Sex with my neighbors! (Part 1)Sex with my neighbors! (Part 1)


Sex with my neighbors! The following story is completely true.

In this story I have changed some information for privacy reasons:
Address: 12 Brick Road
Name: Brian – 15
Neighbors: Jack – Father 44
Kate – Mother 43
Drew – Son 12
Kelly – Daughter 11
Jenna – Daughter 9
Grace – Daughter 8
Amanda – Full Time Babysitter 22

My name is Brian and I live at 12 Brick Road and next to me are my neighbors at 15 Brick road. They have 4 kids named Drew, Kelly, Jenna, and Grace. They also have a super sexy babysitter named Amanda. We are close neighbors and we will occasionally play outside together or play video games with each other. Drew and I play basketball together a lot. I have a perfect view of the babysitter’s room from my window and a perfect view of the 2 kids room from my bathroom window. Drew has his own room and the girls all share one giant room.
I generally watch the babysitter dress and get undressed from my window and sometimes the kids. Occasionally I’ll let them and the babysitter watch me.
The binds are generally closed to the babysitter’s room. However one day, I watched Jenna hang on them and break them! Now, the window is never covered. I peered out my window one night to notice that Amanda was having a three way with Jack and Kelly! I took a bunch of pictures and a few videos hoping to blackmail her!
The next day the family was leaving for their vacation house. I was actually talking to Drew and he told me his family was leaving for 3 days. However Grace had to stay home since she pushed Jenna down the stairs. Amanda never went on their trips anyway. So it was just Grace and Amanda. My family was gone for the week also so I was home alone also.
They have a big pool and I’m aloud in it without permission since I am a good swimmer. In fact they ask me to lifeguard at some of their parties and that’s a fun time but that’s another story. So today, I decided to wear my Speedo Jammer! I had bought this white one specifically so it would be see-through when it got wet. I actually bought it for when the only Amanda was home. I also had a thong but in black so that it would fall off in the pool but that’s for another time.
I just opened the white jammer and it was very tight which was perfect! I walked right over to the pool and Amanda was about to go in but I called her over and showed Ortaköy Escort her my phone that had the pictures on it. I had the pictures saved to the cloud, my phone, my computer, and my camera! She gasped and politely said, “What are you going to do with those?” I replied, “Well I’m not deleting them. Are you horny?” She leaned over and kissed me on the lips. She was feeling my raging hard cock.
Grace walked outside and then Amanda stopped. Grace didn’t see. Amanda said something to her and went inside. I thought nothing of it. Grace stripped of her bikini top and came over to me and said, “Throw me in!” I said ok and ok and picked he up by her arms but she then said, “Higher! Lift my butt!” I complied and threw her in. Her bottoms fell of exposing such a super sexy hot pussy! She was 8 and giving me such a hard on!
Ignoring her nudity she swam over and said, “Save me save me!” This was a game what all of the kids played with me. I would bring them over to a lounger chair and pretend to give them mouth-to-mouth! I brought her over and she wanted me to actually give her mouth-to-mouth. I didn’t know what to do and I looked up and saw Amanda had been watching. Amanda winked and nodded her head. I gave Grade mouth-to-mouth and Grace started kissing me tongue to tongue! I was surprised and said, “Great your alive!” I then lay back on my chair and fell asleep for a few minutes. I woke up to Grace on top on me, my Speedo was off, and Amanda was in the Jacuzzi naked!
Since I was laying face up and my head was elevated, I had a perfect view of both of them. I acted asleep. Grace was felling my cock and it was getting super hard. She started to suck it and I opened my eyes! She didn’t notice but Amanda did. Amanda walked over and started pushing grace’s head up and down! I had some pre cum and Grace sucked it off.
I lay up and Grace jolted but wasn’t too surprised. Amanda said to me, “Grace wants your dick. She has only had oral” I whispered to Amanda, “Can I have you first? I would rather loose my virginity to use than and 8 year old.” Amanda said good point and then I explained my parents wouldn’t be home for a week. I had till next Monday (It was Monday) to do what I wanted.
Amanda told me to sleep over till Thursday when the parents would come home. I said it was a good idea so I brought some of my stuff Ortaköy Escort Bayan over. When I got back Amanda told me Grace would be going with her friend to an amusement park but its far away so she would be sleeping in a hotel and she wouldn’t be back until Wednesday! I was curious how that came about! She was grounded but now she can go to an amusement park with her friends? Amanda told me that she told the parents that I knew about her sexual deviances! She also said the parents know all about it and everyone in the family is involved! I was surprised but again I saw it coming.
Grace left at 4 and Amanda was going to take me to see a movie. Amanda went to run some errands right after Grace left and said she would be back by 6:30. I was still naked and I wandered around the house. I looked through all the rooms. Almost every draw and closet. Then I went to the main computer. There was a spreadsheet of passwords left right next to the computer! List of porn sites computer passwords. There were hard drives with each family members name on it! I went through each one and there were libraries of porno movie on them. But they were the stars! They made their own porn movies!
It was around 6:20 so I covered my tracks and Amanda got home just in time with a few bags. There were groceries in 2 bags and sex toys in another. She walked me down to the basement. The one place I didn’t check. On the way I told he I looked around and I found the movies. She said good and brought me to the studio! Half the basement was filled with kids stuff and washing machines. There was secret door to the other side. It was filled with props and cameras and lighting. She told me that was where we would be sleeping. We wouldn’t be recording but just sleeping and fucking there!
She gave me some clothes to wear. She told me to wear them to the movies. They were lacrosse shorts, a tank top, and flip-flops. No underwear. She put on Circe Gathered Mini Dress! It was so hot! I went over started feeling her boobs!
We took the BMW convertible! Once she parked, she put the roof up and we made out. We went to get the tickets and some people stared as we walked to the theater. It was a love movie and a chick flick. I forget the name but it made girls so horny! There were 2 other couples in the theater making out and no one else came. Escort Ortaköy She sat down in the back in a handicap seat. There were 3 handicap seat types. One that just had one chair and room for a wheelchair next to it. She sat in the single seat and I sat on top of her looking behind her. There was a mirror so I just about watched the movie on the mirror. Well I watched when we weren’t making out. She moved her breast cover straps away so I just grabbed and sucked those.
After ¾ through the movie Amanda got up and I sat down normally in the chair. She sat on top of me and guided my 6-inch dick into her ass! It wants very long but it was thick! I guess it was ok for her because she loved it. She reached into my pocked and took out a sex lube packed, which I didn’t even know was there. It helped my dick get in. My dick was just sitting in her ass with my hands on her 36D tits. Her hands on her cunt! Both guys looked and then their girls slapped them and they left. We were the only two people in the theater! The movie ended shortly after.
It was 9:15 and we walked out to the car. She asked me if I wanted to go anywhere special but I said no. We hopped in the car, she put the roof down, and I jumped on top of her! I lay there as she drove home.
I ran inside my house to get my phone just as my parents called! I told them I was feeling tired from working out and going to bed early. They bought it and told me they wouldn’t have service till Saturday and that I should try to call my grandma regularly to check in. My parents really trust me and my parents told my neighbor that they wouldn’t have cell service so they needed them to keep an eye on me. Everything worked out great.
I walked back over to Amanda still in the car and then she parked. We walked in the house and went to the bed. We undressed each other and went skinny-dipping! She gave me an underwater blowjob and I gave her anal. We went inside and went to the shower. We 69’d in the shower.
Finally! In bed! We started French kissing for 20 minutes before we even did anything else. She then placed my hands on her 36D tits and I played with them. She lay in bed and I got up and put my dick in her pussy and just rammed it in! She screamed with excitement and I continued for 10 minutes until I got tired!
We then lay in bed with my dick still in her, I thrusted again and again and I said I was going to come and she said in my mouth so I did. It wasn’t much at all but there was still some there. I fell asleep in her arms.

End of part 1

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