I always had a fascination for Barbies. I still remember my first Barbie that I got when I was just nine years old. It was a snowy Christmas morning and the tree was littered with gifts of all shapes and sizes. Each present contained a small parchment with each of my siblings names written on them. I reached for the yellow rectangular box and hugged it tightly. I scrambled to the fireplace and gazed at this box, my young mind going nuts, wondering what was inside it. Ever so gently my tiny hands slowly slipped the Barbie casing out. A bright smile appeared on my face as I gazed onto the beauty of my newly found friend. Analee was her name. She was part of the Native American Barbie collection that was released in the nineties. I still remembered how her beautiful brown skin, long black hair, and earthen eyes glistened in the fireplace.Analee and I were inseparable. She was my yin to my yang. I had to be with her almost one hundred percent of the time. I dressed her up in so many different colorful outfits, often disregarding her natural blue Native American gown. I would wash her hair with shampoo, gently air dry it out, and then use my miniature comb to brush all the tangled locks away. I took great care of Analee, often too much care from the perspective of my older siblings and parents. After almanbahis şikayet all it was all innocent, childish fun.It wasn’t until the age of eighteen that I started to have sexual thoughts of my Analee. I was in my room playing with my Barbie dolls, Analee and Kristy. I was playing a game called ‘House’ where there was a mommy doll, a daddy doll, and two children dolls. My parents refused to buy me a Ken doll due to personal or religious reasons. They believed that a Ken doll will make me grow up too much but girl dolls were fine. I substituted my Ken for Kristy by having her hair cut short to resemble a guy’s haircut. I made Analee be the mom and Kristy be the dad. It wasn’t until I made Analee and Kristy kiss each other that I felt some sort of wetness begin to form in my pussy regions. I played it off as just my bladder telling me it was time to use the restroom, but that certain aching feeling kept returning whenever I made Analee and Kristy join lips.As my imaginative makeout sessions start to unravel in my room, the heat between my legs started to spread outward. I looked at Analee for the first time with a new light. I set Kristy down and paid all my attention to Analee. She was so beautiful, with her brown eyes staring seductively at me. I couldn’t help it but… give a quick almanbahis canlı casino peck on her plump, pink lips. I gasped as I looked at my Analee. She still held that seductive smile on her face. Feeling excited, I placed another longer, deeper kiss onto her face. I stuck my tongue out and gently outlined her lips when suddenly I heard a snicker from the door. It was my brother, James, staring and laughing at me. I told him to go away as I felt my face flush and embarrassement filled my head. I couldn’t believe what James saw me doing! He came back and brought my big sister, Jenny, in and they both started to laugh at me. I got up, closed and locked the door. Behind the door, all I could hear was my siblings calling me a freak. My brother and sister never failed to make me miserable. Freak, freak, Barbie obsessed freak! How could I do this to my Analee, to an inanimate object? Disgusted with myself, I threw Analee and Kristy across the room. I had to grow up and stop pretending to be in love with a Barbie doll. Vowing to never play with dolls again, I piled all my Barbie toys and accessories into a big box and placed them in the attic to be forgotten in time.Analee and I didn’t see each other for six years. I moved out of my parents house and went on to college on the other side almanbahis casino of the country where I completed a degree in accounting. I was twenty four when I got news that my parent’s needed help moving some old stuff out of the house into a storage unit down the block. My brother and sister were too busy with their kids to go help, so it was up to me to plan the logistics for the move. One quick drive to the airport and a short layover in Chicago, I was finally in my childhood home. My mom had me go to the attic first to remove all the old boxes that were collecting dust. Most of the items were baby clothes, Christmas ornaments, scary Halloween decorations, the usuals. One after the other I took the boxes down to the moving van. I looked around the room and spotted a box that had my name on it: Loraine’s stuff don’t touch! Curiousity overcame me and I decided to see what was in that box. I took out my small knife and broke the tape seal. Inside, to my surprise, was Analee and the rest of my Barbie doll collections. My heart was pounding through my ears as I gently picked up Analee. She still looked beautiful after all these years. Her gorgeous eyes, pixie nose, and luscious lips stared straight at me. I turned her around and examined her, a little mark here and there but overall the definition of perfect. She was wearing a pink tutu with a pink tanktop on, her perfectly shaped left boob popping out. I adjusted her top to make her look more modest than she was previously. I looked longingly at her, small tears forming at the ducts of my eyes. 

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