! But I think, at most, you used what I was already feeling I’ve had ever since I could remember; and please believe me, there have never been problems in my adult life because of our relationship before.”

Sharon smiled at me and placed her warm hand on my upper thigh. I thought that the fly of the pajama pants I was wearing weren’t buttoned. Quickly I glanced down at my groin to see if anything was exposed. I couldn’t see anything, and since she was sitting at my side, I didn’t think I was exposed to her.

“I intend to get that back!” she said as she moved her hands to my groin and reached through the opening of the fly and took control of my penis.

Startled, I jumped a bit, “Get it back?”

Sharon tried to calm me like a nervous race horse as one hand slid up and down my cock and the other stroked the back of my neck, “SH SH SH! It is all going to be OK!” And oddly, I did calm a bit.

Sharon continued once she saw me settle down, “Yes! You are a man who NEEDS a woman to take control, and I need a man to let me take control every so often! Don’t you see there’s a symmetry here?”

I was a bit flummoxed, “Well, I guess so . . .”

“Good!” Sharon continued to stroke my dick, It felt SO good!

“Then let me take control! Let me tell you what to do! Surrender that control that you find so burdensome, for a few minutes, at least!”

“Oh Yes!” I said with great conviction.

Sharon pushed me onto my back, laying on top of me as we crossed the bed perpendicularly, she kissed me, “It’s ‘Yes Mistress’, whenever I’m in charge.”

“Yes, Mistress!” I said as I wrapped my arms around her.

Sharon gave me a very light and playful warning slap on my cheek, “No! Bad boy! Slaves must only touch when they are told to do so!”

Sharon got to her feet, “Lay across the bed lengthwise” she said, “I’ve got to find something.”

As I did so, she went to her closet opened the door, and knelt in front of a box.

“Close your eyes, and don’t open them!” she commanded over her shoulder.

“Yes, Mistress” and I followed her orders.

I could hear her rattle around in that box, then I heard her rise, or maybe I felt her stand, I’m not sure. I wanted to take a peek but I was very intrigued and didn’t want to break the spell, she had over me.

I felt her place a . . . sort of stretchy band over my eyes, making me blind. Then I felt a pair of handcuffs being attached to my wrists and she moved my arms over my head and heard as much as felt, her attach the other ends of the handcuffs to the headboard of the bed. I was rock hard at this point. What was happening was something I only dreamed of previously.

“If you haven’t already done so” Sharon said, “You can open your eyes. You won’t be able to see anything, anyway.”

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