Being WatchedBeing Watched


Q: Have you ever discovered somebody watching you when you were having sex?

J. L.:

On our honeymoon. We were staying at a ritzy hotel, with a poolside bar. Our second night there they were having a party and the combination of honeymoon and free drinks and bathing suits was having the expected effect on us. My new husband J was pressing against me in the pool, with a pretty obvious erection.

In my alcohol-induced fog, I guess, it seemed perfectly reasonable to me that to keep him from being embarrassed at having a public boner, I should get rid of it for him. While other couples were crowded around us.

I slowly slipped my right hand into his trunks, found his dick, and began stroking. Stealthily at first (or at least I thought so), then more vigorously.

J’s eyes were glazed over by now. I’m sure everybody around us new what we were doing. There were a lot of sideways glances, and some tittering. One guy slid a hand up his wife or girlfriend’s torso until it was resting on one of her breasts — but she was having none of that, at least not in public, and brushed his hand away with a laugh.

I hadn’t expected to to go this far, but suddenly J groaned and said “Oh fuck!”

I don’t think any of his cum escaped his trunks, though it wasn’t easy to tell at night. I do know that everybody around us took a few steps away.

Appropriately chagrined (yet still horny), we left the pool area and dashed to our room. My top was off before we even got inside.

I thought we’d gotten away with it at least, until the next day at the beach when a guy we didn’t know grinned at J and offered him a big high-five.

O. C.:

Not really “sex,” but…

H and I were still in high school, “barely legal” as they say, and I guess sex was on our minds even when we didn’t realize it was.

We were hanging out with my best friend A, and I was sitting on H’s lap. Suddenly I realized she seemed very distracted, and we realized why: H had been unconsciously stroking my breast as we talked.

He pulled his hand away, and A laughed because this was no improvement: my nipple was aroused, hard as a rock, and clearly visible through my t-shirt. I’d been more decent with H’s hand there!

“You two want to use my bedroom?” she asked, enjoying our embarrassment.

In hindsight, I should have said yes.

F. A.:

I was closer to my co-worker N than I probably should have been, especially considering we were both married (to other people), but this wasn’t an uncommon thing in any office I’ve ever worked in. We shared company gossip, had lunch together, skipped lunch sometimes to run errands together… she was my “work wife,” and that’s as far as it went.

Until it wasn’t.

One warm May afternoon, the company organized a picnic just for employees, in a local park. A team-building sort of thing

N and I decided to take a walk, ending up in a somewhat remote small meadow at the far end of the park. We’d walked together countless times, but now we suddenly realized this was the first time we’d ever been absolutely alone together: not a person in sight.

So I kissed her. Just leaned down and kissed her. On the lips. The first time I’d kissed anybody on the lips other than my wife since I’d met my wife.

For just a moment I was afraid I’d destroyed our friendship: for years we’d walked the fine line between being close platonic friends and playful flirtation. This was definitely crossing that line.

But then she wrapped her arms around my head and kissed me back.


And the next thing I knew we were on the ground, kissing one another frantically. I had the fleeting thought that I’d have to explain the grass stains on my pants when I got home, but that was quickly forgotten.

I really had no idea we’d had these feelings.

Or maybe we didn’t, maybe it was just a perfect May afternoon playing with our feelings.

Suddenly we both pulled back and our eyes met.

We really hadn’t erzurum escort crossed any lines yet. We’d kissed. Friends kiss.

And then she pulled off her t-shirt and dropped it on the ground.

She was wearing a bra. I’d never seen her in a bra before.

Well… a few times in the past she had leaned over when we’d been talking or having lunch together, and I’d seen part of her bra, but that had been accidental. Or maybe playful teasing. Certainly nothing serious.

With her shirt completely off, though, I could see the darkness of her nipples through her bra.

I pulled off my own shirt, and we went back to kissing. She seemed to be making a point of rubbing her bra against my bare chest.

When we came up for air she looked around to make sure we were still alone, then pulled off her shorts. A wisp of public hair was escaping the crotch of her panties, which I thought was the most intimate thing I’d seen so far today.

Oh god, we were going to do this.

We also couldn’t afford to take our time.

Hoping I wasn’t wrong about what she wanted, I pulled my own shorts — and my boxers — down to my knees.

I pulled the crotch of her panties to one side, exposing her wet pussy, and then gave her a few seconds to tell me no before plunging my dick into her.

And then I looked and saw them, about a hundred feet away, though they might have been there watching for a while for all I knew. I didn’t know their names, but I knew he worked one floor up in Sales, and she was a very petite woman in Accounting.

I can’t believe my dick didn’t wilt when I saw them: if they said anything, HR would come down on us like a ton of bricks, and N and I would lose our marriages as well as our jobs.

But then Accounting said something to Sales and laughed, and he grabbed the bottom of her sundress and pulled it over her head. She was wearing nothing underneath but bikini panties, which she pulled off. And just like that, no surprise, I was rock hard again.

In seconds, she was on her knees and he was fucking her from behind. Loudly.

N heard something and was momentarily concerned, but I told her Don’t worry and she returned her full attention to our own adulterous tryst.

And finally I asked her “Can I cum in you?” and she said “Fuck yes, I want to know your cum is inside me all day, dripping out into my panties,” which was the hottest thing in the world., and I gave her as much cum as she possibly could have wanted.

We got our clothing back on, and she made no attempt to clean herself up. She would be wearing cum-soaked panties for the rest of the afternoon. “Don’t be obvious about it,” I said when we got up, “but look behind you to the right.”

Sales was already dressed, but Accounting was facing us, completely naked, as she worked her panties up her legs.

“Oh dear,” N said with a grin, “there must be something in the punch.” Like me, she realized we had nothing to worry about from this other couple who were doing to same thing we had. But I didn’t mention I’d known they were there the whole time.

I wondered whether it would be awkward running into them the next day at work. I also wondered whether what we’d done would affect my relationship with N.

But I also have to admit my most immediate thought, since N’s bra had never come off, was whether I’d ever get to see her naked breasts.

E. N.:

Once a week, my girlfriend S and I took a “long lunch” that gave us a few hours at a Holiday Inn one county over, without any chance of our husbands finding out.

Who knows, maybe knowing about it would turn them on, but neither of us wanted to risk our marriages to find out.

Anyway, this one afternoon we were enjoying a long, lazy 69 session, my head on the pillow and S facing the foot of the bed, when we heard sounds in the hallway. And a knock on the door and “housekeeping!”

Of course one of us should have yelled “Come back later!” but we both froze, nether of us accustomed to being in a hotel erzurum escort bayan room with somebody we shouldn’t.

Rather than going away, the chambermaid unlocked the door and came inside.

I quickly pulled the blanket up high enough to cover my breasts, and pretended to be asleep.

S’s idea of “freezing in place” included leaving her tongue deep in my pussy, which was a bit distracting!

Through slitted eyes, I could see the chambermaid, probably a college student working part-time, taking in the scene: a woman probably naked under the blanket, and a pair of feet sticking out from the blanket near her head. She could probably tell it was a pair of women’s feet, but she certainly knew whoever it was had her mouth on my pussy. Which means I was probably just pretending to be asleep.

She gathered up her car and left, but probably not before memorizing every detail so she could tell her friends about it over drinks that night.

And from then on we stayed at the Ramada.

S. E.:

B and I hardly ever went to the movies to see the movies. He had three roommates, and I lived in a dorm with a strictly-enforced No Male Visitors policy.

We’d done pretty well for ourselves these past few weeks under the circumstances: he’d managed to get his hand inside my shirt a few times (after the first time I’d begun leaving off my bra on our movie nights, although I was really far to busty to do that), and he’d also gotten his hand inside my pants (again, after the first time, I began wearing skirts instead of shorts or jeans — I’d even bought a couple of short skirts for the occasions). I’d gotten a hand around his bare dick.

Just a couple of nights ago, though we hadn’t discussed it, we both knew we were going to do it: I was wearing a sun dress that was barely longer than a long t-shirt, and his shorts had an elastic waist rather than being help up by a belt. And the movie we’d chosen was a real piece of shit. The theatre was virtually empty — not that we’d ever had a problem with onlookers before.

The lights had barely gone out before he’d opened my dress’s top three buttons, enough for his hand to cup my bare breast.

I’d been rubbing his dick through his shorts. Not enough to make him cum, of course, but it was fair to say he couldn’t have gone out into the lobby without attracting a lot of attention.

I slipped off my wet panties and handed them to him. I don’t think my intentions could have been much clearer.

(we later realized he’d left them behind on his seat)

I hitched up the back of my dress and sat on his lap. I knew I was getting the front of his shorts good and wet.

He was playing with both of my breasts now, and I wasn’t sure whether they were fully exposed . Good thing the theatre was dark, huh?

I leaned back and whispered “You don’t want to cum in your shorts, do you?”

“Hell no,” he responded.

I slid off has lap just long enough for him to pull his shorts down to his knees.

You can probably imagine how difficult it was for two virgins to maneuver a dick into a pussy when the girl’s sitting on the guy’s lap… in the dark… but after a few minutes of fumbling, the mission was accomplished.

I’m sure it helped that he was rock-hard and I was soaked.

There was no pain, because a previous boyfriend’s fingers had already been deep inside of me — several times — but B didn’t have to know that.

I was just getting used to the feel of a hard dick inside of me when I noticed that two women who looked to be a year or two younger than me, a redhead and a blonde who were sitting a few rows in front of us, had turned around and were watching us.

Well, let them look: they had to have assumed we were fucking, but even if the front of my dress was more open than I thought, they couldn’t be sure. From their distance, I could have been just a girl wriggling around on her boyfriend’s lap.

Then they got up and moved to the row right in front of us, abandoning all pretense escort erzurum that they weren’t watching us.

“Hi,” the redhead (the older of the two, I think, though hey were both probably eighteen) said. Non-nonchalantly, as if we’d all just been casually introduced.

“Um… hi,” we stammered back. Hey, we’re trying to fuck here, for fuck’s sake!

“You should open those last two buttons so we can see your tits better,” she said.

Before I could process that odd request, she said “How do you like my sister’s tits?” Then reached down, grabbed the bottom of the blonde’s tank top, and pulled it over her head.

She was bra-less, and I swear I could feel B get even harder inside of me.

I supposed I should have been pissed that B had seen this girl’s breasts before he’d really seen mine, but I wouldn’t have a chance to think about that until much later.

“Let me help you with that,” she said, reaching back and opening the front of my dress the rest of the way. B quickly cupped his hands over my naked breasts.

The redhead lowered her head and began sucking on the blonde’s nipples.

I started bouncing on B’s dick even harder. Anybody in the front row of the theatre could have seen what we were doing at this point.

Not taking her eyes off us, the redhead stood up, just long enough for the blonde to reach under her skirt and pull off her panties. She probably could have done that without the redhead standing up, but I guess they wanted us to see.

B admitted later that he’d really wanted to see the redhead’s pussy (he hadn’t really seen mine yet), but it all happened to quickly and there wasn’t enough light, and the angle was bad anyway.

(He’d put way too much thought into this)

The redhead noticed his interest, of course. She smiled at him and whispered “Do you want to swap?”

There was no fucking way that was going to happen, for a whole lot of reasons, including the fact that I wasn’t into girls.

(Though it crossed my mind that if we did, I’d definitely want the blonde)

When neither of us responded, the redhead sat back down, draping both legs over the arm separating her seat from the blonde’s.

With complete access to the redheads naked pussy, the blonde began stroking her.

I stood up, B’s dick sliding out of me with an obscene slurping sound. “Wha–?” B began, forgetting to keep his voice down. But then I leaned over the back of the seat in front of us and spread my legs apart, and he knew I wanted him to stand up and fuck me from behind while we had a better look at the girls, who very clearly wanted to be watched.

How the fuck hadn’t we all been arrested by now, even in so empty a theatre? Maybe the staff had cameras trained on the last two rows, and they were in another room getting off watching us.

I didn’t care. I was beyond caring about anything.

The blonde began licking the redhead’s pussy, as B fucked me a lot harder than he could have when I was on his lap.

My breasts were swaying so close to the blonde, she could have easily grabbed them.

We weren’t doing anything really wrong as long as neither one of them touched us and neither one of us touched them.


If she’d grabbed my breasts while B was fucking me, or I grabbed her breasts…


Oh fuck, I said way too loudly as I came… so hard…

And feeling that, B came, groaning, and I didn’t think it would ever end.

Okay that was all way too loud.

The blonde put her top back on (though only pulling it down far enough to barely cover her breasts), and she and the redhead walked quickly to the door leading to the lobby.

I buttoned my dress the best I could as we followed them out.

I had a feeling their day was far from over, and I half wished they would invite us to join them. Whatever that might entail, so maybe it was a good thing they didn’t offer.

It would be something to fantasize about, though: a really hot sliding doors moment.

Before they took off, the redhead handed her panties to B. A souvenir of tonight’s fun, she said.

Which reminded me: our original plan, before our new friends showed up and we got more lost in the moment than we’d intended, was for B to pull out before he came.

So I just hope the redhead’s panties won’t be the only souvenir of that night’s fun.

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