The Fisherman’s Nude SisterThe Fisherman’s Nude Sister


The Fisherman’s Nude Sister

For the record: All characters engaging in any sexual activities are at least 18 years of age!

A huge thanks to my editor RFFAST for his hard work fixing all my errors.

My Sister Lisa and I had a wonderful life growing up on a small farm outside our little town. We would get off the bus in the afternoon and drop our bags near the back door and run off into the paddocks or down at the creek to play until the darkness told us that it was time for dinner. Like all the other families in our area, my Father worked the farm, and Mum looked after the house.

My Sister was always the life of the party, talking to anyone and able to make friends easily. Where I couldn’t speak more than six words to anyone until I had known them for over a year. At school, she had a large group of friends that hung around like groupies, and I had two mates I had known all my life. I left school as soon as I could and worked anywhere, I could use my hands. After my eighteenth birthday, I got an offer to work on a fishing boat and set myself up to leave. All I had left was to tell my parents and, of course, Lisa.

“I got a good offer to work on a boat. I will be gone for eight months and earn more than I can in three years working here.’ I said, and Dad just nodded his head.

Mum was relatively restrained, but I could tell it was not her favourite news. On the other hand, Lisa was devastated and in tears the second my leaving registered in her fifteen-year-old brain, wailing at me not to leave her. I had no idea she would react like this, as I didn’t think we were that close. Her reaction startled me, and I saw a tear come to Mum’s eye as Lisa curled up in my arms sobbing.

I left the following week on the train to the city. I waved back at my family from the window, as Lisa and Mum both tried to smile, and Dad dug them both in the ribs, but was still unable to lighten the mood.

I was just walking off the platform in the city when I saw a man totally out of place here. He looked about as foreign to me as I was to the rest of the people bustling around us. “You must be Conner.” He said, with a big smile.

“Glad to meet you, Captain John.” I said, holding out my hand.

The following day we boarded the boat, stocking it with food. My education began with the Captain showing me how to repair the nets and were soon heading out to sea. I threw up for the next twenty-four hours straight the moment we went out past the heads. I got over it soon enough as I didn’t see land again for over a month. I worked hard and worked long hours, but I learned something new every day.

The months at sea with just the two of us were a blessing as I got along better with Captain John and the fish than I ever had with ordinary people. And after the second season and at Captain John’s urging, I applied for my Captains’ license, so I could drive the boat any time he couldn’t. I almost couldn’t believe it when Mom told me it had been over four years since I had been back to the farm and pleaded with me to come home for Christmas this year. I knew I couldn’t refuse, as I thought there might be some engagement news on the cards for Lisa who would be, Shit! My little sister would be nineteen by now.

I got off the train and was surprised that only Dad came up to greet me. “What’s going on?” I asked, before he got a chance to pick up my bag.

“Your Mum’s in the city with Lisa. She is having trouble.” Dad answered, and I could tell he was not saying something.

Two days later, Mum drove up the driveway and jumped out of the car, tears streaming down her face. She leapt into my arms, pulling Dad into her too.

“What?” I asked, as she was almost strangling me.

“We have lost her.” she said, and a chill went through my body.

“What do you mean we have lost her. How the fuck can we have lost Lisa? She is only a kid.” I said, but Mum couldn’t even speak.

“She is nineteen, Conner, and the drugs have her now, with marks on her arms and scratches on her face and body. She is lost to us now. All we can do is walk away and hope she survives.” Mum said in tears, as I looked at Dad, and he just stared off into the distance.

“How do I find her, Mum?” I asked, as I saw how defeated they were.

“You can’t get her, the pimp watches everything from the corner, and he has a gun stuck down inside the door of his car.” Mum said, her head hung low as we sat out under our old tree.

“Is he the one supplying the drugs?” I asked, and Mum nodded.

“Mum, I won’t be back for a long time. Know I love you both, but if I do this, I’m going to take her away, somewhere that no pimp can ever find her. If you don’t know where I’m taking her, you can’t tell anyone who comes looking.” I said, and went to pack my bag.

“Don’t bring her back here, Conner. I can’t forgive her for what she has done.” Dad said, and I saw the light go out of his eyes.

“She is my Sister, and I will get her out or die trying. It’s a shame you bahis siteleri can no longer see the Sister I remember.” I said, as the taxi pulled up to the front gate.

I caught the next train to the city, checking out the corner Mum described. I spotted the beat-up old car and the tall ugly strung-out prick that was driving it. I watched as he talked to one girl, then another and then got back into his car. I looked again, not believing my eyes, the first girl he spoke to was Lisa, and I hadn’t even recognised her.

Mum’s description of my Sister’s condition had been kind. She was all skin and bone, her ribs showing from under the skimpy top she wore. I walked to a hire car company I had spotted a few blocks away and rented a car for a few days, nothing flashy, just something unmemorable. I drove around the block a few times with a hat pulled down over my face and a pair of dark glasses covering my eyes. I undid my long hair and let it cover my face before driving up to the corner.

“Are you looking for a good time?” The other girl asked, and she looked in about the same shape as Lisa.

“What’s the price for two hours?” I asked, and she told me four hundred.

“Too rich for me.” I said, and rolled around the corner to pull up beside Lisa.

“Want to party?” She said, leaning in the window and pulling her top down enough to show me most of her breasts.

“What about two hours.” I said, in as gruff a voice as I could muster.

She looked over to the first girl, and I saw her hold up four fingers. “Three hundred.” She said, and I nodded.

She put out her hand for the cash, and I pulled out my wallet. She took it and ran back to the old car with the money. It took a few minutes until she came back and opened the door. She had pulled an old coat over her shoulders when she sat in the seat.

I drove away from the corner, trying not to look at her and give myself away. I saw her removing her panties as we went and putting them into the oversized bag she had placed between us. “Do you have a room, or are we parking?” She asked, and I hardly recognized her voice, as there was no innocence left in it at all.

“I have a place for us.” I said, and I saw her trying to check me out.

“Why are you hiding your face like that?” She asked, as she slipped her fingers into the door handle.

“Lisa, let go of the door.” I said, as I hit the accelerator and looked her right in the eyes.

“Oh, God no! Conner!” She said, and the light came on inside the car. I reached over and slammed the door shut and gripped onto her spindly arm.

“No! Fuck you, let me go.” She screamed, and punched my hand.

“I’m taking you away from this city.” I said, but she had other ideas and scratched at my arm.

“Fuck you, let me out.” She said, as I could feel the blood dripping from the marks on my skin.

“I will knock you out if I have to. That’s happened before by the look of your chipped teeth.” I said, and gripped her arm tighter to let her know I wasn’t kidding.

She was like a trapped wild cat as she turned in her seat and kicked at my body, exposing her bare pussy to me in the process. “Let me out, you cunt.” She screamed.

“I’m not the one selling myself on the street. Now sit still.” I said, shaking her and bouncing her light body off the door frame.

“At least Jackson’s there for me.” She said, as she settled down for the moment.

“Well, where is all the money you make?” I asked, but I already knew the answer.

“He is holding it for me.” She answered, stupidly.

“Putting it into his crack pipe, more like it.” I said, as I looked at the stranger beside me.

I drove for the next hour with one hand on the wheel and the other holding her arm. I didn’t stop even with her throwing a fit every half an hour or so. She ended up mostly naked with her top and skirt both gathered around her waist. She was so out of it that she hardly noticed that her Brother could see all of her body. She used to be so beautiful, but now her breasts had no fullness. Her body was covered with marks and bruises and her bones poked out from her skin at every joint.

I pulled up to the small port I had the boat tied up to and dragged Lisa along the dock as she kicked and screamed all the way. I pulled her onto the boat and threw her into the forward cabin and locked it from the outside.

I messaged the rental company and told them where to find the car and told them to bill my credit card for any additional charges for the retrieval. When I stepped back onto the boat, I could hear everything in the forward cabin being thrown onto the floor. “Let me the fuck out of here.” She screamed, as I listened to another piece of furniture hitting the back of the door.

I started the boat, threw the lines, and puttered out of the harbor to the sounds of crashing and banging and a lot of “Fuck you Conner!”, coming from below. I motored out to sea and cruised all night. It was all quiet downstairs by the time the sun was coming up from below the waves. I knew it would be stormy canlı bahis siteleri for a while, but it was beautiful and peaceful for the moment.

It was midday when the pounding started again. “I’m going to be sick.” She yelled, through the door.

I opened the door, and Lisa rushed at me with a frying pan in her hand, swinging it wildly, trying to hit me anywhere she could. I sidestepped her, and she fell forward onto the deck, regaining her feet standing on guard with the pan still clutched in her hand.

“Take me back.” She said, looking at me threateningly.

“I can’t.” I replied, as we bobbed around in the swell with the noise of the engine idling in the background.

“Take me fucking back fuckwit.” She yelled, and waved her pan around.

“I have a quota to fill, and I will take you back when I’m finished.” I said, and she came at me swinging.

I easily pushed her to one side as she didn’t have any sea legs. I took the pan off her and threw it below with the rest of the mess. She fell back on her ass on the deck, her legs spread, but this time she had her panties on, so I didn’t get an eye full of pussy. “Then I will swim.” She said, and sprung up and dove over the side.

I rushed to the rail and looked down at her splashing around in the water, and she didn’t even know what direction to swim in. “It’s about a week’s hard swim that way. But you should be aware of what hangs around the back of fishing boats waiting for scraps to be thrown over.” I said, and she began looking around nervously into the water.

“How do I get back up there?” She asked, as she jerked her head at every splashing sound.

I threw her a ring and dragged her up the back of the boat. She scratched her knees and elbows on the side, but she already had plenty of marks and bruises on her body, so these were nothing new. I saw her looking at the knife I had on the rail for cutting snagged lines as she stood wringing wet on the deck, and I moved between her and it. “Before you go killing me, you have to know you will never find land without me. I will only take you back when I have my Quota filled.” I said.

“And how long will that take?” She asked, as I revved up the engines again.

“As long as it takes, so pray for full nets.” I answered, and ignored her punching my arm.

The first day, I thought it was seasickness, but she didn’t get over it. Then I realised it was withdrawal from the drugs. She was throwing up every hour and not eating, and she shivered the whole way out to the fishing grounds.

“You can fuck me all the way back to the city. All you have to do is turn around.” She said, when I came down to the cabin to find her naked and spread eagled and offering herself to me.

“I love you, Lisa. Put your clothes back on.” I said, as I turned and left, the vision of her naked body now refreshed in my mind.

“I fucking hate you, cunt.” She yelled, then I could hear her throwing up again.

The next time I ventured below, she was again naked, but this time on all fours. “You can have my ass as often as you like. Just take me back to the city. I’m dying, Conner. I need some drugs.” She said, holding her ass cheeks apart, and leaving nothing to my imagination.

I stepped down into the cabin kicking aside the wreckage on the floor, as I looked at her ass winking at me. I took another stride closer, and she wiggled her ass at me invitingly. Smack, Smack, Smack, sounded out as I rained the blows down on her upturned ass while I gripped her skinny hips, holding her from escaping me.

“Stop, Stop!” She yelled, and when I finished covering her ass with red handprints, I let her go.

She scurried away to the end of the bed, curled up, sobbing as she looked at me over her knees. “You are not a piece of meat. You are my Sister and a farmer’s Daughter. I know you have forgotten that now, but you will remember it soon enough. Your body is not for sale, and your love is far too valuable for anyone to buy, at any price.” I yelled, even though she was only a few feet away.

“I need drugs.” She sobbed, still cuddling her legs.

“There are no drugs for four hundred nautical miles. You are shit out of luck. Now don’t come out of here until this cabin looks like it did before you started tearing it apart.” I ordered, and left feeling dejected.

I hadn’t seen her much for the next day and a half. I did pass her food and got a glimpse of her but with clothes on this time. I had made it to the fishing grounds and began preparing to put the nets out. I worked hard with only myself on the boat to do everything. Captain John had done it solo for years, so I knew I could do it. I only turned on the autopilot for a few hours of sleep while I jogged in position between fishing runs.

I fished for a week and still no Lisa on the deck. I knew if I broke now, and she got a small win, she would take a mile, and I would be back to square one. I pulled up beside the processing ship to offload my full tanks. They lowered the tube and sucked out all the fish from canlı bahis my hold. I was just catching the fresh supplies they lowered to me when Lisa came out onto the deck. “Are we finished?” She asked, before throwing up over the rail.

“No. that’s just the first load.” I answered, and pulled away from the bigger ship.

“How many more?” She asked, still looking terrible.

“A lot, if the fishing keeps up the way it’s been going.” I answered, as we steamed away from the other boat.

“Please God, take me home, or I’m going to jump overboard again.” She said, walking to the stern rail.

I put the boat back to idle and walked out of the wheelhouse and to her side. “Watch for a second before you decide to go swimming back to shore. Wait for it. Now that’s what’s waiting for you down there.” I said, as we saw a giant bronze whaler Shark cut through the wash behind the boat, looking for any fish we threw over.

“But I’m so sick, and I need something to take the edge off.” She whined, like a little girl.

“More drugs are the last thing you need. Maybe some work will keep your mind off your sickness.” I said, as I dragged her back into the wheelhouse.

I began to throw her some wet pants and a jacket and pulled out some old boots from under one of the benches. She took forever to put the gear on, but when she was finally dressed, I ushered her out onto the deck. I showed her how to stretch the net out and started putting it over the side. She was of very little help, but at least she wasn’t complaining or throwing up; well, not as much anyway. Once we had the net out, I steered while she rested down in the cabin. From what I could see, it was mostly back in livable condition.

“Ok, get your gear back on; it’s time to haul in the catch.” I yelled, and waited for another age for her to appear.

I showed her how to wind up the ropes as I pulled in the nets and had her stand well clear as I brought the ball of writhing fish over the rail. I pulled the rope at the bottom of the net to spill the flapping fish into the sorting tubs. “Ok, these are the ones we are looking for. Throw the rest onto the chute, so they go back into the water.” I said, as I held up two fish for her to see.

“What about the shark?”

“He will only get a few, the rest will slip away pretty fast when they realise who’s waiting.” I answered, as I began the long hours of sorting.

We sorted that load, and I caught a few hours sleep before I dropped the nets again. This time Lisa was a little more helpful, but only just. She cooked us up a meal, one of Dad’s recipes for savory mince, that had all the vegetables thrown in with the meat. “That’s good, Sis. You might be of some use yet. Did you have some?”

“A little, and it hasn’t come back up yet.” She said, and I stifled a smile.

“Good, we are about to drop the net again.” I said, and she groaned.

It was another twelve hours of hard work later that she took off her wet gear and dropped onto the bed still covered in dried salt and sweat. I checked on her a few times, and she looked like she used to years ago, angelic and innocent as she slept.

“Wake up, Lisa.” I said, as I shook her shoulder.

“What the fuck, Conner.” She countered.

“You need to take the watch.” I said, and she rubbed her eyes.

Half an hour later, she came up from the cabin, smelling fresh and clean. “That’s half an hour. I won’t be able to sleep.” I said, looking at her with disdain.

“I had to shower.” She said, shooting daggers at me.

“Shower on your own fucking time, not mine. Now sit here and wake me if a boat looks like it will cross in front of us, and don’t touch anything.” I said, and went below.

I showered quickly, ignoring my erection as I was too sleepy to deal with it right now, and I hit the rack. My alarm rang out after three and a half hours, and I climbed up the stairs. I looked at the Captain’s chair, and no one was there. “Lisa!” I yelled, and looked under the counter on the other side of the wheelhouse to see her waking up at my yelling.

“What the Fuck were you thinking.” I screamed, as I slammed my fist down on the map table, making everything jump in the air before clattering back to the tabletop.

“What?” Lisa asked, her eyes wide.

“What if another boat hit us from the side? We would go down in seconds.” I said, shaking at my stupidity at trusting her.

“Then we would get saved. Right?” She asked, her ridiculous reasoning now becoming clear.

“We wouldn’t last ten minutes in that cold water. We are hundreds of miles past the reach of any rescue by air, and it would take hours for the coastguard to reach us anyway. They would be wasting their fucking time even trying.” I said, as I pushed her out of my wheelhouse.

I was furious with her and went about my fishing without acknowledging her existence, setting the boat to jogging in position while I got a short sleep between casting the nets. I hauled and sorted the fish by myself before catching another short nap and doing it again.

Another forty-eight hours later, I had calmed down enough to eat a meal with Lisa as she sat on the chair across quietly eating. “I’m sorry.” She said, without looking at me, her face dimly lit by the instrument lights.

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