Rose Petals Ch. 03Rose Petals Ch. 03


Planning your extended weekend together at the hotel in which you will be staying at for this upcoming photo shoot we plan your arrival, schedule for the photographers and how many you plan to model for and for the length of time. Planning together for both of us so we know what to expect as our phone time together while you’re not shooting will be more relaxed and enjoyable.

We make the reservations for your stay, complete with car rental, directions to the various locations and any restaurants in the area, leaving the return flight open in case more sessions are scheduled later that you wish to do. Your portfolio is almost complete as the photos you have already received from the previous photo session in Cleveland turned out beautiful.

As the time draws closer to when you will depart, I can already feel my sadness in watching you go thru the gate to your flight. In the back of my mind, I plan on how I can make this time to be with you just that much more special knowing how forward you are to going to this shoot in Arizona. I want it to be a total surprise for you my lover.

A couple days before, I bring home my schedule from work. We sit on the sofa looking it through as I know from the previous visits while you were on location that I dropped in unexpectedly. But this time I wanted to give you the impression that this would not be the case.

In looking over the schedule, you soon realize with the projects upcoming for me that a visit just is not possible this time. You lay your saddened face against my shoulder as I wrap my arm around you.

I draw you in tighter as your arm slides between the sofa and my waist, holding me tight. I raise your chin with my other hand and tell you softly, ‘Marie, this is one of the unfortunate things in life when schedules don’t meet’. You kiss me tenderly on the lips and tell me, ‘Michael my love, this I know only too well’, as your kiss continues to peck at my lower lip.

Holding you close, our kiss turns to passion, knowing that we can make up for not being together then that we can do so now. As I remove my arm from around you, I lean into you as we both fall back against the cushion of the sofa. Moving to the side of you, our kisses continue. Moving my hand to your shirt, I lift it up above your breasts. Running my fingertips over your swelling nipples, I tease the gold rings capped atop the erect nipples. I feel your moan in my mouth as our kisses become much deeper.

Moving my hand from your perfect breasts down across your tummy, feeling the firmness of your abs that you work so hard to develop. Over your hips then back over your pubic mound. Slipping my hand down your shorts I trace the path of your thong with my fingers. Moving to the warmth of your sex, I slip aside the thin fabric of your thong as my fingertips gently massage the outer lips. Lightly blowing cool air across the tips of your erect nipples, they begin to turn a deep crimson as they harden.

Moving my middle finger lazily along the soft lips as it seems to magically slip between and part the warming folds like petals on a flower blown by the breeze. Moving slowly between, gathering the wetness from inside your entrance as my fingers slip easily along the inside. Moving easy yet firmly as you feel my finger begin to explore deeper inside your contracting walls. An involuntary gasp escapes from your sweet lips as I move more inside. Slowly drawing the wetness forming in pools just inside the warm entrance.

Moving to your left breast, I gently blow a puff of air across the nipple. Moving the tip of my tongue just along the very tip, enough to keep it moist but not coated. Kissing the nub as my tongue circles the areole and flipping the ring adorning the nipple. Another puff of air is blown as the flesh around rises in tiny bumps from the eroticism involved. Moving to the right breast, as the same appliqué is applied.

Pressing into your body with my face, lightly lapping the sides of your breasts as I place my lips together to suck small red dots along the outer edge, leaving my mark to your beautiful body, wanting to do the same all over your body from your ankles to your neck. Drawing your moans and whispers into the evening air, wanting to make you feel complete as I tend to your every need, your every desire. Kisses, licks and tongue baths await you as the time draws closer. You are so beautiful.

Knowing in my heart that you are the perfect woman, everything you do is not for yourself but for someone. The love you share, the excitement you bring and the generosity within your heart causes ankara escort many to confide in you, to want you, to lust after you. But only I, in the moment in which we both want for each other can express how you make me feel and vice versa. For you are that woman, my companion, my lover who is the soul of my being and the one I want to spend the rest of my life with. I love you!

As the love within my heart flows freely, I touch and caress your body with a new found delight. It’s something that happens everyday as I move upon your being, each time we make love or just engage in simple conversation. The moments together are not limited to just sexual liaisons but so much more. Although our love brings us closer, it’s the laughter, love and admiration which is the main ingredient in our relationship.

Our intimacy moves from the sofa to the bedroom, hand in hand as we walk down the hallway to our dimly lit master bedroom. As we approach the bed, I turn to you and cupping your face in my hands I lay upon your soft lips a warming yet passionate kiss. Our hands roam each others bodies as our mouths remain tight on each others. I break the kiss only to begin removing the remaining clothing items which are in disarray from our previous moments.

Removing the shirt already unbuttoned it falls from your smooth shoulders to the floor around our feet. I reach lower and tug gently as your shorts are next to fall at your delicate feet as you hold my arms to step out of them. Embracing once more, your breasts pressing against my chest as the jewelry adorning each erect nipple lightly scratches across my chest during our loving embrace.

You move your hands across my chest and begin kissing my chest lightly. Moving your hands to my shorts you pull them off without hesitation. Standing together, naked with you, I take your hand and guide you to the bed. Slipping onto the bed together, in close proximity with each other. As you lay on your back, I move on top of you, our legs intertwining together as our lips meet again.

Kissing you always is like a dream, the softness of your sweet lips, and the touch of your tongue to mine. Passionately kissing or pecking at each others lips brings such joy to our moments together. This is why we long for each other when one of us has to leave the other. There is no other substitute for you my love. Moving along your golden tanned body, hands caressing the softness of your flesh. Moving gently, almost gliding above your frame as you lay upon the bed, gathering the view of you as a whole woman.

The passion of the moment is slow and warming. Taking our time to please and touch each other in the many ways in which we have come to enjoy. First kissing then caressing, holding and touching the most intimate parts of each other bodies.

Laying beside you, my hand caressing the softness of your flesh, moving from your face to your breasts, teasing the nipples as I grasp the rings in my fingertips, tugging them lightly as I look into your beautiful blue eyes. Continuing the journey from you erect nipples to the flatness of your tummy. Your breathing calm and controlled as my hand moves downward.

My fingertips dancing along the tight abs outlining your stomach muscles, slowly I take my time as my hand traverses forward still to the softness of your outer lips. Slipping over your lips as my fingers part outlining the contours of your sex. Crossing along the outer edges as your legs begin to part. I lay my head upon your shoulder as my hand moves against your thigh. Slowly, in a teasing but loving manner. Caressing the sweet area in which I have kissed many times, the erogenous zone from were your thigh meets your pelvis as I move along the inner line back towards your sweet folds.

As my hand lazily moves again to your lips, my fingers gently parting your lips as I slowly slide between the folds, moving towards the nub hidden under the pierced hood. I look down your beautiful body then back to your eyes, as my fingertips gently touch the clitoris, your eyes close to savor the moment. I watch your chest as your breaths quickens.

Moving along the inner moist lips, feeling my way, exploring your body. I slowly begin to touch around the erect nub moving over the top then around the side, circling the clitoris with my finger wet from the moistness which coats the inner lips of your sex. I feel your body tense as I continue the touch.

I slip myself down your body, kissing along as I go. Leaving no inch of skin untouched by my lips. Moving my tongue down your body, stopping ankara escort bayan along the invisible path to run my tongue over the texture of your nipples. Down between your full breasts and over your tummy.

Positioning myself between your sexy legs, I take your ankles in my hands as I lift your legs high. Placing your feet flat against my chest, I massage your calves and knees. Always making eye contact as you look back at me. Adoring glances for each other is the visual stimulation to which we both attain.

Grasping your ankles, moving them to my shoulders as I begin to kneel between your thighs. Moving slowly over your thighs as my hands caress the tops and sides. Leaning forward so my arms are straddled under your legs as your legs part for me.

Laying into you I am placed flat with your sweet lower body. Moving my face forward while placing my arms along the sides of your parted thighs, I kiss the smooth mound as my tongue flicks along the outer edges. Moving slowly as the anticipation within you builds from the first touch of my warm tongue to your sex.

Moving slowly over the lips, my tongue moves to the soft wet lips as I take the left edge into my mouth and suck the loose flesh. Moving my tongue between the inner folds then sucking more inside. Moving to the other while inhaling your scent.

Taking both lips into my mouth, feeling the wetness of your body as my tongue licks the swelling flesh. Moving between as I flick my tongue deeper between the slit towards your clitoris. Teasing the tiny nub as my lips work to push back the hood. The gold ring adorning the hood allows the hood to be peeled back easily.

Taking the tip of my tongue and slipping it over the sensitive nub, I feel your body tighten and contract under me. Covering your mound with my mouth I can slip my tongue from your entrance to your clitoris. Bringing your body the sensation in which is so familiar to both of us.

As my lips and tongue caress the textures of your sex, your hand instinctively moves to my head. As you run your fingers thru my hair, gently pulling my hair as my tongue lines up between your lips just as I suck the nub into my mouth. Flicking the tip of my tongue over the clitoris as the first moan escapes your lips.

Moving deeper into your body, pushing as deep as I could go, I begin to thrust my tongue inside your entrance. Your knees rise up as your feet flatten on the bed. Your thighs spread wider as your hand now holds my head. I can feel your hips beginning to move and thrust against my tongue.

The slow gyrations beginning to take on a rhythm as your body begins to respond to the pleasures in which it desires. Taking my time ever so slowly as I feel the heat rising between your thighs. I too, can feel the hardness and excitement growing between my thighs as I position my body to the side.

Wanting to bring you to a slow loving orgasm, I slowly tease the opening of your sex with my tongue. Moving inside your walls slowly as I begin to slide my tongue deeper inside then withdraw again. My lips moving over the clitoris at the same time giving you the added stimulation.

Repeating the processes time and time again as I enjoy feasting on your sex and being the one to give such pleasure to your open body. I love the sounds you make, the way your body lifts and gyrates as my tongue seeks out the orgasm in which you will soon give up.

As I flick my tongue over the inner walls once more, then upwards to your clitoris, your moan fills the room as my fingers part your lips wide as my tongue darts across the swollen nub. Your legs rise above, the muscles flexing as your hands holds my head deeper inside you.

My tongue lapping at the tiny nub as I feast upon your wetness licking the smallest of drops which seems to flow from deep inside your body. Moving my tongue over the clitoris then dipping deeper back into your sex. Thrusting inside you until your moans slow.

Kissing the soft yet swollen lips, moving to the lips and sucking the wetness from them before pushing my tongue back inside as your body begins to relax. I caress the softness of your mound as I savor the taste of your wetness upon my tongue and lips.

Moving from the bed, upwards I slowly move towards you as my arms and knees support my weight over your outstretched body. You move your legs together as I push myself towards your beautiful face. To share a kiss with you and give you a taste of yourself from my lips glistening with your wetness.

As I lay next to you, I share the kiss with you as you thank escort ankara me for such a wonderful orgasm. Caressing your breasts, cupping them and continuing to kiss your lips as your hand reaches down to my erect shaft. Wrapping your fingers around the hardness you tell me that it now my turn to lay back and relax while you feast upon me.

You turn to your side and begin kissing my chest, moving lower as your lips move towards my nipples, sucking one then moving to the other. Your hand still wrapped around my shaft as you begin to squeeze then release. Pumping slowly making me grow even firmer as you do so.

You move down my stomach kissing along the way. You kneel between my thighs as your tongue flicks over the head of my manhood. You move in closer while looking into my eyes as you wrap your lips around the bulb and take me into your warm mouth. I can feel your tongue licking the underside as it wraps around and moves over the top.

I can look down the length of my body as you hold the base of my manhood in your tiny fist. As you lick around the head then move down the shaft to my balls. Your tongue flicks over them as you take one at time into your mouth and gently suck. Your hand wraps around my shaft once more as you begin a slow pumping motion.

Your mouth rises up once more as you take the head back into your mouth. Your tongue teasing the tip as I can feel the stud of your tongue piercing moving over the spongy head. You lower your mouth down over me taking another inch as half my length is now inside you mouth.

Your hand still squeezing the base causing my shaft to grow thicker as you suck. You begin a slow downward movement on me taking as much as you can into your throat, before long my entire length is embedded inside your throat as you being to pump on me.

The sensation of your hot mouth on me is incredible. I can feel my hips thrusting into your mouth as the suction grows stronger. You move over my shaft and head faster and faster, wanting to feel my hot seed filling your throat. I can hear my own moans radiate outward as the sensation intensifies.

Your hand is pumping the base as you feed more into your mouth. The combination of your tongue, suction and motion is making me move upon the bed. Taking the head onto your tongue you lick the slit. Moving your lips over me again and again brings me that much closer to exploding inside your talented mouth.

As you lift your mouth off me, you move your breasts to my shaft, taking me between them you hold them tightly together as you pump my length between your breasts. Looking into my eyes you whisper to me that it feels so good to feel my hardness. You release my shaft from your breasts and take me back down your throat.

Pumping me with your mouth, I lower my hands and place both on your head. Pumping my hips as you take me deeper I moan out my orgasm as my shaft contracts releasing my hot seed inside your mouth and throat. I can feel the suction pulling it out of me as my hips rise up, holding your head onto my manhood as I feel another stream being pulled from me.

I can feel your throat muscles as you swallow the fluid, still pumping my shaft with your mouth my orgasm is long and loud. Pulling me deeper into your throat it feels as if you emptied me. As your mouth moves over my shaft and head, I can feel your tongue stud caressing my shaft. Moving slowly over my length you pull your mouth off me.

The smile on your precious face tells me once again that you enjoyed your feast. I can only watch as you lick the shaft, the head before taking me back into you mouth. As your lips purse around the head I feel your hand squeezing the base pushing out what was left in the shaft only to feel that suction once more.

As you kiss my manhood, then release it from your hand. You slide back up to me as your warm body caresses mine as you slide alongside of me. You lay your head against my chest as our legs entwine. We lay there as we do after a slow romantic evening like this.

Both having been pleasured by the other totally feasted upon by the skillful oral talents, our love making is not limited to only penetration but through much more comforting and relaxing moments for as long as we are together, we are always each others best friends.

Our evening complete, we lay together in our bed, our minds relaxed and each others bodies comforted our way. It works for us as we know that when we do make love together, it is completely unhurried and unrushed as we enjoy and share in many delights of what our love means.

Before sleep takes us away, Marie turns to me and tells me she loves me, as I turn to her and tell her I love her. This is one aspect that has made our love that much stronger to endure the amount of time away from each other as we know that when we are together, we are stronger.

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