Sakura Clothed in Dragonfly WingsSakura Clothed in Dragonfly Wings

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Sakura sat perfectly upright on the Hinoki Cypress bath stool and focused determinedly on a single speck of dust that was clinging desperately to a slight imperfection in the wall opposite. Her breathing was slow and steady as required and her body relaxed yet poised. Much patience had been needed to overcome the almost overwhelming wish to blink, but time, practice and the desire not to disappoint had made the effort well worthwhile.

The isu was very stable. The thick legs were slightly spread and the portion of floor chosen was perfectly level. Sakura was fully aware that any movement was totally her own doing and understood the importance of this journey. The ability to accomplish physical stillness was necessary for the true peace of mind she craved beyond all else.

Both her arms had been tied in claws. Her three middle fingers carefully inserted into a double coin knot then four circling hitches starting at the armpit and traveling to the elbow to keep forearm and upper arm touching. The effect was to produce two protuberance at either side of her head, perhaps not unlike the drawn back forelegs of a praying mantis. Her position on the stool was comfortable enough. With knees and ankles clasped together her thigh bones were long enough to ensure her ass cheeks extended just sufficiently over the rear of the seat to allow a clear connection with His riding crop that she now gripped happily between her perfectly cleaned teeth.

The first few times she had performed this exercise she had remained fully clothed in formal kimono. She had only been allowed to disrobe in stages as her control over her posture made the helpful limitations of the fabric unnecessary. Finally after a week she was rewarded by being permitted to disrobe and sit naked. Sakura honestly felt a real disappointment that He seemed almost totally oblivious to her physical femininity.

Raion was working on a drawing. The design had occurred to Him in a dream and now He was intent on transferring the image to a form that would allow contemplation at minimum, perhaps even construction if practical. So many ideas came in dreams and He had decided many years previously that the correct interpretation and understanding of these sleeping visions was a great service to the inquiring intellect. He allowed a portion of His day to such esoteric pursuits. Time was only illusion after all and whom was really able to differentiate between good management and bad.

He felt her eyes move. Without doubt her pupils had followed the speck of dust as it finally escaped the plasters clutches and flitted in abstract zigzags to the floor. He was of course aware of the dust particle and had positioned the stool to ensure it was directly in her sight line. He well understood the difficulties of focusing on nothingness and had been kind or perhaps foolish enough to give her a small assistance on her quest. However for Mersin Escort all benefits there is a price to be paid and He allowed a slight smile to touch His lips as He replaced the ornate black and white checked drawing pen in the small wooden ink stand to His right.

Raion’s tabi covered feet crossed the short distance from His work table to the stool in total silence. He stood momentarily at Sakura’s right shoulder staring at the now completely bare wall.

“Perhaps a picture might make your focus easier.”

Sakura didn’t answer. Chances were the consequences for breaking silence might be severe and her instructions had been to remain consistently still and quiet.

“You really had no need to watch the dust particle fall to the floor. Logic and experience gave you the answer. Do you watch the sun each day to ensure it sets?”

Sakura parted her teeth just enough to allow Him to remove the horse crop.

“If your mind needs something to focus upon rather make it a sensation as opposed to a physical object.”

The leather thong at the tip of the crop caressed her right buttock as if searching out a suitable place to kiss. She knew better than to flinch or even brace herself, such tension would be seen as a simple compounding of her error. The disturbance in the air gave her a fraction of a seconds warning before the first stripe caressed her. The contact was hard, stinging and very rewarding. It took all her control not to grin and sigh. The second stripe matched the first for severity and ensured an even appearance to both cheeks.

“Your concentration under adverse stimulation is becoming admirable.”

Sakura beamed inwardly and sincerely hoped that he didn’t scent the creeping wetness between her thighs. The fact that He had never showed the slightest openly sexual interest in her was an immense turn-on and she secreted voluminously at the slightest contact between them.

“It is time for you to wear the dragonfly’s wings.”

His fingers quickly removed the bindings on her left arm and straightening it kneaded the muscles to ensure an adequate cleansing circulation. Placing the back of her hand on her right knee the process was repeated with the left.

“Relax for a few moments and focus your thoughts.”

Sakura’s thoughts could travel no further than the stinging of her buttocks and the still distinct memory trails His hands had left on both her arms.

“Please stand and place your hands at your sides.”

Sakura rose slowly, trying to keep her knees and thighs pressed closely together. She cautiously watched out of the corner of her right eye as he stooped to retrieve the stool and place it in a position some few feet in front of her. She felt herself redden as He carefully wiped her discharge from the shiny surface with a small square of white silk that He then placed carefully in the folds of His haori.

“Please Mersin Escort Bayan place your feet shoulder width apart and your hands slightly behind your back.”

Following the instructions carefully and calmly Sakura reveled in this new level of interaction. She felt the loops of silk rope slide up her arms until He placed them over her shoulders and felt the tension as He gently tightened the first bind causing her shoulder blades to move inwards and her breast bone to thrust forward. Looking down past her nose she was able to see her now very pert nipples clearly. She felt the second loops slide up her forearms and settle around her biceps. Again came the gentle tightening this time forcing her elbows closer together and her breasts even more into prominence. The third loops were actually placed within the crease of her elbows and she began to feel the wondrous calmness that comes from immobility.

Raion felt totally at peace. He was Himself most of all when the strands of silk rope where sliding effortlessly between His fingers. As each binding progressed He was able to breathe with renewed depth and His mental clarity seemed to improve existentially. The third loops were in place and He carefully began adjusting and straightening. The cords lines needed to be perfect or He would feel like He had done justice to neither Himself nor the beautiful apostate that was His canvas.

“You must tell Me if the bindings are too tight. They must ensure your immobility without causing physical duress.”

Sakura risked a small bow and was pleased to feel no adverse reaction.

“We shall continue Sakura.”

Her heart jumped fully to her throat. This was the first time He had ever said her name with any suggestion of feeling. The two loops around her forearms and the final one around her wrists felt like lovers caresses.

Some are satisfied to leave the wrist loops bare but Raion preferred to whip the rope to not only ensure complete security but also for a wonderfully aesthetic appearance. It also allowed the wrists to be left a little further apart ensuring a longer binding before circulatory or skeletal problems arise. Each wrist loop accepted three hitches and having straightened and smoothed all the turns He placed the remaining coil between her feet and moved to the front.

Sakura felt Him move and dropped her gaze to at the stools glistening seat. She watched with her periphery vision as He reached between her feet and picked up the coil before carefully placing the twin strands across her vaginal mound and pulled the silk rope somewhat taught. Dexterously using both hands at once He passed the open ends through the loops at the front of her her shoulders and carefully removed any slack. The silk chord pressed into the softness of her vulva and she felt the slow steady growth of her damp excitement. The rope ends were Escort Mersin laid back against themselves and tied off with simple slip knots then a long period of adjustment, tightening and readjustment quite took her breathe away.

Raion stepped back and checked His work quizzically. Rope work was never perfect, never totally acceptable, but He was pleased with the overall appearance. The black silk was pleasing against the girls white skin, she was standing well, balanced and proud. He was satisfied for a first effort with a new canvas and was even happy with the wetness He had felt whilst ensuring the twin strands evenly divided the girl’s labia lips.

Sakura endured. The binding produced no immediate pain, each loop was perfectly sized and positioned to spread the pressure evenly across every inch of her contacted skin. The strange duplicity of confinement and freedom again overpowered her psyche. Every new experienced seemed to lift her to a place she had previously considered out of reach yet also centered her in the true nature of her calling. Hers was a position of minute movements expressing immeasurable truths and her emotions struggled to balance the weight of expectation placed on her tiny frame.

The touch of His hand on her hair was so light as to be almost undetectable. The careful grooming of each section made her natural curls look almost wig like but the carefully layered sections were easily released with the removal of a few vital pins. As her tresses fell to rest long and dark against her back she wondered what might be to come. He had never touched her in any way except that of the Teacher and this gentle sensual contact was as disconcerting as erotic. As His fingers separated the strands she felt the temperature of her face and breasts rise impossibly and the hot wetness of her sex become pungent and wanting.

“Your hair is very fragrant.”

She shuddered, much as she fought to stay totally still she shuddered.

“It has the delicate scent of jasmine. The same odor that precedes you into the room Sakura.”

Her heart was beating fast, the blood in her arms pumping and causing them to swell against the silken circlets. His fingers were sliding through her hair the tips grazing her scalp as they moved. She became aware of the closeness of His body, seemed to feel the heat of His flesh permeate the thin sliver of air between them and kiss her skin with seething hot ravishing lips.

“You have come to understand and accept My ways easily. There are many more lessons for you to learn but this is a good start.”

She felt His breathe first, then the softness of His lips and lastly the sharp bite of His teeth as they incised into her shoulder. She shivered and then without warning felt herself orgasm violently. Embarrassed she swayed forward but His right hand snaked around her and cupping her breast drew her back hard against His body. She orgasm-ed again, her legs shaking and almost giving way as the power of her release flooded through every portion of her frame. Safe within His protecting arm she slowly dropped to her knees and from thence slumped forward to rest her forehead on the rice paper covered floor.

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