Seducing My Parents Ch. 01Seducing My Parents Ch. 01


[This is my first effort at writing anything, except for postings on our family’s tumblr blog. This is the more detailed account of how I teased, and finally had my first times with my Mom and then my Dad (which is in Part II)! For those of you that do not like “taboo” or “incest” stories, then keep moving. Everyone here is 18, or at least 18 before anything actually happens sexually, and if you choose to think of it as mere fantasy, then fine, if not, then that is fine too.]


I’m not sure of exactly when I decided to try and get Dad in bed, but I do recall exactly when I decided that Mom was a target! It was the summer before my Junior year in college, and we were outside lying in the sun. Mom looked stunning as always, and she was enjoying her chance to sunbathe semi- nude. Mom, who is about 5’9″, has the body of a model, with gorgeous flowing red hair, and the most beautiful green eyes. On this day, she was wearing a little g-string pair of bikini bottoms, and a smile. She loved to lay out topless, and we never thought much of it, at least until this particular day. I was in a bikini, and believe it or not, I was somewhat bashful about myself. I’m no raging beauty, but I do take after my Mom in a lot of ways, and as we’ve gotten older, I’ve been mistaken for her by several members of our family.

Unfortunately, that summer, I was still a smaller version of Mom. My boobies were smaller, my ass was still a little flat, and my hips had the shape of a boy. Self conscious to say the least, I was barely brave enough to get into the bikini, much less lay out naked or topless. I was admiring her body, and wishing I looked more like her, when she asked me to rub some lotion on her back. I jumped at the chance, and started rubbing suntan lotion on her, and I guess my hands got a little lower down. I really was rubbing it into her lower back and then down on the cheeks of her ass. I remember that at that moment, I was so wet it was soaking through my bottoms. I can’t tell you why, but I just really, really, wanted her.

Now I’d had some experience with girls and guys, at this point in my life. In fact, I usually was not the least bit bashful about eating pussy at intimate parties with a certain girlfriend. We were cheerleaders together, and she was definitely into her “lesbian” side. She has a kid now, but then, she was all about pussy. Anyway, when I was rubbing suntan lotion on Mom’s ass, I had some idea of what I enjoyed, and it hit me that I’d love to do more to that ass! As I rubbed, Mom parted her thighs a little, and I started rubbing it on her inner thighs, and staring at her pussy. It was pretty much out there, and I was pretty much excited. So, at that moment I decided, this is where I’m going!! When I finished rubbing in the lotion, Mom just thanked me, and rolled back over to let the sun work for her. I, on the other hand, had to go inside to the bathroom, where I played with myself until I was half crazy.

Over the next several years I made Mom my project, and would spend doing everything I could to get her attention. When she would lay out, so would I, and when she was semi-nude, I started taking my top off too. I even had Mom rub suntan lotion on me as often as I could. At no point did she rise to this bait, so I increased my efforts with other things. I would eventually lay out with her when we were both completely naked! She would tell me to make sure I didn’t burn anything, and just hand me the lotion to put Gümüşpala Escort on my pussy. She never asked me to rub hers in either, darn it. I sort of knew that my parents were swingers, thanks to something my brother mentioned once, so I just couldn’t understand why this wasn’t happening?!

During the winter, when we couldn’t sunbathe, I would do other things. I started wearing shorter skirts, no or very skimpy underwear, and thigh high socks. Then I would always help in the kitchen, especially if it meant bending over for something in the refrigerator or in a cabinet. It was sometime during this winter of my Junior year, that I realized that while Mom wasn’t rising to the bait, Dad sure was rising. I had watched my older sister, Stephanie, kind of take over his lap when we were younger, and I remember her kicking me off if I was sitting there first. At the time, I did enjoy sitting and cuddling Daddy, and didn’t think a lot about her wanting the same thing. It was kind of a light bulb moment, when I realized just how sexy the whole lap cuddle was, and just how sexy my Dad was for me. At 5’10”, he isn’t tall, but years in the military had given him a pretty hard body.

So, the more I teased Mom, the more Dad noticed. There was no question that he enjoyed my cuddling in his lap, especially at this point, and I even went so far as to sit in his lap wearing a skirt with no panties. I would grind on him, and a time or two, I even left him a wet spot present. He was impacted, because I could feel his hard on grow on my ass, but he never, not once, touched me. Oh, he would hug me, but there was nothing else. He refused, even when it would have been obvious to anyone that I wanted him to touch me! Mom? She ignored it all, or at least, she acted like she was ignoring it.

Summer before my Senior year rolled around, and Mom and I were just sunbathing naked. We didn’t even make much of a pretense about wearing swim suits, except when my older bother David was around. Dad on the other hand, saw us both naked a LOT. He did his best to ignore it, but I knew I was getting to him. He would be grilling out, and I would be lying in the chair with my legs spread. I had started to fill out, so he was getting the world class pussy shot and boob show. I even trimmed up, just so he would be able to freely see the lips of my pussy. Still, there was no reaction from Mom, despite my doing everything I could think of doing to get her to touch me. I even tried the lotion thing, telling her that I couldn’t really see to get around the lower part of my ass. She would rub in some lotion, but never as far down as I wanted. She just told me that I could tell where things were by touch, and to go ahead. HELL, one day I even started playing with myself in front of her, but she just rolled over and ignored me.

Now you’re asking, what about just telling her about what you wanted, or making the first move? Well, we talked about sex, and it was never a taboo subject at home, but for some reason I just couldn’t tell my Mom what I really wanted. People have made such a big deal out of that kind of relationship, so I just could not tell her. I KNEW I was Bi, but I had no idea that Mom was too. At least until I asked her, and she finally admitted that she was, but again, there was no move on her part. Then the whole incest question, made discussing that issue with anyone too hard to get around. So, talking about my fucking around with Gümüşpala Escort Bayan her as the target of my affections was definitely out of the question. When winter came around, I was definitely getting frustrated by it all. Mom was NOT reacting, and Dad was not touching, no matter what I tried.

I even came into the den once wearing the sexiest lingerie I could find. Right down to the stockings. Dad looked at me, or maybe leered is a better word, but didn’t say a word. Mom just looked and asked what I was doing all “dressed up.” All I could do was say that I was thinking about wearing it under my prom dress, and what did they think. Dad didn’t say much, and honestly, he was too busy just staring at me. Mom said that it looked cute, but maybe I should be a little more reserved going to prom. It was a complete bust, except for the hard on in Dad’s pants, there was no other outward reactions.

Dad was melting, and I didn’t do anything to help. I stopped wearing panties around him, and I always wore a skirt. I could tell pretty quickly that I got the best hard on from Dad by wearing plaid skirts, so I bought probably a half dozen in different plaids and patterns. When I got home from class, I would ditch the underwear, and do whatever I could to “help” around the house. Again, Mom didn’t react, and Dad was now retreating whenever I got too close or put on one of my shows. I even went so far as to get myself in trouble at school, for flashing, just to see what Mom and Dad would do about it. Again, NOTHING, except the ass chewing you might expect for screwing up at school!!

After graduation, I decided to take time off before starting college. Throughout the entire time, I kept up my campaign to get my parents attentions, but still Dad would retreat, and Mom would ignore it. I was working as a waitress, and would keep odd hours coming in very late during the week. I even started bringing home cum soaked panties to be washed, because at this point, I would fuck just about anybody for just about any reason. This got a reaction, but it was the normal “be careful” about disease, and don’t forget to take your pill discussions. During all of this, my idiot brothers were of no help. Pat didn’t notice a thing (of course being gay probably was a piece of information I could have used at the time), and David was just an idiot who wanted to be a “looky loo,” but not touch me. For a while, I thought he didn’t because he was terrified that Dad would kill him, but I would later learn that it was because he was already fucking MOM!! (What an Asshole!!!)

Finally, one night I came in early, it was fall (yes I was 18 almost 19), and I was going back to school in a few days. I just shaved my pussy, and threw on one of my short plaid skirts with NOTHING underneath. I walked into the kitchen where Mom and Dad were sitting. I have no idea where David was that evening, and Pat had already moved out, so it was just the three of us. As I stood there, it got very quiet, and both Mom and Dad looked over at me as I just stood there. Finally, when I had their complete undivided attentions, I reached down, and raised my skirt up to my waist, and said, “So, now that I have shaved, what do you think? Should I shave my pussy all the time?” Mom and Dad both kind of stared at me, and Mom asked why her “opinion would matter?” Then I said, “I just wanted it to look nice for you and Dad. I thought if it did, you would finally Escort Gümüşpala pay me some special attention. Now, is it sexy enough to finally convince you guys to fuck me?” To quote one of Dad’s expressions, you could have heard a mouse fart!

It immediately got quiet, and I mean deathly quiet. After what seemed like an eternity, Mom walked over to me and grabbed my arm, and then she kind of drug me into the den. We sat down on the couch, and we talked. GOD did we talk. She and I discussed it, and we went through it all, we talked about the previous couple of years, and how much I wanted to fuck both her and Dad. She couldn’t believe it, until I reached over and gave her a deep kiss. She kissed me back, and then I laid it all out for her. All the years, and all the things I had done trying to get them to do something to me. We talked about my sex drive, and how much I really, really, wanted this to happen.

After we talked some more, and I had kissed her again on the mouth, it was only a few minutes before I had Mom’s top off and her boobs in my mouth. I never will forget her reaction as I twirled my tongue around her nipples. I couldn’t believe that we had finally gotten this far, and I was so horny I thought I would explode. We undressed each other, and as our eyes met, there was this playful little smile on her lips. It was then I knew she’d been waiting on this for a long time too, and it was a precious moment for both of us. As she pulled my skirt down, she playfully licked me down my stomach to my clit. The second her tongue flicked over my clit, I had my first of a million cums that night. I guess it had been so long in happening, that it just didn’t take much before it hit me.

It wasn’t long afterwards that we were both completely naked and diving into each others’ pussies in a 69 right there on the floor. I was on top of her, with my face planted deeply between her thighs, and we both were exploding and grinding against each other. I know that we had sex a lot that night, and Mom and I even spent the night together in my bed. I think we did about everything you could do together that first night. We did what she called her scissors or tribbing, we did several variations of 69, we also swapped turns at each others’ pussies, and we threw in lots of finger play almost the entire time. Now I’d been with a few girls before this, so I wasn’t new at it, but I learned a LOT that night. Mom definitely knew what she was doing, and this was absolutely the best sex I’d ever had with any girl. I guess what made it especially wonderful was that we clearly loved each other. We were committed to it, and it was simply awesome!

Our sexual affair has been continuous since then, except maybe when one of us felt bad, and hopefully we will continue to make love as often as possible. After wearing out a couple of vibrators on each other, Mom finally ordered us strap on, which has since come in VERY handy for LOTS of fun things. I guess I had a lot of pent up desire, and Mom stayed with me step for step. Hopefully this is a journey that will not end until we do!

Dad, on the other hand, was still playing hard to get. I kept up my campaign, and it was tough. I know he and Mom talked about it, and Mom admitted that Dad was really afraid to do anything with me. Something about “Daddies and Daughters” and not wanting to destroy the myth of being my protector,” and “how could I see anything in an old guy like him,” were all his concerns and not mine. This meant that my work was cut out for me. Finally, almost a full month later, Mom and I conspired together, and I was able to get him to make love to me. This is of course, another story for another time. I will say that it did not end there, and the several years since this point have been beyond awesome.

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