Sensualist Pt. 02 Ch. 08Sensualist Pt. 02 Ch. 08


All sexual acts herein are between people 18 years of age, or older.

Chapter 8

Fucking Winnie and Later the Same Night–Nikita

The following evening, Donnie picked Winnie up at her front door and took her out to dinner at one of Athens finest restaurants. Afterward, he drove straight to his home. During the ride, Winnie allowed her hand to stray to his crotch.

“You’ve got an iron bar there. Is that for me?”

“In all likelihood,” he replied, keeping his eyes on the road as it was still rush hour and traffic was heavy.

“I could suck you a little, if you want,” she cooed, flirtatiously.

When Donnie failed to answer her, she repeated the question and went so far as to reach for the zipper to his fly.

“Stop it!” he said. “When we get to my place I’ll probably fuck you senseless. But for the moment, let me drive.”

Winnie’s breathing intensified, her cunt clenched and inadvertently her fingers tightened on the bulge in Donnie’s trousers.

“I—I’ve brought some of the outfits you bought yesterday. If you want I could … you know, put on a kind of fashion show.”

It was as if he hadn’t heard a word she’d said, for he replied: “At the house you’re going to get naked and spread your legs for me and I’m going to pound into your cunt with your tits gripped tightly in each fist.”

Oh my, Winnie thought, and sucked in a breath, for he was still talking to her.

“Then I’m going to cum all over you. After that I’m going to pull out my phone and take some pics of those big milky tits covered in ropes of cum.”

“Oh, God!”

“Is your cunt vibrating?”

“It’s convulsing … yes!”

They were silent the rest of the way, and on reaching Donnie’s house, he pinned her to the passenger side of his Camaro and pressed in against her. Winnie felt the scrape of his teeth on her neck. She was also well aware of the hard ridge of his cock against her lower back. They were both panting. Then his lips moved up her neck and towards her ear. “When I open this door, head right for the bedroom at the back of the house. Get naked and spread yourself wide open on that bed. I want to see your cunt displayed to me.”

The door had not quite closed and her dress was over her head and tossed on the floor as she hurried toward the bedroom.

Winnie didn’t bother unhooking the bra, but just pulled it over her head and tossed it aside as well. She was about to toe her way out of her shoes when he told her to leave them on. Then it occurred to her that she might mess up his sheets with her bodily fluids and so wearing nothing but her new 4 inch strappy heels, she tottered into the bathroom to snag a towel.

“I want you to understand something,” Donnie said with a serious expression. Winnie giggled and said, “Yes, Master.”

“You are mine.” Donnie responded so quickly they were both surprised. He wasn’t sure as to just why he’d uttered those particular words. He had been thinking about how certain words or the manner in which certain phrases excite a woman. For example, telling a woman what one is going to do to her is almost a sure way of stoking her desire.

She gnawed on her bottom lip, listening to the soothing music playing on Donnie’s stereo, but only hearing the thumping of her heart.

Winnie’s mouth was dry, her breath ragged. Already moist from anticipation of what was yet to come, the ache for him to penetrate her was becoming unbearable. Her hips rocked instinctively, slowly gyrating as her mind continued to race, trying to imagine the forbidden pleasures that awaited her.

Yes, I am his, she told herself, and willed her body to settle down, but the reality was her body was in no mood for listening.

She struggled not to squirm, she knew without words that he wanted her to remain still and quiet, until he told her otherwise.

She heard him take a deep breath, and exhale with a deep satisfied growl. For a moment she felt embarrassed when she realized that her musky scent was permeating the room, evidence of her arousal filling his lungs.

He tugged on her hair, pulling her head back to him, and so he tested his theory, saying: “I’m going to spank you before I fuck you.”

When he saw the way her eyes lit up at his words, he was inspired and went further, probably further than he should have, but he did. “I am going to spank your breasts with this,” he said holding his throbbing erection inches from her nose.

“Will you pull my hair too?”


“Pull my hair … please, Master”

Donnie ignored that for a moment and studied her as she went through a series of seductive, or so she thought moves. Through half-lidded eyes he saw the sultry expression form on her face; then watched as she parted her lips then wet them with her shimmering pink tongue. She winked at him, and then raised her right leg in the air and slowly ran her hands along the length of it, then repeated it again, which he was certain was for his benefit. He calmly stroked his erection while watching what had to be a well practiced buca escort performance. But who had she practiced this for? He made a mental note to ask about that when the time seemed right.

He noticed Winnie’s breathing had grown quicker as she lowered her leg to the bed and lewdly lay back against the fluffy pillows before pulling both legs into a V, totally exposing her puffed up red pussy to him.

“That was nice, very nice, Winnie.”

“Thank you master,” she coyly replied.

“Now turn around.”

He detected a slight pout, but she responded quickly, lowering her legs and spinning gracefully onto her knees so that she now faced the headboard of the bed.

He took a step forward to close the space between them and reached out and yanked on her hair hard enough to cause Winnie to involuntary shriek.

He decided he hadn’t pulled hard enough and yanked even harder.

“Ouch!” Winnie cried out, but continued facing away from him.

“Who said you could talk?” I said softly.

“No one, master.”

“Turn your head toward me.”

When she did, Donnie slapped her across the face.

Winnie accepted it without making a sound.

“Much better, Winnie.”

Thank you … Master.”

“I want an honest answer to my next questions, Winnie. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Master.”

“How long have you been into bondage?”

“It … it’s hard to say. I’ve been practicing one form or another of it most of my life.”

“Explain yourself!”

“My father spanked me for any infraction for as long as I can remember. In fact, he still does … when I’m home. I … I try not to go home as much anymore.”

“Just because of the spankings?”

“No, not so much. It’s … the last couple times he fingered me and made me suck him. It didn’t seem right, him being my father and all. So I left home and only return for Christmas when the whole family is there.”

This was invaluable information to Donnie as he had been rereading DeSade’s masterpiece, Justine, and now had an opportunity to practice some of DeSade’s methods acts with a willing participant.

Donnie ran a hand over her breast and felt her shudder. He squeezed the center, avoiding the nipple itself. Winnie bit her lip and moaned. Donnie could have sworn a wave of excitement ran through her body.

“Winnie, what are you thinking about right now?”

“I … I’m very excited. Very wet, but you can probably see that.”

“I can,” and waited for her to continue.

“I’m wondering if you’re going to spank me, or fuck me, or maybe both.”

His free hand curled around her neck causing her to stiffen that much more. But when his fingers gently massaged her flesh, lingering on her neck then slowly moved to her shoulder. She closed her eyes as the realization hit her that she was right to place her trust in him, he would not hurt her, not really.

His hand continued down her back, taking in every inch of her tingling flesh. Her eyes closed as she lost herself in his comforting hand. She could feel the juices escaping her pussy; her hips wriggled involuntarily, innocently seeking some form of relief. She bit her bottom lip, hoping the movement went unnoticed. When she heard a soft chuckle, she knew it had not. She tensed yet again, waiting for the sting that she was sure would follow- but it didn’t.

Surprisingly, she felt a void. That void gradually became a strong yearning. She felt sure that a hard swat on her backside would satisfy the aching need.

She heard him utter a long slow moan, she could only interpret as satisfaction, and it made her smile, knowing he appreciated her shape. Her eyes closed again, this time anticipating where his hand would roam next, where he would tease her with a simple touch. Once again he tugged on her hair, bringing her out of her reverie. It was almost that he could sense exactly when she was losing herself, and he was determined to keep her right on the edge, mentally grasping at every motion, every touch.

“Lift your head, Winnie, and look straight ahead. Don’t move. Next time you may not be so lucky.” He whispered lovingly.

Without hesitation, she turned and lifted her head, wondering what he was going to do next. His hand left her hair and followed the same path as its predecessor, eventually stopping at her waist. She knew he was still at her side, she didn’t feel or hear him move. Each of his hands gripped her waist, digging into her flesh, once again gauging the fit.

Unbeknownst to her, his smile was soft and knowing, as he watched her try to maintain her composure.

He watched her closely, noting her subtle reactions to his knowing touches. He was learning her body, learning where she was most sensitive, where his touch stoked the fires within her, awakening her to pleasures she never knew existed. Just as he knew all of this, he also knew she was holding back, still unsure of fully letting herself go, becoming the wanton slut he knew she wanted to be. He knew before this night was done, she would be his, and only his, fulfilling a fire within him that had for too long been smoldering. She had awakened the beast in him.

“Does that feel good?” He inquired softly. His drawl more pronounced as his fingers crawled up to cradle each of her breasts in his hands. His lean, muscular body now draped over hers, his cock nestled in the crack of her ass. He groaned as he felt her body conform to his. His fingers pinched her nipples beneath the flimsy fabric. Roughly he pulled it away, letting her breasts hang freely. He cupped and squeezed them; taking in her soft mewls. He grasped the delicate rings that adorned her nipples and tugged, relishing in the feral groan that it produced.

“Tell me, Winnie; tell me how good that feels.” He continued pinching, tugging and rolling her nipples between his fingers, each one a little harder than the previous one while waiting for her to find the right words.

“Yesssss!” she hissed.


“Good—very nice … I like it very …”

He squeezed her left nip much harder than he had before.

“OOOOH! I … I … I love it! Please … don’t stop!”

Happy to oblige Winnie, he twisted and pulled even harder.

She yelped, “Yes please ….” The yelp became a painful moan. “PLEASE, JESUS … YESSSSSSSSSS!” Her body shuddered beneath his.

Without uttering a sound, he applied even more pressure. He knew she knew what he wanted and what he expected. She had to bring it out herself.

“Master … please … no more! No more … please!”

He pulled harder still, leaning down to bite the crease of her neck. The twinges of pain spiraled through her, settling deep in her core. Never before had she felt such an exquisite blend of pleasure mixed with pain. While the thought of enjoying pain frightened her a bit, she couldn’t help but want more of its effects on her.

She couldn’t help but cry out as he pulled just the rings then quickly modified it by adding: “Yes Sir that feels so good, Sir!”

Her sex was throbbing, aching to be filled by him. With one last tug, he released her nipples, rubbing them against his palms, absorbing their heat, and then pulled away, putting physical space between them; content to watch her body writhe as he slowly dragged his nails down her back.

Donnie’s cock was pulsing and throbbing with its need for release. He considered the fact that despite his sexual urges he was managing to control them and not ram his cock into one of her holes to satisfy himself.

Control—that’s the secret to this, he told himself. Taking a deep breath and then slowly exhaling Donnie quietly studied her alabaster ass cheeks and glistening pussy. A slow smile crept onto his face as he watched her body quiver as she fought against moving. He knew she was aching for more of his touch; aching for him.

He stepped closer to her one hand already splayed across her ass. He knew she was anticipating a hard smack. He also knew she was ready for it. Winnie’s reaction to his nipple play had impressed him, amply demonstrating her ability to absorb small bits of pain.

He leaned down and blew softly against her nether lips and saw her pussy clench then relax in response. He repeated his action, this time with a long drawn out breath, once again pleased when he saw the multiple contractions of her pussy.

He massaged her ass—fingers pressing into her full globes, titillating the nerves within, evidenced by her whimpers of pure pleasure.

He was rewarded with a soft, surprised, “Ohhh,” as he drew his index finger along her crack. He heard her nails scrape against the wooden headboard.

This was only the beginning, he thought. He knew that while she had imagined him doing all the things he’d told her he’d do, she had no concept of how intense she was going to feel, or how much he was looking forward to it.

Donnie sighed and raised his hand, paused briefly before bringing it down hard—palm flat against her right ass cheek. He heard scream in shock at the rush of pain to the reddening spot.

A moment later his hand came down even harder on the other cheek. He heard her bleated cry, followed by a deep guttural moan. He felt her knees buckle slightly. He knew she was trying to find her voice.

Again and again his hand came down fast and hard, once on each cheek. He could see the imprint of his palm on each cheek. Winnie’s head flew up off the pillow at the next volley of slaps. Her mind reeled at how the sting spread like fire through her veins. She felt her pussy throb and her juices flow. Somewhere in her mind she knew she needed to answer him, but she was just too amazed at how good she felt to realize it.

Her ass was on fire, her pussy was on fire. She wanted to yell for more, but there was still a part of her that said she wasn’t supposed to like this. This behavior was supposed to be degrading, but she had never felt so alive. She scrambled to respond as she felt his hand move, she anticipated another slap.

“Thank … you … Sir!” Winnie finally managed to croak.

Suddenly his hands were caressing her reddened cheeks, rubbing away the brunt of the sting, but nowhere near the memory of the pain.

Winnie craved the touch of his hands everywhere: Soothing, caressing and inflaming.

“Please.” she whispered repeatedly.

His hand came down again. CRACK!

“Please what?”

“Oh God, please Sir, please” she cried out.

“Better, pet. What is it that you need?” He crooned, almost teasingly.

“Please Sir, may I cum.” she whimpered.


She groaned. Didn’t he know what he was doing to her? Did he know how much she needed a release, to be set free? Did he know that she couldn’t take much more?

Donnie pulled his hands away in order to ogle her reddened cheeks. Then he reached for his cell phone and took several pictures of her—her red ass—her inflamed cunt—and her face and breasts.

Satisfied with the result, he put the phone aside and gripped each cheek and squeezed.

Winnie managed to hold back her cry of pain.

Donnie spread her ass cheeks apart and stared at the orifice revealed by the action. He coughed softly then leaned in and ran his tongue around her puckered hole; heard her shocked cry and he knew he couldn’t retreat from this point on.

With a careless flick of his tongue he licked the opening and saw her puckered orifice flinch. He grinned, repeated the flick, and was rewarded with a long frustrated growl from her. He pressed his tongue against her anus; he didn’t push, although he knew she wanted him to.

“Grab your ass for me pet, and open yourself to me.”

“Yes Sir”

Her fingers clasped each cheek and she held herself open, just as his hands had done. He took a step back, picked up the cell phone and photographed her again. He watched her shift her weight from one foot to another, and smiled- slow and easy. He knew she was uncomfortable exposing herself to his eyes.


She spread her ass cheeks wider. He watched her pussy and her rosebud clench, as if to prevent him a closer look at what mattered most. He waited for her to relax, and was greeted with a series of spasms as he watched her pussy throb. CLICK—CLICK.


She pulled even harder, stretching herself as wide as she could. He dropped the phone and pressed his lips to her anus, felt her jump as he blew softly around the spidery edges of her hole, then leaned in to nibble at the center of where he’d blown.

Winnie gasped. Her body twitched as he teased her repeatedly. Her nails left scratch marks on the headboard as her body quaked and trembled. Her gasp quickly turned to moans and mewls. Donnie continued his analingus while snaking a hand to her breasts and gripping them one at a time and squeezing them. He timed it so that he was pinching her nipples—still sore from his earlier treatment—when his teeth sank into her ass.

Winnie screamed for the first time.

Donnie felt the rush of pleasure flow through his is own body and waited for the feeling to ebb, but there was no ebb, just the continual flow coursing through his veins. He moved a hand from her breast, and slid it down her side. He watched with satisfaction as her body writhed from his touch. He pointed his tongue and ran it along the crevice between her cheeks; heard her murmur his name repeatedly. He pinched again while his tongue pressed further between her cheeks. Again her head rose up off the pillow. The first he let pass, the second he did not.

Donnie slapped her on the ass, and then slapped her four more times in succession, before saying: “This is my body, not yours. You will take care of it for me. You will cum for me and only me, unless I give you a special dispensation. You will make yourself available to me at a moment’s notice, whenever and wherever I want. “Do you understand that much?”

“Yes, Master,” she answered; he heard the pride in her voice as she uttered the words.

“I will probably have you do things you consider unimaginable; things you would never consider doing on your own. This will include securing your limbs in various ways for long periods of time; and perhaps allowing others to use you as they and I see fit.”

Winnie was trembling with excitement as Donnie uttered the last. “If necessary you will become a wanton whore for me.

“Uggghhh,” she croaked. Her hand darted between her legs and began touching her clitoris, unashamedly masturbating in front of him.

“Stop that!” he said, not raising his voice at all.

Her hand froze in place then slowly dropped away from her genitals. Her stomach was rising and falling as she took and expelled breath after breath.

“Master, may I turn around?”

“No. Now open wide.”

Her mouth opened, and he slid two fingers into it. Winnie closed her mouth on them and commenced to sucking them as if he’d sent two cocks into her mouth, which gave Donnie an idea.

“Have you ever had two men tender their cocks to you?”

He removed the fingers, allowing her to answer.

“No, Master. But it’s a fantasy of mine to have two men use me.”

“I may make that fantasy a reality one day if you’re a good girl.”

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