Endless Confusion Pt. 02Endless Confusion Pt. 02


Sure enough, at 8:00 the next night, I arrived at Balzem. Walking into the semi-crowded bar, I spotted someone. It wasn’t Ceru though, but a man associated with him and not in a good way. It was Brandy, the man that revealed the tragic news on Voldemort that painful night. I quickly backed up, but it was too late: Brandy saw me and was heading over. Adopting a composed expression, I watch him as he weaved between people walking around in order to get to me.

“Allana, it’s so nice to see you again.” Brandy smirked and offered a greasy looking hand for me to shake. I tried hard not to grimace at the thought of touching this man, because I knew what vile things he thought of me from what he said to Ceru that awful night. As soon as I put my hand in his though, he yanked me forward so that I was inches from his face. I froze and fear started coursing through my system when I felt cool metal being pressed to my abdomen and knew instantly that it was a gun.

“Agapi mou,” He mocked, “You aren’t going to make a sound as we walk out of this bar, or else Adrian is going to find you in a pool of your own blood in his foyer. And trust me, sweetheart, you don’t want that to happen.” He threatened with a sleazy smile around yellowed teeth. I looked around to see if anyone noticed that he was mobil porno trying to kidnap me, but alas, everybody was too busy paying attention to their sad and pathetic lives.

Shaking with fear and anger, I jerked my head in a semblance of a nod. What was I thinking coming here? Even if it had been Adrian, might as well call him by his real name, who put that note on my door, and it was obvious that he hadn’t, I should’ve left it alone and carried on with my sorry life! Who knew what Brandy had planned for me anyway. Knowing the deplorable things he said about me three months ago, it couldn’t be good.

I shakily followed him outside to a SUV parked outside with another man in the driver’s side. Ignoring the leering looks that I was getting from Brandy and the driver as I climbed into the the car, I tried unsuccessfully to steady my breathing. One of the things that I struggled with since I was fourteen was an anxiety disorder. Random things would give me a panic attack that gave me a headache and bad memories. This situation topped the list of bad memories that I’ve had in my lifetime though and I didn’t want an anxiety attack on top of this mess. Breathing as steadily as I could, I tried to negotiate with my captors.

“Brandy, I realize that you need something from alman porno Adrian but you aren’t going to get it by threatening my life. We broke up that night and like you said, he was only using me to get information on my father. It’s been three months, so could you please just let me go home?” I thought that this would get Brandy to see reason, but obviously not. Just as I got the word “home” out, he started laughing maniacally.

“Listen bitch, he might’ve just been using you, but I’m sure he wouldn’t want your head to be blown off because of him.” Shaking, I curl up on the floor as I try to think of another way out. They didn’t tie me up, dumbasses, and there is a jack on the floor of the SUV. They ought to be the worst kidnappers ever. Grabbing ahold of the jack, in a non-obvious way I hoped, I studied Brandy out of the corner of my eye and mentally sighed in relief when I saw that he hadn’t noticed anything.

I gripped tighter onto the heavy metal, and with a burst of courage, I swing it around and hit Brandy as hard on the head as I could manage. With a shrilling cry and a burst of color, he fell over on his seat and was still. Hoping I didn’t, while still hoping I did, kill him, I grab at the door of the car and Lady Luck must like me today because alexis texas porno the door is unlocked. Honestly, you would’ve thought that they would be smarter when it comes to me. I mean, do they think I am an idiot?

Ignoring the yells of the driver as he swerved the car off to the side, I jump out of the car and land on my hands and knees which causes me to roll into the middle of the road. I quickly jump up and dart around the cars trying to dodge me and run to the sidewalk on the opposite side. Looking behind me where the driver of the SUV stopped, I can see him running towards me with a gun in his hand. I swear I am with the les competent. Does he not realize that we are in freaking New York City and there are police officers everywhere?

With that thought, I hear sirens and so I just walk to the nearest bench a couple feet away next to a bookstore and sit down next to an older couple. Almost like I am watching in slow-mo, I see the driver reach my side of the road and start to aim at me. Not even flinching, this is New York people, I watch with a hunky-dory smile on my face as a couple of police cars stop and they jump out to catch him.

Thinking that I am safe, I get up and start to walk away. I am such a hypocrite. Never turn your back on a gun, Allana. Having this thought a second later than I should have, I turn around just in time to see the driver shoot at me through the gaggle of officers. I immediately feel pain shooting up my leg and I fall to the ground. Of course this all ends with me getting shot. I hate my life.

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