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The trip had been brutal. The new security restrictions required my presence at the airport a good three hours before departure. That was bad enough, but then we had to reroute to Atlanta and make an emergency landing when a drunken first class passenger started having chest pains. Once we landed, it took another hour for the Atlanta EMT’s to board the plane and stabilize the guy enough to be taken to a local hospital. When we finally got airborne again, the stewardesses passed out extra bags of peanuts to make up for the delay. Thankfully, I didn’t have a connecting flight; I had one less concern than many of my seatmates.

By the time I finally arrived, cramped and wrinkled at San Hosea, I was dog-tired. My employer had thoughtfully arranged for a limo to pick me up, and I was asleep almost as soon as I hit the back seat. I wasn’t going to get much sleep though – the hotel was close by, and the ride lasted a mere twenty minutes. I cracked open an eyelid when the limo driver gently shook me awake. Slurring out my thanks for his service, I stumbled into the hotel lobby to the obvious amusement of the attending staff. I think I tipped the bellhop when I got to the room; I honestly don’t remember. At any rate, I was finally able to close the door, and, fully clothed, fell into the bed for a good night’s sleep before meeting with the clients the next day.

I don’t know how long I slept before being awakened by a persistent knocking on the door. “Damn!” I thought, “Should have hung that ‘Do not disturb’ sign!” I opened the door to find a slim brunette standing in the hall. She was a stunningly attractive woman with long legs and perky breasts. She was wearing a thin, revealing sundress. It clung to her shoulders with the thinnest set of spaghetti straps I’d ever seen. “Room service!” She cooed.

“What?” I stammered. “I didn’t order room service!” Ignoring me, she pushed into the room consulting a clipboard. I closed the door and followed her in, still groggy and bleary-eyed. “Didn’t you hear me? I said I didn’t order room service!”

Smiling, she turned to face me, flashed the clipboard, and said “Sure you did! Says so right here!” As she spoke, she pushed me. Normally nothing would have happened; I’m a very large man – well over six feet tall, and well over three hundred pounds, but I was still groggy and off-balance from her audaciousness. I stumbled backwards and landed flat on my back, sprawled in the center of the room’s single king-sized bed.

Before I could react she climbed right up on top of me, straddling my chest with her thighs. I could have thrown her off, but I was too stunned to move; nothing even remotely similar had ever happened to me before. Without a word she bent forward and crushed her lips to mine; her tongue probed my lips insistently, then darted inside. We lay that way for long moments, our tongues engaging in a frenzied dance.

I began to gather my wits, and realized that I felt a distinct tingling in my groin. She had begun moving backwards, and was grinding her pelvis against mine as we kissed; that was certainly ankara escort helping things along. I began to embrace her, but as I did she sat straight up, out of reach. She murmured “Not yet! We have to clean you up first!” Well, she had a point there; I’d showered before the trip, but after long hours cramped on a plane, I was far from presentable.

As quickly as she’d mounted me, she hopped off, and, grabbing my already loosened tie, coaxed me into a sitting position on the edge of the bed. The tie was off before I knew it, and my shirt followed suit a moment later. She paused briefly, running her hands through the hair on my chest. My shoes went next, followed by my socks. She gently pushed me back until I was again lying flat on the bed. As soon as I was down, she unbuckled my belt, and unzipped my fly. Seconds later my pants joined the crumpled heap of clothing by the side of the bed, and I was left wearing only a pair of jockey shorts. They clung tightly to my body, revealing the distinct shape of my now-rigid penis.

She stood back at that point, giving me the once-over. Apparently she liked what she saw; the tip of her tongue peeked out from between her lips, and she licked them in anticipation. She kicked off her shoes, and slowly, seductively pulled the sundress over her head. Now it was my turn to stare. She had trim, well-tanned legs, and wore no stockings. She also wore no bra; her breasts were perfectly shaped, gracefully sloping from the chest wall to a perfect point at the nipple, and then sweeping under in a delicious curve. It was all I could do to keep from leaping up and suckling her breasts then and there. She had been in control to this point though, and I wanted to see what else she might have planned.

She walked to the side of the bed and, taking my hand in hers, pulled me upright. We embraced for a moment, lost in another passionate kiss. Again she broke away, and led me to the bathroom. We each removed the last articles of clothing – my shorts and her panties. Smiling, she backed up, then turned and turned on the water in the tub. She adjusted the flow until the temperature and flow were to her liking, and then turned on the shower. She stepped into the tub, motioning me to join her.

For long moments neither of us moved, simply luxuriating in the warm, pulsing spray. Soon, though, we unwrapped the small bars of soap provided by the hotel, and began washing each other. We moved slowly, allowing our hands to linger wherever they pleased, each pleasuring the other with long, sensuous strokes. We kissed again, reveling in the heat of our building passion, our tongues roaming to our mutual satisfaction, our hands softly caressing the swells and hollows of each other’s bodies; our hips began to sway in unison.

Yet again she broke away, and directed the showerhead towards me, rinsing the soap away. She paid particular attention to my throbbing member, making certain that no residue remained. Smiling she purred: “I’ve always felt that the man should cum first. Then he can spend more time concentrating ankara escort bayan on me afterwards! Don’t you think so?” Before I could answer, she was on her knees, and my cock had vanished completely into her sucking mouth. I was not inclined to disagree. I sagged against the tiled wall enjoying her efforts. She had an excellent technique, and it wasn’t long before I was moaning with pure lust. She swirled her tongue all around my sensitive cockhead, and, rocking back and forth on her haunches, she alternately exposed and consumed the entire length of my shaft, all the while tickling and fondling my balls, and slurping my leaking pre-cum. The end came suddenly; she grabbed my cheeks and pulled me forward, driving me deep into her mouth as I began to spasm. Wave after wave of sperm jetted into her mouth, swelling her cheeks obscenely. I held her head tightly in my hands and groaned my satisfaction. Slowly she withdrew my cock from her lips, taking care not to spill a drop of my seed.

Standing, she faced me, opened her mouth and showed me that it was completely full of my issue. Again her tongue flitted across her hips, and she sighed softly. She turned away then, and let the water from the shower spew full force into her open mouth. The water flushed the semen from her mouth, and it dribbled in rivulets over her breasts and down her stomach, disappearing in a trickle between her thighs. She giggled: “I suppose you’ll have to wash me again now; I’ve made quite a mess!” Happily, I obliged.

Standing behind her, I took up the soap, gently caressing her breasts as I cleansed, stroking and kneading them. I gently squeezed her sensitive nipples between my thumbs and fingers, slowly rolling them and teasing them until they were fully erect. She gasped and moaned in pleasure. My hands continued their downward travels, slowly teasing the flesh of her flat belly. She quivered as I stroked her belly and sides; her head tilted back to rest on my chest and she slowly rolled it back and forth as I continued. Her eyes were shut, and again her tongue flickered on her lips. One hand returned to stroke her breasts while the other worked its way to her pubic mound, soaping and cleansing her womanhood. Her breathing became more rapid and erratic as I slowly massaged the lips of her vagina. As I bent to kiss the nape of her neck, a low moaning sigh escaped her lips. “Stop now!” She whispered huskily. I began to protest, but she placed an index finger on my lips to silence me. She stood and quickly rinsed away the soapy sheen, then halted the water. “Now we can continue!” She said, her eyes twinkling as she spoke.

She led me back to the bed, and again managed to push me down so that I was once more lying on my back with my head propped up on two pillows. Once more she straddled me, teasing my lips and nose with her full bush as she rocked her pelvis to and fro in front of my face. I knew exactly what she wanted, and I was desperate to satisfy her desire. As she once again rocked near my mouth, I pulled her to me, kissing the lips of her womanhood escort ankara with mine. She froze momentarily, savoring the touch. I began to oscillate my lips over hers, slowly spreading them, and flicking them with my tongue. A small gasp escaped her. I pulled her even closer, crushing her onto my face. My tongue began to ravage her slit, flicking in and out, scooping up large quantities of her juices.

They trickled over my lips and down my cheeks. My nose pressed up against her clitoris, stimulating it intensely as I performed my other duties. I could barely breath, and what breaths I could take were heavily scented with the perfume of her womanhood. My tongue continued it’s darting and rasping while she ground frantically. I moved my hands then, reaching up to find her breasts. My fingers stroked her skin, and twirled her nipples playfully as I continued my oral ministrations. Moving my head slightly, I suckled her now-engorged clit into my mouth, and then flailed it with the tip of my tongue. The combination of sensations drove her over the edge, and she shrieked her passion, her body rigid with orgasmic delight. As the waves of orgasm subsided, I pursed my lips and blew a steady stream of warm air over the tip of her clitoris, triggering a second wave of delight.

The strength drained from her then, and she toppled sideways onto the bed. Her breath came in ragged gasps as I nibbled her earlobe, and kissed the side of her neck. I kept kissing and licking her neck, slowly moving southward. I teased her nipples with my tongue, flicking and swirling them in my mouth. She moaned again and again as I pleasured her sensitive spots.

My cock was rigid again, and aching for another turn. Continuing with my kisses, I rolled over and mounted her. I pinned her legs back with my arms and thrust into her in one massive stroke. She was incredibly wet and silky, but still very tight. Her warm lips enveloped my shaft and cockhead completely. I paused briefly to enjoy the sensation, and then began the age-old rhythm of love.

I bent forward as I moved, alternately enclosing each breast and nipple in my mouth, suckling and licking as I continued. She regained some of her strength, and began to push back with me, grunting as she strained against my weight. I sped the rhythm, excited beyond belief that this vision of loveliness was impaled on my manhood. As we moved in tandem, she began squeezing me with her firm muscles, the walls of her vagina sucking at my cockhead as it flew in and out of her tunnel. I shifted a bit so that the length of my shaft stroked her clitoris on each stroke, all the while laving her nipples. She responded by arching her back slightly, giving me increased access to her body. Faster and faster we pistoned until suddenly the threshold was reached, and we each roared our delight.

I moved aside and collapsed, completely spent. She snuggled close to my quaking body, and drew the blankets up to her chin. We slept.

I awoke the next morning at the insistence of my alarm clock. I was alone, with only a residual ache in my loins proving that I had not dreamt it all. I quickly looked around the room. It was empty, as was the bathroom. Nothing appeared to be missing except the mystery woman. She had vanished without a trace, leaving behind not even a note of explanation. I never even knew her name.

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