The Collector Ch. 06The Collector Ch. 06


Chapter Six – Sisters of the Web

Dubai – One Year Before Lord Tilsbury’s Funeral

Charlotte sat in the comfortable wing-backed lounge chair her legs demurely crossed at the ankles. She was wearing a dark green business suit, the jacket was open and her pert breasts strained at the tight white silk blouse, the skirt was so tight that without the kick pleat that effectively split the skirt to her thigh, she wouldn’t have been able to sit at all.

Her blonde hair had been coiffeured only that morning, tinged platinum, her fringe straightened and the nap crinkle-ironed. She had argued with the coiffeur that the style was too young for her but he had flattered her and told her that she looked wonderful. Charlotte was did not succumb to flattery but she agreed that she did look good. She wanted to look her best.

She’d had the hotel’s beauty therapist come to her suite and give her a makeover; she favoured heavy makeup, with dark eyes, rouged cheeks and red lipstick, which she wore well. She jokingly told the cosmetologist that the look she wanted was ‘eighties high-class hooker’. They had both broke up over the joke.

But what she did want was to look every bit the professional businesswoman whilst also looking unbelievably sexy. She was wearing almost transparent full-cut panties and matching bra; the areola of her breasts were faintly visible through the diaphanous fabric of her blouse and brassiere. She wore Pretty Polly fully-fashioned, 15 denier stockings held up by the flimsiest suspender belt and her feet were shod in Christian Louboutin four-inch high heels.

Sitting across from her in the Dubai Hilton’s penthouse suite was Prince Saheed bin Alrani, next in line to the throne of one of the six Emirates. He appraised Charlotte whilst listening intently to what she had to say.

“An interesting story Ms Beason, fascinating in fact but I’m not sure I have need of your services,” he sipped his tea.

Charlotte had told Saheed of an organisation called the Society of the Masters of the Circle who recruited virgins as soon as the reached the age of consent and offered them the position as a Novice.

“They are required to devote themselves to the Masters of the Circle and to be disciplined and discreet. They undertake training at Chelmsford Hall much like a nun in nunnery, but the dedication required is not to a deity, it is to flesh and blood human beings, to men, to their Masters.”

“Once they complete their training they become Acolytes; devotees to their way of life; a lifelong commitment to the Society of the Circle. At the age of twenty-five they are released from servitude at Chelmsford Hall and are given a stipend that sets them up for the rest of their lives so long as they remain Acolytes,” Charlotte explained.

“So they are really nothing more than high-class prostitutes,” Saheed took a cigarette from a gold case and then offered it to Charlotte.

Charlotte reddened but suppressed her anger.

“Oh they are much more. They are devoted to their Masters, nothing is denied. They are discreet, beautiful, elegant and well educated,” She leaned forward to take a light from Saheed’s lighter knowing that he would look at her breasts.

“And you have stolen some of these women and girls from this Circle and they now work for you and this company you own. Charlotte’s Web,” Saheed blew smoke at the ceiling.

Again Charlotte repressed her ire and smiled sweetly.

“They have been recruited, not stolen Prince. I merely offered them an alternative. Work for me as Sisters of the Web and get paid extremely well for their services. The stipend offered by the Circle has not kept up with the cost of living and is not reflective of the income needed by these women to live the lifestyle they desire,” Charlotte corrected him.

“I directly and discreetly also recruit girls other than Acolytes who meet my standards. I have set up my own Finishing School to indoctrinate these candidates as Sisters of the Web; there simply aren’t enough Acolytes of the Circle willing to defect to me to meet the needs of my clients in Europe, Singapore, Japan and Australia.”

“But they are not virgins when you recruit them; only these so called Novices,” Saheed nodded sagely.

“Men who subscribe to Charlotte’s Web are guaranteed beautiful, exquisite, sexually talented, well educated and most importantly, discreet company whenever and wherever they want it. Of course it comes at a price but it could crudely be compared to an ‘all you can eat buffet’ of delicious woman-flesh,” Charlotte smiled.

“But we already have this in my country,” the Prince smiled back at her.

“I am well aware of your, ahem, recruiting tactics, Prince. But what I offer would mean you would no longer need to keep your harem of Western women, some of whom I believe are not necessarily content with their arrangements,” Charlotte countered diplomatically.

“My friends and I like the ones who put up a struggle at first,” Saheed’s grin was quite salacious.

“So I’m afraid your proposal is declined Ms altyazı porno Beason,” Saheed straightened up and was preparing to leave.

He half-rose and then sat down again and looked at Charlotte pensively.

“However. These Novices you speak of; these virgins. We would be very interested in acquiring them,” he stroked his thin beard.

Charlotte smiled. She was expecting a counter offer.

“They are very hard to acquire. I do have someone inside the Circle at Chelmsford Hall who recruits Novices for me but we have to be extremely cautious and we only take a few from the pool so to speak,” Charlotte sipped her tea.

“And if I supplied them to you; it would only be for a short time. Once they are deflowered I would want them back working for me as Sisters of the Web,” Charlotte pursed her lips.

“Acceptable. Once they are sullied and have been tasted by each of my colleagues they will be of no further use to me or my colleagues anyway, as we have our harem to keep us amused,” Saheed nodded his assent.

“They will not come cheap,” Charlotte was all business now.

“We will negotiate a good price and the girl will get half. You will ask too much and I will offer too little but eventually we will reach an agreement to all of our satisfaction,” Saheed smiled and made to stand again.

“One stipend to the deal if I may?” Saheed smiled.

“Anything within reason,” Charlotte smiled back.

“One year’s free membership of Charlotte’s Web. I can use it when I travel; let’s call it a sweetener,” Saheed chuckled.

“Done!” Charlotte stood and offered her hand.

Saheed bowed his head and kissed Charlotte’s hand. He looked her in the eyes.

“You are an Acolyte of the Circle, you wear the ring?” he took her left hand and displayed the serpent ring on her wedding ring finger.

“But I am confused; you are also a Sister of The Web?” he asked.

“I suppose I am; I have never thought about it that way,” Charlotte smiled back at him.

“In that case; now that I am a member of Charlotte’s Web I wish to fuck you,” Saheed grinned.

“Oh!” Charlotte was surprised.

She was not expecting this. She was still an Acolyte of the Circle and would readily service any Master of the Circle who demanded her services but that hadn’t happened for a very long time and as the founder, owner and manager of Charlotte’s Web she herself had never been requested to offer her services. But she supposed for all intents and purposes that she too was a Sister of The web.

The prince was extremely handsome in that swarthy way that some Arab men have. He was dark-skinned with jet-black hair and piercing blue eyes, tall and athletic in his Hugo Boss suit.

“Of course Master. All you need ever say is ‘I have need of your service,’ and any of the Sisters of The Web will be compliant to you needs,” Charlotte put her arms around Saheed’s broad shoulders and kissed him softly.

She broke the kiss just as their passion began to build.

“There is one thing you should know. I’m not necessarily what I seem,” she smiled coyly.

“I know you are a mukhannath. What westerners call a pre-op transsexual?” Saheed raised his brow.

“I too have done my research,” he spread his arms and opened his hands in a conciliatory gesture.

“I don’t consider myself ‘pre-op’ per se. I’ve had plenty of ‘ops’; what you see before you has been refined and shaped by the surgeon’s knife. I just haven’t the desire nor the inclination to replace what I have between my legs; I think I am perfect just the way I am,” Charlotte grinned seductively.

“You are indeed a rare and exotic creature and I find you fascinating,” Saheed took her hand again and kissed it.

“Now Charlotte Beason; I have need of your service,” he smiled and pulled her to him.

Charlotte became immediately aroused as the young Prince embraced her; his tongue explored her mouth and she reciprocated. It had been quite some time since she had been made love to and her ardour to please and be pleasured was ignited. She wrapped her arms around Saheed and her fingers dug into the hard flesh of his shoulders. She lifted one leg and locked it around his calf; moulding herself to his body.

It was not only the flesh of Saheed’s shoulders that was hard; she could feel his manhood, thick, long, and hard as steel pressing against her. She complied when Saheed began to ease her towards the bed.

Saheed unclenched her arms from around him and pushed Charlotte down on the bed. She lay on the white satin coverlet, her breasts heaving and her legs spread as far as her tight skirt would allow. Saheed gazed at her beautiful face and then his eyes began a journey down her body, her pert breasts pushing at her tight satin blouse, trim waist and flat stomach and those lovely long legs sheathed in gossamer hose. The split in her skirt displayed one of her legs all the way to the top of her thigh.

“Magnificent,” Saheed gasped and ripped off his clothes.

Charlotte watched the young man undress; amatör porno his body tanned, tight and muscled. When he dropped his briefs she was impressed by the heft of his manhood; it was the largest penis both in girth and length that she had ever seen. A filament of clear pre-ejaculate oozed from his glans and the appendage appeared to her to be palpitating.

Charlotte struggled out of her jacket and was attempting to unbutton her blouse when Saheed fell on her and began to ravish her.

“Don’t worry about the suit; I’ll buy you all the clothes you want,” he growled as he crushed his mouth to hers and tore open her blouse.

He entwined his fingers in the clasp of her brassiere and tore that garment from her body. Charlotte gasped with pain; but it was an exciting pain, an arousing pain that further awakened her desire.

Saheed was straddling Charlotte, kissing her almost viciously. His big hands pawed at her breasts, cupping and squeezing them; tweaking her nipples. Charlotte gasped into Saheed’s mouth; she had not been taken like this before, even when the Masters of the Circle had used her. She was being ravaged, defiled, violated…and she loved it.

Saheed’s lips fell to her breast and he nipped at her teats as they hardened. Charlotte squealed and stroked his leonine head, encouraging him to suckle her breasts. Charlotte moaned like a whore as Saheed lay on top of her, pressing his huge cock against her belly as he sucked and nibbled her nipples.

Saheed moved his mouth from her breasts and returned his lips to hers, kissing her passionately, rubbing his cock on her flat stomach. Charlotte guided his face back to her breasts, she wanted more, and she began to writhe and moan underneath the big man.

Saheed pushed himself up and extricated himself from Charlotte’s grasp. He flipped her over and tore off her skirt, renting it in two along the pleat. He tore off the remains Charlotte’s blouse leaving her dressed only in panties, stockings and heels.

He flipped her over again so that she was on her back facing him. They were both panting with exertion and lust.

Charlotte reached up to him, beseeching him to come into her arms, which he did. He fell on her and Charlotte lifted her legs and wrapped them around his torso.

They kissed and pawed at each other, Charlotte bit his lip and drew blood and Saheed raked her milky white breasts, scratching her soft creamy flesh. Charlotte lifted her groin off the bed, pressing her panty-clad crotch against his hard cock.

Charlotte’s panties were torn from her body and with it her gaff. Her penis was erect and leaking precum.

“Take me please Master,” Charlotte growled and bit Saheed’s earlobe.

Saheed lifted Charlotte’s legs and opened them wide; he put her ankles over his shoulders so that Charlotte lay under him, her buttocks raised. He kissed her nylon-encased ankles, nipping at the flesh and Charlotte reached for his manhood, she bucked under him, trying vainly to put his penis into her puckered bud.

“Beg for it you whore!” Saheed looked down at her, his piercing blue eyes lit with lust.

“Fuck me Master! Please fuck me!” Charlotte pleaded.

Saheed impaled Charlotte with one thrust.

Charlotte screamed.

Saheed’s cock nearly split her he was so big.

Charlotte pulled his face to hers; she was crying with pain and pleasure. Saheed’s cock was a burning poker inside her tight rectum but underneath the pain, an intense sensuality and desire was building. Charlotte wrapped her arms around Saheed’s neck and kissed him deeply and intensely. To his surprise instead of trying to extract his penis from her tight anus she began to fuck him; lifting herself up off the bed and grinding her buttocks to intensify their pleasure. His huge cock was triggering the pleasure centres in the nerves ringing her sphincter and pressing delightfully on her prostate.

Saheed began to fuck the beautiful woman impaled on his phallus lying beneath him. Her tight passage had been pre-lubricated, and now the rivulet of precum leaking from Saheed’s cock commingled with the lubricant greasing Charlotte’s back passage. He was able to fuck Charlotte with long slow strokes as she lay beneath him, writhing with pleasure and raising her buttocks to meet his thrusts.

Her tight anus gripped his cock and Saheed could feel her internal muscles squeezing and milking his pulsating phallus. Charlotte groaned and howled, hanging onto Saheed with her arms around his neck and her heels around his flank; she rutted like a harlot as Saheed’s cock elicited waves of pleasure from deep in her rectum.

They both screamed when they climaxed; Saheed thrust himself inside Charlotte as deep as he could; his scrotum resting in the crease of her buttocks as his penis convulsed and ejaculated his hot seed deep inside her.

Charlotte felt him discharge his semen inside her and it triggered her own orgasm; her anus undulated and contracted, milking Saheed of his spend as she herself spent against him; her secretions amatör porno smearing on his tight belly as he drove his cock deep inside her. They kissed, pawed and raked at each other as they climaxed; their shrieks and groans reverberating around the room.

When they finally finished rutting they were both bathed in sweat, scratched, bruised and bleeding as they lay panting, Saheed lay exhausted on top of Charlotte, she gasped for breath as Saheed’s semen dribbled from her sphincter, his cock slowly deflating inside her.

When they had recovered enough to catch their breath Charlotte languidly placed her arms around Saheed’s neck and lowered his lips to hers. Their kisses were tender, soft and loving now that their lust was sated.

Saheed rolled off Charlotte and pulled the coverlet over them. They kissed and caressed each other sensitively and softly like lovers. They kissed and licked each other’s wounds and tenderly stroked each other.

Saheed fell asleep in the afterglow of their lovemaking and Charlotte smiled to herself; she had not made love to man so passionately since she could remember.

She gently lifted the coverlet and began to swing her legs out of the bed when she felt Saheed’s strong grip on her arm.

“Where do you think you’re going?” he chuckled.

“I thought you were sleeping so…” Charlotte smiled down at him.

“So…I have need of your service,” he smiled up at her and brushed her fringe out of her eyes.

“So soon!” Charlotte feigned surprise.

“Yes; so soon. And for the rest of the day,” Charlotte squealed like a schoolgirl as Saheed picked her up in his arms and then dropped her back on the bed and fell on her.

Paris – Three Months Later

“How long have known?” Charlotte took a drag of her cigarette.

“My mother told me that I was adopted as soon as I was old enough to comprehend it. She wouldn’t tell me who my mother and father were, but Mary Pilson spent so much time at our house that I began to suspect. It wasn’t so much that she was there all the time; it was the way she looked at me and touched me,” Tiffany took a drag of her own cigarette.

They were sitting outside of a small bar-restaurant on the Place Joffre, they could see all the way down the Champ de Mars to the Eiffel Tower. They drank espresso and cognac and smoked too many cigarettes.

“The resemblance was one thing; but also her mannerisms. Looking at Mary was sometimes like looking in a mirror. So I put it to my mother one day; I told her I’d confront Mary if she didn’t tell me the truth, so she did,” Tiffany tapped ash from her cigarette.

“Then I asked her why Mary had given me up. I’m sure mother was tempted to lie but she knew I would see through it. So she told me about the Society of the Circle; what it was like to have been a Novice and then an Acolyte. Then she told me how she had met my father who was one of the Masters; how they fell in love and left the Circle,” Tiffany sipped coffee and Charlotte nodded.

“So your parent sent you to finishing school here; far away from Mary, Chelmsford Hall and the Society of the Circle,” Charlotte added.

“They were worried that I’d tell Mary that I knew that she was my birth mother; or worse. That I’d somehow want to become a Novice at Chelmsford Hall,” Tiffany replied.

“You know that potential Novices are approached by an Acolyte and then inspected and recruited by a Master; it’s not the Girl Guides, you can’t just join,” Charlotte stated and Tiffany laughed politely.

“Besides; Mary would never allow it,” Charlotte said.

“But Lord Sir Edward Tilsbury might. I know he’s my father and I know that he and Mary have fought over me; that he didn’t want Mary to have me. It would be revenge of sorts to recruit me as a Novice,” Tiffany beckoned to the waiter to bring more cognac.

“But that would be sacrilege! Incest! A scandal that could break the Circle,” Charlotte said quite agitated.

“Of course Lord Tilsbury would not be able to initiate me; my deflowerment and initiation would have to be undertaken by another of the Masters,” Tiffany finished her coffee.

“I’m sure there would be plenty of volunteers. So you er… this is a little delicate? Are you still intact?” Charlotte asked.

“Yes I’m still a virgin,” Tiffany smiled sweetly.

“So. You know who I am then? What your birth mother was and is to me?” Charlotte waived away the waiter after he put down the fresh drinks and began to clear the table.

“Yes. I made mommy tell me everything. You were the first transsexual Acolyte; my birth mother was your mentor and was your best friend,” Tiffany crushed out her cigarette and reached for another.

“She still is,” Charlotte said wistfully.

“Yet you haven’t seen each other for years. You live in Australia and she in England. And she knows nothing of this,” Tiffany slid a matte black business card embossed with silver script: ‘Something Special – Charlotte’s Web’ across the table.

“Where did you get that?” Charlotte was shocked.

“One of your Sister’s of the Web recruited my best friend whilst she was still at our school. She was a virgin at the time and so when she agreed to become a Sister of the Web she was immediately sent to one of the Emirates where her virginity was sold for one hundred thousand Euros,” Tiffany explained.

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