Sex with an ExSex with an Ex


I sat looking at her Instagram account on my computer. She looked good. In particular, one recent photo showed her from behind. She was sat at the edge of the pool in a bikini. Her big yet perfectly toned ass was barely covered by the swimsuit bottoms, and her back looked muscular but feminine. I grew hard imagining that ass bouncing up and down on my lap, her tight, wet pussy engulfing my entire length. God I needed to get laid.

I had gone out with Athena a couple of years earlier. We had worked together in Vermont one summer — student job kind of deal. I was from not far away but she was originally Venezuelan. We had hit it off and after a few nights got together. A group of us went out some bar. She was dressed up nicely — jewellery, makeup, fancy clothes. Very sexy. She had a sultry way about her, especially her voice. The foreign accent and her own personal tone, slightly husky, was just appealing. When she talked dirty to me into my ear I got hard instantly.

Walking by the lake one night we were talking. The rest of the group had walked ahead and I noticed that she was slightly bumping into me. Hello, I thought. She then said in a direct way that the full moon made her frisky. I looked at her and she was smiling. Fuck it, I decided, let’s take a risk. I leaned it and we kissed. It was passionate, sensual and wet. We stood under the moonlight with our tongues in each other’s mouths. I put my hands around her waist, then squeezed her big ass. Finally I reached inside her trousers and squeezed her smooth, soft buttocks. She was wearing just a thong and this got me hard. She did offer to go and fuck there and then but I declined as there were still people about.

We spent the next day sneaking around and kissing when we could. I felt her ass and legs whenever I could, even squeezing her large breasts. This was going to be a good summer!

The first time we had sexual contact was when she was in my room. We were kissing and I was enjoying feeling her up. I thought I would see where I could take this. I gently pushed on her shoulders and she knew exactly what I wanted. To my excitement, she dropped down and opened the front of my trousers. I was getting hard and she took my cock straight into her mouth. I’ll never forget the amazing sensation of the wet, warm mouth wrapping around me. Her tongue was amazing. It was the first blowjob I’d ever received and I was spoiled with it. She did a great job. I stood up and put my hands on her long black hair. She was sucking like an obedient Latina slut who loved cock, looking up and me every so often but never letting me fall out her mouth. I even got to look in the mirror behind her at the image of her on her knees with her head just bobbing back and forth and me standing dominantly over her.

‘I’m cumming!’ I announced when I could hold on no longer. I didn’t know what she would do, but I assumed that she would take it out and jerk it over the floor. But she didn’t move so I took it as permission to release in this position. I flooded her mouth and could tell that I came a lot. When I was done, she swallowed everything. In fact, she developed this wonderful habit of putting her mouth next to my ear after I had cum and then swallowing so I could hear it. But that first time I was just in heaven from start to finish.

We fucked the next night. It was the first time I had had sex. It was in the dark and we were in bed. I thought ‘finally!’ as she took my cock in her mouth and sucked me to hardness. Then she climbed on top. Everyone will remember their first time and I guess people have similar thoughts. I was so excited to finally feel what a pussy was like on my cock. I had received handjobs and I had fingered girls but never this. She did not insist on protection, which was cool, seeing as we knew neither of us had anything.

Her thick, soft thighs straddled me and I stroked them. They were dark and the skin was smooth and delicate. She took my cock in her feminine hands and positioned it under her pussy. She was wet, I felt. Then, my penis touching her lips, she sank herself down slowly.

Oh, what a lovely feeling! It was just fantastic. I even thought to myself ‘so this is what everyone goes crazy for!’ I understood why. She slowly shifted her weight up and down so my whole length was engulfed in her wet folds. She was very tight — I knew this despite having prior experience. Then she went faster. I gripped her legs. After about a minute I realised that I wasn’t going to be able to hold on, and as she was on top it would all go.

‘Fuck, I’m gonna cum, now!’ I announced. She slid forward and off my cock as I erupted, cumming all up her back.

‘You needed that!’ she giggled.

The sex had been good. She had a very nice feeling pussy, decent body and big tits. Her ass was incredible. Big and round, but not fat at all. Thicc as they’d say now. Like a Kardashian butt. I’d never got to fuck her ass, but I had fingered it and she had enjoyed the process. Seeing that ass in front as I fucked was a great image, I’m just sad I acıbadem escort had her on her back so much as I could have had way more fun with it. I also would definitely have tried to do anal if I had my time again.

She enjoyed being spanked. And I spanked her hard. She enjoyed being turned around and slapped on her large cheeks in the shower or in bed. She wore nice underwear, a lot of thongs and lacy lingerie, which looked great. Her skin was dark and tanned since she was Latin, aside from tan lines. I didn’t mind these as they accentuated her big buttocks.

But what she was best at, what she really excelled in, was blowjobs. She was always willing. I would just have to push her head down and she would drop to her knees instantly and take my cock in her mouth. She knew when to go hard and fast and soft and slow, when to lick my balls, to jerk me with her hands, to lick and tease. She had some amazing tongue techniques — I wasn’t even sure what she was doing, just that I was feeling amazing sensations in my cock head. Where she learned this stuff god only knows.

The naughtiest thing we ever did was one evening when we were in an empty cabin cleaning up. It was the end of the summer and we were the other side of the lake from the main camp, so when the students left the spillover huts it was totally deserted. As we went about the clean, she took my hand and pulled me to her. She had this devilish glint in her eye so I knew she was up to something naughty. She dropped straight down and pulled my clothes down. She greedily took my flaccid penis in her mouth and sucked and sucked until I came. She had no choice but to swallow. Then, grinning in erotic conspiracy, we snuck out.

Well, it ended and we had stopped speaking quite a while back. I had sometimes looked through the nudes she had sent me when together during a particularly horny evening and whack off to the sight of her naked body — particularly that ass. I didn’t think she’d be any more than an erotic memory.

Then about three and a half years later, just after I’d left college, I saw her comment on a mutual friend’s Insta. I started to follow her and got to see loads of photos. I’d guessed she had split from her boyfriend because he stopped appearing in photos and she was very needy in terms of bikini shots, and generally ones of her looking sexy. She was desperate for validation in that way.

So, in a moment of weakness I messaged her. She lived in my city (not too improbable as it’s one of the main cities here) but the other side. I fantasized about fucking her brains out and her being easy. I was sexually frustrated at the time and would love to get my hands on that ass, my cock in her pussy, and receive one of her world class BJs. I hadn’t had a good one since.

I took my phone and sent her a message.

‘Hey. Long time no speak. I was just wondering how you were you doing? Are you well?’ I waited slightly nervously. Maybe she would be pissy or something, but I was banking on her daddy issues to ensure that she would be desperate to try and get me to lust after her again. I put the phone down and forgot about it.

About half an hour later my phone buzzed. I opened the message. ‘Hey! It’s so nice to hear from you. I’m good thanks, busy with work these days. How about you? What are you up to?’ She even added a few kisses and a couple of silly emojis. I suspected that she would be keen to meet. Whether she was still the kind of girl that opened her legs as soon as a man showed her some interest I could not say. After all, we had not met for a few years. I was not looking to screw anyone over, but she had done that to me, so, if in a dry patch I fucked her with no desire to make it more serious, who the fuck cares?

We chatted back and forth. Eventually she suggested meeting for a coffee or something. I realized that I was really quite keen to fuck her, and so preferred to meet for a drink in the evening. I didn’t know if anything would come of it, but with some alcohol and a romantic atmosphere I could at least sow the seed of desire in her mind.

So I told her that I would be busy for the next few weeks during the day. She did the work and asked about evenings. I replied and told her that yes I would be free some evenings. We settled on one, and I gave the name of a bar downtown.

I walked in and saw her sitting there. She looked good. Her hair was glossy and two toned. Her makeup, while extensive, was well done. She was wearing some figure hugging trousers made of a thin material, with coloured vertical stripes. Her thighs looked chunkier than I remembered but firmer — I guess she had worked out a lot. That would do that juicy butt no harm at all, even more toned than before. Her breasts were in a push up bra and shown off in a silky blouse that was a button too many open. Her jewellery jangled around whenever she moved which I thought leant her a regal air. All in all, very attractive.

‘Hi!’ she beamed, standing up to hug me. I smelled akbatı escort the perfume. Same as before. I had forgotten that smell. Immediately I felt my penis get interested. I was going to get seriously frustrated this evening I could tell already.

I sat down on the sofa next to her. We ordered drinks. Although both of us were slightly nervous we fell quickly into conversation and it was not awkward like I was fearing.

She was certainly curvy. Natural flared hips, big breasts and a generous ass. Thick thighs too. Even if she was to become underweight she would still have the appearance of being a big gal. Not that she was close to being underweight. I would not say she was fat, and she was a long way from being obese, but she probably carried a stone too much. Her soft belly was a little bigger than it should have been, although there was never any suggestion of a muffin top. I liked to think of her as being similar to that plus size model Ashley Graham. Yeah, that wasn’t a bad shout. In fact, she had similar hair and a beautiful face like her. Dazzling eyes. Those big, round, brown things would just suck you right in. She had a habit of fucking you with them as well. Could give me an erection with just a look and a soft voice.

‘I’m happy for you,’ she was saying as I detailed my current career trajectory. I had hit the gym, earned good money and improved my appearance and wardrobe since I was the scrawny camp counselor that she knew me as. I was hoping that she was impressed. The top of her bra was peeping out from that silky blouse. Black lace. My semi erect penis was definitely starting to show.

After an hour of idle chit chat she asked if she missed anything about us being together. ‘We weren’t together that long, I mean it was hardly a relationship.’

‘I don’t mean that. I mean… you know… in bed..?’

‘Ah, I said, feeling slightly flushed, my cock awakened by this shift in conversation. ‘Of course. That body of yours,’ I managed. She beamed. ‘And to be honest, if you don’t mind me being crude, I haven’t had a blowjob as good as yours since.’ She laughed huskily.

‘I am sorry but from a selfish perspective I am pleased!’

‘You knew what you were doing.’

‘I’m good at sucking cock, yes.’ The way that she said these words had got me fully hard. ‘I can see that you are having some fond memories,’ she said looking down. I decided to be bold. I put my hand on her silky thick thigh.

‘Is there anything that you miss?’ I asked, slowly running my hand up. She exhaled loudly.

‘Your cock. It felt so good in my pussy. I fantasize about it even now.’

‘Do you? You think of my cock when you touch yourself?’

‘Mhmm.’ She bit her lip.

‘Do you cum imagining me? When you play with your wet little pussy?’

‘Yes!’ I eyes closed. I leaned in and kissed her soft lips. She responded passionately. In the dark corner of the bar we made out sloppily, all tongues and lips. I was hard and I felt the heat coming from between her large thighs.

‘Why don’t we get out of here and find a bed?’ I suggested.

‘I don’t live far. Come to mine.’ We stood up and exited. I held her hand as we walked. When we were alone in an empty street I pulled her in for another kiss. We made out more and I slipped my hand in her trousers as I had done that first time. I sensed she was smiling as my hands cupped her huge buttocks. They were softer, rounder and firmer than I had remembered.

‘That ass! I need to have it,’ I told her. We continued on until we got to her flat and walked in. I spun her round and pushed her against a wall. We kissed some more. It was wet and passionate and sexual. I broke away and looked her in the eyes. She had this sultry blaze that told me she needed my cock. ‘I bet you’re soaking wet, aren’t you?’ I asked.

‘Yes!’ she moaned, and closed her eyes. I leaned into her ears and cupped her pussy. She gasped.

‘Are your panties wet?’


‘Soaking wet?’

‘Soaking wet!’

‘All from me getting that tight little pussy of yours all wet?’

‘Yes, baby, my pussy is so wet right now.’

‘Show me what kind of panties you have on.’ I was going to give her instructions. I unbuttoned her shirt and took it off, throwing it down. ‘Take your shoes off.’ She did. I slipped her trousers down. She had a black satin thong stretched around her wide hips. ‘Now turn around, girl.’ She did. I unhooked her bra and she let it fall down. I reached around and squeezed her breasts. I played with her nipples, pinching them as she moaned.

‘You’re a very naughty girl, aren’t you?’


‘And what happens to naughty girls?’

‘They get punished.’

‘Damn right,’ I snarled. ‘They are spanked for being so bad. Which is what you need.’ I led her over by her hand to her desk. ‘Bend over.’ She duly complied. ‘Good girl. You need to be submissive, don’t you?’

‘Yes!’ she said.

I looked around. I saw a scarf on her chair which I grabbed. aksaray escort ‘Put your wrists together,’ I ordered. She complied and I wound the silk around. I made a fairly tight knot and then pushed her down again. She was now leaning over her desk. Her back arched and her juicy butt thrust back for me. I felt it. So soft… so smooth… so firm…

‘Before I spank you, I think we need to do something about your language. As I am the boss you are to refer to me as daddy. Do you understand?’

‘Yes,’ she said. I spanked a cheek. ‘Yes DADDY!’ she corrected.

I drew my hand back and brought it down, hard this time, on her other cheek. She yelped. ‘Yes daddy!’

‘You want it harder?’

‘Please, daddy, spank me harder.’ I duly obliged. I continued doing this, each time being sure to rub her buttocks, smoothing out the pain. After a few minutes of this, all with plenty of squeals and daddies, I was staring at a reddening ass. Bent over she looked huge from behind.

‘Open your legs further. Bend over more. I wanna see that pussy.’ She did as she was told, naturally. ‘Yes daddy!’ she breathed. I could see the glistening wetness of her slit. She was turned on all right. I touched her, running my finger up and down the entrance. She liked it. I slipped a finger in. Slow and gentle pushing at first, before I added a second finger. Then I went harder and faster. I breathing turned into moaning. ‘Yes! Yes daddy!’

I curled my fingers as I knew girls liked. This sent her over the top. ‘Are you gonna cum for me? Are you gonna be a good girl and cum for daddy? Cum for daddy!’ That did the trick and my vigorous finger fucking gave her an orgasm. I felt the tightening of the vaginal muscles and the flooding of liquid as she screamed out. When she was done I asked her if she wanted me to continue and she just about managed to say yes.

Well, I slowed right down and teased her some more. I circled around and round, then in and out, before once again picking up the speed as she moaned loudly. I went for the kill and curled my fingers. I was quite good at this, so it was only about ten minutes of fingering for her second orgasm to ripple through her.

‘Did you enjoy that?’ I asked.

‘Yes, daddy,’ she panted. I untied her and pulled her up for a kiss. She was in that glorious post coital bliss, and her kisses were passionate and deep. ‘I guess you’ll be wanting me to return the favour?’

‘I was kinda hoping to get one of those blowjobs of yours.’ She just smiled in this and sank to her knees. I instructed her to keep her hands behind her back while I stripped. Then, standing naked over her, I took my semi in my hand and brushed it across her cheeks and her lips. She knew to wait obediently. I slapped her with it. ‘Now, lick my balls.’ She did so and I was in heaven. Her technique had of course only improved. ‘Use your hands.’ Her soft palms gently caressed my penis. Her tongue swirled around the head, up and down the shaft, back to the balls.

Then, as I thought I’d hit the jackpot, she took it up a level. Her lips engulfed my throbbing cock. Up and down she went, those soft lips firmly around my member, the suction combined with her active tonguing creating the most wonderful sensations. I lasted as long as I could but it can’t have been more than five minutes before I felt myself nearing the end. After all, we’d been touching and kissing in the bar, I had been spanking her, playing with her pussy and now receiving her expert oral skills. ‘Fuck, I’m gonna… I’m gonna cum!’ I managed.

I unleashed a torrent into her willing mouth. I could feel it erupt and knew that it was a huge quantity of semen. She took it all like a champ. Then she stood up, her mouth clearly full, a big grin on her face. She stood by me, leaned into my ear, as I swayed in ecstasy. I was barely able to stand. I then heard the sound of her swallowing the entire load.

‘That was a lot! You were a horny boy.’

‘You got that right. And you were a hungry girl.’

‘You taste better than I remember, and I remember you being absolutely yummy.’

‘My cock or my cum?’

‘Both,’ she giggled. ‘Why don’t we take a shower, huh?’

‘You got it. Go get it ready and I’ll join you.’ She obediently hopped along to the en suite as I gave her a playful slap on her behind. She was still red. I sat down to catch my breath. Phew. This had been a good move after all.

The shower was running and I entered the bathroom. We embraced, kissing under the water, her hands running up and down my back, tracing it gently, mine squeezing her ass cheeks firmly. Our kisses became bolder and more passionate. She loved sucking my tongue, and I enjoyed nibbling her lips. She was a fiery Latina that was for sure. I noted her light brown skin. It was truly flawless. Tanned evenly all over. I loved that she was carrying just a little too much weight — her thighs flared out nicely so were pretty chunky when you saw them naked. I would enjoy burying my head between them in a while.

‘Turn around,’ I ordered after we had spent an eternity in this embrace. She smiled and did as she was told. ‘Put your hands on the wall and thrust that big ass out.’ I played with her buttocks. Gently at first, a bit of light squeezing and caressing. Then I opened them so her tight little rosebud was exposed. ‘You have such a sexy little hole. We never did any anal play, did we?’

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