Shedding My InhibitionsShedding My Inhibitions


I grew up as a “good” (very good) Catholic boy in the 60’s.  We didn’t talk about sex, because that information would only be needed later when I have a family.  Premarital sex?  Not a chance.I was a skinny and awkward adolescent who focused on school and career.  I never had a girlfriend until I was in my late twenties.  I never went on a date in high school.  I didn’t really masturbate until I was nineteen. I grew up way before the Internet to learn about sex.  I missed the nude swim classes in public high schools and the YMCA by a decade.  I was in elementary school during the sexual revolution of the 60’s.  As a sixteen-year-old in high school, we took the occasional shower after PE class.  This was my first-time being naked with others, and I had mixed feelings of excitement and anxiety.  Seeing a variety of penises, asses, and pubic hair teased my bisexual curiosity, but never enough to act on those urges. I slipped through the cracks of healthy sexual development.But then I went to college in Boulder, CO, in 1980.  Boulder was isvecbahis still one of the country’s very liberal bastions.  You may have seen some of the sights of Boulder if you watched Robin Williams in “Mork and Mindy,” which was set in Boulder at that time.As a twenty-year old male, my hormones were raging.  They were on overdrive.  However, I did not have the knowledge, skill, and especially the confidence to ask a girl (or boy) out on a date. Boulder, however, was a source of new experiences, opportunities, and possibilities to be naked!  And that was a start to satisfying my sexual curiosity, and surely fed my budding exhibitionist tendencies.* * * * * * * * * * * * * *Time Out BathsCoed nude hot tubs!  I had passed this establishment near the downtown business district many times.   I called the spa and asked silly questions.  Could it really be true?  Men and women naked in hot tubs together?  And a coed sauna, too?I mustered up all the courage I could and decided to go late one Saturday night.  My mind was racing.  What does a isveçbahis giriş vagina look like up close?  Will the girls stare at my penis?  Will they laugh?  Will I throw up?  Will I die? With butterflies in my stomach, I walked into the spa, paid my fee, and put my wallet in the lock box.  I could smell the faint odor of chlorine-soaked wood in the air coming from the pools and saunas.  The attendant welcomed me and gave me the tour.  We started in the locker room, which was a small area to hang your clothes up on hooks (hence the lock boxes for valuables).  The showers were off to the side.  Through the door was the main tub area, which he didn’t show me at the time. There were various floors of tubs and saunas, including the rooftop hot tub that allowed you to see the stars and lights from the foothills of the Rocky Mountains.During the brief tour, I noticed that no one wore a towel.  Everyone walked around completely naked.  The tour was over, and I was set free to be naked among women and men for the first time.  Would I have isveçbahis yeni giriş sex tonight?  Would I lose my virginity?  Would I make a fool of myself?  I was sure that I might die.I took a deep breath and went into the locker room.  I found an available hook and removed my shirt.  I grabbed my shoes and socks and pushed them towards the wall.  At the precise moment that I unbuckled and unzipped my jeans, the door to the hot tub area opened and a completely nude girl walked in.  I was shocked because I assumed I was in a guys’ locker room (in retrospect something completely unnecessary in a coed nude establishment!).I was face to face with my first naked female ever!  She stood in front of me as her clothes hook was next to mine.  She smiled and I smiled back, still holding my jeans.  She fumbled with something in her clothing.  I took yet another deep breath and pulled my pants down and off.  She was the first girl to ever see me in just my underwear.  I tried to be cool about it.She looked and continued to stand in front of me.  I grabbed my underwear and pulled it off.  I stood up tall and hung my underwear on the hook.  I looked at her face and she was looking at my penis.  I looked at her hairy pussy.  Now she was the first girl to ever see me naked.

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