Ski Cabin Seduction Ch. 04Ski Cabin Seduction Ch. 04


Tim took a deep breath and opened the bedroom door. The room was dark, lit only by the light from behind him on the stairway landing. Kate was curled on the bed, her back to the door.

“Kate, we have to talk. I’m really, really sorry for the things I said.”

He waited for a moment for a reply. When Kate didn’t say anything, he stepped into the room. He tossed his bundle of cloths into the corner and turned on the reading lamp next to the bed before closing the door. He sat on the bed, looking at his wife, and rested his hand on her shoulder.

“I was talking to Suzanne…”

Kate rolled toward him suddenly and looked at him, her eyes red with crying and her face twisted into a grimace of pain.

“TALKING to her! You fucked her, damn you. I can smell her on you. I can see the scratches on you. You just had to hurt me, didn’t you? You just had to pay me back.”

“Kate, no! No, it’s not like that. Oh god Kate, I am so sorry.”

He lay down on the bed next to her and put his arm around her, pulling her close. After a moment she rested her head on his chest and began to cry.

He held her, quietly until her tears subsided, and then he started to speak.

“Kate, I was hurting when Suzanne came downstairs… just like you were hurting earlier today. And I felt so close to her, just being able to talk to her. It felt so natural to hold her in my arms. And it was exciting Kate, exciting to be with a sexy woman who wanted me. And then there was the whole rush of being with a new lover. It’s been a long time since I felt that. I didn’t realize how much I miss that feeling.”

“I know,” Kate said softly, “I felt it too Tim. I felt that way with Mark.”

“Me being with Suzanne doesn’t mean I stopped loving you. I love you so much, and I’ve been so afraid of losing you. Am I going to lose you Kate?”

He felt her shaking her head, still sniffling.

“Tim… will you make love with me?”

“Yes, I’d really like that honey.”

Kate reached down and unbuttons his pants, pulling them open, and gently kissing the head of his soft cock.

“I haven’t showered honey,” he reminded her.

“That’s OK baby. I’m going to get my first taste of pussy,” she giggled. “Maybe I’ll like it!”

Tim was shocked by Kate’s words. Just two days ago, he would never have imagined his somewhat reserved wife saying something like that.

Tim had wiped his cock before coming upstairs, but Kate could still smell and taste Suzanne’s juices on him. It was strangely exciting knowing that her husband had been fucking another woman just minutes ago. Kate took his flaccid cock in her mouth and swirled her tongue around it. She cupped his balls in her small hand and toyed with them as she sucked him. She could feel his cock swelling, growing thick and stiff in her mouth.

When he had a serviceable erection, Kate stood up next to the bed and quickly stripped off her clothes. “Get you pants off,” she instructed Tim.

He quickly complied, and reached out for her.

“No. Lay back on the bed.”

As he watched she ran her hands down her body, slowly caressing herself. She pressed a hand between her legs and began to rub. Tim watched, fascinated, as she massaged her pussy, gradually teasing apart her lips and sliding her fingers up and down her slit. His cock was rock-hard by the time she slid two fingers into herself. She worked them in and out, spreading her wetness, and them put them to her mouth and sucked them clean.

She climbed onto the bed and threw her leg over him, straddling him. She lowered herself until her the wet lips of her pussy were pressed against the underside of his cock. She rocked her hips, sliding her wetness up and down the length of his rigid pole, humping against his stiff erection.

She looked at him ankara escort with a fierce smile on her face as she rubbed her wet sex up and down against him. In a low voice she said, “You like this hot cunt don’t you Tim? You like to eat this cunt. You like to put your fingers in my wet cunt. You like to put your dick in my cunt and fuck it, don’t you?”

She matched her rhythm to her words, jerking her hips sharply and driving herself against him to emphasize the word “cunt.”

Tim had never seen or imagined his wife like this. He was fantastically aroused, but at the same time worried by her behavior. “Kate, what’s going on? Why are you doing this?”

“I’m tired of being shy, conservative Kate, Tim. I want to dress in sexy clothes. I want to flirt. I want men to look at me the way they look at Suzanne.” She almost snarled the words at him, driving her pussy against his shaft.

“I want men to look at me and want to FUCK me Tim, the way my HUSBAND just FUCKED MY BEST FRIEND!” her words ended with a long shriek as her body trembled and shook. Tim felt a flood of hot liquid drenching his cock, running down to his balls as Kate’s orgasm went on and on.

“Kate, I’m sorry… please just let me hold you and we can talk.”

“No! Shut the fuck up you bastard.”

She leaned forward, her outstretched arms pinning him beneath her, and started to rub against him, furiously grinding herself on his cock, still pressed flat between their bodies. Her small tits bounced and gyrated as she rocked her body, sliding her dripping pussy up and down along his shaft.

“I am NOT going to stand by while you play out your sexual fantasies without me. I want what Suzanne has. I want to be the sexy one. You want to fuck me in the ass like you did with her? That’s right Tim, I know about that. You want to watch me with another woman? How about with another man, Tim? Could you handle that? Well maybe it doesn’t matter, because that’s what I want!”

Tim was swept away by her anger and by her sexual energy. He lay gasping under her, his cock throbbing beneath her assault, feeling his balls tightening. Suddenly he felt his cum shooting from his cock, the thick sticky cream pooling on his stomach and chest.

Kate kept moving, driving her pussy against his cock, gradually slowing as his spurts subsided. Her breath was coming in ragged gasps when she finally stopped moving. She reached down and ran her hand over his chest and stomach, smearing his cum over his skin, then slowly licked her hand.

“I am just as sexy as you are Tim, “she said in a low voice, “Just as sexy as Mark and just as sexy as Suzanne. And I want things too! So don’t you ever treat me like your needs are more important than mine.”

Tim stared at the sexy, strong, dangerous woman sitting naked on top of him. His wife. His lover.

He pulled her down toward him, and this time she allowed him to wrap his arms around her. They kissed one another passionately, their sweaty, sticky bodies sliding against one another. Unbelievably, Tim felt his cock stiffening again. He rolled over with Kate in his arms, pinning her beneath him, as the head of his cock parted her swollen lips and he slid into her hot tunnel.

“Fuck me!” she growled.

He responded by withdrawing his penis until just the head was inside of her, and then sliding back it with one long stroke. He held there for a moment, pressed tightly against her, before sliding out again. As he moved in and out, he started to rotate his hips in a circular moment, sliding into her from the left, pressing his pelvis against her as he rolled his body, and withdrawing to the right. Each time her sank into her his body ground against her clit, making her gasp at the stimulation.

“God Tim I love it when you move like ankara escort bayan that! Why don’t we ever do this any more?”

“We are right now lover.”

He moved in her for a long time, looking into her eyes. Gradually he picked up the pace, and as he moved faster Kate’s little gasps became whimpers and cries of pleasure. He felt his own orgasm building, and tried desperately to hold back. Finally Kate screamed with pleasure, digging her nails into is back, and Tim unleashed his hot cum into her before collapsing on top of her, totally spent.

= = = = =

Suzanne lay in the dark kitchen for a while before slowly picking up her clothes and getting dressed. She quietly climbed the stairs. She heard voices from Tim and Kate’s room, but at least there was no shouting. She crossed the landing to her own room and went in.

“Well?” asked Mark.

“They’re talking. No violence at least.”

“You were gone a long time.”

“Yeah, well Tim really needed to get things out.”

“I came downstairs to see if you needed anything.”

She looked at him, suddenly aware of the deadly calm in his voice.

“Oh, Mark. How much did you see?”

“Enough. How long have you been in love with him?”

“About as long as you’ve been in love with Kate. And don’t say you’re not! I love you Mark, and you’re my husband, but there’s this other person, and they’re attractive, and exciting, and just right there all the time… how can you not want that? How can you not want HER?”

“We were talking about you, not me. Don’t twist this around.”

He paused for a moment, and then admitted, “But you’re right. I have wanted and fantasized about Kate for a long time. I care about her as a friend… maybe I love her. And that’s why I would never manipulate her and Tim the way you have.”

“Mark, it wasn’t supposed to go this far! And Kate did as much as I did, once things started! It’s not my fault things turned out this way.”

“I’m not buying it. I think this has turned out exactly like you hoped, so far. But now I’m going to get what I want.”

“What do you mean?” she asked.

To start with, unless you are planning on running off with Tim tonight, I’m going to have sex with my beautiful wife.

Suzanne started to protest, but Mark simple pulled her to him and started to undress her. She was a tall, athletic woman, but despite her struggles the big man casually held her and pulled off her clothes as easily as he might control a misbehaving child. Mark was a gentle, considerate man, and Suzanne had almost forgotten the raw power that had attracted her when they were first dating.

When he finished undressing her, Mark pushed her back onto the bed and pulled off his own clothes. Apparently Mark had been aroused by her struggles; his cock was swollen to its full, enormous size, and the head was slick with pre-cum.

He knelt on the bed beside her, stroking his cock, the plum-size head inches from her face. He ran his big hand up and down the thick shaft, spreading the wetness of his pre-cum until his entire cock glistened with sticky wetness.

Suzanne leans toward him and opened her mouth as wide as she could, stretching hr lip around the plum-size head. Mark groaned as he felt her hot mouth on him. He let her suck him for a few moments, feeling her taking him, a little at a time, deeper and deeper into her mouth.

He slid one hand down her body, feeling between her legs. He felt the heat and wetness of her pussy, her bush matted and wet.

With a grunt, he pulled his cock from her mouth, so suddenly that a stream of spit ran down Suzanne’s chin. He flipped her over like a rag-doll on the bed, forcing her onto her hands and knees. He took his shaft in his hand and guided it to her pussy, pushing escort ankara the head against her lip, forcing them to part.

Despite her own arousal and her recent fucking by Tim, Suzanne was not prepared for Mark’s cock. She gasped as he pushed into her, stretching her. He pulled back a little and thrust forward again, his strong hands holding her hips. She tried to crawl away but was unable to move as Mark held her and drove into her, pushing deeper with each stroke.

Her gasps turned to moans as he filled her, and her copious juices lubricated his shaft. She felt her cunt lips being stretched, pulled in and out as his massive shaft pistoned into her.

Mark leaned forward and took her tits in his big hands, squeezing her luscious globes. His thumbs brushed over her stiff nipples as he held her tits tightly, pulling back on them each time he drove his cock into her.

She was moaning continuously as he fucked her. She reached back with one hand and pressed it to her clit, rubbing in tight little circles as her husband took her.

“Oh god Mark,” she gasped, “you’re so deep… Mark it hurts!”

He shifted his position slightly, knowing from years of experience the slight difference between pleasure and pain, and then thrust forward at a different angle, impaling her on his massive shaft. He slowly slid back, the lips of her pussy sucking at his cock, then drove back in, using the whole force of his body to drive his shaft into her, only to slowly withdraw it again.

She felt his cock driving into her, filling her, reaching some place impossibly deep inside her. Each time Mark’s cock thrust into her she reached a higher peak of pleasure, until it seemed like there was nothing left in the entire world but his incredible cock stretching her and filling her. She screamed as she came, collapsing forward into the bed.

Mark’s body fell forward on top of her. He was still fucking her as she came, his cock filling her again and again. She felt his hands under her, pushing her own hand away, his strong fingers stretching her pussy lips wide and rubbing over her clit as he fuck her.

She heard her own voice, screaming out her husband’s name as one orgasm flowed into another. She was pinned beneath him, barely able to breath, completely helpless as he used her body.

Finally his thrusts slowed in her and he raised his body from hers. She sucked air into her lungs with long gasps. She felt him lifting her, making her stand next to the bed, bending her over so that her upper body rested on the bed, her ass in the air.

She felt his big hands spreading her cheeks, felt the gob of saliva that he spit onto her asshole.

“Mark, no! You’re too big Mark!”

She felt something press against her puckered hole and gasped as he pushed a finger, slick with her cum, into her ass. He twisted his finger, moving it in and out, fucking her with it.

She felt the head of his cock against her pussy, felt it sliding into her well-stretched hole.

He fucked her urgently, filling her with rapid thrusts, as his big finger continued to work in and out of her ass. She whimpered as she felt another finger slide into her, twisting in and out, stretching her ass like a thick cock.

She heard Mark moaning “fuck, oh fuck” as his cock drove into her, his big balls slapping against her. She felt her pussy clench on his cock as he swelled within her, her orgasm sweeping over her just as Mark exploded, flooding her cunt with his cum. He kept fucking her as his dick slowly wilted, their cum running from her pussy and down their legs.

Suzanne’s legs were trembling and she felt like she was about to collapse.

“Mark… get your fingers out of my ass!”

He laughed as he slowly withdrew his fingers and his cock from her ravaged body. She groaned as she collapsed onto the bed. The big man flopped down beside her and said, “Now THAT was what I wanted.”

“Damn! Anytime you want a fuck like that, just take it. It’s yours baby. There isn’t another man in the world who can make me feel like that.”

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