Senior Moments Ch.6Senior Moments Ch.6


Senior Moments Ch.6

By Jax_Teller

The winter storms were brutal this winter even for Cleveland Ohio. The storm of the century was predicted for Wednesday so today, Tuesday we had school. Normally the snow we had on the ground would be enough to close school, but because of the number of snow days already this year, school was open. David and I stood out at the corner waiting for the bus that was running twenty minutes late. The visibility was less than a quarter mile. The strong wind made standing up straight a balancing act.

Just as I was about to head home, I saw the lights on the bus at the next bus stop up the road. David gave me a questioning look like really? As the bus pulled away we listened to the scanner our bus driver had on, it was obvious that school wasn’t going to last too long. When we got to school an hour and a half late, the place was only at half capacity. There was an announcement at the bell between classes saying that the school would be closing after fifth period two pm.

So David and I would have two classes, lunch and one class after. Almost every one sat looking out the windows watching the snow throughout the classes. After lunch an announcement said any student who used a personal vehicle to get to school today, not the bus, were released, and to be safe driving home. Some of the staff and teachers were leaving too. It was starting to feel like a disaster movie, as people left and we sat watching them. The buses were trying unsuccessfully to get in the parking lot as the last of the private vehicles left.

One particular bus driver was determined to get in the lot, and got lined up making a run at the entrance to the driveway. As the bus went over the deep snow bank at the streets’ edge, it lurched and then rocked. The driver attempted to correct sending the bus over the snow bank into a light pole causing it to fall across the drive. There were sparks and buzzing that we could hear inside the school. Then the street lights flickered followed by darkness, no power any where.

A few minutes went by our teacher telling us to stay put until she could find out what the plan was. At this point Ms. Sheila Davenport our teacher turned to the window watching the snow while she tried the class room phone which was dead and then her cell phone which got no connection. We couldn’t see anything other the the occasional sparks outside. The lights on the bus grew dimmer with every minute. When David and I turned back to Ms. Sheila our teacher for guidance, we all three noticed that we were the only ones left in the class room.

We decided as a group to go to the office. We gathered our things and walked through the halls to the office using our cellphones for light. There were a handful of students and the Vice Principle, Mr. Jerkawiz discussing what happened. We told them about the bus hitting the pole. Mr Jerkawiz said he was told the last of the students had walked out to the buses in the street. He said he didn’t know why the back up generator wasn’t working yet, and Elazığ Escort he had not had contact with anyone since the lights went out. He said he was about to leave in his four wheel drive truck when the few straggler students started showing up at the office.

He said there was no way to get every one into his truck. Sheila told him that she had used the public bus service to get to school and didn’t have transportation. I could see the confusion and frustration as the battery powered emergency spot lights dulled. I announced that I knew where the generator room was and that I had helped do maintenance on the generator as part of shop class. Sheila said lead the way handing me her cell phone for light, saying only use one at a time until we get power back. David came with us and Mr. Jerkawiz said he would stay with the other students.

We found the generator room in the basement and the panel was a mess of flashing lights. I looked for the main breaker switch on the panel and it was tripped. I reset the breaker and the generator began to turn over and start. It fluctuated and sputtered several times, the lights in the room going on and off. Then the generator roared into full power and the lights stayed on. The loud speaker came on and Mr. Jerkawiz said that the lights were on now, thanked us, and told us to get back up there.

We still had no way of communicating and started to go back upstairs. As we walked by the elevator Sheila hit the up button. It wasn’t a long walk up the stairs but the power was back on so why not use the elevator. The doors closed and Sheila hit the number one button. The elevator moved for a few seconds and then lurched from side to side the floor jumping and dropping several times. There was a loud noise like an explosion and the lights blinked several times on and off and then total darkness. There were several more times the elevator car jumped and dropped and then seemed to lock into place, not moving again.

We tried our phones but had no signal, then we tried the elevators’ emergency phone which was dead. We could hear loud creaking and banging from above but no one answered our attempts to call for help. David and I turned our phones off to conserve power and we all got comfortable on the floor. It was warm, unusually warm considering how cold it was outside, or even in the schools hallways for that matter. Sheila turned her phones’ light off and I could hear her crying, trying unsuccessfully to be quiet. David and I both slid over to where she was, hugging her.

The hug was innocent enough her between the two of us. Then we realized one of our hands each were grasping her breasts each opposite of the side we were on. David kissed her and there wasn’t any resistance, none that we could see as it was still pitch black. She didn’t pull away or say anything just kissed him back. I changed from an accidental hold of her breast to feeling it with purpose. Her smell was wonderful and her breast was larger than I remember when I could see her.

David stopped Elazığ Escort Bayan kissing her and I could feel him moving around. I could hear the sound of the belt on his pants opening and his zipper going down. I began kissing Sheila as I could tell he was positioning himself to put his cock in her mouth. I reached for him as he got closer finding his leg, sliding my hand to his cock, which was rock fucking hard. I pulled his cock up to where our mouths were connected and moved my mouth to take him between us.

Sheila and I took turns sucking his cock in and out of each of our mouths. I reached behind David and grabbed his butt using my hand to keep control of the face fucking speed. I slid my finger in his ass pumping his asshole to the rhythm of his cock pumping our mouths. I could tell he was not going to last much longer and I tasted his first squirt of come. I slid my tongue to the underside of his cock forcing his jerking hot loads of come on to Sheila’s face. As Sheila sucked the last drop of his come, I moved back and David leaned down kissing her, swapping his come with her.

We all moved around in the dark shedding clothes and bumping gen-illy into each other. Sheila took hold of my cock as I laid down on my back, and she mounted me sliding my cock into her folds. I could feel Davids’ presence but the sweet tightness of Sheila pussy sliding down my cock felt wonderfully distracting. She was in total control slowly fucking my cock, rocking and then slamming up and down for a few minutes at a time. I finely felt David as he found his way between our legs and his cock as he slid it up and down Sheila’s ass and pushed slightly into her pussy along side me. Sheila reached through our bodies and held his cock in place as he entered her asshole.

It was very surreal fucking her and feeling him inside her as well, all while completely in the dark. Not being able to see anything added an odd more tangible feeling sexual sensation. The sound Sheila was making had me concerned not being able to see her to determine if she was in pain or was having a seizure or an earth shattering orgasm. While I was listening for a vocal indicator, I felt her tense up and her vaginal muscles clenching my cock.

She was coming loud and hard slamming her cunt down hard on my cock. I felt David pull out of Sheila’s asshole and come, splashing over Sheila’s ass and my balls. I came squirting my seed deep inside her and then she moved off me. Then I felt a hand jerk the last few spurts of come out of my cock, a mouth licking sucking my cock clean. Just then the elevators’ lights came on and I looked around, Sheila was looking down at David sucking my cock,while rubbing her dripping cunt.

Then as unexpected as the lights came on they went back off again. A minute later Sheila said light, and turned her cell phone light on, placing it on the floor. We all gathered our clothes and slowly got dressed peaking at each other until we were dressed. We started hearing sounds from above and then a voice called out. Escort Elazığ We answered and told the rescuer that we were all right. They sounded overly concerned about our air supply and were obviously rushing to get us out. The trap door in the ceiling opened and a fire fighter’s headlight searched us, then a hand reached out to Sheila pulling her up.

As Sheila was lifted out the trap door and raised they put the fire fighters mask over her face. It was then we learned there was a fire in the basement, and that is why we were so warm. David went next a few seconds later, and finely I was lifted out. As we exited the school we could see the roof had collapsed on part of the school and there was a large fire consuming the rest of the building. We were rushed into an ambulance and Sheila told the EMT about the students in the office area and Mr Jerkawiz the Vice Principle. The EMT told us that when the power came on the others had called about being left and the roof collapsed while they were on the phone with the 911 operator. He told us that they had escaped the collapse and been transported already.

The ambulance driver was on the radio talking to another driver as the ambulance began to move. As the ambulance turned I could see a large National Guard construction front loader ahead of us. It was pulling us with a chain as it moved the snow out of the way. We could see the school partially collapsed and the other part on fire. There were a few fire trucks working the fire but as the ambulance lunged forward being towed, the heavy snow falling enveloped the scene like in a glass snow ball fading to darkness.

It took an hour and a half to go two miles to the Emergency room of the local hospital. As we were dragged there was no traffic, the roads were completely covered. The street lights were out and we only saw a few businesses lit at all. The radio weather alert said it was snowing at a rate of an inch an hour and that a blizzard had been declared. The message said there was a state of emergency and no unauthorized traffic was allowed in the listening area.

We took turns trying our cell phones, until David got through to Nikki. He told her that we were ok, and that he would call when we knew more. My phone still had no signal so David let me use his phone to call my dad. He was at a motel in Colorado snowed in too. He said it was all over the news about the schools roof collapse and subsequent fire. Sheila had stopped trying to use her phone when David’s started working, David asked her if she needed to call anyone. She said no, that she’d only been trying to use her phone for our benefit.

Both David and I thanked her and she thanked us for keeping her calm in the elevator. The look in her eyes was absolute lust, and I remembered the feeling of her orgasm. At the Emergency room entrance we were let out, and guided inside. After a barrage of questions we were told there was no way to take us anywhere, and no traffic was allowed to come get us. Furthermore there was limited space due to the hospital being used as a storm shelter. David and I were assigned a room and we both offered to work as volunteers.

I was thinking, I would volunteer to be under Ms. Sheila any time.

The End Ch.6

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